Emperor Size Bed (Difference Compared to King)

Beds are the quintessential relaxation and comfort furnishings, allowing people to drift into slumber land and recharge their bodies for another adventure the following day. Most folks prefer a standard Double or Queen. But if you have the money and bedroom space, an Emperor size bed is worth it.

Emperor size bed

Discover emperor size bed, including what it is, mattress size, and size comparison between Super King, Cal King, and American King. [toc]

What Size is an Emperor Bed?

So, just how big is an Emperor size bed? The dimensions vary across brands, with the lower limit at 83 inches by 83 inches (about 2.1 meters on all sides), forming a characteristic squarish form instead of the more conventional rectangle. 

Other brands offer an 85-inch by 85-inch Emperor bed (about 2.15 meters on all sides). 

what is an emperor bedRegardless of the dimensions, Emperor sleeping furniture is perfect for families who want to sleep together (picture dad, mom, and two kids). It’s also ideal for fur parents who cannot sleep without their pets by their side. This bed is also great for intimate calisthenics or playtime with kids before slumber time.

Couples will love this furniture because they can ensure peaceful sleep even with a partner moving like a squiggly worm at night. Shifting in bed and making reflexive movements will not disturb a partner in deep slumber.

Many assume Emperors are the largest beds one can buy, perhaps alluding to the requirements of an Imperial ruler. It would be impossible to imagine ancient Austrian, Aztec, Byzantine, Roman, Chinese, and Japanese Emperors sleeping on a Queen sized furnishing.

So, 21st-century consumers are right in saying Emperors are the most expensive sleep furniture money can buy.

Emperor Mattress Size

Emperor mattress sizeAn Emperor mattress should match the bed frame to prevent any section from sagging. This requirement also guarantees better stability, allowing users to lie down and move without risking falling to the floor. After all, no one wants to bump their heads or break a bone for moving too much during sleep.

Hence, the mattress should be an 85-inch by 85-inch (2.15 meters) square to keep it flush with the bed frame. For Emperors measuring 83 inches by 83 inches, families should keep the mattress within the same dimensions (83 inches or 2.1 meters on all sides).

Since we’re already talking about Emperor mattresses, you might want to consider other beddings (i.e., duvet covers, pillowcases, and fitted sheets).

Fitted sheets should match the Emperor’s width and length (83 x 83 inches or 85 x 85 inches). But that’s only the top section. The sheet’s side panels must be slightly longer than the mattress’s depth to allow users to tuck in the cloth underneath. 

Meanwhile, the duvet cover should be larger than the mattress, allowing the edges to fall seamlessly to the sides. Most experts recommend a 114 by 92.5-inch (about 2.9- by 2.35-meter) bedding and duvet cover to accommodate the Emperor. This size should make for a more classic “royal” bed.

The pillowcases will depend on the pillow size. For example, a 20-inch (about 50 centimeters) by 35-inch (90 centimeters) King size pillowcase is sufficient for most homes with Emperor beds. You could escape with two pillows for couples while ensuring freedom of movement during sleep. 

Alternatively, a 20-inch by 30-inch (75-centimeter) regular-sized pillow should be perfect for families that sleep together in one bed. They can have several of these pillows and fall asleep nearly simultaneously.

Is an Emperor Size Bed Bigger than a Super King?

Emperor vs super king bed

Just how much bigger is the Emperor bed?

Again, everything depends on the brand, with some pegging the measurements at 83 inches by 83 inches. Other companies might offer a slightly more substantial sizing of 85 inches by 85 inches.

It’s a similar story with Super King beds. Some brands offer a 72-inch-wide (about 1.83 meters) and 78-inch-long (1.98 meters) Super King, while others peg the measurements at 71 by 79 inches or 1.8 by 2 meters.

Even without these measurements, one can easily differentiate an Emperor from a Super King based on shape. The former is square, while the latter is rectangular. However, it is worth noting that the variance between the two mattresses is only mere inches (i.e., a little less than a foot wide and about 10 inches short).

Ancient emperors oversee many kingdoms across a vast territory. For example, the once-mighty Byzantine Empire spanned Mediterranean countries from Europe to the Middle East and North Africa. It’s the same with Emperor beds outsizing the Super King.

Emperor vs. Cal King Bed

Cal king bedCalifornia King beds are no match to an Emperor size bed. After all, not even a Super King can beat the former. 

While Emperors are square sleeping furniture, Cal Kings resemble a more conventional rectangular bed. It’s as broad as a Super King (72 inches or about 1.83 meters) but longer by about 4 inches (10 centimeters) at 84 inches (about 2.13 meters).

Hence, a Cal King is about the same head-to-toe size as an Emperor (at 85 inches or 2.15 meters) but narrower by 12 inches or 30 centimeters. These dimensions also reveal that Cal Kings outsize Super Kings.

Although “slimmer,” Cal Kings are excellent for homes with narrow bedrooms. It’s sufficient to accommodate a couple and a kid, with enough room for a pet at the bed’s foot.

What is the Difference between Emperor and American King?

American-king-and-emperor-diTwo things distinguish an American King and an Emperor bed – shape and dimensions (although the former is a function of the latter attribute).

Emperors are always square, whether 83×83 inches or 85×85 inches. Families and their members get an equal-sided furniture, making bedroom design planning essential. After all, one cannot fit a 43-square-foot furnishing (about 4 square meters) in a 64-square-foot (about 6 square meters) bedroom. You can, but you’re not leaving any room for other bedroom essentials.

Meanwhile, American King beds are rectangular, measuring 80 inches (about 2 meters) from head to foot and 76 inches (1.93 meters) from left to right. It’s nearly identical to a Super King, although wider by 8 inches (20 centimeters) but shorter by 2 inches (5 centimeters).

Hence, Emperor beds are broader than American Kings by 9 inches (about 22 centimeters) and shorter by 4 to 6 inches or 10 to 15 centimeters. See more related content in our article about choosing bed sizes here.

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