25 Purple Bedroom Designs and Decor

Are you looking for purple bedroom designs that will create a feeling of enchantment and fascination? Throughout history the color purple has been associated with royalty. Deeper purple colors can bring to the senses a feeling of luxury. While softer more muted purple pastels can create a soothing environment (think yoga studio) and perfect bedroom sanctuary. Many interior designers recommend using purple in bedroom designs and decor to calm and uplift the mood. On this page are 25 of the top purple bedroom design ideas available today.

Elegant purple bedroom with canopy bed

In the image above you can see a beautifully designed bedroom with an impressive canopy bed that creates a feeling of complete luxury and romance. Just imagine waking up in this bedroom. The sheer curtains of the four corner bed add a sense of mystery, as do the floor to ceiling curtains.

White accents pair perfectly with the purple decor. White crown molding, nightstands, lamps, and shag carpet contrasts well with the purple painted walls and drapery. The large white mirror adds additional depth of perspective and glamour to the space.

Purple Room Decor

There are many ways to create a purple bedroom design you’ll love. From painting the walls, to adding purple decor and furniture pieces you can let your creativity run wild.

Common color combinations are purple and black or gray for a sophisticated look, purple and brown for a masculine design, or purple and silver to create a room fit for a princess. Make sure to check out our gallery of purple bedroom ideas for more design inspiration.

Neon bath in modern purple lighted space

Who wouldn’t want to luxuriate in this purple themed bath situated right in the middle of this modern bedroom. Purple neon lights provide just the right ambiance to create a romantic bedroom setting. The white furnishing and stylish bed offer an inviting feeling and combine beautifully with the overall theme.

Luxury purple wall and bedspread with glass chandelier

This room embodies luxury will it’s deep royal purple walls and velvety bed coverings. The glass chandelier provides elegance and sophistication to the space and is complimented by the romantic white and silver loveseat. The addition of a green palm tree brings contrast to the space and helps to establish the feeling of being on vacation.

Pretty purple wallpaper room with decorative headboard

Deep purple wall paper combined with white bed accents help to give this room a lot of character. The metal decorative framed bed in white stands out boldly against the wall. Matching white dressers and lamps with a splash of purple help to add style to the space. Comfortable bedding completes the appearance of this inviting room.

Romantic bedroom with round bed and purple covering

Sexy is one way to describe this decadent bedroom ensemble. Purple can really make a fashion statement when set against more muted background colors and adding a purple bed covering to a heart shaped bed really brings out the passion and pop.

Decorative lighting adorns the walls and emphasizes the colors being used. A lighted tray ceiling enhances the feeling of elegance in this luxurious bedroom.

Purple color room with matching drapes rug

This purple and pink pastel designed bedroom provides a relaxing space that calms the senses. Floral patterned rug and pastel art prints on the walls offer an inviting appearance. The curved purple and white headboard looks attractive when matched with the other additions of color strategically placed throughout.

Modern dark purple design

This glamorous luxury master bedroom design is adorned with rich purple and black wallpaper and a wall length plush purple headboard. A matching color bed and dark purple bed cover add to the dramatic effect.

A small dangling glass light fixture adds to the candlelight effect to add both mystery and depth. A long sliding mirrored door creates the appearance of a larger space for this small narrow bedroom.

Modern apartment with purple white theme

Ultra modern finishes permeate throughout this purple and white themed room. The trendy desk and chair facing the window make excellent use of the view. The modern cloth chandelier adds to the drama of the room while the silver and yellow dresser lamp provide a punch of color. Purple plush pillows accent the bed to bring in additional color coordination.

Inviting purple painted room with green cover

Walls of purple make a definite impact on the visitor in this bedroom. The purple and green pair perfectly and create a serene and calming destination. Classic bedside lamps help brighten the space and pops of purple in the pillows, bed throw and art help bring everything together.

Purple white bedroom floral bedspread

Lavender walls with a matching port royale bed bench create an inviting purple themed bedroom. White curtains with a matching bed and dressers lend the room a muted tone. The white tray ceiling and crown molding contribute to the overall feeling of calm. A large draped window provides ample natural light and brings the outside in.

Regal bedroom striped wall elegant lighting

Whimsical and luxurious with purple and white striped walls and an impressively crafted bed this room looks like it has arrived from a place further back in time. A silver narrow legged vanity helps enlarge the space. Flowing princess curtains cover the windows to enhance the air of royalty in the room.

Wall light sconces provide a warm glow throughout. The star of the room however, is definitely the beautiful bed with its pleated bed cover and frilled pillows.

