Cape Cod House Colors (40 Best Paint Options)

With its simplicity and conventional house design, the Cape Cod home has been able to charm its way into the contemporary world. Even years later, we see revivals of colonial-era architecture with quite formidable structures but still have the same basic elements, such as the conservative colors showcased, most especially in the home’s exterior. 

Cape cod house with siding, front porch, windows, pitched roof, and hedged plants

The appeal is likely to our zest for simplicity, and the Cape Cod House colors are the perfect defining feature to inspire a new purchase or build of the traditional home. Generally, cape cod houses are painted with simple color palettes with white as a universal trim color, with the Puritan tradition of painting the trim with a similar color as the house’s body. 

Today, with the wide range of color paints, one can combine one’s personal taste and style with the traditional aesthetic without overwhelming the look. [toc]

Cape Cod House Colors

Cape cod house with historic colors, chimney, dormer, windows, front door, hedge plants, and landscaped lawn

Cape Cod house colors have a conservative color palette inspired by its natural environment, with earthy tones from dark to very light hues.

Historic cape cod houses also have colors available during the time period. This limit in pigments, usually using two to three color variants, is a part of the simplistic charm of the Cape Cod architectural style. 

Georgian Colonial: The Federal period features ochre, russet, brown, green, and blue hues, with white as the predominant color. 

Colonial Revival: During this period, white was the main color, with only one earthy tone to be used for the trim or body. 

Mid Century: A more introduction of color as more features are introduced to the architecture. A classic combination of mid-century cape cod includes sage gray exterior walls with ivory types of shutters and a Sierra red door. 

20th Century: The color palette of Cape Cod homes built in the early 20th Century still embodies classic colors such as gray, buff, white, brown, and grayish blue. With the trims as always white. 

Cape-Cod Curb Appeal Colors

House with curb appeal colors, siding, chimney, picket fence, and hedges

Color is an element that influences mood and, therefore, an excellent way to express personality and style. Cape Cod house color choices can be more than absolute to the traditional hues and, instead, an opportunity to create a fresh color scheme but, at the same time, enhance the traditional architectural profile.  

Dark Ocean Blue: An intense deep ocean blue color is a beautiful match to crisp white trims and shutters. The color is inspired by the jewel-like tones of the bright blue tropical waters creating a striking yet works well with the subdued colors of the Cape Cod home. 

Cool Bluish-Gray: Repainting over a traditional Cape Cod house can be tricky, as well as looking for the right shade that’s modern yet not too extreme or daunting. A cool bluish-gray color pairs well with white, green, beige, and gray accents. The color scheme is great for the beach or coastal locations, matched with organic and leather textures to imbue a contemporary feel. 

Iron-Gray: Embracing the dark mood of black-gray color on a brick-batten exterior can create a stunning modern twist to the traditional home. The almost black tone is not too intense and expresses the architectural profile without being too stark or bland. Pair the color with deep brown and light gray accents. 

Blue and White: A more youthful combination, repainting a red-bricked Cape Cod-style house with white and off-white elevates the look and lessens the heavy look of the brick exterior. Painting the roof with blue outlines the roofing profile and gives a good contrast against the white wall exterior.  

Spring Mint: Reminiscent of the vintage mint-green colors of the 1950s, the vintage color can give a fresh and light spruce to a Midcentury Cape Cod home. The lighter tinge of mint matches white, beige, and gray colors, giving it a fresher look without appearing overbearing. Use a light green hue for the front door for a start. 

Cape-Cod Exterior Paint Colors

Yellow house with bright color, chimney, and white framed windows

Here, we share the best paint colors for Cape Cod house exteriors.

Herb Garden (434)

1. Green for Front Door – Herb Garden (434) by Benjamin Moore: One of Benjamin Moore’s Classic paints. The forest green color is timeless and can match most traditional Cape Cod colors. 

Caliente (AF-290)

2. Classic Red for Front Door – Caliente (AF-290) by Benjamin Moore: The classic red tone conveys an energetic and confident air that’s perfect for an entryway and contrasts well with the subtle tones of the exterior. 

Natural Tan (7567)

3. Natural Tan for Body (Exterior Walls) – Natural Tan (7567) by Sherwin-Williams: A soft tan color that’s both sandy and bright, natural tan conveys a welcoming vibe that complements well with white and gray.

Choose accents that contrast the soft color, as they can leave a stale and boring look. Moody tones such as navy blue, deep greens, and hints of red tones are great combinations. 

