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    Stacked Stone Backsplash (Designs & Benefits)

    In this gallery of stacked stone backsplash designs you’ll find what it is, its benefits, how to choose, different stacked stone kitchen styles, and tips on grouting, sealing & cleaning. One of the most prominent trends in home design is to give texture to interior and exterior vertical surfaces, and stacked stone is one of […] More

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    Countertop Reglazing (Options & Pros and Cons)

    Find out if countertop reglazing is right for your kitchen design including what it is, pros and cons, different materials, cost, and steps on how to reglaze countertops.If the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom have seen brighter days, it is the perfect time to reglaze. Countertop reglazing is one of the fascinating home developments […] More

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    Pressed Wood Cabinets (Design Types & Cleaning Tips)

    Find out all about pressed wood cabinets including what it is, different types used for kitchens, storage & cabinet doors, pressed wood cabinet designs, and cleaning tips. Although hardwood cabinets remain an attractive and well-known solution, the process of making modernized cabinets has made significant progress in terms of technology, presenting the opportunity for a […] More

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    Colonial Kitchen Cabinets (Door Styles & Hardware)

    Here’s our gallery of colonial kitchen cabinets including their design features, style, cabinet doors, and hardware, as well as accessories & fixture ideas to complete the look of your kitchen. With an expertly crafted built, functionality and time-enduring style, the colonial kitchen cabinets are a historical piece that can give even a contemporary kitchen a […] More

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    Kitchen Remodel Timeline (Planning & Construction)

    In this kitchen remodel timeline guide you’ll discover the different steps on how to plan, construct, and finish remodeling your kitchen, and how long each step should take. It is not surprising to know that a complete kitchen remodel is not an easy task. Thus it is understandable for a client to be apprehensive regarding […] More

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    Travertine Kitchen Floor (Designs & Pros and Cons)

    See travertine kitchen floor designs and discover the pros & cons of this stone material, different travertine styles, sizes, and the best cleaning tips. The travertine kitchen floor can be a stunning addition to your home and a practical one because of how durable the material is. Travertine is a durable natural stone and won’t […] More

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    Polyurethane Kitchen Cabinets (Finishes & Application)

    Here’s our gallery of polyurethane kitchen cabinets which includes design options, types of polyurethane finishes, cleaning, painting over polyurethane, and application tips. Consider Several factors when building or renovating your kitchen. In today’s world, a kitchen is just as crucial for the overall value of a home as it is for its functionality in cooking […] More

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    Dutch Oven Sizes (Standard Measurements)

    Here’s our Dutch oven sizes guide including standard dutch oven dimensions with size chart, popular brands, and how to know the right Dutch oven size for your home. Dutch ovens are a versatile and functional cookware that can be used in the oven for baking or on a stovetop like a traditional stockpot. They’re typically […] More

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    Refacing Kitchen Cabinets (Process & Pros and Cons)

    In this guide to refacing kitchen cabinets you’ll see the process, pros and cons, how long it lasts, the cost, and if painted kitchen cabinets can be refaced. If you’re looking for a quick and easy remodeling project for your kitchen, consider refacing the kitchen cabinets. Refacing your cabinets, changing the veneer or surface of […] More

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    Farmhouse Kitchen Paint Colors (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide to farmhouse kitchen paint colors including matching paint with materials, accents & finishes and the best colors to use for your designThe beauty of farmhouse kitchen is its simplicity which has become synonymous with “classic kitchen style”. Its rustic touches, crisp white walls, open shelving, painted cabinetry, exposed beams and apron-front […] More

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    Essential Small Kitchen Appliances

    Below we discuss essential small kitchen appliances to get the most out of your functionality out of your kitchen space. Smaller homes are becoming popular and so appliance manufacturers are producing smaller kitchen appliances without compromising functionality. Small kitchen appliances save time and effort and make life easier every day. These small appliances bring multiplicity […] More

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    Single vs Double Kitchen Sink (Pros & Cons)

    Welcome to our guide on the differences between a single vs double kitchen sink including cost and pros & cons.The kitchen is where most of the socializing, eating and cooking activity is taking place in the family’s day-to day living and the kitchen sink is probably used more than anything else in the kitchen. The […] More

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