Wallpaper Calculator (Estimate How Much Material Is Needed)

The Wallpaper Calculator is designed to make it easy to figure out exactly how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need to complete your wall covering project. To use it, start by entering the number of walls you plan to cover, up to 4 total. For each wall, input the width in feet (the horizontal distance corner-to-corner) and height in feet (from floor to ceiling). The calculator will then ask you to provide the dimensions of the wallpaper rolls you will be using. Typically rolls are 21 inches wide and 16.5 feet long, but you can adjust these numbers if needed.

Wallpaper Calculator

Note: A standard roll of wallpaper sold in the United States typically measures 21 inches across by 16.5 feet long.


How The Wallpaper Calculator Works

Once all the measurements are entered, click “Calculate” and the system will determine the total wall area and compute how many rolls are required based on the coverage capacity of each roll. This ensures you purchase the right amount for your specific walls and wallpaper without overbuying or significant waste.

Keep in mind that if your chosen wallpaper has a large repeating pattern, you may need extra rolls to match it properly across seams. For best accuracy, carefully measure each wall and account for doors/windows by subtracting their area. Following these simple steps with the Wallpaper Calculator makes getting ready for your wallpaper project quick and hassle-free!

Wallpaper room plan

Room Measuring Tips

Measuring for wallpaper can be tricky. But get it right and you’ll buy the perfect amount with no surprises. Here’s how to measure like a pro:

Gather a tape measure, notebook and pencil. Oh, and maybe a step ladder too for hard-to-reach spots. Carefully measure the height and width of each wall. Sometimes room heights differ slightly between corners. No biggie – just take two height measurements per wall and average them. Jot down all measurements matched to each wall. Then multiply height x width to get the wall area in square feet. Add up the areas of every wall for the total square footage.

Now for the fun part – windows and doors. Measure them too, get their areas, and subtract all of that from your total. This gives the actual wall space needing wallpaper. Patterns complicating things? Check the repeat distance and buy extra rolls – usually one extra per three or four needed. Lastly, know your roll dimensions. Combined with your adjusted wall area, you can perfectly calculate quantity.

Write everything down! Your notes will be clutch for purchasing. Then sit back and relax knowing you’ve measured brilliantly for a professional wallpaper project.

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