57 Romantic Bedroom Ideas (Design & Decorating Pictures)

Would you like to turn your bedroom in to the ultimate romantic retreat? These romantic bedroom ideas will help inspire you to bring in colors, decor and furniture to create an alluring interior design.

Romantic bedroom design with glass chandelier

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect romantic bedroom escape. However, there are several design elements that are commonly found in the most sought after bedrooms.

In the picture shared above, lighting does wonders in creating the right ambiance and atmosphere to the room. In this example, the warm light emitted by the crystal chandelier and the candles gives this white room the warm glow it needs to have that romantic look. The floor is plain white so it reflects the warm glow from the candles, and the white metal-framed bed sits in the middle of the room, covered in white sheets and throws and flanked by two small night tables.

Here are some bedroom design ideas for inspiration to help you create a romantic retreat of your own.

Canopy beds – Adding a canopy bed to your room can add drama and excitement to the space. There are a variety of curtains that you can add to give your room the royal treatment.

Romantic bedroom curtains – One way to get an unbelievably sexy bedroom is by adding the romantic appeal of bedroom curtains. Many interior designers use luxurious curtains to set the mood and create dramatic effect.

Change the mood with lighting – For a truly romantic vibe you’ll want to dim the lights, create shadow and mystery. This means get rid of the direct overhead lights and select lamps with low watt bulbs to give your bedroom a soft glow. Another trick is to replace the regular light bulbs with a pink tinted low watt bulb to give that candlelight effect for a romantic ambiance.

Hide the clutter – Try storing all the stuff that naturally accumulates in a bedroom. Clear off the surfaces of night stands, chests, dressers, and tables to give your room an uncluttered and worry free look.

Go bold – From rich antique furniture pieces, to elegant area rugs, and ornate upholstered headboards, try adding bold pieces to your room to give it a dose of passion. In addition, nothing says romance more than red. Use colors combined with decor to give your bedroom a playful feel for the romantic at heart.

Romantic bedroom colors – While red is a timeless favorite for romance there are a few other colors that help set the mood for a romantic bedroom. The color caramel has been associated with intimacy as well as black, purple and raspberry pink.

Romantic Bedroom Designs

Richly decorated bedroom with bed curtain with coffer ceilings

There is really a romantic quality to classic palatial style bedrooms, making it look so elegantly fit for royalty. The space is well-lit by the cove lights on the coffer ceiling, while the walls are are a beauty in itself having metallic wallpaper in a very light lilac color and white moldings. Of course, the lit d’Ange bed in the middle takes the spotlight of this room with elegant canopy and gorgeous satin bedding which exudes comfort and luxury.

Bamboo and wood bed with white covers and overlooking an ocean

This bedroom is most probably of a resort in a Tropical country judging from its choice of materials and the construction of the room itself. It has thatched roof, wooden floors, and relies on its wooden windows for its ventilation. The bed is constructed from wood and bamboo, retaining its natural form (whether it be from branches of narrow trunks). As most of the room has the orange wood tinge from its widespread use, the white covers used for the mattress and the canopy helps tone it down and give it a more laid-back resort feel.

Round shape modern bed with sheer drapery

This unique pod-like room is about as modern and cozy as it can get. It has luxurious carpet, and the walls of the small space has large white hexagonal panels. The bed itself is also quite interesting being in a round shape instead of the traditional rectangle, and surrounds itself by white twist string curtains.

Embossed dark wallpaper, white shag and crystal chandelier

The contrast of soft materials on dark finishes create a great balance and produce a sleek but cozy effect for a bedroom. In this case, most of the walls have been covered with dark gray wallpaper with an embossed pattern, and the bed and the nite tables are matching, made from black-stained wood combined with white stencil patterns. As the floors are also dark gray, a large white shag rug was used to soften up the surfaces, while the gray bed cover used has an interesting grungy quality in its fabric.

Bedroom with downlights above bed for a romantic feel

The right vibe is often achieved using layered lighting including recessed downlights, cove and track lighting to illuminate and cast shadows upon specific areas to create visual interest. Adding a wall dimmer can help further enhance the mood by allowing you to control the level of illumination.

Powder blue ceilings with beige walls with beige bed canopy

Ceilings are typically painted in white or off-white colors,and sometimes combined with wood finishes, but rarely uses a different paint color like the powder blue used in this bedroom. This powder blue ceiling is paired with the golden beige tones used on the walls.

