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    Staging a Kitchen Table (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our design guide for staging a kitchen table including tips for choosing decor and accessories. Staging a kitchen table can help you ready your home for real estate showings or it can even help you just create a beautiful space that seems like it’s right out of a catalog or off an interior […] More

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    Bed In Front Of Window (Bedroom Layout Ideas)

    Here we discuss the bed in front of window positioning ideas, including popular tips and Feng Shui designs. When considering where to place your bed in the bedroom, positioning it against the window is one option that often sparks controversy. Despite its unpopularity, there are definitely ways to make this position work wonders – it […] More

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    How to Measure A Sofa (Interior Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide on how to measure a sofa for your interior design. The sofa is the anchor piece and has become a benchmark in home decoration. It is the most used piece of furniture and one of the most comfortable spots in the room – it is where you entertain guests, it is […] More

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    Colors That Help You Sleep (Bedroom Decorating)

    Here we discuss colors that help you sleep, promote relaxation and help relieve anxiety. A good night’s sleep can be affected by your surroundings just as much as it can be affected by your physical being. Providing the correct colors in the room is an important factor when looking to increase sleep quality. Most bedroom […] More

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    Bed Placement (Best Layout Ideas)

    Here we discuss the bed placement and layout ideas for your bedroom interior design. Where should you position your bed in the bedroom? Deciding on your bedroom layout can prove tricky. We often want to create the right kind of ‘feeling’ within this space, and the layout will make a huge difference to this. To […] More

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    Decorating a Kitchen Corner Window

    Here we share our ideas for decorating a kitchen corner window including decor & window treatment tips. There are a ton of perks to having a kitchen window. Allowing sunlight to enter the kitchen area is monumental when it comes to having a bright, open kitchen space. This being said, it is sometimes difficult to […] More

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    Sofa Arm Styles (Design Guide)

    Below we share our guide to sofa arm styles to help you find the best type for your interior design. Sofas are something that most people keep in their living rooms. It offers a comfortable place to sit and offers plenty of seating for multiple occupants. There are plenty of different sofa types, though, and […] More

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    Choosing Paint Colors That Flow From Room to Room

    On this page we share ideas for choosing paint colors that flow from room to room. When painting a building with multiple rooms it is best to keep in mind the flow of colors from one room to another. Just because the living room and the kitchen are two different spaces does not mean that […] More

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    Decorating a Combined Living and Dining Room

    Below we share the best ways for decorating a combined living and dining room including pros & cons, lighting, colors and decor. One of the biggest trends seen today is the open concept floor plan. This is often done is by combining the space of the living room and the dining room areas together in […] More

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    How to Pick Rug Sizes (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide on how to pick rug sizes including popular layouts and interior designs. One might think that when picking a rug the most important selection is the color and pattern, but on the contrary size makes a huge difference. The size of a rug can mean the difference between echoes in the […] More

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    Best Indoor Trees (House Plant Guide)

    Here is our guide to the best indoor trees including popular types for low light and home offices, along with indoor fruit, bonsai and palm trees. With a dose of green indoors, a home definitely becomes a much happier place. Nature’s goodness has its own charm and if you are looking to bring some of […] More

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    Above the Couch Décor (Design Ideas)

    Here are some creative above the couch décor ideas for a variety of design styles & layouts. You may not think much about the space above the couch, as your back is so often to that wall, and the tv is the main focal point, but the space above your sofa is just as important […] More

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