77 Modern Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Black kitchen with large island with storageThe design of a modern kitchen is usually characterized as being very stylish, streamlined and polished. Modern kitchen designs follow three general rules of thumb: it has a lot of clean lines, uses minimalist details and avoids clutter of any kind.

In the picture above a combination of natural and man-made materials are important design elements used in the modern kitchen. Instead of ornamentation coming from frills, ornamentation in a modern material comes from the simple natural beauty of materials such as glass, quartz, marble and wood. The horizontal grain of unvarnished wood or the veining of marble play nicely on the sleek lines of a modern kitchen. You can find both man-made or industrial material in modern designs. Materials such are concrete, steel, brick and unvarnished wood have interesting textures that can be used creatively in a modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

A design element often used in modern kitchens is to place an emphasis on long, wide, horizontal lines and flat surfaces. There’s some logic to this as flat surfaces are easy to clean and cook on and add to the functionality of a modern kitchen design. Also, horizontal lines add length to a room and using horizontal lines, from the design of the floorboards, layout of tiles, and even the pattern of drawers, helps emphasize the overall sleekness of the modern kitchen design.

Another design element of a modern kitchen is the use of the flat-panel door style or slab-door style on their cabinets. This makes storage space discreet and simple. Cabinets and other storage spaces are often built in or placed close to the walls and counters. Anything protruding will break up the rooms clean lines and is not part of the modern kitchen style.

Modern kitchen cabinets favor frameless or full-overlay design styles. Here, the door of the cabinet over laps the cabinet, thus when the cabinet doors are closed the cabinet frame is covered for a very sleek appearance. Design elements of storage in a modern kitchen sees the virtual elimination of cupboards or other storage spaces high up on the walls. A modern kitchen favors storage spaces that are closer to the floor. This helps create an open concept kitchen design to make the space seem bigger.

Hardware used for modern kitchen cabinets are sleek and simple. Stainless steel, aluminum and other modern metals are often used in modern kitchen fixtures and appliances. As part of the overall simple aesthetic of a modern kitchen, appliances are often kept in appliance nooks where they can be easily accessed but also do not clutter up the countertops.

Due to the importance of the uncluttered feel to the modern kitchen design style, neutral colors such as black and white, cream and brown are the main hues used in this sort of kitchen design. The simple, clean colors help with the polished look that’s so important to the modern kitchen design. If you don’t want to go with neutral colors, sticking to monochromatic hues with a few bold accent colors is the way to go. Bold statement colors can be brought into a modern kitchen through decorative pieces such as artwork, patterned backdrops or colorful ceramics.

Kitchen with black cabinets and white countertopMany simple modern kitchen designs make use of laminated finishes to achieve the low-maintenance high-gloss look typical of modern style kitchens. You will see how the kitchen design combines white and dark gray cabinet laminate finishes with simple stainless steel hardware and combined with modern appliances as well. To keep consistent with the seamless appeal of the cabinets, white solid surface was the countertop material of choice.

Kitchen with matte black theme and gray countersThis masculine-looking kitchen combines dark gray and black, creating a dark palette for the kitchen which is balnced out by the white walls and the bright windows of the room. All cabinets are laminated in an eggshell finish black white painted kickspace to visually separate it from the gray concrete flooring. For the countertop and backsplash, it uses a dark gray stone which perfectly matches the modern aesthetic of the space.
Double line kitchen in white with red accent splashboardThis modern kitchen uses an all white palette – high-gloss laminated cabinets and marble counters. To make it more interesting though, it adds some pops of colors like the red backsplash enhanced by the under-cabinet lighting and the light yellow walls which breaks the crispness of the white finishes.

Kitchen with circular layout with stainless bar stoolsA unique kitchen space with a very unique circular layout made possible by the use of modern finishes and materials. The kitchen counter is small in a semi-circular shape and laminated in white. The countertop uses white solid surface to match the cabinets while 3 stools are placed in front to allow an “audience” in the kitchen.
Kitchen with long rectangular island and black counterThis modern kitchen makes us of wood-finish materials to give it a more natural and organic look. The laminate of choice for the kitchen cabinets is in a Pine color which matches the color and tone of the solid wood floors. The black granite countertop helps add contrast into the kitchen scheme, while the white walls help tone down the yellow tones of the wood finishes.