Lemon Butter (3008-4B)

4. Subtle and Warm Yellow for Body (Exterior Walls) – Lemon Butter (3008-4B) by Valspar: Inspired by the quintessential 1950s Cape Cod House, the bright but light color creates a friendly and family-oriented impression welcoming guests on sight. The color can be layered with white and black neutral shutters. 

Smoke Infusion (5002-1B)

5. Smoke Gray for Body (Exterior Walls) – Smoke Infusion (5002-1B) by Valspar: A soft medium gray with beige undertones that goes well with organic textures such as brick and stone exterior cladding, allowing the features of the natural materials to stand out. Add a white trim to complement the grayish tone. 

Wild Currant (7583)

6. Red Sheen for Shutters – Wild Currant (7583) by Sherwin Williams: The medium dark shade provides a strong contrast to a white exterior that can complement broad naval accents. The glossy resin-rich color adds depth and is resilient to dirt and debris, making it suitable for textured surfaces such as window shutters. 

Espresso Beans (PPU5-01)

7. Deep Brown for Shutters – Espresso Beans (PPU5-01) by Behr: The luxurious dark brown-gray color is a beautiful neutral that can contrast white and beige exteriors while complementing natural materials. The color is versatile and can also be used as a dark color for Cape Cod trims. 

Cape-Cod Exterior Color Combinations

House with blue exterior color, dormer windows, chimney, small fencing and front lawn

1. Cheery and Mellow: This cape cod color combination conveys a cheerful atmosphere with contrasting deep hues such as black and green but still has the universal white as the trim color. 

Dartmouth Green (691)

 Door: Green – Benjamin Moore Dartmouth Green (691) 

Philadelphia Cream (HC-30)

 Body: Light Yellow – Benjamin Moore Philadelphia Cream (HC-30)

Swiss Coffee (OC 45)

 Trim: White – Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee (OC-45)

Wrought Iron (2124-10)

 Shutters: Black – Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron (2124-10)

Ozark Shadows (AC-26)

 Roof: Gray – Benjamin Moore Ozark Shadows (AC-26)

2. Coastal Views: Inspired by the colors of the Northern Coast, the color combination puts forward the warm sandy white hue with a gray color to ground the coastal colors. 

Hale Navy (HC-154)

 Door: Naval – Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC-154) 

Navajo White (SW 6126) 

 Body and Trim: White – Sherwin Williams Navajo White (SW 6126) 

Eating Room Red (43)

 Shutters: Red – Farrow & Ball Eating Room Red (43)

Metropolitan (AF-690)

 Roof: Gray – Benjamin Moore Metropolitan (AF-690)

3. Suburb Hues: When it comes to melding contemporary living with a traditional home, layering white and grays is the perfect compromising approach. 

Anchors Aweigh (SW 9179)

 Door: Dark Brown – Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh (SW 9179)  

Dorian Gray (SW 7017)

 Body: Light Gray – Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray (SW 7017) 

First Star (SW 7646)

 Trim and Shutters: Off White – Sherwin Williams First Star (SW 7646) 

Cityscape (SW 7067)

 Roof: Medium Gray – Sherwin Williams Cityscape (SW 7067)

4. Traditional Hues. Layered neutrals provide a soothing and familiar look, with a light gray becoming the foundation of the color palette with a bit of vibrant color.   

Collector's Item (AF-45)

 Door: White – Benjamin Moore Collector’s Item (Af-45)

Worldly Gray (SW 7043)

 Body and Roof: Light Gray – Sherwin Williams World Gray (SW 7043)

Steam (AF-15)

 Trim: White – Benjamin Moore Steam (AF-15)

Drizzle (SW 679)

 Shutters: Turquoise – Sherwin Williams Drizzle (SW 679)

5. Picket Fenced: A picket-fenced Cape Cod home adds charm to the classic home, and with white, as the dominating color, a soft yellow provides a subtle contrast to the crisp color without overwhelming the ensemble.  

Medici Ivory (SW 7558)

 Door: White – Sherwin Williams Medici Ivory (SW 7558) 

 Body: Soft Yellow – Sherwin Williams Impressive Ivory (SW 7560)

Extra White (SW 7006)

 Trim: White – Sherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006)

Labradorite (SW 7619) 

 Shutters: Teal – Sherwin Williams Labradorite (SW 7619) 

Artifact (SW 6138)

 Roof: Medium Tan – Sherwin Williams Artifact (SW 6138)

6. Garden Backdrop. A well-manicured garden needs an affable and relaxed backdrop, and this color combination layers the cool neutrals beautifully and allows a canvas for colorful or lush gardens. 

