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  • bathroom with dark tiles in shower

    Bathroom Color Schemes (Choosing Hues For Walls & Finishes)

    From blissful to surprising, there are a lot of bathroom color schemes to fit your mood and taste. In this article, we’ve listed trendy…

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  • kitchen with black stainless steel sink and induction stove

    Black Stainless Steel Sink Pros and Cons

    Elegant and durable, sinks with black stainless steel material are fast becoming the norm for contemporary and modern kitchens, and you’ll find the sleek…

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  • galley kitchen with stove island gray countertops

    Backsplash For Gray Countertops (15 Gorgeous Options)

    Gray countertops are stylish, modern, and easily matched since they’re a neutral shade. Gray countertops, whether in natural or engineered material, are a time-enduring…

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  • Emperor Size Bed (Difference Compared to King)

    Beds are the quintessential relaxation and comfort furnishings, allowing people to drift into slumber land and recharge their bodies for another adventure the following…

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  • dimly lit hallway inside modern house with no window

    Best Paint Color for Dark Hallways

    Hallways are considered one of the more expansive transition spaces in a home, and they typically have less provision for windows since most halls…

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  • attic room with sofa and windows

    Common Mistakes When Buying A Sofa (Designer Tips)

    Buying a sofa can be quite overwhelming — not only are there thousands of options, but also small details which you can easily overlook…

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  • bathroom shower with tile wall and tub

    Farmhouse Shower Tile Ideas (Colors & Finishes To Use)

    When it comes to creating an inviting environment in the bathroom, few options capture the essence of rustic charm, like farmhouse shower tile. With its…

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  • Standard Ceiling Height (Minimum & Standard for Rooms)

    The ceiling is among the most often overlooked spaces, especially among homeowners. Almost everyone wants to maximize “horizontal” space using organizers and similar platforms.…

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  • kitchen with large island countertop and range hood

    Granite Countertops That Look Like Carrara Marble

    The alluring white marble from Tuscany has been gracing luxurious kitchens for many years, but while unforgettably sublime, Carrara marble can be a high-maintenance…

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