Kitchen with steel hood, island with drawers and porcelain floorsElegance is not always sacrificed when you opt for a modern style kitchen, like in this lovely example. Dark Oak finish laminates clad the kitchen cabinets with a simple black granite countertop, making for a sleek and modern kitchen design which still has a warm and elegant appeal of the classic kitchens.
Kitchen with yellow cabinetsThis kitchen design makes quite a bold statement with the the use of high-gloss bright yellow kitchen cabinets. The high-gloss finish of the cabinet reflects on to the different surfaces of the room, making the kitchen look yellow as well. The black solid surface counters offers a nice contrast to tone the yellow down, while the light beige backsplash and glass doors help add more texture and variety with its finishes.

Modern kitchen with beige acrylic cabinets This modern kitchen features beige acrylic cabinets with a white quartz countertop and porcelain tile that resembles wood. The kitchen island with dual basin sink offers a great place for meal preparation and is perfect to keep an eye on kids or entertain while you’re in the kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen with high polish cabinetsThis is a gorgeous modern kitchen design which makes use of lovely Zebrawood laminates for its kitchen cabinets in combination with polished black granite. The countertop matches well with the pantry wall/oven wall which uses high-gloss black laminates and black appliances.

Kitchen island with streaked design, built in appliances and black glossy cabinetsThis small kitchen maximizes the use of the wall by using it as a full-height storage wall with built-in appliances. It has a large rectangular modern kitchen island with a unique wood finish laminate and a higher bar counter clad with a high gloss black laminate. The back cabinets are laminated in an light beige color, making the space look brighter.

U-shaped kitchen with laminatecabinets and black countersThis kitchen has a very clean and sleek design with the glossy white finish of the cabinets and flooring. Black granite countertops and stainless steel kitchen equipment add contrast and vibrancy to the very clean-looking white color scheme.

Two tone kitchen with brown laminate and acrylic cabinets and island with cooktopThis two tone modern kitchen showcases white acrylic cabinets combined with brown wood grain laminate cabinets. A long kitchen island with cooktop and breakfast bar is efficient for eat in dining and meal preparation while facing family and quests.

Kitchen with overhead cabinets and 4-pendant light fixtureThis is a classy kitchen with a brown and white color scheme. The overhead cabinets and bar stools for the kitchen island are in solid glossy white finish. The kitchen is illuminated by a bright, beautiful, and simple 4-pendant light fixture that lies directly above the kitchen island. The brown stone countertops lie on top of cabinets with a glossy solid brown finish. Kitchen equipment in aluminum finish and a big brown metallic curtain are used to add class to the solid color of the surfaces.

Kitchen with laminated wood cabinetry and aluminum countersThis is a modern kitchen dominated by laminated wood cabinetry and aluminum finish surfaces. The straightforward and almost very manly finish are made subtle by purple cove lights under the cabinets and pots of the same color for ornamental plants, making the space more gender-neutral and attractive.

Kitchen with gray cabinets and countertop stoveThis clean and simple gray and white kitchen is dominated by cabinets in matte gray finish with glossy white countertops and plain white walls and ceiling. The lackluster is balanced by stainless steel kitchen equipment, organizers, and cabinet holders.

Kitchen with glossy white bar stools, stainless steel faucet and pine floorsThis sleek kitchen has glossy solid white finish for all of its seamless cabinets. The glossy white bar stools by the kitchen island and white ceiling and walls perfectly match this color. The whites are accented by stainless steel finish on kitchen equipment and 4 pendant lights that hang directly on top of the black stone that clad the kitchen island. All the gloss in this kitchen is balanced out by the matte pine wood flooring.

Kitchen with blue, grey and blue color scheme and under cabinet lightingThis modern kitchen has a gray, blue, black and white color scheme that perfectly generates a balanced manly vibe in the kitchen space. The walls and ceiling are of the same textured matte gray finish that is topped by light blue tiles for the backsplash. These light blue tiles match the seamless light blue overhead cabinets. The kitchen island is uniquely modern with its aluminum and solid black laminate finish.

