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  • How Big of a House Do You Need Quiz

    How the Home Size Quiz Works Trying to figure out how much house you really need? I feel you – buying a home is…

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  • living room with TV stand pony wall and wood floor

    14 Pros and Cons of Laying Vinyl Over Tile: With Install Tips

    Below I share the pros and cons of laying vinyl over tile including advantages, problems, installation process, and if the tiles must be removed…

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  • 10 Architect Inspired Deck Furniture Layout Ideas for Every Space

    Make the most out of your outdoor living with the following deck furniture layout ideas. The deck and patio become an extension of your…

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  • 5 Simple Steps To Keep Your Granite Tile Floors Looking New

    Although the flooring is extremely durable, it can lose its luster after some time due to daily wear and tear. The key to keeping…

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  • kitchen with white wainscoting and wood floor

    10 Stunning Wainscoting Kitchen Ideas to Elevate Your Design

    Like moldings, wainscoting kitchen ideas add a decorative finish to walls and minimize the visibility of scuffs or dents in this particular area of…

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  • 10 Innovative Living Room Layout Ideas to Maximize Space

    From your intentional minimalism to your expressive maximalism, there’s a wide range of options to accommodate your living room’s needs. Get inspired with our…

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  • 5 Must-Have Tips For Choosing a Coffee Table

    When it comes to pulling your living room together, few pieces are as essential as the humble coffee table. Far more than just a…

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  • Reasons to Choose Birch Wood Cabinets: Pros And Cons 

    Using birch wood for your kitchen cabinets is not just an investment but also a long-term commitment so you need to be sure that…

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  • 7 Differences Between Marble and Travertine: Interior Designer Comparison

    Though often confused for one another, there are plenty of differences between marble and travertine. Travertine is often thought of as a type of…

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