The carpet for the floors matches the ceiling and walls, combining golden beige and powder blue. The bed is a simple and classy lit d’Ange, with beige fabric for the canopy and skirting and plain white bedding.  The bedroom also has a small sitting area with a pair of fauteuils and a round wooden pedestal table.

Mint green walls and tufted bed with gilded headboard

Mint green walls used in this large bedroom give it that soft and relaxing look. The soft sheer curtains used on the windows also adds to the effect, making the room have a soft and feminine glow which matches the tufted bed with gilded carvings perfectly. Floors are of beech wood tones, while the plain white ceiling has an elliptical molding detail with a gorgeous crystal center light.

Pink bedroom with cream headboard

From the choice of materials and finishes to the choice of colors, this bedroom definitely evokes a very feminine charm. Walls are painted in a soft shade of pink, and windows are framed by cream-colored sheer curtains, giving the room a welcomed soft glow.  The  bed is small and elegant with a tufted headboard and a variety of pink pillows. It also has a very feminine ruffled bed skirt  which perfectly matches the over-all look of the room.

Four post bed with white curtains

This bedroom lacks the more elaborate styling of the previous bedrooms, but it also holds its own charm with its simplicity. Taking the center of the room of course is the four-poster metal bed with sheer white bed curtains. The floors of the room is in a beech wood tone and paired with plain white walls, produces a bright bedroom space. The desk chair in the bedroom matches the design and build of the bed, while the desk matches the wengue finish of the 2 night tables beside the bed.

Classic French styled furniture pieces with large oatmeal colored bed

This bedroom design focuses on soft and light colors for a simple and romantic look. It uses classic French furniture pieces in an off-white color, with elegant cabriole legs and carving details. The center-piece for the room would be the large bed with light cream tufted headboard and a matching canopy. The walls are simply painted with an oatmeal color, and has panelings with light cream printed wallpaper to add more texture to the surface.

Bedroom with leather bedframe and seat

This modern bedroom design focuses on the use of browns and beige, creating a space which can appeal to both men and women. An interesting feature of this room would be the integrated lighting on the accent wall, producing a soft red-orange light on its surface. The furniture pieces are mostly upholstered in brown leather fabric for that hint of sophistication and elegance, while other furniture pieces like the night tables and desk are simple and plain to balance-out the  tufted surfaces of the upholstered furniture.

Ocean front bedroom with large windows

Sometimes, the view of a room plays a big part in its over-all look. In this example, 2 walls of the room have full-height glass windows, providing the space a gorgeous view of the sea and a lot of natural sunlight to keep the space illuminated. The room itself is very simple with a very few pieces of furniture, and the walls are painted in a matte black color. Inside the room, there’s a simple platform bed and one leather ottoman, but the gorgeous view of the beach makes up for the lack of ornamentation.

Black bedroom with silver bed frame and striped bed sheets

An example of a funky adaptation of classic interior design styles, which uses silvered French furniture in combination with dark colors and finishes. For this example, an elaborate bed and two night tables are silvered and is set against a modern black wallpaper with vertical patterns/texture. The use of black and silver continues up to the bed sheets, while the pillows adds dark purples to give it a little pop of color but still retaining its elegant appeal.

Tropical villa bedroom with vaulted ceiling

This tropical resort bedroom is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings as it has a very high ceiling to allow air circulation in the bedroom, and large windows which gives you a gorgeous view of the jungle. Materials used are natural, mostly made of wood or woven rattan as appropriate to the climate.

Behind the large rattan bed is a floor to ceiling tall Mahogany wood panel which helps emphasize the bed, and on the side, “branches” are used as ornamentation in which small lanterns were hung to give it an ethereal and romantic glow.

Bedroom with solid oak floors and a floating platform bed with an ocean view

This modern beach side home ensure not only a comfortable bedroom space, but also provides you a stunning view of the sea. Surface finishes of the room is very simple – off white walls, solid Oak floors and large windows. The furniture used are also quite minimalist, but perfectly fits the look of the space, like the floating platform bed, the built-in L-shape bench and the entertainment table which sits low enough to not obstruct your view of the sea from your bed.

Bedroom with white theme, floor to ceiling bed curtains and picture windows

Another modern bedroom design which largely focuses on the view available in the setting to make up for the minimalist aesthetic of the space. In this example, the bedroom has large floor-to-ceiling picture windows, which allows you a full view of the ocean, while the room itself is sparsely furnished and adapts a simple black-and-white color scheme. The bed’s headboard sits against one of the windows with clear glass and curtains for privacy and to divide it from the rest of the space.