Kitchen with black laminated cabinets, steel pulls and shelvingThis elegant kitchen is surrounded by textured black wood laminates for its overhead and base seamless cabinets, with stainless steel handles that match the oven and utensils on display perfectly. The kitchen is also made spacious with the absence of a kitchen island.

Kitchen with eat in bar, laminate cabinetry and mahogany kitchen baseThis kitchen is very clean and bright with so much light being reflected by the white surface of the walls, ceiling, flooring, solid laminates on cabinetry, and glossy white countertop on the long kitchen island. The clean and bright atmosphere is made homey with the mahogany kitchen island base and woven chairs.

Kitchen with red art fixture with all black island and cabinetsThis modern kitchen has black and white colors dominating the space. The walls, ceilings, and backsplash are in solid white while the cabinetry and countertops are in solid black laminates with both glossy and matte finish. The sharp edges of the kitchen counter perfectly matches the geometrical red lamp that adds color to the monochrome.

Kitchen with blue accent wall and counter and tall cabinet with frosted coverThis simple and modern kitchen follows a blue and white color scheme. All cabinets are seamless with glossy white laminates while the one at the right corner has a translucent surface created by a frosted cover. The whites are contrasted by the royal blue walls and light blue solid laminates for the countertop.

Kitchen with wall-mounted cabinets, waterfall island and indoor plantThis elegant kitchen creates an illusion of more space with the white walls and glossy white laminates for the wall mounted seamless cabinets. Like the cabinets, the ovens are mounted to the wall too. The kitchen island has a plain granite finish with a stainless steel sink, like the three stainless pendant lights above it. The oak wood laminates found on the right wall, together with a tall potted plant, add a homey feeling to the space.

Kitchen with wengue cabinetry, concrete floors and bi-level islandThis spacious kitchen has the right mix of modernity and elegance. Wengue cabinetry surround the kitchen with metal handles that match the stainless steel finish of the ovens on the opposite side. Concrete floors of a lighter mahogany shade can be found on the glossy floor finish and touches of the color is continued on the pendant lights. The pendant lights lie above a two-level kitchen island with an aluminum finish on top and matte gray laminates on the base.

Light tan kitchen with hardwood floors and black stone finish countertopsThis is a very homey kitchen with big windows that offer a relaxing view of the garden outdoors. The cabinets are in matte oak wood laminates, with black stone finish for the countertops. The glossy mahogany finish of the floor adds luster to the space.

Kitchen with tan cabinets and flush lightingThis kitchen gives off a homey and clean feeling mixed with a modern design. All cabinetry are in solid light brown laminates with stainless steel handles. The rest of the room; the backsplash, ceiling, walls, and countertops, are in a solid white finish.

Kitchen with stone oven, oatmeal colored floors and tiled wallsThis is a cute modern kitchen following a black and white color scheme. The ceiling and table is white, with the backsplash and walls clad with small white tiles. The floor has an oatmeal finish. These light colors are contrasted with the black chairs and wengue cabinets with stainless steel handles and lights that add luster to the space.

Brown and white themed kitchen with green backsplashThis is a modern kitchen with cabinets in plain and solid wengue finish for the cabinets. The dark color is contrasted by the white walls and ceilings. A subtle accent and creativity could be seen on the flooring, with half having a wooden wengue finish and the other half with light brown tiles. The straightforward design is balanced by the funky green swirly patterns that could be found on the backsplash, a color matching the elevated glass on top of the kitchen island.

All white kitchen with chairs with woven backrest and aluminum feetThis is a clean and modern kitchen in all-white. The white color, combined with long kitchen island and cabinetry, creates a more spacious illusion. The chairs also have a white woven design with aluminum feet that matches the oven and sink’s color.

