Green Dining Room Ideas (Paint Colors & Tips)

This gallery of green dining room ideas features the ideal dark, light, modern & farmhouse paint color options and tips on how to use green colors for dining room designs.
Green dining room with wood table, chairs, wooden flooring, chandelier, and windowsStudies have shown that green has a positive psychological effect on the mind, increasing feelings of well-being and reducing anxiety. Green is often associated with growth, renewal, creativity, and freshness, making it a great choice for the dining room.

Choosing green for your dining room color scheme can help create a calming atmosphere in the space, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their meals. Green hues can help accentuate existing décor in the room and make it look more inviting and it works well with many other colors.

Green Dining Room Decorating Tips

Here are some green dining room tips you can use:

• Paint one wall of the room the green color you really want to become an inviting feature wall.

A green accent wall can be paired with warm neutrals such as beiges and tans for a natural, earthy look. Alternatively, when combined with green, bright colors such as blues and yellows can create uplifting energy in the dining room.

• Use green accents

If you don’t want to commit to a full green wall, adding some green accents can be a great way to add color and life to your dining room. You can bring in some green throw pillows for the chairs or an area rug with hints of green.

• Paint the walls in a light green shade for a subtle hint of color.

By painting the walls in a light sage or seafoam green shade for a subtle hint of color can make your dining room feel calming, elegant, and inviting.

A bold and powerful statement in your dining room can be achieved by painting the walls green with a shade that’s not too bright so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space, but one that still makes an impact. You can also use wallpaper or add green accents if you prefer a more subtle look.

• Don’t forget the decor

Adding some softer greens that feature different shades of the same hue using textiles like curtains, tablecloths, and napkins can help to bring in some subtle color and could make everything looks cohesive.

• Add a vintage-style dining table and chairs for an eye-catching focal point.

For an eye-catching focal point in your dining room, try incorporating a vintage-style emerald-green dining table and chairs.

• Hang up some nature related prints with green frames.

Hang up some botanical prints with green frames to add visual interest to the walls and bring the beauty of nature into your dining space.

Place a dark green rug under the dining table and chairs.

Incorporate a dark olive rug under the dining table and chairs to give the space definition and texture while sheer white curtains with a hint of green accents will create an airy feel to the room.

• Bring the beauty of nature into your home with plenty of lovely plants and greenery.

You can achieve a beautiful green look in your dining room by layering different colors of green with the help of plants. Plants and greenery are a great way to add some natural color to your dining room and help elevate the senses.

Using green plants like ferns, ivy or even succulents can help to make the space feel more inviting and livelier.

Dark Green Dining Room Colors

Dining room with dark green paint, dining table, chairs, wood floors, indoor plant, and window curtainDining rooms are where we come together to share memories and stories, it’s an important part of conversations and relationships. Dark green is a hue of beauty and majesty. Rich, saturated tones emit an aura of harmony, growth, and royalty that create incredible depth in any space that adds a perfect touch of luxe to your dining area.

This stunning shade can be paired with almost any other color or kept simple yet impressive as the main attraction. For an especially calming vibe, try matching it with earthy tones such as beige, grey, charcoal grey, and black—the result will make for one harmonious interior.

Emerald Green Dining Room

Emerald is a versatile hue that can be paired with various shades to liven up any space. For a touch of class, consider adding silver and gold accessories. From opulent glamour to chic Art Deco style, these pieces can put the perfect finishing touches on your emerald-green interior.

It’s not restricted to just one setting though; this stunning shade can be paired with almost any other color or kept simple yet impressive as the main attraction.

For an especially calming feel, try matching it with earthy colors that go with green, such as beige, grey, charcoal grey, and black—the result will make for one harmonious interior. 

