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    Types of Wood Wall Paneling 

    Here we share several types of wood wall paneling including its cost and some DIY installation and paint ideas for you to get the best interior wall design for your home. Homeowners install wood wall paneling for various reasons. Some install it only for decoration purposes, but some also use it to make an interior […] More

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    Full Height Quartz Backsplash

    Here we share the full height quartz backsplash design guide with pros and cons and installation ideas for your home’s bathroom, kitchen, and behind the stove. One of the elements that you can add to your bathroom or kitchen is a full height quartz backsplash. There are a variety of ways you can install a […] More

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    Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Marble

    Here we share porcelain tile that looks like marble including if it can be done, different types of porcelain that resemble marble, and the best tile options for your interior designs. Because of the exquisite, luxurious, and timeless appearance of marble, it has become a very well-known choice for floors, countertops, kitchens, stairs, bathrooms, and […] More

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    Asian Walnut Hardwood Flooring

    Here’s our Asian walnut hardwood flooring design guide with what it is, how it compares to acacia, hardness scale, price, grain, colors and pros and cons.When it comes to hardwood flooring, the go-to choice is oak. With a little research, however, you can find unique options in the market that are worth some consideration. One […] More

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    Jib Door (Hardware Needed & Design Guide)

    Here we share our jib door guide with what they are, hardware that makes them work, ideas to consider when building a hidden door in your home, where it should lead to and design tips. Hailing from the Georgian period and once popular in European estates, jib doors have made their way into American design.  […] More

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    Types of Mirrors (Styles & Designs)

    Here we share our types of mirrors guide including the different kinds, styles and interior design ideas. Mirrors are said to date way back over 6,000 years ago in Anatolia (ancient Turkey), where it was molded from crushed volcanic glass and polished to become obsidian.  Ancient Egyptians followed with polished copper, and then Mesopotamians with […] More

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    What Color Curtains Go with Yellow Walls

    Here we share what color curtains go with yellow walls including the ideal hues, suggestions that work well in kitchens, using mustard walls, and interior designs with brown furniture. Yellow is bright and eye-catching in that it immediately brightens up a room where it’s being used. The color easily represents warmth and happiness, which is […] More

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    Types Of Cherry Wood (Design Guide)

    Here we share our types of cherry wood guide including what is, color, characteristics, different kinds, grain classifications, and if its best for furniture and kitchen cabinets. Cherry wood is quite popular in the residential sector. It’s a hardwood that’s famed and prized for its durability and rich colors and grains. Its colors can range […] More

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    What Colors Go with Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture  

    Here we share what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture including the best paint and accent color ideas to help you enhance your bedroom style and design. Cherry wood bedroom furniture can enhance the overall appearance and design of your bedroom as it looks very stylish and eye-pleasing. The subtle effect of dark reddish […] More

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    Log Cabin Interior Paint Colors

    Here we share our log cabin interior paint colors including the best options, cabinet color suggestions, and what scheme goes well with a knotty pine interior. With so many paint colors available today, your log cabin doesn’t need to stick with the all-brown theme. In fact, with the right shade of color, you can incorporate […] More

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    What Color To Paint a Closet

    Here we share what color to paint a closet with tips for choosing the best paint colors including accents, paint finish, closet door paint, and wall color ideas. Deciding on which color to paint a closet?  Great news! Choosing what color, painting closet is much easier than you first thought.  Choosing the right color and […] More

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    Enamel vs Latex Paint

    Here’s our essential guide to enamel vs latex paint, including their differences, interior and exterior application, brushes to use and if you can mix both paints together.  Wall painting does not just add to the interior of a home; it also adds personality. It can also change one’s mood and spread good vibes around. Choosing […] More

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