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    17 Types Of Floor Mats (Rug Design Styles & Uses)

    See the different types of mats with popular design styles, their uses & features, materials, and the best floor mat cleaning tips to consider for various applications. In homes, mats serve as a staple element, from the entrance mats at the entryway up to the common areas like the dining room or the living room. […] More

  • How to measure a sofa

    How to Measure A Sofa (Interior Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide on how to measure a sofa for your interior design including how to easily tell if your sofa will fit. The sofa is the anchor piece and has become a benchmark in home decoration. It is the most used piece of furniture and one of the most comfortable spots in the […] More

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    Paint Colors That Go with Red Oak Floors

    Here we share the best paint colors that go with red oak floors including the best complimentary and neutral color paint picks.Extending through the large areas of your home, the floors is the most significant element of the house and influences many factors such as making the space look cooler, warmer, larger, smaller, cozier, and […] More

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    Portiere Curtain (Rod & Material Design Styles)

    Find out what is a portiere curtain, with how it works, different rod & curtain styles & materials, and how to install a portiere rod for curtains. As fancy as it sounds, the portiere curtain can glam up any regular entryway, adding visual interest and providing privacy without needing an actual door. The portiere curtain […] More

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    What Size Wreath For Front Door (Standard Sizes)

    Find out what size wreath for front door is the best. See wreath sizes for standard, small, large, double doors, windows & garages, and how to choose the right wreath size. The advent season is upon us, and one of the staples that will add a homey curb appeal to a home is hanging a […] More

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    35 Types Of Vases (Different Styles & Shapes)

    Here we share our types of vases design gallery including the different styles, shapes, materials, tips on vase fillers, arrangement, and how to take care of flowers in a vase. Vases are the perfect complements for flower arrangements be it at home or in your commercial space. Whether you’re picking out blooms for your own […] More

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    Vase Filler Ideas (Popular Materials & Decor Tips)

    This gallery features vase filler ideas including the most popular materials to use, DIY filler ideas, vase filler decor tips, how to design them, and how much filler to use. You need more than flowers to fill a vase. Achieving the perfect look for your flower arrangements and the surrounding interior décor can be a […] More

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    Dresser Top Organization Ideas

    These dresser top organization ideas include decluttering tips, bedroom sorting & cleaning techniques, and the best dresser top organizer options. Dressers offer a lot of space for storage and that doesn’t just mean the drawers! The top of your dresser is a great place to keep and display things. Yet, it does come with limited […] More

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    18 Alternatives to Shiplap (Wall Design Ideas)

    Here we share different design alternatives to shiplap like vertical fluted panels, board and batten, reclaimed wood planks, stone wall cladding, and more ideas to fit your home. Shiplap is a term that refers to a wall treatment made up of long narrow panels positioned either horizontally or vertically. Thanks to the grooves in the […] More

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    Types Of Bedding (Covers, Sheets, Pillows & Fabrics)

    Here are the types of bedding including the different uses, types of bed covers, sheets & pillows, fabric options, bed accessories, and layers of bedding. There is a clear explanation of why the department store’s bedding section is so extensive. Yes, there are numerous varieties of bedding available. These items come in a wide range […] More

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    25 Types Of Room Dividers (Design Ideas)

    Here we share the types of room dividers including the different designs, their uses, styles, materials, features, and the cheapest room divider method available. A room divider is a handy, low-cost, stylish, and temporary wall that focuses on providing visual separation between rooms or splits a huge room into smaller parts within your house. It […] More

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    What Colors Go With Gray Furniture

    This image gallery shares what colors go with gray furniture including options for analogous, monochrome & complementary pairings, and shades that go with light & dark gray. Gray is an elegant color that’s flexible to use for your home’s furniture. It can showcase elegance you can only see in traditional-styled homes or an ultra-modern ambiance […] More

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