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    Polypropylene vs Wool Rugs (Pros and Cons)

    Here’s our comparison guide for polypropylene vs wool rugs including pros and cons, cost, durability, safety and cleaning tips.Choosing the best rug for your home can be extremely overwhelming as there is a wealth of options to choose from. Moreover, with the advances in techniques and machinery today, distinguishing between natural and synthetic fabrics became […] More

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    Polyester Rugs Pros and Cons

    Here’s our guide to polyester rugs pros and cons including different types and how to clean.Tacky-looking no more, the polyester of today is more versatile than ever, making it available for a wide range of applications. And one of the products that fully takes advantage of the material’s innovations is polyester rugs. These soft and […] More

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    Red Indoor Plants (Types & Houseplant Ideas)

    Here’s our guide to red indoor plants including popular types of houseplants with red leaves, small sizes and flowering varieties.Colorful houseplants have taken the internet by storm. Social media websites, home improvement blogs, and houseplant fanatics alike are boasting photos of bright, beautiful red foliage that enhances the look of any room. Once popular in […] More

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    Types of Indoor Cactus (Houseplant Guide)

    Welcome to our gallery of the types of indoor cactus including the best houseplants to choose, small species and care tips.The indoor cactus may be the perfect houseplant. Trending now and forever are the most simple, and easy care plants: cacti. The internet is loaded with pictures of cacti in cute containers shaped like cats […] More

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    Indoor Plants That Like Direct Sunlight

    In this guide we share indoor plants that like direct sunlight including the best full sun houseplants and watering & how to care tips. There are endless resources for those seeking plants that thrive in low-light, gloomy environments such as windowless apartments and offices. However, for those of us with plenty of windows to shamelessly […] More

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    What Color of Blinds Should I Choose?

    When it comes to blind selection a popular question is what color of blinds should I choose? Here we share our design guide for choosing blinds for your interior design.Like furniture and décor, window blinds are functional elements that add a decorative statement to your interior. Window blinds win us over by controlling the degree […] More

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    Bamboo vs Silk Sheets (Differences & Pros and Cons)

    Here we share our comparison of bamboo vs silk sheets including their pros and cons, cost and which is best for your bedroom design.Both bamboo and silk sheets have a reputation for being soft, touchable, and luxurious.  If you’re ready to invest in a set of silky smooth sheets but aren’t sure which fabric to […] More

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    Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets (Types & Differences)

    Here we compare the differences of bamboo vs cotton sheets including their types, durability, softness, renew-ability and cost. Both bamboo sheets and cotton sheets can be quite comfortable for a great nights sleep. But how exactly do they stack up against each other? Before we answer that, lets look at the most common materials used […] More

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    Pillow Dimensions (Sleeping, Decor & Standard Sizes)

    Welcome to our pillow dimensions guide including standard sizes for king, queen, twin, Euro and body pillows and how to mix and match.A full night’s sleep boosts our immune system, keeps our heart healthy, provides energy through the day, and so many other helpful benefits. These are the reasons we go to great lengths to […] More

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    Carpet Colors That Don’t Show Dirt

    Here’s our guide to carpet colors that don’t show dirt including the best colors to consider and the easiest types of materials to keep clean.Selecting new carpeting for your home or business means deciding on the type of carpet, padding, thickness, material, and additional characteristics such as solid colors or patterns. The most important decision […] More

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    Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets

    Here’s our guide to the pros and cons of bamboo sheets including types of weave patterns, cost and comparison vs cotton sheets.A relatively new product on the market, bamboo sheets were eyed with skepticism by some when they first appeared.  They quickly gained enthusiastic proponents, who spoke of unrivaled comfort, softness, and an enhanced sleep […] More

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    Sofa Arm Styles (Design Guide)

    Below we share our guide to sofa arm styles to help you find the best type for your interior design. Sofas are something that most people keep in their living rooms. It offers a comfortable place to sit and offers plenty of seating for multiple occupants. There are plenty of different sofa types, though, and […] More

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