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    Combined Living And Dining Room

    Here we share our combined living and dining room guide including tips on how to divide, layout, colors, useful ideas, open spaces, fireplaces, small, formal, and modern areas, and dividers. In today’s lifestyle, studio apartments and small houses have become a thing. This has made combined living and dining rooms very popular. But it’s not just […] More

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    Man Cave Colors (Best Wall Paint & Color Combinations)

    Here we share our man cave colors guide including best wall colors, paint combinations, ideal schemes, shades for walls, rustic suggestions, and preferred hues for garages.Color can make or break the look and feel of a space and when it comes to man caves, it is even way more important. The right colors for your […] More

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    Sunroom Color Ideas (Best Paint & Color Schemes)

    Here we share the best sunroom color ideas guide in choosing the perfect sunroom paint colors and wall color scheme recommendations for a light and breezy vibe from the outside. Nowadays, home owners have become particularly savvy, especially when it comes to the aspect of sunrooms. Selecting sunroom wall colors have become quite important as […] More

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    Sunroom Flooring Ideas (Materials & Options Guide)

    Read on to find out a collection of sunroom flooring ideas that are perfect for every season and which will surely cater to your taste.  Sunrooms hold a special place in a home to get a healthy dose of sunshine all year round, without even stepping foot outside your house. By nature, we love the […] More

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    Man Cave Flooring Ideas (Design Guide)

    Here’s our guide to man cave flooring ideas including most popular types for your interior design.The term man cave may seem outdated, but man caves, like she sheds, are still the rave. A man cave provides a place to unwind in solitude, hang out with friends, watch sports, play video games, or work on a […] More

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    How to Choose an Accent Wall in Living Room

    Here we share a how to choose an accent wall in living room guide with a variety of creative design ideas. An Accent wall is set off from the rest of the walls in a room giving it a specific look that often creates an attractive focal point. An accent wall can be created by […] More

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    Living Room Paint Colors (Design Ideas)

    Here we share some of our best living room paint colors for a stylish design. For a long time, oatmeal was the color of choice for a living room. Oatmeal walls, oatmeal furnishings, oatmeal rugs. We fell in love with the neutrals and things got a little boring. Color is one of the best, fastest, […] More

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    Grand Piano in Living Room (Design Guide)

    In this article we explore grand piano in living room positioning including where to place, how much room you need, and popular piano sizes. Italian harpsichord maker, Bartolomeo Cristofori, designed and built the first piano in the early 1700s. Because of the piano’s large size, it took on the name grand piano and represents the […] More

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    Modern Basement Ideas (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide of modern basement ideas including uses as a bar, bedroom, game room and living room.Basements are the busiest rooms in the house, most of the time occupied by unwanted objects and DIY tools used for minimal tasks. With the prices of properties rising and people deciding to expand within their existing […] More

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    Garage Door in Living Room (Design Types & Ideas)

    Here we share garage door in living room designs and discuss different types including glass doors, up and over, sectional and canopy styles.Automatic garage doors are an amazing thing. They’re heavy-duty, has a very large opening, and best of, they’re motor-operated so you wouldn’t have to exert so much effort into opening it. But have […] More

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    Contemporary Living Room Ideas (Decor & Designs)

    This gallery pictures contemporary living room ideas with a variety of colors, furniture and decor. Contemporary living rooms often have clean designs with a casual atmosphere. Get inspiration for decorating your living room with these exciting new design trends. Often when designing a house, the living room becomes the center of the home, both literally […] More

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