Here are some of our recommendations for emerald-green colors for your dining room:

Sherwin-Williams Greens (SW 6748) Sherwin-Williams Greens (SW 6748) 

Sherwin-Williams Shamrock (SW 6454) Sherwin-Williams Shamrock (SW 6454) 

Sherwin-Williams Argyle (SW 6747)Sherwin-Williams Argyle (SW 6747)

Benjamin Moore Seaweed (2035-10)Benjamin Moore Seaweed (2035-10)

Benjamin Moore Ming Jade (2043-20)Benjamin Moore Ming Jade (2043-20)

Benjamin Moore Amazon Moss (2037-10)Benjamin Moore Amazon Moss (2037-10)

Benjamin Moore Yellow Green (2033-10)Benjamin Moore Yellow Green (2033-10)

Benjamin Moore Clover Green (2034-10)Benjamin Moore Clover Green (2034-10)

Benjamin Moore Very Green (2040-30)Benjamin Moore Very Green (2040-30)  

Ralph Lauren Key West Green (RLIB215)Ralph Lauren Key West Green (RLIB215)

Olive Green Dining Room

Benjamin Moore Louisburg Green (HC-113)Benjamin Moore Louisburg Green (HC-113)

The use of olive green as a color for dining room walls can have a psychologically calming effect on the atmosphere. Olive green, considered to be an earthy and natural tone, is often associated with relaxation and comfort.

The hue can help create a sense of ease in the space, allowing those present to feel more at home and relaxed during meals.

Additionally, its natural undertones can help bring a sense of harmony and balance to the décor. The subtle shade also helps create an atmosphere that is not overly stimulating or overwhelming, making it the perfect choice for conversations and meals alike.

It is important to keep the look balanced when selecting décor and accents to go along with olive green walls. Softer hues such as cream, light browns, and yellows can be used to add brightness and contrast to the walls.

Furthermore, adding a bit of bold color such as red or blue can help to enliven the space and create visual interest. Finally, natural elements such as wood furniture, jute rugs, and wicker accents can be used to bring a sense of warmth into the room while maintaining its calming atmosphere.

So, when choosing a color for the dining room, consider olive green to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in the space. With the right balance of colors and accents, this hue can easily bring calmness and serenity into any setting.

Here are some of our recommendations for olive green colors for your dining room:

Benjamin Moore Guilford Green (HC-116)Benjamin Moore Guilford Green (HC-116)

Sherwin-Williams Artichoke (SW 6179)Sherwin-Williams Artichoke (SW 6179)

Sherwin-Williams Olive Grove (SW 7734)Sherwin-Williams Olive Grove (SW 7734)

Behr Ecological (S380-6)Behr Ecological (S380-6)

Behr Secret Meadow (S360-6)Behr Secret Meadow (S360-6)

Farrow and Ball Bancha (298)Farrow and Ball Bancha (298)

Farrow and Ball Lichen (19)Farrow and Ball Lichen (19)

Dulux Army Fatigues (S18)Dulux Army Fatigues (S18)

Light Green Dining Room Colors

Dining room with light green paint, yellow chairs, table, buffet table, wood flooring, chandelier, and curtainsLight green is a soothing and calming color, that can evoke a sense of freshness and vibrancy while creating an inviting atmosphere. The shade is similar to pale green tones that are more muted and saturated with white. Adding light green to a dining room can promote feelings of contentment and peace, making it the perfect choice to enjoy meals.

Since green is considered a cool color, taking a break from your computer screens and resting the eyes on a cool color can reduce eye strain and stress.- interior designer Ellen Siloy.

Light green also encourages socializing and conversation, creating a comfortable environment in which people can share their thoughts and stories.

It is said to increase feelings of relaxation and reduce stress levels, allowing people to enjoy their meals in peace. Light green also has the potential to stimulate the appetite as it evokes feeling of eating fresh natural foods.

Sage Green Dining Room 

The sage green color also has a calming effect on diners, since studies have shown that people who eat in rooms with this shade of green tend to eat slower and pay more attention to their food. Sage green has also been known to reduce stress levels and help with sleep, allowing for a more enjoyable dining experience.

Additionally, sage green is also known to promote creativity and productivity in space. Many people find that color helps spark ideas or creative solutions and may encourage conversations around important topics.