Designer bedroom with floral bed spread

Judging from the finishes and the over-all look of this room, this is a Korean modern bedroom. Korean style bedrooms is all about combining various western design elements with oriental designs and patterns to achieve the look. You will notice the headboard wall has a glittery wallpaper, while the other wall has a wallpaper with elegant patterns. Wood furniture pieces are in wengue, and the shiny fabrics like satin, are preferred. You can see the purple bed covers have traditional Korean embroidery patterns.

Bed with bamboo frame, roll-up blinds and oriental painting

This bedroom is a combination of oriental and Tropical design styles. The wooden floors are laid out diagonally, and walls are painted in a light peach color, providing a soft, neutral background for the bedroom. Soft white curtains line windows, and even the bed area has curtains for added privacy. Furniture pieces are made from bamboo, and so is the roll-up blinds beside the bed. An oriental floral painting is placed behind the headboard to add a touch of color to the space.

Bedroom wiht leather headboard and frame and complemented by white ottoman

Another example of a modern minimalist bedroom which uses mainly whites and off-whites. Floors and walls are all white, giving a very plain and bright background to play around with. There a large off-white area rug which adds texture to the floor and emphasizes the bed area. The large tufted bed is also in off-white leather, while its bedding uses beige fabrics and throws.

Room with a red round bed and a 360 degree view of the ocean

This bedroom design maximizes the view of the large windows by placing the bed in a direction facing the windows. Additionally, since the room layout is round, the bed use is also round, allowing you freedom to angle yourself and get the best beach view.

Vacation villa with curtained bed

This is a bedroom of a tropical resort which successfully combines indigenous materials with modern aesthetics. The structure itself is of a traditional house with thatched roof and walls made of woven leaves, but uses aluminum-framed windows and doors instead of the traditional wood-latticed windows. The bed is the room’s main attraction, with a unique bamboo headboard panel which goes up to the ceiling, a simple platform framing and white privacy screen surrounding the bed.

Bedroom with grey and beige theme and exposed wooden trusses

The combination of gray and beige creates a cozy atmosphere in this bedroom. The headboard wall has a gray wallpaper with simple floral pattern, while the floors are for light maple wood. The ceiling has exposed wooden trusses which becomes an interesting feature of the ceiling. The bed is simple, with a leather-upholstered headboard and gray sheets and a matching shag rug underneath. In front of the bed is an entertainment table, a round accent chair and there are also 2 metal night tables beside the bed.

Bedroom with mirror paneled wall behind bed

This small bedroom has an interesting accent wall feature which helps it achieve an illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. The bed has no headboard and has orange covers and pillows which rest against the interesting accent wall made up of square beveled mirrors framed by moldings and attached to the wall as panelings. The square pattern is an interesting feature which also matches the French doors used in the room. Beside the bed is a pair of mismatched night tables with matching table lamps.

Pink themed bedroom with fuschia wall

This bedroom is little bit bold, using fuchsia pink as the accent wall color and a lilac color for the rest of the walls. Despite the bold color choice, it is balanced out by the beige carpet flooring and the beige bed. Above the bed hangs 6 fabric squares with different patterns and shades of purple,acting as the room’s artwork. Beside the bed is a pair of violet night tables, and at the foot of the bed is an upholstered bench in a red-orange color.

Room with fabric cushioned headboard, glass lamps and curtains with drapes

The use of grays in a bedroom gives it a sort of sophistication and elegance, as well as some sort of masculinity. This room for example, adapts and gray and black color scheme. Walls and floors are all in white to provide a bright background, while the bed’s floor to ceiling headboard are composed of square cushioned panels covered with dark gray fabric which matches the bed sheet. Beside the bed is a pair of small white desks which also functions as the night tables, while the bay window is framed by black and white curtains.

Bed with heavy upholstery and light tan chaise lounge

An elegant bedroom with European style furnishings. The furniture used are heavily upholstered and uses solid wood framing, with elegant curves and carving details. The walls of the room are covered in an elegant light cream-colored wallpaper, while a combination of red and light beige curtains frames its large windows. Aside from the grand bed sitting in the middle of the room, there is also a solid wood night table beside it, la lounge chair beside the window and a small crystal chandelier.

