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    Couch Fabric Types (Upholstery Guide and Pros & Cons)

    Welcome to our guide to the couch fabric types and materials including upholstery pros & cons and how to choose the best fabric for your interior designs.When shopping for a couch, the fabric you choose should be based on the couch’s use, location in your home, room’s color scheme, and whether children and pets live […] More

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    Best Wood for Table Tops (Types, Grain & Hardness Guide)

    Welcome to our guide on the best wood for table tops including the differences of each type, pros & cons and how they rank on the hardness scale.A wood table is a beautiful piece of furniture that can last you many years of use. It’s important to select the best types of wood for your […] More

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    Types of Headboards (Ultimate Buying Guide)

    Welcome to our types of headboards ultimate buying guide covering the most popular design styles for your bedroom.Choosing a headboard that fits the theme of your bedroom is a large part of creating a beautiful design. Your headboard is a centerpiece that makes a statement, provides comfort and offers different levels of functionality. The way […] More

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    15 Unique Sofas (Unusual Couch Designs)

    These unique sofas include a variety of contemporary & modern designs. These unusual couches are sure to add excitement to your interior design Every room needs an element of surprise, and what better way to pump up some excitement into your living spaces than with a piece of striking and unique sofa furniture. In a […] More

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    Full vs Queen Size Bed (Dimensions Guide)

    Here we discuss the differences between a full vs queen size bed including sizes, cost, and pros & cons.There are some major differences between a full and queen bed. Let’s start out by looking at the basic sizes differences between the two choices. Then we will break down the actual dimensions. Full Sized Mattress: A […] More

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    Types of Furniture Styles (Design Gallery)

    Welcome to our gallery of the types of furniture styles including helpful tips to getting the perfect interior design. After you have found your perfect home, there is one more important element that you need to consider: What types of furniture styles are you going to decorate in. Your choice of furniture style isn’t just […] More

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    Best Rated Massage Chairs (Top 7 Buying Guide)

    Welcome to our buying guide for the best rated massage chairs including the top features, how they work and the most frequently asked questions. While there are a ton of great massage chairs out there, we have narrowed it down to the 7 best to help you get closer to the chair that truly fits […] More

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    25 Fun Cocoon Swing Chairs

    Here we explore fun hanging cocoon swing chairs in a variety of rooms and designs. What better way to enjoy the summer breeze than to hang out and relax outdoors? It’s even better when you have outdoor furniture where you can lounge and enjoy the best of summer. If a normal outdoor chaise or sofa […] More

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    Types of Rocking Chairs (Ultimate Buying Guide)

    Welcome to our gallery showcasing the types of rocking chairs including a variety of design styles. A commonly underrated article of furniture is the classic rocking chair. Most of us associate these chairs with fond childhood memories of slow mornings and lazy afternoons with Mom and Pop. And appropriately so, since rocking chairs are often […] More

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    Different Types of Beds (Pictures of Bed Frame Styles)

    There are many different types of beds and choosing the right one is an important decision. A place to relax, a place to unwind and have a peaceful night’s sleep – that’s what an ideal bedroom is for most of us. And so, there is a lot of effort put in making your bedroom an […] More

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    Best Couches for Dogs (Material & Fabric Ideas)

    Welcome to our article sharing some of the best couches for dogs including the top materials and fabrics to use. When selecting furniture for your home, you often think of price, color, and durability of the springs and frame. But if you have dogs, upholstery material needs to be at the top of that list. […] More

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    59 Types of Chairs for Your Interior Design

    Welcome to our guide to 59 types of chairs for your interior design including a variety of design styles.There tons of different types of chairs and even more ways to use those chairs for practically any design. Many of the chairs can be used in different locations and mixed and matched depending on the room. […] More

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