What Size Bench for a King Bed?

Your bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep. If you really think about it, there are many more things you do in the bedroom than just sleeping: changing, relaxing, and in a more modern setting, working. Thus, it would be helpful to have more than just a bed, a closet, and a wardrobe in the room to accommodate the other activities you do in it. 

King sized bed with bench

As inessential as it may be, I love bedroom benches and think they provide you with quite a lot of benefits. You get extra storage, you can sit or put your foot on it when changing, and it also adds to the room’s aesthetic, especially when you own a king-sized bed.

So in this article, I’ll be talking about the standard bedroom bench size for a king-sized bed, as well as other important factors to adapt to your needs. [toc]

Standard Bench Size For King Beds

Standard Bench Size For King

While there isn’t a standard size for benches at the end of the bed, there is a designer rule of thumb to help with choosing the right sizeGenerally, you should choose a bench that is not wider than your bed.

A good rule of thumb would be to find a bench that is ¾ as wide as your bed. 40-50 inches might be the size that comes to mind, but an awkward placement at the end of the bed makes it frowned upon.

Most designers recommend a minimum width of 60 inches, but you can also go much wider than that. Just remember: never choose a bench that is wider than your bed, as you should allow for 6-8 inches on either side. So for a king-size mattress, it’s best to stick with a bench that is 60-70 inches wide.

Defining bed sizes is much easier to do than defining bench sizes. That is because bed sizes are much better standardized than typically any other furniture

There are four common bed sizes: twin, double, queen, and king. A king-sized bed usually spans 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length, or vice versa. 

However, these sizes are for the mattresses and the actual bed frames can add several inches to the overall size. So make sure to have your frame selected before purchasing the furniture to ensure you have the best size.

Begin by choosing the focal point for your decorating scheme. In the master bedroom, you might start with the bed. Start with the biggest piece and work from there. – Carina Russell, interior designer – Log Home Design Magazine

Queen Bench Dimensions

Queen bench dimensions

Finding the right end of the bed bench for queen-sized beds is no different from finding the right size for a king-sized. 

Still follow the ¾ rule when looking for benches for your queen-size bed, but take note that a queen-size is much smaller than a king-size. 

Where a king-sized bed can have dimensions of 76 inches by 80 inches, a queen-size usually has dimensions of 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. 

So choosing the same bench for your king-sized bed to put at the end of your queen-size frame will not end well, as it doesn’t follow the rules of aesthetics. 

Working with a width of 60 inches, a standard queen-sized bed bench would be around 40-50 inches, and on average 45 inches wide. This width works because it still leaves some space on either side of the frame, keeping your bedroom looking well put together.

How Deep Should A Bed Bench Be 

Now all we’ve been talking about when it comes to standard sizes for king and queen-sized beds are mostly the appropriate widths that fit within the rules of aesthetics. 

However, there are other measurements to consider when choosing which kind of end of the bed bench you should choose. One of the most important dimensions is the depth of the seat.

Put it as a second priority next to width because of the space it could potentially consume in the bedroom. So you will have to choose the right depth of bench depending on your room size as well. 

A good rule of thumb is that if you have a fairly small room, then you should opt for a narrow end of the bed bench as well. 

We say narrow because most furniture designers these days adjust the depth of the bench according to its width to make everything look more streamlined. Depending on the amount of clearance you have on each side of the bed, you will have to adjust your choice of depth as well.

How Tall Are Benches For the End Of Beds

Master bedroom with indirect accent light tray ceiling platform bed bench

This measurement has the least priority because the rules of aesthetics are much looser on this one. The rule of thumb for this dimension is that benches shouldn’t be taller than your bed. However, you have some freedom to break that rule, as long as it’s within reason as well.

Obviously, you shouldn’t go for a bench that’s a couple of inches taller than your bed, as that would just look awkward. You can choose a seat that’s the same height, but slightly lower is the best option.

But there is a caveat as well, as it will depend on whether your frame has a footboard or not. For beds with footboards, most would prefer a bench that lacks a backboard. And for beds lacking a footboard, most would prefer a bench with a backboard. 

Now some would pair their beds with a footboard with a bench with a backboard, and depending on their pick, it can go great or terribly wrong, so choose wisely!

Why Put Seating At The End Of The Bed?

Duhome Button Tufted Upholstered Footrest Yellowish

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Placing a bench or ottoman at the end of the bed serves more than just aesthetics; they have the functionality to benefit you as well. One would be that they help you with your daily routines, like putting on shoes or socks. Another great purpose for end-of-the-bed benches is the extra storage they offer, whether they be the decorative pillows or just some boxes you want out of sight.

And when you’re not using it to sit while putting on footwear, you can use it to relax and read when you don’t want to fall asleep lying down. Overall, an end-of-the-bed bench is wonderful to help you add style to your room and give yourself more space for daily routines that require sitting as mentioned earlier.

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