Color Matching Kitchens With Red Quartz Countertops

Kitchen with red quartz countertops and wood stained cabinets

Sometimes, going bold with your kitchen design seems like a very cool thing to do. Well, many homeowners incorporate red quartz countertops into their kitchens since they embody bold elegance. The vibrant and rich color of this material evokes a sense of luxury, which helps in generating a gorgeous focal point in your kitchen.

However, appearance is not the only good thing about red quartz countertops. Significant hardness, excellent compressive strength, and thermostability are some of the greatest assets of these countertops. Normally, red quartz is composed of 93% quartz as well as 7% resin and pigments.

The ease of maintenance, durability, corrosion resistance, and natural luster greatly add to the appeal of red quartz. Additionally, red quartz countertops are environment-friendly since quartz is composed of natural minerals derived from the earth. This material does not use any harmful chemicals, which is a major benefit if you are going to use it as a kitchen countertop, which is primarily for preparing food.

Whether you are a professional interior designer, a home chef, or a homeowner who appreciates a relaxed and refined design scheme, we are very sure red quartz countertops will impress you and make your kitchen space more glamorous. Let’s now dive into the different types of red quartz countertops.

What Colors Go With Red Kitchen Countertops? 

Modern kitchen with red quartz countertop, bar stools, peninsula, range hood, cabinets, oven, and ceiling lights

Although red quartz kitchen countertops are excellent in terms of adding a bold and eye-catching element to your kitchen space, pairing them with the appropriate colors would be quite crucial. We, as professional interior designers, strongly believe that choosing the best kitchen paint colors will give a massive impact on the overall appearance and vibe of this part of the house.

 Neutral Colors: Colors such as beige, cream, white, and tan can indeed render a relaxed and balancing effect to the boldness of the red quartz countertops. For instance, we suggest installing cabinets in these colors to provide your kitchen with a warm and cozy feel. Moreover, these neutral colors paired with red quartz countertops can fully modernize your kitchen design. For example a classic white cabinet can be used and paired with stainless steel appliances and hardware to give it a more modern styling.

• Soft Gray: Use lighter shades of gray for the cabinetry to help maintain a more lighter ambiance. The shade also works well when paired with stainless hardware and appliances. You can use darker gray if you desire a more contrasting look.

 Natural Wood Finishes: Many homeowners nowadays are loving the idea of a farmhouse or rustic kitchen style. Therefore, if you want to install this kind of countertop in your kitchen but want to maintain its naturalistic vibe, we highly recommend pairing them with cabinets or other kitchen elements that are in a natural wood finish.

The rich and warm wood tones, either light or medium tones, can perfectly complement the depth and boldness of red quartz, which help in creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen space.

 Contrasting Colors: Customarily, contrasting colors such as dark gray, dark blue, black, or green can offer a striking and interesting effect. These colors can make your kitchen look a lot more unique, more energizing, and bolder. In addition, these colors help prevent homeowners and guests from noticing the dull areas in the kitchen.

Types Of Red Quartz Kitchen Countertops 

Modern kitchen with red quartz countertop, cabinets, range hood, induction stove, and red backsplash

Below are the different types of red quartz kitchen countertops that you may choose from.

Red Sparkle

Red spark red quartz for kitchen countertops

As experienced interior designers, we have witnessed the increasing trend in the usage of red quartz countertops in multiple kitchen designs nowadays. However, one type has really become outstanding, and that is the red sparkle red quartz countertop.

Indeed, this type of red quartz kitchen countertop is the epitome of bold, luxurious, and elegant kitchen design, making it a popular countertop option in high-end home designs. Countless homeowners are starting to get their interests piqued with this unique countertop design due to its ability to make the kitchen atmosphere more deluxe.

Red sparkle red quartz have very eye-catching designs that function as the focal point in a kitchen. These stylish quartz surfaces feature shimmering and reflective reddish flecks.

These details offer a gleaming countertop surface that helps in capturing added illumination, which helps add a gentle amount of glamor to your kitchen. Suggestively, if your kitchen lacks natural lighting, adding this type of red quartz countertop would be a smart option!

Moreover, the base of these countertops has a solid red color that offers an attractive backdrop, whereas the flecks and intricate details contribute complexity and playfulness to the kitchen space. Hence, if you want your countertops to be the center point of your kitchen, this type of red quartz countertop would be the ideal choice.

Aside from its appeal, this type of countertop also has increased durability, making them a practical selection for kitchens that regularly deal with wear and tear. Since its base material is quartz, it has tremendous resistance against stains, chips, dings, and scratches. Thus, you will be sure that your red sparkle red quartz countertops will last for many years.

We, as interior designers, always recommend installing kitchen countertops that will not absorb any spills or liquids. Fortunately, red sparkle red quartz is normally non-porous, ensuring that homeowners will find them very easy to maintain and keep clean.

