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    Garage Turned Into Living Room (Converted Designs)

    From garage to living space – all you need to know about a garage turned into a living room. If you desire additional living space, it’s easy to think the only real option is to move house. However, as purse strings tighten there may well be alternative (and cheaper!) options a little closer to home. […] More

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    Garage Door in Living Room (Design Types & Ideas)

    Here we share garage door in living room designs and discuss different types including glass doors, up and over, sectional and canopy styles.Automatic garage doors are an amazing thing. They’re heavy-duty, has a very large opening, and best of, they’re motor-operated so you wouldn’t have to exert so much effort into opening it. But have […] More

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    30 Sunroom Ideas – Beautiful Designs & Decorating Pictures

    A sunroom addition to your home is similar to a mix between a backyard patio and a living room. The best sunroom designs bring the outside in and allow you to enjoy the outdoor feel anytime of year.Below are some of out favorite sunroom ideas including different types of furniture, windows, paint colors and decor. […] More

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    Living Room Color Schemes with Brown Leather Furniture

    Below share our ideas for living room color schemes with brown leather furniture. Your brown leather furniture is your signature piece. It is worn in all the right places, finally has that beautiful patina that leather gets, and is comfortable and cozy. But you aren’t sure what to do with it, it is dark and […] More

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    Barn Door Living Room Ideas

    Here we share our gallery of barn door living room ideas for a variety of room layouts and interior design styles. Barn doors are back in style! But instead of seeing them in actual barns, we’ve begun to see them re-purposed and installed indoors. A barn door would be an instant conversation piece in your […] More

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    Exposed Brick Wall Living Room (Design Ideas)

    Here we share brick wall living room design ideas including popular paint colors to match your room’s style. Brick walls have been around for a long time, and was a common sight especially in older homes or buildings. When drywalls, pre-fabricated walls and building blocks weren’t invented yet, the ol’ brick wall was a necessity. […] More

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    Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room

    Here are some creative toy storage ideas for living rooms for practically any home’s design style. It is a fact of life that kids are going to have toys. And those toys are going to make their way into your living room at some point. Whether you have a few small things to amuse your […] More

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    Open Concept Living Room (Design Ideas)

    Here we share open concept living room design ideas including layouts with kitchens & dining rooms and ways to arrange your furniture. Open concept homes are becoming increasingly popular, with homeowners hoping to maximize their living space. For those looking to adopt this design in their home, it may seem like an overwhelming project to […] More

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    39 Custom Home Bars (Design Ideas & Pictures)

    This gallery features luxury custom home bars design ideas and pictures. A custom home bar can be the ultimate place to relax after a hard day at work or just unwind with friends and socialize. Here are 37 custom home bars that are sure to impress and give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for […] More

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    Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room

    Here is our gallery of man cave ideas for a small room including decor, furniture, materials, finishes, flooring, lighting and entertainment. It is every man’s dream to have their very own space where they can sit down on a sofa, chill out or enjoy a drink. Most of us need a place to unwind or […] More

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