Choosing the Right Japanese Soaking Tub Dimensions

different bathroom designs with japanese soaking tubs

While most Westerners lie on ceramic or plastic vessels to immerse their bodies, people from the Land of the Rising Sun find seating on space-saving tubs more soothing. 

Known as “Ofuro,” Japanese soaking tubs are rich in history, dating beyond feudal Japan, where people soaked into steep-sided, deep wooden tubs to ensure optimum physical and spiritual renewal. The ancient Japanese believed soaking in 122 degrees Fahrenheit (about 50 degrees Celsius) water could cleanse the body and purify the soul.

Today, the Ofuro is omnipresent in many Western homes, bijou hotels, and spa resorts. And if you want to bring this furnishing to your home, you will want to learn the different Japanese soaking tub dimensions. [toc]

1 Person Japanese Tub Sizes

1 Person Japanese Tub SizesThe single-person Ofuro is perfect for folks who want to spend a relaxing me-time in the bath. The bathtub has a seat inside, allowing users to comfortably sit while immersing their bodies (up to the shoulders or chest) without necessarily stretching the legs.

Like any furnishing, Japanese soaking tubs come in various sizes (even for a single-person design). Everything depends on the Ofuro manufacturer. 

For example, Hydro Systems and Americh offer a 40-inch-diameter (1.02-meter) soaking tub, while Aquatica’s offerings start at 43 inches or 1.09 meters. Other brands have 42, 48, and 49 inches (1.07, 1.22, and 1.24 meters).

Although these measurements reflect a circular hot tub, some brands might offer a square design. The lengths should still be roughly identical. Forty to 49 inches should be sufficient to accommodate a single user, provided the person’s girth isn’t that of a Sumo wrestler.

As for the Ofuro’s depth or height, these tubs range from 28 inches (71 centimeters) to 37 inches (94 centimeters). Potential buyers must consider the user’s height when seated to determine the most appropriate Ofuro depth. 

Ideally, the Japanese soaking tub’s sides must be high enough to fill with water up to the user’s chest or shoulder level. Hence, you might want to sit on a stool and measure the distance from the floor to your shoulders or chest. Add several inches as allowance because Ofuro height measurements span from the floor surface to the uppermost edge.

2 Person Japanese Soaking Tub Dimensions

2 Person Japanese Soaking Tub Dimensions

Traditionally, Ofuros are only for a single-person soaking experience. However, some brands offer a Japanese soaking tub for two. It’s the perfect relaxing vessel for couples, allowing them to enjoy a relaxing soak facing one another. 

Unsurprisingly, a 2-person Ofuro is larger than its single-person counterpart. It’s also more oval than circular to accommodate two people on opposite ends. Hence, the traditional single-person tub diameter won’t work.

Like 1-person units, 2-person Ofuros vary in size. Some brands start their offerings at 54 inches long and 44 inches wide (about 1.37 x 1.12 meters). Others might offer slightly narrower yet longer soaking tubs (Hydro Systems and Americh provide 60 x 40-inch or 1.5 x 1.02-meter units). On the other hand, Aquatica’s two-seater soaking tub starts at 62 by 49 inches (1.58 by 1.25 meters).

Users with a smallish body frame will find 54×44-inch units just right, while folks with more sizeable bodies should pick the 62×49 model. Measuring individual user’s seating space requirements is essential to avoid cramming two individuals into a tight tub with warm water.

2-person Japanese tubs should still have the same height as a single-person unit. However, buyers should pick an Ofuro with a depth appropriate to the shorter user. 

For example, a partner might sit 40 inches from floor to chest, while the other might only measure 36 inches. A 32- or 36-inch high Ofuro should be enough. Brands often design their 2-person Japanese soaking tubs between 26 and 36 inches high (66 and 91 centimeters).

How Deep Should a Japanese Style Tub Be?

How Deep Should a Japanese Tub Be

Japanese tubs should be about 27 inches from the Ofuro’s interior floor to the uppermost edge. This measurement is enough for the Japanese, who are slightly shorter than their American counterparts.

Ofuro is part of the Japanese ritual of bathing at night time, mainly for relaxing, not washing. – China, Japan, Korea: Culture and Customs, Ju Brown, ‎John Brown

Unsurprisingly, Ofuros for Western individuals are often deeper to accommodate height variances. That’s why manufacturers offer varying tub depths from 26 inches (66 centimeters) to 37 inches (94 centimeters).

Difference Between a Soaking and a Japanese Bathub?

Difference between a Soaking and a Japanese TubThe principal difference between conventional and Japanese soaking tubs is their depth. Most modern soaking furnishings only fill up to 2 feet (61 centimeters) of water, while Japanese soaking tubs can go up to 3 feet (91.4 centimeters). 

Because Ofuros are deeper, manufacturers can modify other dimensions (length and width) to make these tubs space-friendlier than traditional soaking tubs. Soaking the body in 2-feet-deep water would be impossible without reclining and stretching the legs.


Japanese Soaking Tub Dimensions 

1 Person Japanese Tub Sizes 

2 Person Japanese Soaking Tub Dimensions 

How Deep Should a Japanese Tub Be? 

Difference between a Soaking and a Japanese Tub? 

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