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    Kitchen Island Centerpieces

    Here we share our kitchen island centerpieces guide including what to put, the ideal accessories, placemat tips, decor suggestions, and modern ideas. Nothing makes a table more exciting, elegant, and trendy than a centerpiece. It’s also applicable to your kitchen island. Centerpieces are not just for the dining tables anymore.  Your kitchen island can also […] More

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    What Color Cabinets Go With White Appliances

    Here we share what color cabinets go with white appliances including several kitchen cabinet tips and paint ideas for a beautiful kitchen design. Cabinets may either make or break your kitchen. Whether you like a traditional or more modern look, there are kitchen cabinet design ideas that go well beyond plain-old cupboards. They enable you […] More

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    Quartz Sinks Pros and Cons

    The essential guide to the pros and cons of quartz sinks including what they are, their advantages over granite and fireclay sinks, how to clean them and if they are worth it. Quartz and other durable materials are often found in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Although quartz is commonly used as a countertop material, it’s […] More

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    Kitchen Paint Colors With Maple Cabinets

    Here’s our guide to the best kitchen paint colors with maple cabinets together with the most popular kitchen wall colors for honey and white maple cabinets.  Maple cabinets are a distinctive, eye-catching feature in any kitchen. The other elements in the kitchen, from the lighting, flooring, and countertops, can add or detract from the beauty […] More

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    What Color Countertops Go With Maple Cabinets

    See what color countertops go with maple cabinets including the ideal shades for light and dark stained cabinets and recommended colors for kitchen countertops. Maple cabinets are still popular in homes all across the world mainly because they’re durable and they lend an old-world charm to your kitchen space.  Although not impossible, maple cabinets are […] More

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    Cast Iron Sinks Pros and Cons

    Here we share cast iron sinks pros and cons together with their cost, benefits, several tips on how to maintain and clean them as well as the comparison between cast iron and fireclay sink. One of the most popular kitchen sink choices nowadays is cast iron. Cast iron sinks are a favorite choice since they’re […] More

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    Kitchen Island Trim Ideas

    Here we share kitchen island trim ideas with different materials and styles. See different types of kitchen island trim for a new and upgraded design. The kitchen is an important area in every home. It is where food preparation takes place and it serves as a storage space for utensils, appliances and ingredients. Having all […] More

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    Pantry Paint Colors (Walls & Matching Guide)

    In this guide we share the best pantry paint colors including options for your pantry walls, shelves, and doors like matte yellow, blue-violet, and alabaster white.  Putting together a healthy dish at home is one of the best ways to make sure you get that fresh, safe, and wholesome food on your table. That’s also […] More

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    Granite Sinks Pros and Cons

    The guide to the pros and cons of granite sinks including what it is, how to clean, if they are worth it and advantages over stainless steel and quartz sinks. Granite might not be as popular as before but they are still not obsolete as well. There’s no doubt that granite is one of the […] More

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    How To Brighten A Dark Kitchen

    Here we share our how to brighten a dark kitchen design guide including the effective solutions, the best color you can use, the different ways to illuminate this part of your house. A dark kitchen can feel cramped and dirty so many are looking for opportunities to brighten up their space. There are plenty of […] More

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    Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

    Here we share our kitchen appliance storage ideas including how to organize and arrange small and large kitchen appliances. Feeling like your kitchen is getting more cluttered as you buy more and take in more appliances? Yes, kitchen appliances can consume a lot of space in your kitchen and it’s up to you to control […] More

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    Unique Kitchen Island Ideas

    Here we share our unique kitchen island ideas guide including how to make this fixture stand out and distinct designs you can use for inspiration at home. Kitchen islands are a staple when it comes to stylish and highly functional kitchens. If you have a small kitchen, you can still install a kitchen island in […] More

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