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    Carpet Colors That Don’t Show Dirt

    Here’s our guide to carpet colors that don’t show dirt including the best colors to consider and the easiest types of materials to keep clean.Selecting new carpeting for your home or business means deciding on the type of carpet, padding, thickness, material, and additional characteristics such as solid colors or patterns. The most important decision […] More

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    Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets

    Here’s our guide to the pros and cons of bamboo sheets including types of weave patterns, cost and comparison vs cotton sheets.A relatively new product on the market, bamboo sheets were eyed with skepticism by some when they first appeared.  They quickly gained enthusiastic proponents, who spoke of unrivaled comfort, softness, and an enhanced sleep […] More

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    How to Mix and Match Pillows on a Sofa

    Here we share our tips on how to mix and match pillows on a sofa including the use of color, textures, size and patterns.Since pillows come in a variety of styles, they are easy to incorporate in any setting or style you’re aiming for. It’s fun to decorate with these puffy decor pieces, but placing […] More

  • Bedroom with light color curtains

    Blinds vs Curtains (Differences, Cost and Pros & Cons)

    Here’s our blinds vs curtains guide with the differences, cost and pros & cons.Blinds and curtains are types of window treatment which would look great in every home; knowing which one suits your requirement for a particular room or an area of your home can be a bit of a challenge if you are not […] More

  • Bed with pillows

    Different Types of Pillows (Best Shapes & Styles)

    Welcome to our guide to the different types of pillows including standard pillow sizes, materials and features to help you get the best night of sleep. Most of us aren’t getting enough sleep. Stress and electronic devices often take the brunt of the blame, but your pillow might be affecting you more than you think. […] More

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    Drapes vs Curtains (Styles & Design Guide)

    Welcome to our drapes vs curtains design guide including differences, popular styles & features. Drapes and curtains are both considered as window treatment since both are hung over a window. Most of the time the term drapes and curtains are being used interchangeably and is a common misconception which confuses most homeowners and even designers. […] More

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    How To Match Wall Color With Wood Floors

    Here we share how to match wall color with wood floors including the best paint colors for light, medium and dark wood flooring designs. Floors and walls are two of the largest surfaces in a room and because of this they must complement each other. Choosing the perfect wall color to match with wood floors […] More

  • Brick house with tan paint color

    Paint Colors That Go With Brick (Design Guide)

    Here we share the best paint colors that go with brick including how to match and choose and colors to avoid. Brick is an incredible building material: durable, long-lasting, and fireproof. Its distinctive reddish color is synonymous with quality construction. Fireplaces, exposed brick walls, and brick siding are all highly-prized in the real estate industry. […] More

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    Paint Colors That Go with Red Oak Floors

    Here we share the best paint colors that go with red oak floors.Extending through the large areas of your home, the floors is the most significant element of the house and influences many factors such as making the space look cooler, warmer, larger, smaller, cozier, and luxurious. It also gives aesthetic value to your home […] More

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    What Colors Go with Light Blue Walls

    On this page we discuss what colors go with light blue walls including design ideas for complementary & contrasting paint colors and accent walls.Light blue walls are popular in many homes and the pureness of blue promotes a calming and welcoming feel in any room. There are countless shades of light blue including well-known hues […] More

  • Contemporary living room coffee table staging

    Coffee Table Staging (Design Guide)

    Here we share our coffee table staging design guide including tips to help you decorate your living room. Making sure that your house is staged correctly is key to making drawing potential buyers in and making a final sale. After all, everyone wants to live in a beautiful home and by staging your home, you’re […] More

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    Bedroom Rug Placement (Layout Guide)

    Welcome to our bedroom rug placement design guide including the best positioning and layouts for a variety of bed, rug and room sizes. Bedroom rug placement is a very important factor for an aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional space. The exact placement of a rug in a bedroom can be the difference between slipping […] More

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