Kitchen with solid wood with black finish shelves and white undersink cabinetsThis modern kitchen design is well balanced, with a black and white color scheme in varying glossy and matte finishes. There are two layers of overhead cabinets that have a glossy black finish on the bottom and a glossy white finish on the top. Solid black finish on shelves could also be seen mounted on the white wall. The u-shaped countertop has an oak wood laminate finish. One side of the kitchen counter serves as space for cooking, where the sink could be found right next to a glossy backsplash with a picturesque night scene of skyscrapers. The other side is half oak wood and half glossy solid black laminate that serves as a table for white glossy bar stools with black upholstery.

Kitchen with television on the wall, track lighting and windows with blindsThis modern kitchen space radiates a modern vibe with its solid black seamless cabinets. More modernity and light is given off by the blue cove lights placed underneath the long solid black countertop, just right above the base cabinets on the left side. The kitchen island has the same color and style, and provides space for chopping and eating leisurely, with a TV mounted on the wall at its end. The flooring is in a semi glossy wengue wood finish, which is contrasted by the white walls and ceilings.

Kitchen with modular cabinets, lighting and island base made of pecan woodThis is a modern kitchen with white and golden pecan surfaces. The seamless overhead cabinets are on a glossy solid white finish, in contrast to the golden pecan base cabinets that match the concave benches under the hollow space that serves as a table on the kitchen island. The space is kept open with a big window on one side and a wall with big rectangular openings on the other side, overlooking the rest of the house.

Kitchen with matte red corner wall, and mounted rectangular box light with swirly patternsThis is a modern kitchen with a feminine vibe. The walls are in solid white matte finish, with half of the sides at the corner in matte red finish. The base cabinets form an L shape with solid matte black laminates on the outer sides and red matte laminates on the cabinets in the inner corner. A big rectangular white light with swirly black patterns could be found mounted above the backsplash, adding life to the matte and solid colors in the room.

Galley kitchen with rectangular windows and island with sinkThis homey kitchen is very open with big windows overlooking the outdoors by the kitchen counter and on the right side of the wall. More light is reflected inside by the white ceiling and walls. Overhead cabinets are covered with frosted glass and contrasts the wengue wood base cabinets.

Kitchen with laminated paneled cabinets, half wall divider and cherry floorsThis spacious elegant kitchen is surrounded with laminated solid white paneled cabinets with wengue stained cabinets in the middle. The center island is covered by a tall divider that serves as foundation for an irregularly L-shaped table with a white stone finish.

Kitchen with wood laminate counters, handleless base cabinetsThis modern kitchen is simple with dark stained wood laminates for the seamless overhead and base cabinets. The counter top is in an edgy u-shape with a stone top that matches the color of the cabinets. The uniformity in color is accented by stainless steel finish for the pendant lights and sink.

Kitchen with cathedral ceiling, skylights and solid surface countersThis is a spacious and open kitchen with eye-catching windows on the ceiling, which serves as a source of natural lighting. The seamless cabinets are very modern with solid cherry wood laminates on a solid white countertop and backsplash. The tables, walls, and ceiling are also white, and are accented by the aluminum finish for the chairs and the oven.

Wraparound windows, breakfast nook and convex shaped islandThis is an elegant kitchen space with a modern vibe. The overhead and base seamless cabinets have a glossy solid white finish that matches the white backsplash, walls, and ceiling. This faces a kitchen island that is uniquely convex on the other side, complimenting the half round sofa in gray and black upholstery right next to the windows overlooking the view outdoors.

Wood counter kitchen with wine fridgeThis is a modern kitchen that has a glossy oak wood kitchen island that matches the seamless base cabinets. The oak wood cabinets are topped with a solid black countertop that is contrasted by a glossy white finish on the backsplash and overhead seamless cabinets. More touches of black could be seen on the three-pendant light fixture and the wine cabinet that is covered with darkly stained glass.

Kitchen with wengue stained cabinets and countertops with glossy finishThis is an elegant and functional modern galley kitchen design that maximizes its size with a continuous row of base cabinets in wengue stained solid laminate finish. The overhead cabinets are of the same color, with more uniformity added by the uniform aluminum finish for the handles that matches the solid glossy gray finish for the countertops.

