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    Dining Room Dimensions (Size Guide)

    Here’s our guide to dining room dimensions with different types of dining room sizes and why it’s beneficial to have the most suitable dining room size. Dining rooms must be designed carefully.  From the dining table sizes and clearances around the chairs and tables for human movement – the size of your dining room must […] More

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    Dining Chair Dimensions (Size Guide)

    Here’s our dining chair dimensions size guide including standard seat height and width for the dining room, home bar and kitchen.Matching the height of your table to the height of your chairs is important for aesthetics, comfort, and utility. For comfortable and practical dining experience, the table should be at a comfortable height when seated. […] More

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    How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

    Here we share how to mix and match dining chairs including popular tips and design ideas.Dining room sets traditionally consist of a rectangular or oblong table with six matching chairs. If all you require from your dining room is functionality and a cohesive look, this default option meets your need. If it feels a bit […] More

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    Types of Dining Chairs (Styles, Fabrics & Designs Guide)

    Welcome to our ultimate guide to the types of dining chairs including popular styles, materials, seat fabrics and back designs.Choosing the type of dining chairs is an essential part of your dining room theme’s interior design elements. The color of the walls, flooring, and other furniture pieces all determine which style of dining chairs will […] More

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    Types of Dining Tables (Ultimate Design Guide)

    Welcome to our types of dining tables ultimate design guide including popular materials, shapes & styles. Whether you use your dining table every day or only on special occasions, it’s a big investment and worth getting right. Choosing the right dining table will depend on your interior design style, budget, dining needs and room size. […] More

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    Dining Table Dimensions (Size Guide)

    Here we share our dining table dimensions guide including standard sizes for rectangular, square, round and oval dining tables. Dining table dimensions are important when planning the layout of your dining room and when purchasing linens, table cloths, and chairs. No host wants to welcome guests to their home for a holiday dinner and realize […] More

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    Built In Breakfast Nook Ideas

    Here’s our gallery of built in breakfast nook ideas with a variety of design styles. Breakfast nooks are basically a small, casual dining space, usually located in the kitchen or near the kitchen area. Compared to the dining area, breakfast nooks give a more casual dining atmosphere, making a it a nice spot for breakfast, […] More

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    Staging a Dining Room (Decorating Tips)

    Here we share staging a dining room design tips for tables, furniture and decor. Staging a dining room is an important part of making your house look beautiful, inviting, and enticing for sale. However, if you’ve never staged a dining room before, it can seem like a fairly intimidating task. It doesn’t have to be, […] More

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    What Size Chandelier For a Dining Room (Measurements)

    Below we help determine what size chandelier for a dining room, including taking measurements, wall and table sizing. So you have decided that an elegant chandelier is the finishing touch for your dream dining room. How do you know what size of chandelier will fit your dining room? A chandelier is a popular and stylish […] More

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    Types of Dining Room Flooring

    Here we share types of dining room flooring to help you choose the best one for your interior design. The dining room is a place of gathering, a place where a family or groups  get together to eat and celebrate. This is often a room that will be used every day, if not multiple times, […] More

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    Shiplap Dining Room Ideas

    Welcome to our gallery of shiplap dining room ideas including popular ways to bring this coastal cottage & farmhouse trend in to your own home. Shiplap has become quite popular in recent years, once relegated to the exterior of barn walls, this rough-sawn 1” pine, (or equally inexpensive wood) this board is now the darling […] More

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    Dining Room Lighting Ideas (Best Interior Design Styles)

    On this page we share our favorite dining room lighting ideas showcasing a variety of fixtures and design styles.The dining room is considered to be one of the most versatile spaces in the home. Offering maximum benefits in terms of functionality, the dining room also plays a big part when it comes to socializing. As […] More

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