If you have an existing kitchen design and wish to incorporate new countertops, keep in mind that these red sparkle red quartz countertops are exceptionally versatile. Meaning, they can match practically any decor.

The striking red color produces a gorgeous backdrop for your kitchen cabinets and other appliances, and issues won’t arise if you are installing them in your traditional or modern kitchen decor.

Nevertheless, if you wish to use this type of red quartz countertop, it is still best to ascertain that the colors of your walls, cabinets, and other accouterments complement your countertop.

For instance, we recommend pairing your red sparkle red quartz countertops with cream or beige kitchen cabinetry along with gray walls to balance out the colors. Or, if you want to achieve a modernized design, you can use dark-colored walls and cabinets to make your kitchen space appear more stylish.

Ruby Red

Ruby red quartz for kitchen countertops

Some homeowners are not into purely bold-colored countertops. Fortunately, this next type of red quartz countertop balances the effect of boldness and warmth. We have seen a lot of stylish kitchen countertop design schemes, but ruby red quartz countertops still remain to be an extraordinary favorite by many homeowners. 

The exquisitely deep red tone of these countertops conveys a sense of luxury and warmth to your kitchen, which also adds coziness and a high-end vibe to the overall design. 

We always see ruby red quartz countertops in premium kitchen designs, and the vast majority of them are made from a consistent and solid red color all throughout the surface. Nevertheless, the red tone it provides is not eye-hurting. Instead, its color is quite deep and eye-pleasing, which helps in giving a warm and welcoming backdrop to your appliances and kitchen cabinets.

Just like the superb quality of red sparkle red quartz, these ruby red quartz countertops also provide a long-lasting and low-maintenance surface. They are also scratch- and chip-resistant. Moreover, their zero porosity helps in averting the accumulation of liquids and bacteria, and it also implies that you will not need to seal or polish it from time to time.

Nonetheless, if you choose this type of red quartz countertop, you have to determine whether you want to go traditional or modern. If you are a fan of traditional kitchen design, we advise combining your ruby red quartz countertops with kitchen cabinets and walls that use neutral colors like gray or beige. 

But if you love the idea of modern design, you can pair these quartz kitchen countertops with dark colors like dark gray, navy blue, or dark brown to achieve a chic interior design. Ultimately, we also suggest pairing these countertops with backsplashes and cabinets that use complementary colors.

Most commonly, since these countertops are slightly on the bolder side, you can use cabinets or backsplashes that use slightly pale colors such as pale red, pale pink, or pale blue as these calming colors can help balance the ambiance. 

African Red

African red quartz material for kitchen countertops

We have always been intrigued by the uniqueness and versatility of African red quartz countertops. African Red is a stunning customized color from Silestone. In fact, these countertops are quite exceptional as they are made from a huge portion of premium-quality quartz crystals, rich-colored red pigments, and resin. Indeed, functionality and luxury are what African red quartz countertops are all about.

Furthermore, African red quartz countertops have a consistent appearance, which makes them a lot more ideal for modern kitchen designs. This type of red quartz countertop does not have complex patterns and details, rather it provides a seamless appearance on the whole countertop surface. Since its design is minimal, pairing it with different design elements in the kitchen will be a breeze.

Although African red quartz countertops are not that intricately filled with stylishly designed details, they still add a touch of pure elegance to an otherwise plain kitchen design. Its rich red color is quite intriguing and your guests will definitely notice its exotic beauty.

In terms of installing this countertop, fret not! Even do-it-yourselfers will not have a hard time doing so since these countertops can be easily custom-cut and installed. Plus, they are not that heavy so you can be sure that handling them will be uncomplicated.

Quartz Slabs 

Modern kitchen with island, wood flooring, red quartz countertop, range hood, red backsplash, indoor plant, and windows

Red quartz slabs are huge man-made quartz pieces or panels that are trimmed, polished, and prepared for countertop usage. However, red quartz slabs are not merely designed for countertops but also for kitchen walls and backsplashes. 

Furthermore, these slabs use deep red pigments and dyes, which contribute to the vibrancy, depth, and warmth of the red quartz countertops. They come in different red quartz slab sizes and can be cut or shaped according to your needs and preferences, but doing so should be done by professionals as they have the right tools.

Countertop Price 

Modern kitchen with red quartz countertop, white cabinets, tile backsplash, oven, range hood, and refrigerator

Generally speaking, the average price of a red quartz countertop is around $55 to $170 per square foot, but that normally includes the installation cost. The overall price of these extraordinary countertops can differ since it may be affected by different factors such as the brand, thickness, contractor fee, and installation location. Premium brands as well as custom-made red quartz countertops usually cost a lot higher. 

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