 Door: Indigo – Sherwin Williams Dress Blues (SW 9176)

Extra White (SW 7006)

 Body and Trim: White – Sherwin Williams Extra White (SW 7006)

Sensible Hue (SW 6198)

 Shutters: Gray – Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue (SW 6198)

Amble Slate (CW-685)

 Roof: Medium Black – Benjamin Moore Amble Slate (CW-685)

7. Rustic Brick. Many Cape Cod houses boast wood and brick pillars mainly showcased on their facades. To emphasize the natural stone, a rustic brick color provides a contrasting effect to the neutral tones. A brass-colored front door emphasizes the element while complementing the earthy neutral tones.

Roycroft Brass (SW 2843)

 Door: Brass – Sherwin Williams Roycroft Brass (SW 2843) 

Colonnade Gray (SW 7641)

 Body: Gray – Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray (SW 7641)

Panda White (SW 6147)

 Trim and Shutters: White – Sherwin Williams Panda White (SW 6147)

Stone (2112-40)

 Roof: Medium Gray – Benjamin Moore Stone (2112-40)

Roycroft Copper Red (SW 2839)

 Brick Exterior: Sherwin Williams Roycroft Copper Red (SW 2839)

Cape-Cod Front Door Colors

House with white front door, tan color, dormers, screened porch, chimney, and siding

The front door color gives room for personalization without unsettling the conservative colors while also being practical, as it provides the viewer with an element to focus on. 

1. Light and Creamy Yellow: A cheery color to greet guests, yellow in a creamy and light shade will have a beautiful contrast with a white or light gray exterior. The bright color makes it easy to spot the entryway while giving that welcoming vibe. Yellow also looks great on shingled exteriors

2. Royal Red: The medium dark red tone provides the same contrasting effect against the conservative colors like yellow, but its brown undertones are less loud and convey a more somber and serious character. 

3. Navy Blue: Relaxed and casual, the navy-blue channels the deep coastal colors. It is a beautiful match against an all-white or with a white and light gray exterior, as it defines the entryway while keeping the look cool and subtle. 

4. Warm White: Channeling the traditional colors of Cape Cod homes, a warm white door suits Cape Cod houses with the gorgeous wood shingle cladding, as the bright and clean hue contrasts beautifully with the weathered exterior. 

5. Forest Green: Reminiscent of the pine tree forests in summer camp and certain types of cabins in the woods, forest green is a deep green color that symbolizes stability and balance. The fresh and organic hue gives a hint of contrast among the white trims. 

Cape-Cod Interior Paint Colors

House interior with windows, beadboard ceiling, semi-flush mount light, chairs, couch, pillows, indoor plants, and wood floors

Like its exterior, the interior palette of Cape Cod houses incorporates relaxed and simple combinations of white, beige, and dominant hues. The tranquil colors are versatile, and one can inject more vibrant colors to personalize one’s living space.  

Vintage Teal Ultra Premium 5010-9

1. Turquoise – Vaslpar Vintage Teal Ultra Premium (5010-9) – Energizing and Cool: A merging of two cool tones (blue and green), turquoise is a perfect base color for the interior as it matches well with the traditional Cape Cod colors, such as white, cream, and gray.

The blue tint can convey that beachy vibe, energetic and casual. Turquoise can also be matched with pastel hues as well as vibrant colors.  

Dover White (SW 6385)

2. Beige – Sherwin Williams Dover White (SW 6385) – Soft and Placid: The neutral tone is a favorite choice for walls, ceilings, and other expansive areas in a Cape Cod home. Add a layered look with the same family color, such as tan or brown. Other neutral hues, such as black and white, also work with beige. 

Pure White (SW 7005)

3. White – Sherwin Williams Pure White (SW 7005) – Crisp and Bright: The ultimate dichotomy among the colors, white, goes with the simplistic architecture of a Cape Cod home. The classic canvas creates a clean and spacious interior.

Moreover, white provides a continuous flow of spaces, creating a cohesive environment and an opportunity to inject more personalized elements. 

Divine White (SW 6105)

4. Ivory – Sherwin Williams Divine White (SW 6105) – Classic and Calming: The warm white tone is a familiar base option that’s in tune with Cape Cod homes’ cozy but simple charm. It is reminiscent of beach dunes and shells. It can be matched by coastal and sunset colors such as sky blue, mint, peach, and red. 

Hathaway Peach (HC-53)

5. Peach – Benjamin Moore Hathaway Peach (HC-53): : Bring back memories of childhood summers when a visit to the ice cream parlor was always a treat. The powdery soft paint can be incorporated in both social and private rooms creating a relaxed and calming ambiance. 

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