Here are some of our recommendations for sage green colors for your dining room:

Farrow & Ball French Gray (No. 18)Farrow & Ball French Gray (No. 18)

Farrow & Ball Mizzle (No. 266)Farrow & Ball Mizzle (No. 266)

Benjamin Moore Oil Cloth (CSP-760)Benjamin Moore Oil Cloth (CSP-760)

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage (HC-114)Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage (HC-114)

Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog (SW 9130)Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog (SW 9130)

Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage (SW 6164)Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage (SW 6164)

Clare Money MovesClare Money Moves

C2 Paints New Leaf (C2-670)C2 Paints New Leaf (C2-670)

Little Greene Sage Green (LG 80)Little Greene Sage Green (LG 80)

Behr Bitter Sage (N390-4)Behr Bitter Sage (N390-4)

Modern Green Dining Room Colors 

Kitchen and green dining area, cabinet, curtains, windows, and indoor plantWhether you’re a fan of bold, eye-catching shades or more subtle hues, this is the perfect time to liven up your dining room with beautiful modern greens. Refresh your space and make an unforgettable statement at upcoming dinner parties with these stunning color combos.

Consider pairing olive green with crisp white walls or accents for a fresh and modern look. This particular shade of green is warm, earthy, and versatile; it pairs well with other shades like gray, beige, and even pink. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try teaming olive green with pops of red or yellow for an exciting contrast. 

Mint is among the popular green dining room ideas for modern dining rooms, as it gives off a bright, airy feel that’s perfect for entertaining guests. Pair mint green walls with black, white, and gold accents to make your space stand out. This timeless combination is sure to make an impression. 

For a more daring design statement, mix and match shades of green to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Sage green, olive green, sea foam green, and emerald green are all excellent options for achieving this look. If you want to keep things cohesive, add neutrals like black or white in the form of furniture, fabrics, and accessories. 

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize your green dining room with vibrant colors. Bold types of lighting fixtures, plush rugs, and beautiful artwork will all tie the space together while also adding a splash of personality. Whether you opt for traditional pieces or go bold with modern accents, you’re sure to create a stunning space that your guests will love. 

The right green dining room colors can completely transform your space, and this year is the perfect time to try something new. Whether you opt for subtle shades or vibrant hues, the possibilities are endless for modern green dining rooms.

Farmhouse Green Dining Room 

Farmhouse dining room with dining table, chairs, rug, wood floor, pendant light, and windowWhether you’re looking for a classic country look from walls painted in muted greens to rustic furniture pieces, there are plenty of ways to create an inviting farmhouse green dining room. A farmhouse green dining room can be the perfect way to bring warmth and nature into your home.

Choose a muted, warm shade of green for your walls, such as olive or sage, and then choose a lighter shade for your ceiling and trim. This will help create an inviting atmosphere in the cozy and inviting space.

Add rustic or traditional furniture style pieces made of weathered wood or metal. Tables with chunky legs, armoires with distressed details, and cabinets with vintage hardware can all help to create a charming space.

For a more modern look, stylish pieces in natural materials like teak or reclaimed wood will work well while still creating that farmhouse effect in your dining room.

Natural elements such as plants and floral arrangements in creative containers, wall hangings that feature leaves, flowers, or even farm animals, candles, pottery, vintage pieces, and wrought iron lanterns and furniture can also add a unique touch to your farmhouse green dining room when decorating the space.

Bring out the cozy feel of the space with a patterned rug on the floor and tapestries hung on the walls. Textiles like linen or burlap are perfect for napkins, placemats, and throw pillows. By working with nature-inspired elements in muted green shades, you can create a charming and cozy, timeless, and modern atmosphere.

Using Green For the Dining Room

Dining room with green backdrop, dining table, chairs, vase, and wood flooringGreen is a versatile color that can be used in many different ways, from bright and bold to subtle and muted. With these tips, you can create a beautiful and stylish dining room that uses green perfectly.

When using green in your dining room, you want to make sure you choose the right complementary shade that works with your overall design. Green can range from bright lime hues to softer apple shades, so pick a hue that complements the other colors and furniture in your space.

You can use a color wheel to find complimentary shades that can accompany the shade of green you choose.

Ensure you utilize plenty of light fixtures to keep your dining space bright and uplifting. If you have a large furniture piece such as an armoire the dining room can be a great place to show it off.

You can also bring in bold green accent pieces as a substitute for green paint to use the color without being overwhelming. Another way to use green is through window coverings that are complimentary to your room’s primary color.

In conclusion, with the right combination of paint colors, furniture pieces, and accessories, you can create a beautiful and inviting green dining room that is both beautiful and versatile.

The right green dining room colors can completely transform your space, whether you opt for subtle shades or vibrant hues, the possibilities are endless with green dining rooms.

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