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    IPE vs Composite Decking

    Here we’ve outlined the comparison between IPE vs composite decking including its quality, cost, maintenance and pros and cons. IPE decking is growing in popularity and is a tropical species of wood also known as Tabebuia serratifolia. IPE is pronounced as EE-pay and is frequently used for wood deck because of its natural strength and […] More

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    Paver Patio Maintenance (Stone & Brick Tips)

    Check out our paver patio maintenance tips which include the effective ways of cleaning and preventing moss growth on brick and stone paver patios. If you’re looking to revamp your backyard or outdoor landscape, installing a beautiful paver patio might just do the trick.  Natural stones, bricks, and other materials typically make up the paver […] More

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    Cedar vs Composite Decking

    Here’s our cedar vs composite decking comparison guide covering durability, maintenance, lifespan, cost and which is best for your backyard deck.Do I go with composite wood or real wood? This is a common question homeowners tend to ask themselves whenever they’re planning on getting a deck built out. And this is a great question to […] More

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    Travertine Pavers Pros And Cons

    Welcome to our guide of travertine pavers pros and cons with what they are, cost, colors, installation, sealing and maintenance. After you’ve fixed your home interiors just the way you want them, you might want to consider adding some nice exterior features, like a patio or deck. Since outdoor structures are more exposed to the […] More

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    Azek vs Trex Decking (Pros and Cons & Design Guide)

    Here’s our Azek vs Trex decking design guide including pros and cons, differences in deck materials, cost and comparisons to help you choose.Trex and Azek are top brands in composite decking that give you the beauty of the wood while outperforming its natural counterpart in so many ways. Composite decking like Trex and Azek has […] More

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    Sealing Pavers Pros and Cons

    Here we share our sealing pavers pros and cons including why they need sealing and popular questions regarding sealing your paver-based hardscaping. When you cover land with a material such as concrete or pavers, it’s known as ‘hardscaping’. The hardscape material has to stand up to the people, furniture, and vehicles that will be placed […] More

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    Artificial Grass Patio (Pros & Cons)

    Here’s our artificial grass patio design guide including what it is, pros and cons, cost and the best types for your backyard patio, porch or balcony. There’s nothing better than walking outside and enjoying the appearance of a lush lawn. However, having real grass on your patio comes with some drawbacks. For one, you have […] More

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    Spanish Tile Patio (Types & Design Ideas)

    Here’s our Spanish tile patio guide including popular styles such as terracotta, Saltillo and hand painted design ideas. Spanish tiles have been around since the Medieval ages, most popularly used for churches and palaces. These artisan tiles eventually found their way into private homes, most popularly used in kitchens, floors, bathrooms, and of course, patios. […] More

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    PVC vs Composite Decking (Differences & Pros and Cons)

    Here’s our guide to PVC vs composite decking including their pros and cons, cost differences, warranty and which deck types are best. A deck provides a great place to visit with family and friends, have a barbecue, and enjoy your morning coffee. Traditionally, decks were made with wood and stained with a high-quality oil stain. […] More

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    Potted Palm Trees for Your Patio

    Welcome to our guide to potted palm trees for your patio including the best types for shaded and sunny patio designs.Any patio, no matter the décor, can benefit from a few potted palm trees. There are, of course, those potted palm trees readily available at your local home and garden store, but there is generally […] More

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    Polished Concrete Patio (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our polished concrete patio design guide including what it is, cost and its differences vs stained concrete patios. A polished concrete patio brings your outdoor living into a whole new level that is so easy to maintain and resists visible wear more than other conventional patio materials. Moreover, a polished concrete patio can […] More

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