14 Best Remodeling Estimating Software (Free & Paid)

Below are our top picks for free and paid remodeling estimating software for homeowners and professional contractors.
Before and After Illustrations of Kitchen Being RemodeledRemodeling your home is not an easy task. There are hundreds of details that go into repairing, renovating, redesigning or remodeling a house. Luckily, there are remodeling estimating software available in the market to help out with this mundane task. So what does a remodeling estimating software actually do?

Estimating firmware helps to calculate how much your project will cost based on the materials, labor, area and size. The software connects to a database of suppliers to gather the latest prices of materials and equipment over the Internet based on your area. So if the materials will come for a farther place, the cost will increase due to shipping or transportation. It also allows users to compare prices between suppliers which let you get the best deals available.

Another great feature of these firmwares is that it computes for the labor costs. By choosing details of the project, the firmware will determine how much labor is needed and thus provide a possible cost. This is helpful if you are on a strict budget and thus will allow you to make adjustments to keep the project cost down.

If you have your own blueprint, most estimating firmware accepts third-party files so that you can upload your own and customize it. You can also choose from available templates, or start from scratch if you’re adventurous. Check out this article if you are looking for interior design software to design your project.

Residential Construction Estimating Software

Here are the most popular software programs and online apps for small to large contractors to provide residential remodel and construction estimates. Scroll down to the section titled free remodeling estimator software for for homeowners:

Viewpoint pro contractorViewpoint ProContractor

Viewpoint has been in the construction industry for 35 years. They offer several firmware programs for project management, modeling, accounting/financial and operations management. ProContractor is one of their best-selling remodeling estimating firmware. It is an all-in-one Cloud-based firmware. The ProContractor is designed for project management, accounting and estimating.

Since the firmware is Cloud-based, it can be used on computers and mobile phones. It allows users to create projects from bidding to completion. The application also computes costs of materials, equipment and labor. It automatically manages financial data, and thus it can be used to compute for payroll, payables and invoices. The ProContractor is best for small to medium businesses. The company offers training and support services. The cost of the application is quote-based according to what you need.

Website: https://viewpoint.com/products/procontractor

Viewpoint ProContractor Video:

B2W estimate B2W Estimate

Founded in 1993, the B2W Estimate firmware is designed for heavy civil construction estimating and bidding. This firmware can create detailed databases with costs, crews and pay items. It is built on Microsoft .Net and SQL Server. Users can export data directly to platforms like Oracle, Viewpoint, Maxwell Systems, and others. The firmware has numerous functions such as scheduling, field tracking, equipment maintenance and business intelligence.

The firmware is easy to learn for beginners and convenient for experienced ones. The application can be used on mobile devices with added flexibility and convenience. Despite the firmware’s detailed features, it is easy to use, especially for beginners. The company offers 24 by 7 customer service support via chat. They also provide one one-on-one sessions for assistance. The software’s starting price is $5500 for a one-time use.

Website: https://www.b2wsoftware.com/products/estimate/

B2W Software Video:

Sage Estimating Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating is a construction estimating firmware for small to large businesses. In North America, this application is ranked as being the most widely used. It provides a fast solution for building better estimates. The firmware allows you to choose from its cost database. The features are flexible depending on what your company needs.

Sage Estimating integrates procurement, project scheduling, and job costing. It is specifically designed for sub-contractors and contractors in various real estate projects. The company collaborated with Autodesk and eTakeoff to add BIM capabilities to the cost-estimating feature. There are numerous webinars available to help users navigate their way. The company also offers online support available during business hours. Sage Estimating’s pricing information is available upon request.

Website: https://www.sage.com/en-us/products/sage-estimating/

Sage Estimator Video:

Proest construction estimator ProEst

ProEst has been in the estimating industry for 35 years. The firmware interface is similar to Microsoft Office which makes it user-friendly. Another advantage in using ProEst is that it is compatible with almost every project management programs such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Project and Primavera. They built this program for general contractors and subcontractors.

Built on Microsoft .Net and SQL, the firmware has a materials database that allows users to add and select whatever is needed for the project. Users can refine and adjust bids and generate “what-if” analyses. The SQL database is customizable and provides estimating options. The downside of ProEst is that it does not have a mobile version so it cannot be used if the user is away from the office. Their customer service receives high marks for great assistance. ProEst is best for small to medium businesses. The starting price of ProEst is $1295 per user per year.

Website: https://proest.com/

ProEst Video:

Estimator 360Estimator 360

Estimator 360 is a platform for construction estimating and management. The company was founded in 1986. It is a cloud-based firmware designed for smaller business. The application is specifically for residential projects. It can provide building calculations. The firmware can customize proposals, contracts and orders. One of the features that stand out is their digital signature functionality.

The firmware can also manage time sheets for crew, suppliers and trade partners. The main feature is estimating, but it is also equipped with project management and accounting features. The software runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Estimator 360 boasts excellent customer service reviews from their customers. The software’s starting price is $99 a month.

Website: https://www.estimator360.com/

Estimator 360 Video:

WinEst general contractor WinEst

WinEst is designed for small to medium construction companies. The company was founded in 2006. The firmware integrates with other programs such as Microsoft Project and Primavera. It provides different ways in viewing and estimating: CSI, Uniformat and Master Format. It if flexible when building estimates and allows users to create customized databases using Microsoft Excel.

WinEst can also provide labor and equipment rates as well as item and assembly costs. Users can add base rates and benefit rates depending on what the client needs. Another convenient feature is the application can be used on mobile phones. However, WinEst does not integrate with CRM or any contract manager solutions. It needs a separate tool for comparison drawings. The admin license costs $5400 and the user license is priced at $2900.

