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    Types Of Lamp Shades (Design Styles)

    Here we share our types of lamp shades design guide including pictures of the different shapes, styles, fittings, materials, and various lamp shade measuring tips. The perfect lamp shade can truly enhance the appearance and atmosphere of a space. It may not appear to be very necessary at first sight, but in reality, a lamp […] More

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    Canless Recessed Lighting Pros and Cons

    Here we share our canless recessed lighting pros and cons guide including what they are, different features, ceiling types, LED options and how they compare to can recessed lights. Lighting up your home requires strategic planning and artistic flair. On the one hand, getting the right amount of lights placed at well-thought-out locations balances how […] More

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    Man Cave Lighting (Best Light Fixtures Guide)

    Here we share our man cave lighting guide including the different fixtures that provide illumination, where to install them, and DIY man cave lighting ideas. Whether watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of beer-guzzling friends or having fun slugging it out with other Call of Duty operators online, having the correct space lighting is […] More

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    Porch Light Color Meaning

    Here are some porch light color meaning, such as a red porch light, a blue porch light, a purple porch light, as well as blinking porch lights. Porch lights are typically white—cool white, natural white, or warm white. However, you may recall that years ago, homeowners used yellow “bug lights” on their porch, which are […] More

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    Pros and Cons of LED Lights

    Welcome to our guide to the pros and cons of LED lights including different types of bulbs and color temperatures. Lighting is an important part of your home, not just for the obvious practical reasons (you need lights to see when it gets dark) but also because the right type of light can help create […] More

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    Types of Ceiling Lights (Ultimate Design Guide)

    Welcome to our types of ceiling lights ultimate design guide including popular materials, styles and the best light fixtures for your interior design.The types of ceiling lights that you choose to install can make or break a room. Proper lighting isn’t just important because it allows you to use the room during the nights, but […] More

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    Best Lights for Reading at Night

    On this page we share our picks for the best lights for reading at night including what type of color light to use. After a long day at work, what’s more, perfect than ending the day with some light reading. So, do we crack open are e-readers or smartphones? No. Despite the proliferation of e-readers […] More

  • Mason jar hanging lights

    Mason Jar Hanging Lights (DIY & Fixture Ideas)

    Here’s our collection of mason jar hanging lights including DIY kits & lighting for the kitchen, bedroom bathroom and patio. Sprinkle your home with sparkle and magic with these wonderful mason jar lanterns. The lights in a bottle decor offers a wonderland of decorative options that truly gives joy and comfort that every home deserves. […] More

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    Types of Lighting Fixtures (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide of the types of lighting fixtures including design styles guide and how to choose the right light for your space. Having the right lighting in your home can make a huge difference to how the space looks and feels. Lighting is crucial in a home for it to be inhabitable, and […] More

  • Scandinavian living room with mirror and table lamp

    How to Light A Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

    On this page we share tips on how to light a living room with no overhead lighting including types of lamps & fixtures to use as well as making the most from natural light. A well-lit room makes us feel comfortable and enhances everyday life. The light needs to be bright and even enough to […] More

  • Contemporary kitchen with bleached color cabinets under cabinet lighting white quartz countertops

    Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting (Design Guide)

    Here’s our guide to kitchen under cabinet lighting including popular types, cost and output needed. Kitchen under cabinet lighting, otherwise known as under counter kitchen lighting, is an example of what is thought of as “task lighting”. This sort of lighting is placed in a way that helps you get tasks done, so that you […] More

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    10 Amazing Modern Globe Chandeliers

    A beautiful modern globe chandelier can transform a room and give it style and elegance. Below we explore some of the best globe chandeliers to give your interior designs an impressive look you’ll love. What is a Modern Globe Chandelier? The types of modern chandeliers that we’ll be showcasing today are modern globe chandeliers. As […] More

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