Ledger Stone Fireplace (Wall Designs)

Here, we share our ledger stone fireplace guide, including what it is, its benefits, the different colors, and how to install this kind of fireplace.

Covered patio with cushioned chairs, rug, television and fireplaceOne element of the home that naturally stands out is the fireplace, especially when it gives off a luxurious and grand appeal that you just can’t help but stare at. Changing the look of your fireplace can immediately affect the feel of the room where it’s located, whether that’s in your living room or bedroom. [toc]

If you want to spruce up your fireplace and make it stand out to create a good impression, you can turn it into a masterpiece by using ledger stone. With a ledger stone fireplace, anyone will gravitate toward it for a closer look. 

What Is Ledger Stone for Fireplaces? 

Room with white sofas, coffee table, lamp, television, fireplace, and ceiling lightsLedger stone, also known as stacked stone, is a natural stone commonly used for walls and borders and popular for fireplaces. Different kinds of rectangular natural stone stripes are placed and arranged on a mesh, forming a veneer that will be installed on the walls. 

Stacked stones often use limestone when stacked on a mesh, and most standard sizes come in 6×24 panels. Limestone is often combined with other ingredients, including iron-oxide pigments and a mixture of cement.

These materials are then all blended in a mold created from the contours and shapes of real stones. During the manufacturing process, these molds are vibrated, and the final product is integrated with the color that will dominate the veneer. 

Because of how they are created, stacked stones are lighter and easier to work with since you can form them into the sizes you prefer and need. You can even make them into corner pieces if they are what you need. With a wide variety of colors, styles, textures, and thicknesses, you can often find the one you are visualizing for you.

They are also referred to as stone ledger panels and stone veneers, besides being called stacked stones. If you’re going to purchase them, make sure to ask using these names so it’s easy to identify what you want.

When it comes to installation, ledger panels are easy to install, especially for homeowners who want to DIY the fireplace on their own. The pre-arranged stone panels can be affixed together because they can interlock with each other. 

Benefits of Using Stone Ledger Panels for the Fireplace

Patio with wood beadboard ceiling, folding glass patio doors and sofaLedger stones and panels can be an incredible investment for your home because of the advantages they can offer. Here are a few of the benefits.

 Stunning and timeless aesthetics and vibe: It has this timeless look that will be trendy for a long time. The material is crafted from natural stone, making sure that they still have this authentic stone feel to the panels. The stacked stones also add sophistication, character, and warmth to the space where the fireplace is, elevating the look of your home fast.

If you’re planning to make your fireplace the statement piece of your home, installing this material on the fireplace will work well and create that wow factor. The standard weathered texture can improve the overall impression of your home and complement whatever architectural style is currently existing. 

 Easy to install: Since the panels usually come with an interlocking system, you won’t need a professional just to install them on the fireplace. DIY-friendly, the panels are also lightweight, and you can do the installation on your own.

This also means that the delivery of the materials won’t be an issue either. And since it is structured in a way that the stones are pre-arranged on a mesh, you get a pre-made masonry veneer that can make it infinitely easier compared to stacking the stones one by one. 

 Incredibly versatile: When it comes to style, sizes, shapes, and colors, stacked stones come in a different variety that the limited options offered by natural stones can be easily compared. Even if trends come and go, with the variety of looks stacked stones come in, you can match them with the style and decor of your home. 

 Highly durable: It can be a good material for your fireplace primarily because of its durability. While the panels may not be all-natural, they still carry over the unmatched durability of natural stone.

They are also heat-resistant, making the material a perfect one to consider and install for your fireplace. And when installed and maintained appropriately, this material is expected to last for a long time. 

 More affordable: Stacked stones cost less compared to natural stone options, but they offer similar aesthetics since they are partly made of natural stone. Since they are easier to produce, they come with lower costs, and with low maintenance, they can also be considered cost-effective. It is a more affordable solution for elevating the appearance of your living space. 

•Fade-resistant: This installation is meant to last for a long time and won’t fade as the years go by. Once you install it in your home, you can be sure that it won’t lose its luster and extravagance. 

The major downside with fireplaces using this material is that while it may be easy to install, it is still recommended that you hire professionals to do the work for you. The material may be lighter than natural stone options, but it is still heavier compared to porcelain and ceramic tiles. This also means that you might need special tools for its installation. 

A ledger stone or stacked stone tile system is pretty much maintenance free and is both texturally and visually interesting. – interior designer, Savannah Phillips.

