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  • Where to hang a towel bar in bathroom

    Standard Towel Bar Height (Bathroom Design Guide)

    In this guide we cover the standard towel bar height including how high to hang towels and where to install the towel bar & ring in the bathroom. Knowing exactly where to place a towel bar can be a tricky topic. Ask five different people and you may get five different answers. Here we demystify […] More

  • Modern bathroom with toilet and toilet paper holder

    Toilet Paper Holder Height & Distance

    Guide to the placement for toilet paper holder height & distance, including standard bathroom measurements for best results.The proper placement of a toilet paper holder may seem like a small thing, but getting the measurements correct is important. Here is the most common measurements to ensure the best look and fit. What height should a […] More

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    Bathroom Paint Colors with Beige Tile

    Here we share our tips for matching bathroom paint colors with beige tile including popular shades & complementary colors. Bathrooms are one of the most frequently redecorated and renovated rooms. They also must convey cleanliness, and all the materials used have to withstand changes in moisture and temperature. Permanent fixtures like toilets, sinks, and tubs […] More

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    Bathtub Dimensions (Size Guide)

    Here we share our bathtub dimensions size guide for alcove, drop-in, walk-in, corner, round, small, rough & freestanding tubs. Bathrooms are multipurpose areas that are guaranteed to get heavy use. A well-laid out, streamlined, and attractive bathroom is an asset to any home. Whether you are creating a new bathroom from scratch or renovating an […] More

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    10 Best Bathroom Remodel Software (Free & Paid)

    With bathroom remodel software you can choose your own floor plan, create your perfect layout, add materials and visualize your finished bathroom project. These bathroom remodel programs are inexpensive and now easier to use than ever before. Below are 10 of the best bathroom remodel software programs you can use to quickly create a design […] More

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    Copper Tub (Buying Guide)

    Welcome to our copper tub buying guide where we cover the most popular types of copper tubs, common questions and their pros & cons. Copper tubs are a great addition to a bathroom. They can be relaxing and comfortable. The appearance is refined and timeless. Below are some selections that can be made to get […] More

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    Types of Bidets (Bathroom Design Guide)

    Welcome to our bathroom design guide covering the most popular types of bidets including standalone, toilet seat, over the rim, portable and handheld models. Popularized in Japan, bidets are a great addition to any bathroom. They can make the experience more hygienic, efficient, and they generally add a modern touch to your bathroom. While bidets […] More

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    Bathroom Remodel Ideas (Ultimate Guide)

    Welcome to our page dedicated to bathroom remodel ideas including popular tips, cost and DIY designs. Nowadays, remodeling the kitchen and the bathrooms are two of the best ways to add money to a home’s resale value. Below we cover some of the most important bathroom remodeling tips to get the most bang for your […] More

  • contemporary-bathroom-with-steam-shower

    Steam Shower (Bathroom Design Ideas)

    Here we share the the benefits of a steam shower including pros & cons and bathroom design ideas. A residential steam shower is an affordable way to relax in the comforts of your home and potentially has very good health benefits. It is “Spa Day” redefined. What Is A Steam Shower? A steam shower is […] More

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    Best Bathroom Layouts (Design Ideas)

    Here we discuss the best bathroom layouts and design ideas, including where to place the vanity, sink, shower & bathtub. With so much use every day, it’s important to have a bathroom that’s both functional and comfortable. The best way to ensure utility in your bathroom is by having it laid out such that it […] More

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    Waterproof Wood Flooring for Bathrooms

    Below we share how to waterproof wood flooring for bathrooms including installation steps and tips to help. Waterproofing wood flooring in the bathroom is essential to keeping you floor looking beautiful. By sealing the wood you can make it easier to clean up water spills provide stain resistance. This can help prevent water from seeping […] More

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    Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

    These bathroom ideas for small spaces share creative ways to make your room feel larger and get the most out of every inch of space. A small bathroom doesn’t need to feel so uncomfortable and confined. Whether its changing the paint color, adding a different vanity, or swapping out a bath enclosure there are many […] More

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