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    Types of Attics (Most Popular Types & Roof Designs)

    Welcome to our guide to the different types of attics including a few tips for making your attic accessible and the different uses of attics. The attic is one of the most interesting parts of a house. Just in case you’re not that familiar with it, an attic is a space between the house’s roof […] More

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    Barn Home Kits (Types, Materials & Prices)

    Here we share our guide to barn home kits including popular types, materials used and cost.A barn home kit is a prefabricated project that includes all the materials needed to begin construction of a barn home. This can include timber for posts and beams, the interior and exterior wall materials, other structural elements, and of […] More

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    Acadian Style House (Home Design Ideas)

    Here’s our guide to an Acadian style house including what it is, colors and interior & exterior design features. Originating in Nova Scotia, Canada, Acadian Style homes have a strong influence of West European Culture that highlights some noteworthy design elements on the Colonial-style homes and French Provence Homes. The name – ‘Acadie’ was named […] More

  • Ranch style modular home with gables fenced front porch

    Ranch Style Modular Home (Design Guide)

    Here we share our guide to the ranch style modular home including what it is, interior & exterior features, cost and raised ranch designs.Originated in the United States, this architectural style is known for its short stature and minimal exterior decoration. For all those who grew up in a ranch home have several memories about […] More

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    French Country House (Exterior & Interior Design Ideas)

    Below we discuss the French Country house including what makes this style home and its exterior & interior design features.Taking inspiration from the French Countryside, these houses exhibit a more relaxed, luxurious, and rustic outlook. Reflecting upon the European-style architecture, the French Country Houses come with a package of cozy expansive mansions that are distinctive […] More

  • Log style home in mountains

    Log Style Homes (Design Guide)

    Here’s our guide to log style homes including popular types, differences between home & cabin and pros & cons.A perfect alternative to vacation homes, second homes and downsized smaller homes – these Log homes have readily proved to be an economical, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable solution. Highly recognizable around the woods and lakes, these homes […] More

  • Wood shingle style house with white trim

    Shingle Style House (Design Guide)

    Here’s our shingle style house design guide covering popular architecture features & types.Known and designed for the wealthy in the United States, this “cottage” style home embarks its journey from New England and spans across the country up to the west coast. Back in 1876 when the United States was celebrating the 100 years of […] More

  • Modern manufactured house

    Modular vs Manufactured Homes (Differences, Pros & Cons)

    Here we share our guide to modular vs. manufactured homes including the major differences between types with pros & cons, cost and features. If you have been doing your due diligence and looking into all the options available to you when building a new home, you might have heard the terms “modular” and “manufactured” homes. […] More

  • Stucco house exterior in front yard

    Stucco House (Ultimate Design Guide)

    Welcome to our stucco house ultimate design guide including colors, cost, maintenance and finish styles. A stucco house finish is typically associated with the Southwestern United States, Spain, Mexico, and other Mediterranean locations. Today, this cement-like finish made with sand, Portland cement, lime, and water is popular in almost any geographical location and applies well […] More

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    Barndominium Homes (Ultimate Guide)

    Here we share our barndominium homes ultimate guide including details of popular features, kits and prices. Highly influenced by barn style living, these upcoming Barndominium homes are pre-engineered steel buildings with modular components assembled in a professional shop and moved to the construction site. Unlike other modern American homes constructed of wooden frames, these Barndominium […] More

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    Bungalow Style House Design (Interior & Exterior Ideas)

    Here’s our bungalow style house design guide sharing its popular interior & exterior features. Gaining momentum throughout the United States in the 1900s, Bungalow Houses emerged as an informal settlement that followed simplicity and practicality throughout its design. Sharing similarities with the famous houses of Arts and Crafts Movement – ‘Craftsman Houses’, these homes seemed […] More

  • Pole barn house design

    Pole Barn House (Design Guide)

    Here’s our pole barn house design guide covering popular features, kits, cost and some pros & cons. The most authentic and iconic of all – Pole Barn houses are known for affordability and sweeping historical characteristics. They have been a part of America’s lush landscape for centuries, but, due to the emergence of much fancier […] More

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