Purple pink bedroom heart shaped red bed

Pink and purple go hand in hand to create this beautifully decorated girls bedroom. The red heart shaped bed makes a big fashion statement and is preceded by a lavender carpet that brings attention to the focal point. Lighting is mounted on the walls and used in a variety of lamps to create ambiance and generate a warm glow.

Elegant purple designed bedroom with chandelier

Luxury penetrates this room in every corner. The windows are framed through the use of deep purple curtains backed by sheer white. The color is matched by the same deep purple bedspread and pillows offering an opulent invitation.

The beautiful glass chandelier is both glamorous and detailed. A white headboard and matching furniture increase the feelings of extravagance.

Bedroom with wall sized floral print

Small rooms benefit from bold statements and the large floral print in this bedroom certainly does that. Another factor that benefits this room to help make it look larger is the mirrored closet door and high ceilings. Attractive  silver light fixtures offer ample light and highlight the purple touches within the space.

The tray ceiling looks attractive and as does the touches of tan in the bed throw and area carpet above the hardwood flooring.

Luxury seating area in purple space with flowing curtains

This sitting room would be perfect for a princess or visiting dignitary as is surrounded by flowing sheer curtains and plush wall coverings. A pure white comforter is central in the room and is graced by a hanging cloth chandelier that provides muted light to heighten the mood. Other lighting on the perimeter shines to give a mystical glow.

Bedroom black headboard hardwood flooring

There’s no doubt that this bedroom’s purple theme is making a bold statement. Matching purple lamps coincide with the lower part of the two-toned wall. Meanwhile the upper part of the wall directly matches the pillows, bedding, and area rug.

A sleek and stylish black headboard contrasts nicely against the purple color and is complimented by matching black narrow legged dressers.

Purple painted bedroom with zebra rug

Purple bedroom designs often revolve around wall colors. This room has a light shade of purple with a bolder purple bed skirt and bed throw. Underneath the bed a fashionable zebra carpet adds a considerable amount of flair. Wide cabinetry matches the crown molding.

Trendy purple hotel room

Sleek and sophisticated, this room would look right at home in a trendy hotel or apartment. A light shade of purple is utilized for the carpets, floor to ceiling curtains,  and walls that go beautifully together with the white wall length headboard and shiny high gloss desk.

A purple chair adorns the corner of the room providing functionality and fashion. The stylish bed looks both modern and inviting for the perfect nights sleep.

Purple decorated bedroom tray ceiling lighting

Lighted tray ceilings emphasize the hue of purple of the bedspread in this pleasant space. Matching purple covers, pillows and curtains work well together and offer an attractive contrast to the blue painted wall and floral artwork. The gold carpet matches well with the bed throw and adds additional continuity to the bedroom.

Minimalistic bedroom

Deep purple colors combine with wood accents to make this room an inviting place for a restful evening. Soft light illuminates from the dressers giving the appearance that this room is more for resting than contemplation.

Stylish bedroom with purple paint floral design

Bright splashes of color from the decorative accessories in this room create a visually appealing space. Light lavender paint covers the ceiling and two walls while thick dark brown floral wallpaper hangs over the bed creating a perfect contrast for the bright red and yellow artwork. Light purple curtains help shade the suns glare and mute the lighting to create ambiance.

Trendy bedroom black wall purple bed covering

A darkly painted wall can make a bold impression when accompanied by a burst of color. In this bedroom the yellows and oranges of the painting draws the visitors attention. Purple bed covers and shag carpet add additional color to contrast against the black.

Full wall length mirrors enlarge the space make the small room look much bigger than it really is. A white headboard and matching dressers and lamps work well positioned against the black wall. Small pieces of furniture like these can often make a small space look much larger.

Modern bedroom with bath room purple color

This luxury bedroom uses lighting to add a dramatic effect to highlight colors and decor in this light purple room. The white bed and bedding stands out among the sea of purple carpet and walls. A large hanging mirror and two smaller mirrors, adds depth to the room.

By utilizing different color combinations it is possible to really make a piece of furniture stand out. the inclusion of a small glass table can increase the perceived size of the space and offer additional fashion and function.

Cute purple and white room

The pastel purple wall in this bedroom creates an inviting backdrop for the dark wood headboard and multicolored comforter. A white wall divider lends privacy to the space and matches the two dressers, giving the bedroom an overall minimalistic appearance. Two lighted wall sconces over the bed offer light for reading and relaxation.

Custom bedroom modern design and sheer curtains

Bright purple finishes adorn this stylish bedroom. The bed is situated on a light wood floor, decorated with a trendy black and white area rug. The bed is covered with a purple cover that closely matches the high gloss ceiling and accented wall alcove.

Slightly muted purple curtains cover the window and recessed lighting provides illumination and a warm glow. Check out this page for more girls bedroom ideas.

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