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    What Type of Flooring Can You Put Over Ceramic Tile?

    A popular question is what type of flooring can you put over ceramic tile? Here we look at laminate flooring, wood, carpet, vinyl, cork, and epoxy coating for new flooring ideas for your home. Ceramic tiles are a very versatile flooring material. These types of tiles work in any room of the house because of […] More

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    Colors That Go With Purple (Color Matching Guide)

    Find out what colors that go with purple interiors including the perfect color matches for light, dark, and pastel purple that work best with your accent decor & furniture. Decorating with purple is at once perplexing and enjoyable. It may not be the most popular choice, but it certainly is the most interesting.  The gentle […] More

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    Colors That Go With Green (Paint & Decor Guide)

    Here we share our guide on colors that go with green including the ideal paint matches, what to choose for curtains, fabric, and what works well with different green shades.Painting certain parts of your home green can really liven up your space and it makes sense why this particular color does that.  After all, green […] More

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    Basement Wall Colors (Paint Guide)

    We’ve crafted the best basement wall colors to make your space more inviting, fresh, big, modern, homey, and relaxing atmosphere. It can be quite easy to overlook the build and design of basement walls when doing home renovations. This is mainly because basements aren’t readily visible. Basements, for the most part, are often used for […] More

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    Home Theater Wall Color (Paint Color Guide)

    Here we share our home theater wall color guide including which color you should use for the ceiling, which to use in a media room, and why these rooms are either red or black. One major element to take seriously with your home theater and get right is the paint color for the walls and […] More

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    Best Paint Finish for Ceilings

    See our recommendations of the best paint finish for ceilings including ceiling paint types, durability, and longevity as well as the kind of paint to use for sheen ceilings to make the best overall appearance of your room.Based on the situation and overall design there are a few choices when it comes to ceiling paint […] More

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    Coffered Ceiling Ideas (Types & Design Guide)

    Here’s our coffered ceiling ideas design guide including what it is, cost, types, materials and lighting. See coffered ceiling living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. Coffered ceilings are visually striking, where the added depth and texture can transform any room into a sophisticated and elegant interior.  Ceilings are the least ornamented part in a […] More

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    Laundry Room Paint Colors

    Here we’ve listed out the best laundry room paint colors to give you the cleanest and most organized mood that could turn your chore into a more relaxing activity! Laundry day isn’t something a lot of us look forward to, since washing, drying, and folding heaps of clothes can be arduous. However, having a pleasing […] More

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    Types Of Window Shades (Design Features)

    Take note of the best types of window shades with design features we’ve curated, including the different types of shades, plus how to measure and buy for your interior. Window treatments and coverings are divided into three main categories. These are called hard, soft and layered window treatments.  Hard window treatments refer to coverings made […] More

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    Douglas Fir Flooring (Pros and Cons & Design Guide)

    Here’s our Douglas Fir flooring design guide including what it is, grain style and pros and cons.Douglas fir is one of the most beautiful and elegant wood flooring options one can ever have in the home. Although it scores low on the Janka hardness test, Douglas fir has many exceptional qualities that make it an […] More

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    Soapstone Floor Tiles (Design Guide)

    Here’s our soapstone floor tiles design guide including what it is, where to use, cost and how to clean soapstone tiles.Soapstone tiles are interesting in such a way wherein the shades vary depending on the actual batch of soapstone tiles bought or taken in. The shades can be anywhere from light gray to dark gray […] More

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    Tray Ceiling vs Coffered Ceiling (Pros and Cons)

    Welcome to our tray ceiling vs coffered ceiling design guide including their pros and cons and differences.When it comes to decorating a home, interior design often focuses on the floor and walls and thus, the ceiling is the most overlooked surface. Designing ceilings is more than just applying paint or installing the right lighting fixture.  […] More

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