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    Dumbwaiter Design (Manual, DIY & Elevator Guide)

    Here we share our dumbwaiter design guide including details about manual, elevator and DIY models. Dumbwaiters were in use around the beginning of the 19th century but the first recorded use dates back around 200BC when Romans used it to allow movement of goods. What is a dumbwaiter? A dumbwaiter is basically a small service […] More

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    Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home

    Here we share the best ways to add value to your home including popular types of remodeling projects. Your home is an investment, and with many different options available to increase its value there’s plenty of opportunity to make additional equity should you decide to sell. While improvements involving a fresh lick of paint, new […] More

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    59 Creative Wood Pallet Ideas (DIY Pictures)

    Welcome to our gallery of creative wood pallet ideas. There’s a new trend in design which recently becoming very popular across the planet – it’s repurposing and recycling wooden pallets; and making them a useful resource in furniture making and home DIY projects. Since these pallets are readily available and can be sourced almost anywhere, […] More

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    Concrete Kitchen Countertops (Ultimate Guide)

    Welcome to our concrete kitchen countertops guide including popular finishes, cost, DIY tips and pros & cons. If you want to transform rooms like bathrooms and kitchens or even your outdoor areas, a great way to do so is to change your countertops. However, there is a lot to consider when you’re remodeling and changing […] More

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    Ceiling Fan Sizes (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our design guide about ceiling fan sizes, including the best sizes to use for living room & bedroom layouts. A ceiling fan is an elegant and subtle way to keep a room cool. Much like there are many ways to design and style a room, there are many different ceiling fan sizes that […] More

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    Concrete Floor Finishes (Ultimate Design Guide)

    Welcome to our concrete floor finishes ultimate design guide including the most popular types for your home. Concrete floors are becoming popular because of their durability and stylishness. Stylish, you ask, yes indeed. Thanks to the different types of concrete floor finish options that are now available, concrete floors are now both a durable and […] More

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    Cinder Block Fire Pit (DIY Design Ideas)

    Here we share DIY design ideas & tips on how to build a cinder block fire pit for your home’s backyard. There’s no better way to spend a summer night than outside by a crackling fire. Many people want to enjoy an outdoor fire pit but aren’t sure how to add one to their existing […] More

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    How to Fix Water Damaged Wood Floor

    How to fix water damaged wood floor is a question that can eventually come up for anyone that lives in a house with hardwood flooring. A hardwood floor can be damaged because of several factors. Among the most common reason is due to water damage. This can occur from a spill, leaky roof, or appliance […] More

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    Amazing Faux Wood Beams (Design Ideas)

    Welcome to our gallery of faux wood beams for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and bedroom designs. What are faux wood beams? Faux wood beams are essentially high density polyurethane made to look like wooden beams, but not hold the same weight. That being said, there are also a few other types of faux wood […] More

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    How to Clean a Brick Fireplace

    Below we share tips on how to clean a brick fireplace using everyday household items. Bricks are expected to last a lifetime, but they still need care.  Restoring and cleaning your brick fireplace at least once a year can give your home a breath of new life. Bricks are made of hardened clay, and are […] More

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    How to Whitewash a Brick Fireplace (Design Ideas)

    Here we show you how to whitewash a brick fireplace including remodeling tips and the best ways to get the interior design style you want. A brick fireplace brings warmth to a home not only in a literal way but also aesthetically. Its warm undertones can easily give your living room design a cozy and […] More

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    Tongue and Groove (Ceiling, Flooring & Walls)

    Welcome to our ultimate guide to tongue and groove boards for ceiling, flooring and walls. Tongue and groove boards are a wooden planking system that joins and adjacent board by interlocking the ridges and grooves built into the sides of the pieces. This method gives a great deal of support in any application and makes […] More

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