Editorial Policy

Designing Idea Editorial Policy

Our goal at Designing Idea is to provide a valuable resource for everyday home inspiration, expert editorials and interior designer tips. We strive to provide accurate and relevant information to inform, inspire, and entertain readers in the home design and improvement space, through our diverse lineup of interior design, architecture and decorating experts.

Integrity and Editorial Standards

Integrity and accuracy in our publishing standards is the cornerstone of our success. Therefore we constantly aim to provide our readers with original and editor verified content. Before publication, each article undergoes a review process, approved by our editorial board to ensure compliance with our high standards, similar to the review process followed by leading news agencies.

Fact-Checking and Accuracy

We work diligently to ensure all information is up-to-date, and accurate. If an error is discovered we correct it promptly. We revisit older articles regularly, maintaining their relevance and accuracy. Our team of writers engages in thorough research and analysis, and undergo a multi-step verification process to ensure its reliability.

We always strive to provide answers and editorial content from trusted experts who can provide the highest level of factual  information on a topic. We attempt to provide direct quotes from trusted subject matter sources whenever possible to maintain the highest level or integrity. We are diligent in using quotes in fair and accurate ways. If you are improperly quoted please contact us so our editorial team can correct the issue in a timely manner.

Ethics and Accountability

Our ethics policy is deeply ingrained in our operations. We stress fairness and context in our reporting, ensuring our content reflects the broader world perspective and considers diverse viewpoints. We are committed to diversity in our editorial team and uphold principles of equity and inclusion, ensuring our content is accessible and respectful to all people and cultures.

Editorial independence is critical to providing accurate information; when receiving free products or exclusive access, we disclose this to maintain transparency. Designing Idea primarily earns income through display ads. However, our editorial staff is not associated with operating the ads that display on the site. The editorial staff works independently to maintain a high standard of quality.

All editorial opinions are clearly identified, and we take care to ensure the privacy of individuals and maintain proper attribution regarding information and sources. In the event our content contains a product or service affiliate link or sponsorship, the post will include a prominent disclosure statement.

Corrections Policy

We take the accuracy of our articles seriously. When errors occur, we make prompt corrections to prevent misinformation. An updated timestamp and an explanatory note accompany significant corrections. For any incorrect information, please contact us at 916-510-1575‬ or publishing@designingidea.com.