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    Bedroom Window Size (Dimensions Guide)

    Here’s our bedroom window size design guide including different types of window dimensions and measurement requirements for bedroom windows. One thing a prospective buyer or renter is looking for in a house or an apartment is whether or not it’s bedroom has windows, and you can’t blame them. Windows not only promises a view of […] More

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    What is a Master Suite vs. Master Bedroom

    Here we answer what is a master suite including the comparison between master suite vs master bedroom and dual master suite pros & cons. When you hear the phrase “master suite”, what comes to your mind? Do you imagine the top floor of a building with the elevator opening to an elegant room where royalties […] More

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    What is A Bedroom Suite? (Furniture Set Ideas)

    Here we share the answers to the popular question of what is a bedroom suite furniture set inclusions, en suite bedroom, and a comparison between bedroom suite vs suit. Have you ever heard of a bedroom suite? And no, it’s different from a master suite and a master bedroom. If you don’t know what a […] More

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    Bedroom Size (Dimensions Guide)

    Welcome to our bedroom size guide including standard room dimensions and measurements for different bedroom designs. The bedroom is a personal space in the home. It is a place where we can just be ourselves, a place away from the outside world where we can relax and zone out. We spend one-third of our whole […] More

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    Mirror Above Bed (Pros and Cons)

    Here we share our mirror above bed design guide including the pros and cons, tips on how to hang a mirror, and other helpful wall hanging ideas to consider. Your bedroom should be the ultimate haven of peace and comfort, the most important one will always be the bed; and when the bed is placed […] More

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    Turning a Sunroom Into a Bedroom

    Here we share steps for turning a sunroom into a bedroom including requirements, cost and recommendations for converting your sunroom into a bedroom. One of the most interesting spaces in a house is the sunroom. Sunrooms are creative spaces that can be transformed in order to accommodate a wide variety of practical home uses.  However, […] More

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    Red Paint Colors for Bedrooms

    The essential guide to red paint colors for bedrooms including light and dark shades and the best red paint hues to choose for your bedroom designs. Nobody can deny that red is one of the strongest and boldest colors available. It conveys intense emotions, including passion, power, courage, and love.  It has varying meanings and […] More

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    Rustic Bedroom Paint Colors (Beautiful Ideas)

    See our guide to rustic bedroom paint colors with various creative color scheme inspirations like safari sunset, boho chic rust, rustic woods, and more. When nude neutrals dominate your living, dining, or kitchen interiors, maybe it’s high time to add more splash of colors to your bedroom. But at the same time, including unrestrained earthy […] More

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    Closet Makeover on a Budget

    Here’s our guide to closet makeover on a budget tips including several ways to cheaply organize, best products to use and the average cost for a closet makeover. A closet full of clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items can present difficulties. Finding things can become a challenge. Trying to remember where you put it adds […] More

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    Gold Bedroom Ideas (Color Matching Guide)

    Here we share our gold bedroom ideas and color matching guide including how to use different decoration styles and the best shades to mix and match with gold.Gold exudes the air of luxury and elegance, showcasing beauty and sophistication. Let’s face it, anything with gold in it looks stunning and fancy.  This color also fills […] More

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    Best Carpet Colors for Bedrooms

    Here’s our guide to the best carpet colors for bedrooms including the most popular ones like neutral carpet colors and some tips on how to choose the perfect carpet for your bedroom. What part of the house must be the most relaxing and comforting space? If your answer is “bedroom”, you’re 100% correct. Your bedroom […] More

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    Master Bedroom Size (Dimensions Guide)

    Welcome to our guide to master bedroom size including our dimensions guide for bedroom sizes with attached bathroom and bedroom sizes for king bed. Master bedrooms are a necessity in modern homes.  Certainly, creating the right sized master bedroom is a solution that provides homeowners with the space they need. Constructing or upgrading a home […] More

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