Website: https://gc.trimble.com/

WinEst Video:

Easyest ProEasyEst Pro

EasyEst Pro by CSC is dubbed as one of the easiest and simplest estimating firmwares in the market. It is designed for small to medium-sized companies. The firmware is integrated with accounting and CAD software. It is easy to customize and quickly creates accurate bids. For beginners, users can select sample databases to start with so that it is faster to calculate estimations and bids. It also handles group sorting based on what the users want to prioritize.

The application is equipped with features that easily adjust costs, percentages, labor and item expenses. Users can add their own formulas for computing estimates. It also generates a list of vendors and potential clients based on the information entered into the program. Reports are automatically generated based on what is needed. However, the CSC firmware does not have mobile capabilities, so users cannot use it if they are away from the office. At $199 per license, this firmware has powerful features that can be customized for users.

Website: http://www.easyest.com/

Bid 4 Build Bid4Build

The Bid4Build firmware is designed for any business size: small, medium, and large. Although some estimating firmware can only be used for commercial projects, Bid4Build can handle both residential and commercial projects. It is known for its order management and cost management features. Daily logs can be entered to properly track the progress of each project. It also allows users to manage equipment easily. The scheduling feature keeps the project on track and also allows each task to be properly managed.

The Bid 4 Build application can generate reports based on what you need by customizing the information you want to be displayed on them. All the reports can be exported so that users can view them on other devices or have them printed out. Inventory and materials can be tracked by updating the database. The firmware is based on Microsoft Access and integrates with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Virtual Boss, and QuickBooks. The company offers one-time training to learn about the numerous features of the application. They also provide round-the-clock customer service.

Website: http://www.bid4build.com/

Web-Based Estimation Software for Renovations

Clear Estimates cloud softwareClear Estimates

Clear Estimates is a Cloud-based tool for small business to estimate remodel and renovation expenses. It can create estimates, produce bid results and manage customers. The firmware integrates with QuickBooks. For labor and material cost information, the application is equipped with RemodelMax database. The features can be customized to fit the needs of the user, especially contractors.

There is a mobile version of the firmware but only allows checking of updates and bid prices. The full version still needs to be accessed on the computer. Their customer service boasts great reviews. They can be contacted via phone, chat, or email. Clear Estimates is one of the most affordable estimating firmware available in the market. It is priced at $59 per month with 1 month trial. Users can pay monthly without worrying about yearly renewals.

Website: https://www.clearestimates.com/

Xactware Remodel Xact Remodel

Xact Remodel is an estimating firmware that was designed for professional remodelers. It is Web-based so users do not need to install it on their computers. The best part of it being Web-based is users can access it anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. It is mobile-friendly as well. Another stand out feature is dedicated to insurance adjusters.

The application has the capability of receiving and sending assignments to adjusters. It also has a 3D sketch feature where users can add information and embed photos. However, users need to get paid training to fully utilize the firmware. The starting price is at $58 per month per user. The company offers 24 by 7 customer service.

Website: https://www.xactware.com/en-us/

Xact Remodel Software Video:

Free Remodeling Estimating Programs

Here are some free remodeling estimating programs you can use to quickly determine project costs.

Free remodeling calculatorRemodeling Cost Calculator (Free)

The Remodeling Cost Calculator is an online tool that shows estimates of remodeling projects based on the information entered. There are different categories available: kitchen, bathroom, siding, roofing, windows and others. In each category, information such as the size of the project, materials to be used, detailed fixtures, and area code are entered.

The calculator uses the zip code to connect with suppliers based on the materials desired to compute for costs. Each category has different materials available and costs depend on its availability by checking on nearby suppliers. If the materials are not available locally, then the cost increases due to possible shipping or transportation fees.

The calculator offers a remodeling guide for beginners, but it is extremely easy and user-friendly. It is Web-based so there is no need to download and install on any device. The best part about the Remodeling Cost Calculator is that it is 100% free.

Website: https://www.remodelingcalculator.org/

Home remodeling cost calculatorHome Renovation Cost Estimate

The Home Renovation Cost Estimate is an online remodeling calculator. Using the user’s zip code, it gathers labor and materials costs based on the supplier nearest to the area. The best feature of this online calculator is that it also shows users the possible return on investment (ROI).

The user needs to select a room that will be renovated and enter the details preferred such as materials and finishes to be used. The project can have many tasks involved, so there may be several tasks involved to complete just one room. The end result will list down an estimate of the total cost. Users can edit and delete any information they entered at any time, and the calculator will re-compute the total cost.

Website: https://app.mykukun.com/Home-Renovation-Costs

Free software for residential estimationRemodel or Move

Remodel or free provides their own free residential construction estimating firmware online to help calculate cost for different projects in the home. They provide a calculator that combines two methods to determine cost.

The first is an estimate of initial cost estimates determined by the type of remodel. the second method is a cost per foot calculator based on current remodel industry prices for labor and materials.

The estimator uses your location to help figure out the cost of labor and combines it with your material preferences to achieve its calculations. There are three basic material designations to choose from which are economy, average or expensive. The calculator also takes in to consideration whether you choose to do the construction labor yourself or hire a contractor to complete the work.

One really nice feature of this estimator is it adds up what the remodel project will add to the value of your home when you want to sell it.

Website: Product no longer available

Cost helper home and garden calculatorCost Helper Home and Garden

The Cost Helper Home and Garden is a website that provides detailed information on how much a renovation, repair or construction of a specific project may cost. Although it does not calculate your project, it can provide information that may help you determine the costs.

Site’s visitors can leave comments based on their own experience with details such as the size of the area, tasks involved, items used, and total spent on material costs. These comments will give information on how much a project may cost, especially if they live in the same area and may end up with the same supplier. There are also numerous links on the site to serve as resources such as how much a specific equipment may cost.

Website: http://home.costhelper.com/

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