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  • Shutters vs Blinds

    Shutters vs Blinds (Differences & Pros and Cons)

    Welcome to our guide to the differences between shutters vs blinds including pros and cons, cost and design considerations.When looking for window coverings a popular concern is which is the best type. Shutters and blinds both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages which we will cover below. What Is the Difference Between Shutters vs […] More

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    Nylon Carpet Pros and Cons

    Here’s our guide to nylon carpet pros and cons with cost and different types for interior design.When it comes to carpeting, nylon is the belle of the ball, the most popular and ubiquitous choice.  While it comes at a slightly higher price point than other synthetic carpet materials, this investment pays off over the long […] More

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    Solid Surface Countertops (Design Guide | Pros & Cons)

    Here’s our solid surface countertops design guide including kitchen & bathroom ideas, cost, materials, colors, top brands and pros & cons.Solid Surface is a great choice of countertop for a variety of locations in the home, especially the bathroom and kitchen. Solid surface countertops are a financially friendly way to get beautiful countertops, with a […] More

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    Wool Carpet Pros & Cons

    Here we share the wool carpet pros & cons including their cost and the best types for your interior design.Advances in manufacturing have lead to an influx of cheaply made carpets, constructed from synthetic materials. But wool carpets have been around for centuries, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Wool has many qualities that […] More

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    Types of Window Blinds (Ultimate Buying Guide)

    Welcome to our types of window blinds ultimate buying guide including popular styles, materials, cost and features.When you’re shopping for window blinds, it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed by the many types, materials, and features available, to say nothing of figuring out which size to buy.  Our ultimate guide to the types of window blinds […] More

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    Slate Countertops (Design Guide)

    Here’s our slate countertops design guide including popular colors, cost and kitchen & bathroom ideas.Slate countertops are a great choice in all categories; aesthetics, price, and quality. There are many locations that these countertops can be used in as well as a wide variety of colors that can be chosen. The go to when thinking […] More

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    Colors That Match With Yellow (Interior Design Guide)

    In this guide we share colors that match with yellow including neutrals, warm and cool colors for your interior designs. Yellow is a great color to coordinate with a plethora of the other colors on the wheel. It can easily pair with neutrals, warm colors and cool colors in unique and beautiful ways. With the […] More

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    Standard Interior Door Size (Dimensions Guide)

    Here’s our standard interior door size guide including the most common door dimensions for the bedroom, bathroom and closets. The height of the door is its most standard dimension. All interior doors that will be used as passageways between rooms should be at least 80 inches tall. (6’8) This allows adequate room for the vast […] More

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    Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Floors

    Here we share our picks for paint colors that go with cherry wood floors. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with cherry wood floors, chances are you want to take advantage of every opportunity to show them off and enhance their beauty. Cherry wood is a premium hardwood from the cherry tree — […] More

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    Engineered Hardwood Flooring vs Laminate

    Here we share our guide to the differences between engineered hardwood flooring vs laminate including cost, appearance & installation. Choosing between laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring could be a big decision. We are here to help make the decision a little easier. With two different materials such as engineered hard wood flooring and laminate […] More

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    Room Addition Cost (Design Guide)

    Here we discuss room addition cost including how to calculate what you’ll pay for materials, labor and for each type of room plan. Building a room addition is a great way to get yourself some additional living space and add additional resale value to your home. A room addition is basically an extra structure that […] More

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    Fireplace Wood Mantel Designs

    On this page we share our guide to the best fireplace wood mantle designs, including what type of wood to use, what to avoid and how to pick one for your space.There’s no better way to pull a room together and showcase a fireplace like the perfect mantel. If you’re considering a wood fireplace mantel […] More

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