Kitchen with built in induction cooker and sink and track lightsThis kitchen space perfectly mixes elegance and modernity. The kitchen island has a mounted induction cooker and sink, topped with some ornamental plants in white pots that matches the white base. The top and sides of the kitchen island is in solid gray matte finish, whose light color is contrasted by a glossy black table were the sofa and dining area could also be seen.

Kitchen with sliding window and door, oatmeal colored stools and dual sinksThis custom modern kitchen design makes use of wood laminates for its cabinets, topped with a solid rosy oatmeal colored countertop that matches the kitchen island and bar stools’ color. Aside from being a table for the bar stools, the kitchen island is made more functional by holding the stove. The white walls are almost unnoticeable with the big windows that overlook outdoors, creating a very open space.

Kitchen with taupe colored cabinets, white flooring and hanging utensilsThis modern kitchen is very sleek and simple with seamless cabinets in a glossy taupe finish. The light color is contrasted by a black base and handles. The room is very well illuminated especially with the glossy white finish for the flooring and the white walls and ceiling.

Purple and white theme kitchen with purple cushioned chairsThis is a small and modern kitchen that makes use of glossy white finish for the cabinets, topped with mahagony wood finish for the table, countertop, and flooring. The purple bar stools and backsplash make the space more feminine and vibrant.

Kitchen with seamless cabinets in glossy finishThis modern kitchen is surrounded with seamless cabinets, chairs, and doors with a glossy solid white finish. This is matched with the white ceiling and backsplash, which is contrasted by the black stone countertops in the room. The mirror beside the kitchen island creates an illusion of more space.

Kitchen with dark pine cabinets, white countertops and lakeviewThis modern kitchen is surrounded by big cabinets in dark pine wood laminates, like the base of the kitchen island. The wood finish is balanced by glossy white bar stools and glossy solid white countertops. The main attraction in this kitchen space is the beautiful view of a lake outside the window.

Kitchen with gilded mirror, natural stone backsplash and white dining chairsThis is an elegant and spacious kitchen with an L shaped countertop in black stone finish that matches with wengue wood for the overhead and base cabinets, the same color scheme that is on the kitchen island. The tiled backsplash with a matte stone finish completely matches the floor tiles. Plants are placed all over the kitchen space, creating a more welcoming feeling.

Kitchen with ebony cabinets and gray wallThis modern kitchen has a heavily textured wood finish for its ebony stained mounted and base cabinets and flooring. The same texture is used for the contrasting white backsplash. The heavy texture in the room is balanced by the smooth white walls and a glossy solid black laminate for the countertop.

Zebrawood cabinets, orange wall and geometrical stoolThis small kitchen with dark wood cabinets features a matte wood laminate finish with horizontal lines in varying and contrasting brown hues. The mostly dark cabinets match the black stone finish on the countertop and contrasts the light matte taupe finish on the flooring and white walls. Gray geometrical bar stools and a stainless steel pendant lights add more beauty and creativity to this modern kitchen.

Kitchen with bi-level counter with round base, built in cooker and red base drawersThis is a small and cute modern kitchen with red matte finish for cabinets and matte solid white for the counter top. The stainless steel handles and oven add luster to the mattes, and the kitchen island is an eye-catcher with it’s circular shape and double layer. The mounted stove makes the space look playful, like a control center in the kitchen.

Single wall kitchen with slatback chairs with wooden seating and white backsplashThis modern kitchen generates a classic vibe with its color. The rosy accent on the bar stools and cabinets contrast the light oatmeal colored seamless cabinets and solid white countertop. Modern kitchen designs are known for their stainless steel finishes and this space definitely fits the pattern. The glass overhead cabinets and stainless steel finish on the cabinet handles and bar stool feet add accent to the almost monochromatic scheme.

Kitchen with white divider, island with oakwood counterThis modern white kitchen makes use of browns, whites, and gray to create a modern and homey feeling. The white walls and kitchen island base have a gray line below, which matches the stainless steel finish on the mounted oven and bar stool. Dark oak wood stained are seen on the overhead cabinets, shelves, and countertops, a perfect match to the bar stool’s upholstery and light cherry wood flooring.

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