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    Concrete Driveway Finishes (Popular Types & Designs)

    Welcome to our guide to concrete driveway finishes including the most popular design options and ideas for your home.Concrete driveways are alluring for a lot of reasons. For example, they’re durable, easy to maintain, and tend to last a long time. They can be beautiful too, though. In this guide, we’ll take a look at […] More

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    Basement Ceiling Insulation (Pros and Cons)

    Here’s our guide to the basement ceiling insulation pros and cons with popular types such as fiberglass, spray foam, stone wool and foam board.Having excellent basement ceiling insulation not only reduces your energy bills but also provides a healthier and more comfortable home for your family. Moreover, you also help the environment by decreasing energy […] More

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    Exposed Aggregate Driveway (Design Guide)

    Here’s our exposed aggregate driveway guide including what it is, designs, cost, sealing & repair and how it compares against regular concrete.Exposed aggregate driveways have long been popular for their durability and attractive, natural appearance. Now that these types of driveways are gaining more attention its important to cover the basics of exposed aggregate driveways. […] More

  • Pavers vs concrete driveways

    Pavers vs Concrete Driveways

    Here’s our guide to pavers vs concrete driveways covering their durability, maintenance, design and cost.Creating a good-looking driveway is a worthy home upgrade that costs less than most outdoor renovation projects, and pavers and concrete are the two most popular driveway materials you should consider.  Evaluating between pavers and concrete for your home’s front driveway […] More

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    What is Brickmold on a Door? (Design Guide)

    Here we answer the question to what is brickmold on a door including different types of casings and brickmold vs no door brickmold.Deciding whether to use brickmold on a door or not could be pretty challenging, right? Whether it provides aesthetical features or raises concerns regarding safety and security – many homeowners are constantly surrounded […] More

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    Wall Mounted Faucets (Types for Kitchen & Bathroom)

    Welcome to our wall mounted faucets design guide with popular types for the kitchen and bathroom, materials and pros & cons.A wall mounted faucet can be a stylish addition to a kitchen or bathroom design. There are many different features and materials that can fit practically any style. A wall mounted faucet can help your […] More

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    Best Roof Color (Shingles & Metal Roof Guide)

    Here’s our guide to the best roof color including how to choose for shingles and metal roofs.Since more and more homeowners are now considering investing in the outdoors of a home to increase its appearance, it has become the norm to update the roof colors of the home. With exterior decoration being paid the utmost […] More

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    Picture Windows (Types, Designs & Buying Guide)

    Welcome to our picture windows design guide including what it is, options, cost, sizes and differences when compared to other window types.Picture windows are large, fixed pane windows that are simply square or rectangular in shape and can usually never be opened. These windows are known to offer clear and unobstructed views of the outdoors, […] More

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    Glass Block Windows (Types & Sizes Design Guide)

    Here’s our glass block windows design guide including what they are, popular types, sizes, cost and ideas for the home.Glass block windows were popular in the 1980s but overlooked until today as they are once again in the spotlight. Also known as glass bricks, glass blocks allow homeowners to enjoy outside light while maintaining privacy […] More

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    Casement vs Sliding Windows (Differences & Design)

    Here’s our casement vs sliding windows guide including the differences, pros and cons, cost and benefits.Are you looking to renovate your home and update the appearance of the existing windows? Maybe you want more from the existing window material, its design, or the incoming natural light is too little to enlighten your space. Well, in […] More

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    Rafters vs Trusses (Pros & Cons and Design Guide)

    Here we share our rafters vs trusses design guide including what they are, differences and pros & cons.One of the most important decisions when building a home is going to be the roofing design. The roof not only affects how the entire exterior of the home looks, but it also decides how you are going […] More

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    Plantation Shutters (Types & Design Guide)

    Guide to the types of plantation shutters including popular designs, materials, costs, maintenance, and how to measure your windows for new plantation shutters.Plantation shutters have louvers that can be tilted up and down similar to blinds. However, these shutters are constructed to fit to the window frame and are able to open out like doors. […] More

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