Colors That Match With Yellow (Interior Design Guide)

Yellow light gray living room design

Yellow is a great color to coordinate with a plethora of the other colors on the wheel. It can easily pair with neutrals, warm colors and cool colors in unique and beautiful ways.

With the wide array of colors that yellow can match, it allows yellow to be incorporated into almost any style design if so desired.

Additionally, as a gendered neutral color, yellow can be used in most settings without feeling too controversial.

The color yellow is associated with brightness, warmth and sunshine, so is commonly viewed in an upbeat manner without causing and unhappy emotions. Some great pairs are described below. [toc]


Gray cabinet laundry room with yellow wallpaper

As we know, neutrals pair with pretty much any color, but the more specific of shades you get the more honed in the design style becomes.

Neutrals are great when trying to highlight the yellow, as the other colors will not overpower them when using something neutral and basic.

Yellow and White

Yellow living room with white couches

A combo of yellow and white gives a crisp and clean look. This is often a contemporary design choice and can be used in unison with any shade of yellow. For a lighter and brighter look one can use a lemony yellow color.

For a heavier and cozier look one can use a mustard or dandelion yellow to soften the room without overwhelming it by using the white to lighten the space up. These hues work well in bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms and kitchens for cabinetry or an accent.

Yellow and Black

Matching yellow and black furniture decor living room

Yellow and black can very easily go wrong and scream bumble bee, but when done correctly it can be a dramatically beautiful space.

The important things to do when using a black and yellow combination is to use black sparingly, and choose a softer, paler yellow.

Do not use school bus or taxi yellow, otherwise it is going to look exactly like those things.

Using black as a counter or the accents of the metals can be a great way to incorporate. It is also good to mix in another neutral to tone down the intensity of the black.

Additionally, remember that a glossy black finish is going to be much harsher than a matte black finish.

Yellow and Gray

Yellow living room with gray sofa

Yellow and gray is a great combination of colors right between the harshness of yellow and black and the lightness of yellow and white.

Using a rich gray color with light yellow accents can call attention to the color without it being too difficult to change.

Painting an entire room yellow can be extremely overwhelming, but with gray surrounds and pops of yellow in accessories you can create a comfortable and eye catching space.

Yellow and Beige

Yellow living room with beige furniture

For a warmer and cozier feel yellow can pair easily with beiges and browns. These can add a soft and easy space in more of a natural look compared to the grays and blacks.

Using a deeper yellow with the browns and beige is usually best. Brighter yellows can be incorporated as well with lighter beige. Read more about colors that go with brown here.

Warm Colors

Yellow is a warm color, therefore incorporating other colors give a familiar feel to them.

Yellow and Pink

Gray living room with yellow couch pink pillows

With the yellow and pink, the combination on shades and hues is extremely important. Using pastel yellows and pinks can be extremely soft, and can give a spring aesthetic to the space.

To avoid anything too Easter themed pairing the pale pink with deeper yellows can add some depth to the space.

As a very versatile combination, you can even take the pairing to the next level and turn up the brightness.

Choosing a sunshine yellow with a Barbie doll pink can add a bold and contemporary look to the space, adding some white to tone it down without losing the overall vibe is recommended.

Yellow and Red

Living room with yellow and red decor with wood coffee table

Moving into a less modern aesthetic can be the yellow and red. Using a scarlet red with a burnt yellow can give an older, classic look to a space.

These are often purely accents and paired with dark woods and heavy ornamentation.

Cool Colors

Yellow, gray and blue color matched living room design

To add some nice complementary color choices, the cool colors are here to create contrast with yellow.

Yellow and Blue

Yellow arm chair in blue living room

Similar to how pink could create countless combinations based on the hue and shade of the colors involved, so can blue.

Bright yellows with a baby blue can be energizing and inviting, while Yellow and Navy blue can be sophisticated and focused.

Yellow and Green

Yellow living room with green couch

To really incorporate nature into design yellow and green can be extremely useful. Often when trying to mimic nature it gets covered in greens and browns, giving a sort of cooler one note aesthetic.

Adding yellow to the space can act as a brightener, sort of how the sun brightens up nature.

What are your favorite colors that match with yellow? Let us know below in the comments. For more related content visit our gallery of colors that go with gray flooring.

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