Resort room with frameless window, platform bed and mahogany wall

This modern bedroom gives an illusion that the room is floating on water. The room is directly connected to the outdoor pool, and the room’s frameless glass wall provides an unhindered view of the pool, creating an illusion that the room is connected to the pool. The room itself is simple and minimalist, with an all-white platform bed, all-white bathroom with glass doors and a small desk right behind the bed.

Honeymoon suite with sheer canopy drapery and paneled walls

An lovely resort bedroom with a very limited space which is mostly occupied by its large four-poster bed with white sheets and white sheer canopy. The walls of the room are of a woven material which allows a comfortable indoor temperature. On the side you will see a small bamboo ladder used as a clothes and towel rack, and to finish the look of the room, a tropical flower plant was used for ornamentation.

Bedroom with off white walls, light maple floors and slider door

Sometimes, you don’t need too many accessories or ornamentation to have a gorgeous bedroom. In this example, you will see that most of the surfaces of the room are plain and simple: off-white walls and ceiling and light maple floors.

The only pop of color you will see in this bedroom is its printed bed sheets with red floral patterns, and its red pillows, throw and bed skirt. Other than that, the room only has a few pieces, a large wooden commode, a pair of wooden night tables which matches the bed with tufted leather headboard and a small gray barrel chair on the side.

Richl;y furnished room with moldings, burly wood style furniture

An elegant palatial look was definitely achieved in this bedroom design. Shiny wooden floors, walls with elegant wallpaper and moldings, ornate furniture and detailed ceiling. Furniture pieces are of classic forms made of heavy burly wood and varnished to perfection. All furniture pieces are matching – the bed, the night stand tables, the entertainment table, the closet, vanity and the two side chairs, are all in a similar design and uses the same finishes.

Engineered wood floors and leather bench

Another modern bedroom design which focuses on whites and browns as colors. Floors are light maple engineered wood and the walls are a combination of off-white paint and a silvery-white wallpaper. For the furniture, it has a large bed fully upholstered with white leather and a floor-to-ceiling built-in headboard with large rectangular cushioned panels. Aside from that, the room also has a pair of wooden low night stand tables, a brown leather bench at the foot of the bed and an accent chair by the window.

Built in headboard with wall lamps and metal bead partition

Large built-in headboards help make your bed look more grand and more elegant. It emphasizes that the bed is the centerpiece of the room. In this example, you will see that the bedroom’s built-in headboard is made of white leather with large diamond tufting framed by dark mahogany wood.

The night tables match the wood used on the walls perfectly, the beige sheets help add softness to the look. The bed are is also screened from the other areas of the room using string curtained with round metal beads.

Mediterranean style with splayed closet and night table

This bedroom has a very modern Mediterranean look. Most surfaces are kept in a neutral white color like the floors, walls and ceiling, with a wooden window shade. For the furniture, it has a large metal-framed four-posted bed with swags of heavy fabric in white and beige. Aside from the bed, it has an oatmeal bench by the foot of the bed, a large splayed closet and a matching splayed night table.

A round floor plan room with tall wood ceiling and vanity table

This large bedroom has a unique round floor plan. It also has a unique ceiling with exposed wood plants and wood trusses. The bed of the room sits in the middle, against a half wall dividing the bedroom from a small wash area. In the wash area, you will see a large vanity with a sink and mirror and a carved wooden panel.

As the space is quote large, it also allows for a small dining area with a round pedestal table and two dining chairs, a sofa and a small trestle table. Despite being a bit busy as it has many items in the room, it still has a clean organized look due to ts used of whites and creams, making it easier on the eyes.

A red accented room with acrylic tables and white chair

A modern bedroom design which uses a bold red color for accent. The walls are covered by textured metal panels in dark gray and red, while the floors are of a similar material but in white and silver, creating a very bold background. The bold surface finishes are toned down by the use of very minimalist furnishings in the room: a low bed with a pair of acrylic nite tables.

A suite size bedroom with tray ceiling and view of city lights

A European style suite room which uses large, massive wooden furniture pieces and classic moldings on the walls and ceiling. The cream-painted surfaces tones down the heavy wood colors used on the furniture pieces and gives it a more modern appeal. It also uses a light oatmeal carpet for the floors so as not to compete with the heavy burly wood used in the furniture pieces.

