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    How to Soundproof a Door (Guide to Best DIY Solutions)

    In this guide we share how to soundproof a door including the best products and DIY solutions for the bedroom and home office. Unless you live in an isolated area, chances are you’ve been bothered by noise at some point in your current home. Maybe the noise comes from outside your home — foot and […] More

  • Kitchen with gold touchless faucet, marble countertops and white cabinets

    Touch vs Touchless Faucet (Differences, Pros & Cons)

    Welcome to our touch vs touchless faucet guide including the major differences, how they work and pros & cons. When it comes time to choose a faucet, there are more options on the market than there were a decade ago. Consumers used to have a choice on the number of handles — did they want […] More

  • Luxury living room with gas fireplace and stone pillars

    Gas Fireplace (Ultimate Design Guide)

    Welcome to our gas fireplace ultimate design guide including popular types of inserts & vent systems, cost and features. As fireplaces become an integral part of the house, many homeowners look for better alternatives to a traditional wood burning fireplace. One of the best options in the market is a gas fireplace which can provide […] More

  • Masonry chimney on house

    Types Of Chimneys (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide to the types of chimneys including popular designs, cost, pros & cons and features. If you live in an area that experiences winter, you might be wondering how best to heat your home. While a fireplace might not be the most efficient way to keep your entire household warm when the […] More

  • Vinyl vs fiberglass windows

    Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows (Differences, Pros & Cons)

    Welcome to our comparison guide for vinyl vs fiberglass windows including major differences, pros & cons and cost. When you’re remodeling your home, you won’t want to forget your windows! With the right choice, your windows won’t only look better but they’ll work more efficiently as well. After all, the right choice can affect how […] More

  • Plaster bedroom wall

    Stucco vs. Plaster (Differences & Best Types)

    This guide examines stucco vs plaster including the differences between types of wall finishes, how each material is used, and how to decide which one is right for exterior & interior home applications. Two common building materials, stucco and plaster, look very similar once finished. Many people can’t tell the difference between the two; they’re […] More

  • House with hardie board siding

    Hardie Board vs. Stucco (Siding Guide)

    In this guide we discuss Hardie Board vs. Stucco including what Hardie Board is & how it compares to stucco siding. Fiber cement, or Hardie Board, is a family of building products created by James Hardie Building Products located in Ireland. Hardie board is a cement-based material used to manufacture products formed as planks, trim, […] More

  • Kitchen with dishwasher

    Dishwasher Dimensions (Sizes Guide)

    Welcome to our dishwasher dimensions and standard size guide including tips on how to measure for your next kitchen appliance. Dishwasher dimensions are standard so they fit most kitchen designs unless you purchase a space-saver dishwasher designed for an apartment or an oversized model for a large kitchen. Still, there may be variations in the […] More

  • Awning window with aluminum push frame

    Awning vs Casement Window (Differences & Design)

    In this guide we’ll cover awning vs casement window differences including benefits, price and design. Windows can quickly be divided into two categories — fixed, and venting. A fixed window lets light in, but no air — it does not have an opening mechanism. Venting windows are either ‘hung’ (panes that slide up and down […] More

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    Jacuzzi vs Hot Tub (Differences, Cost & Features)

    Here we share the differences of a jacuzzi vs hot tub including the cost and other popular features.A hot tub can be an amazing place to relax after a day’s work, hang out with friends and family or just soothe sore muscles. Choosing the right type of hot tub first starts with knowing which one […] More

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    Replacement vs New Construction Windows

    Here we share our comparison of replacement vs new construction windows including the differences between types. Both replacement and new construction windows are available in a wide variety of styles, suitable for whatever your decor and design ambitions may be. Whether you need new construction or replacement windows comes down to several factors. What’s the […] More

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    Epoxy Floor (Ultimate Design Guide)

    Welcome to our epoxy floor ultimate design guide including popular types, styles, cost and pros & cons. When you’re considering a home renovation, the first thing to do is think about the basics: how will the walls and floors look? Focusing specifically on the floor, for now, you have a limitless number of options. If […] More

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