25 Colors That Go With Lime Green (Paint Ideas)

Here, you’ll find different colors that go with lime green, including complementary, light, and dark-hued palettes & combinations and the ideal paint color options.
Aesthetic working area with lime green walls, wooden accents desk and a chairs

Vibrant and communicating energy, lime green has been a favorite color to break the monotonous use of neutrals and beiges. The lime green shade in the color wheel is found between the yellow and green colors

While it can come in a strong tone, lime green is versatile enough for warm and cool colors, making it easy to achieve whatever mood or ambiance. [toc]

Complementary Colors For Lime Green

Cream with lime green tone bedroom interior features warm lighting, two single beds, and carpet flooring

With its vibrant appearance, lime green pops next to black and works well with white. The contrast between black and lime green is perfect for creating a moody space. Resto bars love the combination of black and neon colors and layered lights. 

You can use many neutral colors as a base and pair them with a vibrant lime accent to create excellent results. Pair this shade with more earthy tones, such as tan or beige to create a restful atmosphere, especially with white or gray hues.

While the neon hue is lively, it can match perfectly with other vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, fuchsia, and hot pink. Don’t forget to consider pairing it with another pastel shade as well, and when combined with another neutral like white, soft gray, or brown, it can balance the room design.

These color combinations are great for creating playful and lively palettes that provide a stimulating environment perfect for kids’ rooms or commercial spaces requiring attention. 

Colors that love lime-hued shades include silver, hot pink, fuchsia, tangerine, violet, tan, white, black, and gray.

Lime Green Color Palette

Lime green bedroom interior with watermelon fresh color accents, bed, chandelier, and wall mounter tv

Watermelon Fresh – Dining and Bedrooms. If you’re looking for a summer theme for your bedroom or dining area, the combination of lime green, rose quartz, and white is just a perfect option. The different shades add depth to architectural elements, such as the walls and ceiling.

The pink color rose quartz complements your green-tones and can be used to emphasize a featured sculptural piece. You can choose a white with a warm undertone or substitute it with a light version of beige or tan. 

Rose Quartz - #f1C0F9Rose Quartz – #f1C0F9

The softness of pastel shades goes well with lime hues. Beyond using pink, you can consider pastels of blue, lavender, mint, yellow, coral, and peach with excellent results.

Lime Green - #88CA5ELime Green – #88CA5E

Green - #1D741BGreen – #1D741B

White - #FFFFFFWhite – #FFFFFF

Northern Lights – Bedrooms

Contemporary white and lime green tone bedroom interior with a bed, accent chair and a desk

A perfect color palette for a boy’s bedroom, the northern-inspired color includes spearmint, forest, lime, and neon green.

With darker greens as a dominant color, lime can be the perfect accent color, and neon can highlight elements. It can create a relaxing and moody space with a cosmic ambiance combined with black. See more pictures of green accent walls here.

   Spearmint - #117660 Spearmint – #117660 

Forest Green - #09323BForest – #09323B

Lime Green - #04B16FLime – #04B16F

Neon Green - #14E114 Neon – #14E114 

Black - #000000Black – #000000

Morning Calm – Living Room

A living room interior with lime green walls, fireplace and white sofas

Since green is considered a cool color, taking a break from your screens and having the eyes rest on a cool hue can reduce eye strain. Combining greens with another calming color, such as blue, can reduce eye irritation and stress.

A beautiful living room interior design with lime green walls, wood floors, and white furnitures

Combine the layer of green colors and blue with white, and you get a soothing color palette that’s perfect for a relaxing living room or other gathering space. The color scheme works with both traditional and modern-themed interiors. 

Neon Green - #31ED31 Neon – #31ED31 

Lime Green - #10BC10 Lime – #10BC10 

Tiffany Blue - #11A7BBTiffany Blue – #11A7BB

Jungle Green - #2AB67B Jungle – #2AB67B 

White - #FFFFFFWhite – #FFFFFF

Palms and Sand – Kitchen

Contemporary fitted kitchen in striking lime green grey and white color scheme with built in appliances, white granite countertops, dual ovens and hob

White natural stone with gray veining looks great as a countertop or backsplash. Combine it with sandy colors such as natural wood cabinets, which will look great with a lime and yellow-green backdrop. 

Sand Dollar #D7D3C1Sand Dollar #D7D3C1

 Pewter #F3F3F3  Pewter #F3F3F3

Lime Green #B4F081Lime #B4F081

Yellow Green #DFE16AYellow Green #DFE16A

Lime Color Scheme Combinations

Lime Green and Purple.Close to fuchsia, purple is also a fierce hue of red that can display luxury, mystery, and wisdom. When paired with lime, it creates an interesting dynamic between a playful color and a regal one.

Please take note, though, that it is more visually pleasing to have purple as a dominant color while lime stays as an accent hue. The combination is great in bohemian, midcentury modern, Hollywood glam, and eccentric styles.

Cozy living room with white center table, gray sofa, lime green and black throw pillows

Gray and Lime. Do you want to emphasize your lighter-green elements? A backdrop of gray makes it look modern and easy on the eyes, which is perfect for expansive and busy spaces.