Gold aok floors with black metal bed

This bedroom has a unique-shaped ceiling with exposed wooden trusses. It also has a gorgeous golden oak floors which adds a touch of warm color to the otherwise plain room. The only furnishing in the room is a four-poster metal bed with white sheets and canopy, and a matching bench and night tables made from the same black-painted metal.

White tiles and bed covered with rose petals

One of the most timeless romantic bedroom ideas is using rose petals on the bed. This romantic modern bedroom only separates itself from the living room through a glass wall. You can see that the surfaces are in plain white, while the bed is covered in a comfortable bed cover set in a light cream color with purple accent pillows, a sheet black throw an a warm gray area rug.

Vintage mirrored trunk used as table, zebra print rug and gold pillows

This is another minimalist modern bedroom which uses mostly white. It has a plain white bed in the middle with a beach photo art above it. A modern day bed sits at the foot of the bed and in from of it is the entertainment wall where the TV is hung. It also has an interesting side table which is a vintage trunk with glass panels instead of leather and a unique pair of pendant lights were used instead of the usual table lamps.

Room with ledge molding, ornamental vases and plush pillows

This bedroom has a classic appeal and at the same time, give a cool and fresh look. Bedrooms typically use warmer colors to give it a cozy feel, but this bedroom uses a very light mint green color for a fresh feel. This paint color is used all over the walls and in the bed sheets, in combination with white. Above the bed is a ledge molding in which ornamental vases and a mirror is placed. At the foot of the bed, there’s a rush seat bench which helps add a variety of texture into the room.

Decorative headboard and light gray linen beddings

This bedroom speaks of luxury from its furniture choice up to the finishes and materials used in the room. The carved wood of the furniture pieces are painted light gold, and its covers are of high quality linen set with black leaf patterns. Even though the bed’s headboard is already upholstered, the headboard wall still goes for a large wall padding which spans throughout the length of the wall and is composed of rectangles with brown leather upholstery.

Gold and silver inlay bedroom set with gold bedding

This bedroom uses furniture pieces that all match. It has a neutral brown wall and beige carpet floors, while its furniture follows the same style and finish. The furniture pieces are from aluminum in silver with gold-panted “carving” details. The bed, night tables and vanity table are all matching, including the yellow gold bed covers.

Lilac walls with ruffled bed cover and crystal chandelier

A very young and feminine looking bedroom design which uses a combination of lilac and white. The floors are simple brown ceramic tiles and the walls are covered with lilac wallpaper, matching the curtains of lilac and sheer white. For the furniture pieces, it is sparsely furnished with one large bed with woven headboard and matching white night tables. The crystal chandelier, wall sconces and the frilly bed covers adds to the feminine appeal of the room.

Leaf-style ceiling fan, panel wall art and white comforter

This bedroom follows a simple and elegant scheme combining light yellows and black creating a bold and refreshing color combination. Walls are painted in a light yellow gold shade, matching the quilt and the pillows, while other elements are finished in black or dark wengue, like the floor mirror, the bed skirting, the bench and the night table. The black frames on the yellow walls also mirror the yellow pillow with black borders.

Wall paper with gold patterns, black lampshades and cushioned bay window

This classy bedroom combines different materials and finishes to achieve this look. One wall is covered in wallpaper with golden patterns, while the headboard wall is a combination of padding (dark gray) and stainless steel panels in oatmeal and beige, divided by gold-colored stainless steel metal borders. There is only a bed, a pair of mirrored night tables in the bedroom, and a cushioned bay window seat.

Dark mocha walls, cream colored bed and red area rug

Romantic bedroom ideas that use the color red are effective at stimulating the senses and is associated with feelings of love and warmth.  This bedroom has a unique combination of minimalist modern furniture pieces, as well as classic furniture pieces. The room is set on a dark background with dark mocha walls and floors, helping the white leather-upholstered bed stand-out.

The night tables are antique Chinese-inspired pieces in wengue finish, while the sitting area has a classic sofa and armchair with silvered cabriole legs and leather upholstery. The red area rug and red leather used on the sofa adds a pop of color to the space.

Light blue room with large bed

This bedroom looks fun and refreshing as it uses a paintable embossed wallpaper all over and is painted with powder blue, creating a fresh and relaxing room. All furniture pieces in the room are white to enhance the light look of the room. The simplicity of the white furniture pieces and the different shades of blue around the room create an eye-pleasing combination.

bed with checkered cover, aged walnut frame and glas coffee table

This bedroom is another palatial style suite with ornate details and furniture pieces. The walls and ceiling are paneled, combining light gray wallpaper and light beige paint. Floors are the classic mahogany parquet, creating a dark red floor surface. The bed uses aged walnut for its framing for the furniture pieces, while the night tables are of Mahogany.

