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  • Bathroom vessel sink with chrome faucet

    Vessel Sinks Pros and Cons (Bathroom Designs)

    Here we share our guide to vessel sinks pros and cons with design considerations and the answers to popular questions regarding this type of bathroom sink.Vessel sinks slightly differ from the typical drop in sink that we are used to. With this unique type of bathroom sink there are benefits and disadvantages when it comes […] More

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    Quartz Shower Walls Pros and Cons

    Here’s our guide to quartz shower walls pros and cons including how they rank for durability, maintenance and design.If you’re ready to update or remodel your home, interior design trends now include using traditional materials in non-traditional settings. Quartz, a solid, durable engineered stone, is typically associated with kitchen counters; however, quartz is gaining popularity […] More

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    Pros and Cons of Corian Shower Walls

    Here we share our guide to the pros and cons of Corian shower walls including their cost and whether they are a good choice for your bathroom design.When you install a new shower or renovate your old one, you have a choice to make — panels or tiles? Ceramic tiles are undoubtedly attractive, but difficult […] More

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    Teak Shower Floors (Pros and Cons & Bathroom Designs)

    Here’s our guide to teak shower floors including what it is and their pros and cons.Teak is a popular hard wood known for its strength and durability.  Teak wood has the ability to withstand extreme heat and cold which makes it an excellent choice of wood for outdoor; it is also becoming a trendy choice […] More

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    Waterfall Faucet Pros and Cons

    Here’s our guide to waterfall faucet pros and cons including what it is and why they may be best for your bathroom design.When you want an extraordinary bathroom experience you need to go beyond the ordinary, swapping a thing or two in your bathroom into a more stylish look can be surprisingly impactful.   No, it’s […] More

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    Shower Sizes (Bathroom Dimensions Guide)

    Welcome to our shower sizes design guide including popular bathroom dimensions, and types of showers and bathtubs.The shower area is the most essential part of the bathroom and when it comes to investing on a new shower upgrades or remodeling your bathroom; one important factor to consider is knowing the standard size of a shower. […] More

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    Bathroom Faucet Finishes (Types and Pros & Cons)

    Here’s our guide to faucet finishes pros and cons including the most durable & popular finishes. When you’re putting the finishing touches to your dream bathroom, you’re going to have to put a lot of thought on the fixtures, such as your faucets. Aside from the shape and style of your home’s faucets, however, one […] More

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    Curbless Shower (Zero Entry Walk-In Designs)

    Here’s our curbless shower (zero entry) design guide including pros & cons, cost and sizes.There are certain essentials that are among a homeowner’s first thoughts when they decide to renovate an area of their house. For instance, in the bathroom, you have to make sure you have the basics like a sink, toilet, and a […] More

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    Wet Room Bathrooms (Design Ideas)

    Here we share our wet room bathrooms design guide including shower, freestanding tub and flooring ideas. Once upon a time, it was common to have closed-off kitchens and separate dining rooms. But tastes and times have changed, and now the open plan kitchen reigns. In the world of bathrooms, a separate shower stall or tub/shower […] More

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    Types of Bathroom Sinks (Ultimate Guide)

    Welcome to our ultimate guide to types of bathroom sinks including pictures and design ideas. When changing up your bathroom decor, the sink is one of the biggest focal points. So, it only makes sense that you might want to change things up. You might be surprised that this choice isn’t as simple as you […] More

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    Painting Shower Tiles (Design Guide)

    Here we share our guide to painting shower tiles including what type of paint to use, and the steps needed to get an appealing bathroom design. Shower tiles are often pretty sturdy, making it common for them to go out of style long before they would need replacement. Replacing the entire area of tiles can […] More

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    Walk in Shower Designs (Ultimate Guide)

    Welcome to our gallery of walk In shower designs including popular types, dimensions, cost and creative ideas. Walk in showers can be a modern and beautiful addition to any bathroom when they’re done right. Just like any other home design facet, walk in showers aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal. There’s an endless number of ways that […] More

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