Stacked Stone Fireplace Wall 

Room with cushioned chairs, carpet floors, glass topped table and windowsIt makes a great fireplace wall, not just because of the stunning and rustic aesthetics it offers but also because it is heat-resistant. With stacked stones, you can easily integrate natural beauty inside the home, whether you are working on a traditional look or a contemporary one for your fireplace. 

This type of walls make it easy to accomplish and can become among the best accent wall ideas for your home, adding texture and dimension to the space. More than just physically warming the space with the fireplace, you also add warmth to the vibe of the room and home. 

White Ledger Type Stone for the Fireplace 

Room with white stone fireplace, windows, and indoor plantsOne of the colors you can apply for your fireplace is white, which is technically a safe and safe-neutral color to consider for your home. This style delivers an elegant and cool ambiance that can go with many design styles.

This colored ledgestone room installation is also an ideal option for a modern-style home. Besides the clean lines of the stones and textures, the stacked stones create textures and layers that can add contrast to the home. The look is timeless and the best way to brighten a room with fewer expenses incurred. 

Black Ledger Panels for the Fireplace 

Room with black stone accented fireplace, wood flooring and white wallsIf you want a bolder and more dramatic look, the use of black stacked stones on fireplaces can be a good addition. This is popular for many interior and exterior applications and, at the same time, delivers a trendy look that will surely stand out. 

This comes with rich charcoal colors that will shine and be accented under ambient light. The edgy aesthetics offer more than just an elevated and unique look since, because of the color, dirt is also not seen much so you won’t have to worry about the fireplace looking dirty. 

Many of these products are crafted from split-face slate that has been machine split to create a rough-looking surface.

Gray Fireplace Stone Veneers

Room with leather couch and ottoman, table, windows, and floor lampGray is a neutral color that works well with many colors, depending on the undertone, whether it’s a warm or cool hue. The color is striking and dynamic, and you also have the option of choosing dark or soft gray, delivering the aesthetic effect to the space. 

For fireplaces with darker stones, you can soften the warmth inside the room and add a cool feeling to it. For soft and light gray, you can add brightness to the mix and even make your living room size appear bigger and brighter than it is.  

Split face quartzite, Tevi gray travertine or Alaska gray marble, or several popular products that offer a beautiful gray stone look.

How to Install Ledger Stones on a Fireplace

Room with upholstered sofa and chairs, area rug and antler wall decorInstalling veneer panels made of natural rock should be done by professionals and experts. But if you want to make this a personal project for your summer or free time, here are simple steps you can follow to help you. 

Step 1 – Gather all the materials you will need: Make sure that you’ve collected all the materials and tools you will need for the installation, including but not limited to the following:

 Your choice of veneer
 Tape measure
 Painter’s tape
 Diamond blade
 Cement saw or grinder

Step 2 – Measure the dimensions of your fireplace: Get your tape measure and get the fireplace dimensions, including the height and the width. Start at the bottom, just right above the hearth, and measure towards the top.

Get a pencil and mark the wall (while taking note of the measurements). You will then know how many veneer panels you will need and what sizes they should be cut to fit well to your fireplace. 

Room with orange column, fire0place with stacked stone accent and rugStep 3 – Cut the ledger stone panels: Cut the panels according to the fireplace measurement. While hiring a professional to cut the panels will be easier, you still have the option to do it on your own.

You can use a grinder or cement saw to cut through the panels and create the shapes, sizes, and corners you want the panels to have. Make sure to use a diamond blade to be able to cut through the stone. 

Step 4 – Ensure that you have the proper backing: Rather than attach directly over drywall or composite board, a ledgestone veneer will need to be attached directly to concrete or cement board. For the installation, make sure you choose screws that go with the type of backer board you purchase.

Step 5 – Install the panels on the wall: After getting the correct-sized veneer panels, the next step is to install them on the wall. Apply painter’s tape around for protection and a clean edge. 

Mix the mortar first and apply it on the wall and at the back of the panels using a notched trowel. Immediately stick the panels after the application of the mortar, especially since it dries quickly.

Make sure you mix the mortar in small amounts to avoid waste and install the panels one small section at a time. Finally, remove the painter’s tape you’ve applied around the structure.

Video on How to Install Stacked Stone on a Fireplace

For modern designs, stick with ledger stone tiles that have a clean look and a neutral color palette, while for traditional designs, opt for tiles that have a more rustic appearance. – interior designer Rachel Razal-Padilla.

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