At the foot of the bed is a small sofa in powder blue which matches the light blue area rug. There is also a glass coffee table, a side table with bronze legs, and a beige upholstered accent chair. The crystal chandelier hanging above the room completes the look, emphasizing the elegance of the room.

Bedroom with purple neon mood lighting

This modern bedroom relies on lighting effects to achieve this effect. Floors are ceramic tiles with dark gray graining, while walls are plain gray. The interesting part is the headboard wall which extends up to the ceiling, hanging above the bed. It has directional lights recessed on it, and it also has concealed purple LED lights, creating a futuristic effect. LED lights was also used to illuminate the bottom of the bed.

An ornate all-wood room

This is another elegant palatial style bedroom, but has a more raw appeal as all of its walls are not finished with paint or wallpaper, but instead lets through the natural beauty of the wood used. The same is true for the furniture pieces as most of them are only varnished minimally, without staining to change the color of the wood.

The flooring is also elegant and interesting, applying wood veneering techniques to achieve its ornate pattern. For the fabrics, white, light grays and off-whites were used to neutralize the yellow tones of the wood used throughout the room

Faux masonry wall tiles, low bed, white desk and swivel chair

This modern bedroom has a simple color scheme and minimal accessorizing. The most detailed part of the room would probably be its accent wall with faux masonry tiles in limestone. This adds an outdoor feel and gives the room a lot of texture. The furniture pieces on the other hand are very simple and modern: a low bed with gray upholstery, a black leather chaise lounge, a white desk and a swivel chair. There is also a large picture window which helps illuminate the room and white curtains to control the natural light.

Persian style bed with red decor

This intimate bedroom space uses warm-colored lighting to achieve the desired romantic effect. Above the quarter circular bed hangs swags of white fabric for additional privacy which matches the window curtains. The bed is upholstered in a heavy red and gold tapestry, matching the red carpet floors and bench. Romantic bedroom ideas often have dramatic furnishings, and this four-poster canopy bed sets the perfect mood.

Light brown and grey room combination, chevron wood flooring and mountain view

The simple grays and wood tones in this room create a soft and impeccable combination that is very pleasing to the eyes and also give a very homey appeal. Floors are tiled with light maple wood-look tiles in a chevron pattern, while most of the walls are in of white.

The gray accent wall has a nice render, creating an effect of a concrete finish. The large headboard is also in a light warm gray upholstery with square tufting, and the combination of different shades of grays an differently textured fabrics on the bed completes the look of the room.

Tropical bedroom with plaster finish walls and folding panel doors

This tropical resort bedroom uses indigenous materials, creating an design which matches perfectly with the setting. Walls are rough white plaster finish, while doors and windows uses local woods. The vaulted ceiling bedroom has an exposed wood and bamboo framed roof which matches the wood and bamboo bed. Hanging above the bed is a white canopy of sheer fabric made to shield you from mosquitoes and other insects, and also adds a romantic effect to the bedroom.

Neoclassical designed headboard, brocade bed cover and mirror wall

This bedroom has a very interesting and ornate headboard panel. While the bed and side tables are all movable pieces, it looks as if they are built-in because of the wall unit made of mahogany. It has neo-classic carving details, faux wall panels with mirrors and a tufted headboard above the actual bed headboard. It also has integrated lighting and convenience outlets. This wall panel helps unify the look of the bedroom.

Wall with purple undertones, pink and brown pillows and metal vases

Another modern bedroom which combines white with different shades of purple. The accent wall is a unique gray color with purple undertones, while the floors are dark gray carpet with purple undertones as well. Furniture pieces are all while to help balance out the dark tones.

Lilac bench, floral pattern wallpaper and glass door

This elegant bedroom has a modernized four-poster bed with a matching bench at the foot of the bed. It also uses a floral pattern wallpaper as the accent wall adding texture and interest to the room.

All wood finishes, except the mahogany floors, are closely matched in color to achieve an elegant effect, while the rest of the walls and fabrics are in plain white to balance out the dark wood tones used in the room. Many romantic bedroom ideas start with the bed, and using exotic bed curtains on a four post bed is an effective way to get the right ambiance.

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