They work well with living rooms or kitchens, where a lime sofa or cabinet can be a featured element. If you love the shade but don’t want it to be too overwhelming, combining them with shades of gray is the perfect combination. 

Bright white kitchen interior in wood, blue and lime green tone

Turquoise and Lime Green. Combining colors with the same family shade is easy and ensures a visually pleasing setting. Turquoise has a mixed-green hue with another cool blue.

Turquoise and lime are vibrant colors and will work well with a playful theme. They can also be dramatic when updating a classical interior, using one wall section with lime and the other with a turquoise hue. See more colors that go with turquoise here.

Modern living room in white black and lime green with sack couch, round table and sofa

Black and Lime. Combining the vibrant color with black creates a striking look as the bright shade contrasts against a black backdrop. The stark contrast is perfect for creating dramatic interiors and when there are elaborate elements to showcase.

The contrasting combination works either for a contemporary or modern interior. The urban look of black cupboards and kitchen cabinets against a lime green countertop looks perfect in any space. 

Paint Colors That Go with Lime Shades

A white and lime green bedroom interior with bed, floor lamp and side drawer with lamp, alarm clock, photo frame and potted plant

Green Earth SW 7748

Green Earth SW 7748. While the color looks like a shade of gray, it is a shade of yellow with dominant red, blue, and green-hued colors. The mellow hue perfectly combines the lively-lime color as opposites attract.

The colors create a solemn atmosphere, making it a great combination when you have a lot of architectural details, such as moldings or other types of intricate elements. Use white as an accent shade. 

First Light 2102-70

First Light 2102-70. If you’re looking for a pink combo with your lime-hues that’s soft and light, Benjamin Moore’s 2020 color of the year is the perfect option. You’ll find the combination perfect even for expansive rooms or if you plan to use patterns. Stripes with alternating colors can be a striking backdrop without overwhelming the rest of the design elements.  

Autumn Blaze Valspar

Autumn Blaze Valspar. Tangerine hues have always looked good when matched with a yellow-green color and create a happy ambiance to a space. Orange and lime energize spaces, and with this combination, you get the perfect wall paint for a playroom for your kids.

If you plan to incorporate the paint color in your bedroom, layering the lights and adding lighter elements such as a white curtain or bed help in keeping the color combination balanced. 

Old Navy 2063-10

Old Navy 2063-10. While purists may point out that green and blue should never be seen, there’s always an exception, and there’s no fun in being stringent regarding style and design.

The dark, somber shade complements the lively lime-peel shade and can look modern and updated with the right elements. Other Benjamin Moore colors you can mix with the lime and old navy combo are Polar Lights 400 and White Heron OC-57. 

SW-2807 brown

Sherwin Williams SW-2807 – The Rokwood medium chocolate brown creates an attractive contrast. The rich brown color acts as a neutral base for the vibrant accent provided by the green shade.

Best Light Green Paint Colors

Stylish interior of modern hallway with lime green walls and some accessories

529 Sweet Daphne529 Sweet Daphne. The light green hue of Benjamin Moore has a yellow undertone, making it a refreshing and lively hue. The color is reminiscent of the sweet daphne or spring apples. The color is vibrant but not too domineering or bright.

They are perfect for both as architectural elements such as the wall or ceiling, and as colors for furniture. They are perfect for country or cottage-themed interiors. 

Budding Green CSP-790Budding Green CSP-790. Another light-green paint product from Benjamin Moore is the soft gray, which projects a friendly and cozy appearance. The gray and greige undertones make it a perfect wall color that pairs perfectly with neutrals and earthy tones.

A bright and cozy children's room in modern urban contemporary style interior design with gray walls, white furniture with lime green accents

Lemon-colored accents and furniture can liven up the space. Depending on the secondary color used, the shade is perfect for both busy and relaxing rooms. Integrate a gray-blue patina with your furniture to create a romantic country-themed interior, or include chrome chairs to modernize the look. 

Celery Ice 410E-2

Celery Ice 410E-2. A Behr paint that’s perfect for a cool and light backdrop for any interior. The paint shade has an almost beige quality, but the green tint can still be seen, making it great for earthy tones and neutral colors.

A kitchen with many black elements can benefit from the cool tint as a backsplash or countertop color. The cool tint makes it possible to use extensively in a large room without overwhelming the space. 

Glacial Green

Glacial Green. A very light-green shade from Pratt and Lambert, the paint color elicits a sophisticated and feminine feel. Add metallic elements such as chrome or silver, and you get a luxurious yet easy-on-the-eyes interior. The soft-green makes it a great hue for almost any room and combines with stronger grays and blacks. 

How To Get A Lime Color

To get the lime green color, mix two to three parts yellow and one-part blue paint. To make lime paint, mix two or three parts yellow and one-part blue paint.

The shade has a positive connotation that symbolizes strength, rebirth, good health, and confidence. In the Middle Ages, green was worn by the upper classes. 

To get a lime-hues on the computer, you can use the following hex color of #32CD32 with a Pantone code of 14-0452 TPX.

For more paint and decor ideas, visit our guide on colors that go with green.

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