• How to measure a sofa

    How to Measure A Sofa (Interior Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide on how to measure a sofa for your interior design including how to easily tell if your sofa will fit. The sofa is the anchor piece and has become a benchmark in home decoration. It is the most used piece of furniture and one of the most comfortable spots in the […] More

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    Barn Door Sizes (Standard Interior Dimensions)

    This barn door sizes guide shares the standard barn door dimensions, interior & double opening size, track length, and how to measure for a barn door. There are many doors available for any homeowners to use for their homes, and one unique option is the barn door. A sliding barn door is a more stylish […] More

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    Shower Sizes (Bathroom Dimensions Guide)

    Welcome to our shower sizes design guide including popular bathroom dimensions, and types of showers and bathtubs.The shower area is the most essential part of the bathroom and when it comes to investing on a new shower upgrades or remodeling your bathroom; one important factor to consider is knowing the standard size of a shower. […] More

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    Mailbox Dimensions (Standard & USPS Sizes)

    Here’s our mailbox dimensions resource guide including the standard large, medium and small USPS mailbox sizes, brick mailboxes, and installation measurements. Mailboxes can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This is why it can be challenging to know exactly what’s right for you. Whether you need a larger mail box for your […] More

  • Contempoary dining room with white table, gray chairs and black area rug

    Dining Table Dimensions (Size Guide)

    Here we share our dining table dimensions guide including standard sizes for rectangular, square, round, and oval dining tables. Dining table dimensions are important when planning the layout of your dining room and when purchasing linens, table cloths, and chairs. No host wants to welcome guests to their home for a holiday dinner and realize […] More

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    Dutch Oven Sizes (Standard Measurements)

    Here’s our Dutch oven sizes guide including standard dutch oven dimensions with size chart, popular brands, and how to know the right Dutch oven size for your home. Dutch ovens are a versatile and functional cookware that can be used in the oven for baking or on a stovetop like a traditional stockpot. They’re typically […] More

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    Bulletin Board Sizes (Standard Home, Office & School Size)

    Here’s our bulletin board sizes guide including standard classroom & office bulletin board sizes and letter size needed for bulletin boards. Bulletin boards are a staple to many spaces like classrooms, offices, and even a teenager’s bedroom. They serve many purposes, from providing information to holding announcements, acting as a mood board or holding memos. […] More

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    Throw Pillow Sizes (Standard & Common Dimensions)

    Here’s our throw pillow sizes guide including standard & common throw pillow dimensions, size chart, insert cover size and how to measure for throw pillows. Throw pillows can quickly liven up and accent a space, like the living room or some furniture like love seats, window seats, or sofas. They can add softness, colors, prints, […] More

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    Medicine Cabinet Sizes (Standard & Vanity Dimensions)

    Here’s our medicine cabinet sizes guide including standard medicine cabinet dimensions, measurements for a bathroom vanity, and how to measure for medicine cabinets. Medicine cabinets are a modern invention. People from the past will be amazed at this wonder as they would think that modern households essentially have apothecaries right at their homes.  Today, medicine […] More

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    Cord Of Wood Size (1/4, 1/2, Face & Full Dimensions)

    In this cord of wood size guide you’ll find the standard 1/4, 1/2, and full cord dimensions, face cord size, what size rack to use & tarp that will cover a cord of wood. One full cord of wood will have between 600 and 800 pieces of firewood. Cord is the standard unit of measure […] More

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    Pantry Cabinet Sizes (Standard Dimensions Guide)

    Here’s our pantry cabinet sizes guide including standard kitchen pantry cabinet dimensions, shelf spacing, popular furniture brand dimensions, and pantry door sizes. One of the most versatile storage any household can have is a pantry. Big or small, a pantry can store anything from food to cookware and even small appliances. They come with a […] More

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    Baseboard Sizes (Standard & Ceiling Dimensions)

    In this baseboard sizes guide you’ll see the standard baseboard dimensions, size for different wall heights, size chart, and materials used for baseboard designs. Baseboards are not usually on the mind of many homeowners unless they are on the verge or thinking about remodeling their homes. Although this design element is often overlooked, it plays […] More

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