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    Best Color Shutters For Cream House

    These best color shutters for cream house designs include insights, tips for choosing shutter paint colors, and popular shutter color options. One of the easiest and most cost effective ways of adding on to the home’s curb appeal while at the same time, giving it a significant update, is to add shutters. They add texture. […] More

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    Exterior Paint Colors For Ranch Style Homes

    See the best exterior paint colors for ranch style homes including color scheme options and paint ideas to modernize the exterior design of your house. Paint colors are one of the most important factors when decorating your home’s exterior, and choosing an appropriate color for your house has its challenges. There are thousands of paint colors […] More

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    Types Of Barns (Construction & Roof Designs)

    This gallery showcases the types of barns including the different construction methods, roof designs, features, cost, and the cheapest way to build a barn. Barns are structures that have stemmed from an agricultural necessity. They also have a lot of cultural references that are deeply steeped in history. A lot of the traditional and historical […] More

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    What Color To Paint a House With a Green Roof?

    In this guide we’ll find out what color to paint a house with a green roof including color combination ideas for green metal roofs, green tin roofing, and eco roofs. Green is a refreshing and inviting color and adding it to your home’s aesthetics helps resemble the natural environment. Green roofs can come in two […] More

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    Types Of Cabins (Ultimate Design Guide)

    Here we share our types of cabins guide including the different designs, pros and cons, wood materials used, cabin frame & corner styles, house foundations, and cost. Cabins are humble abodes that perfectly symbolize the unity between man and mother nature. And as technology advances, the rustic wood shelter has become an inviting and unencumbered […] More

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    Barndominium Pros And Cons

    Here we share a guide to barndominium pros and cons including some ideas when it comes to its designs, energy efficiency, safety, and if it is cheaper to build than conventional homes. If you’ve ever wondered what a barndominium is, it a compound term of the words barn and condominium. These structures have become so […] More

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    Barndominium Vs House (Comparison Guide)

    Here we share our barndominium vs house comparison guide including the differences, how long it takes to build them, which is cheaper, building cost, and how they rate against tornadoes. Have you ever heard of a barndominium? It may sound different and like one of the rare metals in your table of elements but it […] More

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    What Is A Mansion (Comparison & Size Guide)

    Here we answer the question of what is a mansion, including its size, the number of rooms it has, and the comparison of an estate to a house. The term mansion has changed over time, and mansions are a lifestyle thing from a past period. Yet, when we hear the word “mansion,” we can still […] More

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    Tiny House Dimensions (Sizes Guide)

    Here’s our tiny house dimensions guide including measurement specifications for different types of tiny home sizes and the maximum size for a tiny house trailer without a permit. The heart of a tiny home revolves around modest living, being sustainable, and conserving resources. Some also want to travel and go on adventures while cutting in […] More

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    Log Style Homes (Design Guide)

    Here’s our guide to log style homes including popular types, differences between home & cabin and pros & cons.A perfect alternative to vacation homes, second homes and downsized smaller homes – these Log homes have readily proved to be an economical, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable solution. Highly recognizable around the woods and lakes, these homes […] More

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    Parts of a House Exterior

    Here’s our guide to the parts of a house exterior including the components, functions and the different types of materials used for house construction. Whether you have owned a home for fifty years or are a student interested in learning more about houses, it might be challenging to picture the many aspects of a house […] More

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    Black Siding House (Types & Designs)

    Here we share our black siding house guide including the different types, best material, if it makes a house hotter, and if black siding is a good option for your home.Black can be a bold choice, and often a little intimidating, especially on the exterior of a home. There is no need to be nervous […] More

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