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  • bright bathroom with tub shower and toilet

    Standard Shower Door Size For Different Styles

    Shower doors are some of the most often overlooked components of any modern home, with most people thinking these fixtures are nothing more than…

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  • Are Twin XL Beds the Best Choice For Dorm Bed Size?

    Sending kids to college or university is a financially-draining prospect for some families. Yet, it is a responsibility that parents are more than willing…

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  • Crown Molding Calculator For Easy Material Planning

    Installing crown molding can transform a basic room into an elegant space with beautiful detailing along the ceiling line. But buying the right amount…

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  • Standard Shuffleboard Dimensions And Space Needed

    One of King Henry VIII’s favorite pastime – the “shouvillabourde” – is making a huge comeback after a meteoric, albeit brief, rise to fame in…

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  • Why Koa Wood Furniture Is Worth the Investment

    Hawaiian-native koa wood is a rare and highly sought-after hardwood. Koa, a hardwood prized for its unusual grain patterns and cozy, reddish-brown color, has…

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  • Lighting Fixture Calculator & Room Illumination Designer

    The lighting fixture calculator allows you to determine the number of light fixtures needed to properly illuminate a room. How the Light Calculator Works…

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  • Home Gym Space Calculator For The Perfect Equipment Layout

    Welcome to the Home Gym Space Calculator – your personal coach for mapping out a home gym that fits your space and needs. How…

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  • Deck Stain Coverage Calculator: Estimate Material Needs

    Staining a deck can seem tricky, but this handy calculator makes it easy. Just follow these simple steps to figure out exactly how much…

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  • Ceiling Fan Size Calculator: Enhance Your Room’s Climate

    How The Fan Calculator Works Choosing the ideal ceiling fan measurements for your room is easy with this handy calculator. Simply start by selecting…

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