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    Glass Block Windows (Types & Sizes Design Guide)

    Here’s our glass block windows design guide including what they are, popular types, sizes, cost and ideas for the home.Glass block windows were popular in the 1980s but overlooked until today as they are once again in the spotlight. Also known as glass bricks, glass blocks allow homeowners to enjoy outside light while maintaining privacy […] More

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    Casement vs Sliding Windows (Differences & Design)

    Here’s our casement vs sliding windows guide including the differences, pros and cons, cost and benefits.Are you looking to renovate your home and update the appearance of the existing windows? Maybe you want more from the existing window material, its design, or the incoming natural light is too little to enlighten your space. Well, in […] More

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    Rafters vs Trusses (Pros & Cons and Design Guide)

    Here we share our rafters vs trusses design guide including what they are, differences and pros & cons.One of the most important decisions when building a home is going to be the roofing design. The roof not only affects how the entire exterior of the home looks, but it also decides how you are going […] More

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    Plantation Shutters (Types & Design Guide)

    Guide to the types of plantation shutters including popular designs, materials, costs, maintenance, and how to measure your windows for new plantation shutters.Plantation shutters have louvers that can be tilted up and down similar to blinds. However, these shutters are constructed to fit to the window frame and are able to open out like doors. […] More

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    Painting Vinyl Siding vs Replacing

    Here’s our guide to painting vinyl siding vs replacing with pros & cons, cost and which is the best choice for your home.Vinyl siding is a popular choice for modern homes. After all, it’s versatile and strong, making it a reliable choice to keep your home protected as well as looking its best. After a […] More

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    Gravel Driveway (Types & Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide to gravel driveway designs including popular types of gravel, sizes, cost and common installation and maintenance tips.A gravel driveway can be an inexpensive and low maintenance home addition that works well with many styles of homes. It’s used for driveways and roadways in many rural areas and can give a home […] More

  • Single hung vs double hung windows

    Single Hung Vs Double Hung Windows

    Welcome to our guide to the differences between single hung vs double hung windows including when to use each style and their benefits and cost.Whether you are building a new structure or renovating the existing one, windows play a major architectural role. Even though windows come in various design styles, shapes, materials, and sizes – […] More

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    Door With Sidelights (Design Guide)

    Here’s our door with sidelights design guide including what they are, popular configurations and answer to most common questions.Thinking about adding sidelights to your front door? If you’ve seen and admired the ways that sidelights can make a door standout, you might be wondering how to go about making this design element work for you. […] More

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    What Color Hardwood Floor Is Best For Resale

    Here we share what color hardwood floor is best for resale with top stain colors to use and ones to avoid. When considering the resale value of a home with hardwood floors it is best to use one of the highs or lows on the color spectrum. The price will be influenced by the colors […] More

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    Mudroom Addition (Cost & Design Guide)

    Here’s our mudroom addition cost and design guide including popular types of features & flooring.Mudrooms are often an overlooked feature in a home, but it is definitely a must, especially nowadays that we’re extra wary of dirt, germs, and viruses entering our homes. Mudrooms are basically a secondary entrance to the home wherein we can […] More

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    Projector Paint vs Screen (Buying Guide)

    Here we share our projector paint vs screen guide including which is the best option and the top products to use. When setting up areas such as a home theater, or a home office and conference space there are several options to getting a giant TV screen. Two of these options, that can be multifunctional, […] More

  • Bay window vs bow window

    Bay Window vs Bow Window

    Welcome to our guide to bay window vs bow window designs, including the differences between styles & cost. The most important factor to consider when you are choosing between a bay window and a bow window is the space required for installation. Bow windows are much larger than bay windows. Both bay windows and bow […] More

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