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    Kitchen Island with Sink (Design Guide)

    Here is our guide to a kitchen island with sink including positioning, dimensions, cost and popular design ideas. Is there a cook in the world who didn’t wish for more counter space? Probably not. That’s one reason kitchen islands are so popular. A basic kitchen island provides a place to prep your meals before cooking […] More

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    Farmhouse Kitchen Paint Colors (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide to farmhouse kitchen paint colors including matching paint with materials, accents & finishes and the best colors to use for your designThe beauty of farmhouse kitchen is its simplicity which has become synonymous with “classic kitchen style”. Its rustic touches, crisp white walls, open shelving, painted cabinetry, exposed beams and apron-front […] More

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    Types of Kitchen Backsplash (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our ultimate guide to the different types of kitchen backsplash including the most popular styles, patterns and design ideas for your home.A kitchen backsplash has several purposes. The most basic and obvious purpose is to protect your kitchen walls. Most importantly, the wall behind your sink needs to be protected from accidental water […] More

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    Feng Shui Kitchen Colors (Design Guide)

    Welcome to our guide to Feng Shui kitchen colors and tips, including the best paint shades to pick based on room position. The literal definition of feng shui means wind for “Feng” and “Shui” for water. These are both associated with good health in Chinese culture which plays into the concept of feng shui in […] More

  • Kitchen with double basin farmhouse sink

    Apron Sink vs Farmhouse Sink (Design Guide)

    Here’s our guide to the differences between an apron sink vs farmhouse sink including size, materials and design. In most cases the apron sink and the farmhouse sink are extremely similar. Why would it have two different names then you may ask? This is a marketing strategy. By changing the name from a farmhouse sink […] More

  • Beautiful kitchen with white shaker style cabinets gold hardware white quartz countertops

    Shaker Cabinets vs Raised Panel (Pros & Cons)

    Welcome to our guide to shaker cabinets vs raised panel including what they are, major differences, cost and pros & cons.In order to create the kitchen of your dreams, one of the first things that you have to decide on is the style of cabinet that you will be using. Cabinets are undoubtedly the most […] More

  • Kitchen with farmhouse style apron sink in island

    Single vs Double Kitchen Sink (Pros & Cons)

    Welcome to our guide on the differences between a single vs double kitchen sink including cost and pros & cons.The kitchen is where most of the socializing, eating and cooking activity is taking place in the family’s day-to day living and the kitchen sink is probably used more than anything else in the kitchen. The […] More

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    Types of Kitchen Sinks (Ultimate Guide)

    Welcome to our guide featuring the most popular types of kitchen sinks to help you choose the best one for your home. The kitchen sink may seem like a small detail in your kitchen design, but in fact, it is one of the busiest zones in the kitchen. It is where you do your daily […] More

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    Kitchen Mirror Backsplash Pros and Cons

    Here’s our guide to kitchen mirror backsplash pros and cons including popular types to help find the best design for your home. When looking to change the appearance and enhance the value of a home, a mirror backsplash in the kitchen is a smart choice at the top of any home improvement list. As a […] More

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    Metal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

    Welcome to our gallery of metal kitchen backsplash ideas including popular designs & patterns. Metal kitchen backsplash is a modern design statement which can be used as a focal point due to its stylish luster and sheen. The metal’s natural reflective quality makes the whole kitchen feel more spacious. For homeowners dreaming of a perfect […] More

  • Peel and stick kitchen subway tile backsplash

    Peel and Stick Backsplash Pros & Cons

    Here we share our guide to kitchen peel and stick backsplash pros & cons including different types, materials and cost. Traditional tile, brick, and stone backsplash add a finished look to kitchens and bathrooms and tie the room design together. Backsplash also prevents water and food drippings from splashing on the wall, making clean up […] More

  • Kitchen with timeless white cabinets, marble countertops and wood flooring

    Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors

    Here’s our favorite timeless kitchen cabinet colors including the most popular cabinets through time and what helps a kitchen stay in style.A timeless kitchen cabinet color is simply one that won’t quickly become outdated or out of style too fast. This often means rather than going with the newest cabinet color trend, one selects more […] More

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