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30 Gray and White Kitchen Ideas

Contemporary kitchen with gray cabinets, white countertops, metallic backsplash and exposed wood beamsThis gallery offers gorgeous gray and white kitchen ideas in a variety of design styles. Gray and white are both neutral colors and as such can compliment each other well. While gray is most often used in contemporary and modern kitchen designs it can also be used in traditional kitchens with beautiful results.

Gray is in the middle between black and white and is often associated with modern & sophisticated interior designs. From a mood standpoint, gray can have a depressing effect if overused. However, those who want a more delicate feel can opt for softer gray tones. While those who desire to evoke a sense of glamour often use a mix of gray tones.

White on the other hand is best represented by feelings of calmness, purity and represents feelings of cleanliness in an interior design. On the negative side it can be perceived as being associated with feelings of negativity and coldness. On the bright side, since white reflects light it can be used to make your kitchen space look brighter and larger.

The contemporary kitchen in the picture above is adorned with sleek gray cabinets and clean solid-surface white countertops. To add to the modern feel, a metallic backsplash was used on the far end of the kitchen. To offset the cold yet stylish ambiance, subtle hints of warmth and life were put into the space in the form of the tabletop plants and the exposed wood beams.

Traditional kitchen with gray cabinets, white island, white subway tile and wood countertopsHere we have a more traditional take on the monochromatic gray and white kitchen motif. The gray paneled cabinets add life to the room with their variation of shape and size, while the white center island of the kitchen makes used of its butcher block countertop to match the warm beige of the wooden floorboards. A stylish white subway tile backsplash was also used to complete the vintage look of the room.

Gray and white kitchen with white subway tile and dark wood flooringThis beautiful contemporary gray and white kitchen offers a large open plan layout with an island big enough to seat three eat in diners. The l-shaped kitchen design makes an effective work triangle when paired with an island. The light gray cabinetry contrasts well with the white island, marble countertops and subway tile. In addition, by painting the vaulted ceiling white it allows one to use darker wood floors without making the overall space look too dark.

Beautiful kitchen with gray cabinet breakfast bar island and white cabinetsThis beautiful kitchen is equipped with a stylish, minimalist gray breakfast bar and island. The clean white countertop is a good contrast to the main countertop’s gray with matching white base cabinets and overhead cabinets. The choice of rustic wooden floorboards, textured backsplashes and sphere pendant lights adds to the charm of the room.

Beautiful contemporary kitchen dark blue cabinets and calacatta lasa marble, large gold pendant light and two seater benchesThis contemporary kitchen design gives the space a more unique look and feel by adding rustic finishes and elements into the space. Paneled cabinets were painted in a unique Turkish blue shade, giving it a slightly grayish undertone, which helps it match with the other finishes better. The counters and backsplash uses white soapstone with a gorgeous black grain pattern, while the flooring features weathered walnut planks. The gold custom range hood cover adds a scene-stealing element into the space, which also gives a nice pop of shine and color to the more muted general color palette of the space.

Kitchen with gray island and white cabinets with white marble countersThis kitchen has a gray island optimized to have as many storage spaces as it can, with a mixture of drawers, cabinets, and view cabinets. It also stores the kitchen’s oven and doubles as a breakfast bar. The white cabinets of the main kitchen space goes well with the barnyard kitchen sink and white marble countertops.

Traditional kitchen with white lower cabinets and gray upper cabinets with blackened hickory floorsThis traditional kitchen has white lower cabinets and gray overhead cabinets. The handles and knobs of the cabinets are a dark brass material that really gives the place subtle personality. The speckled granite countertops go well with the extra small tile backsplash and the blackened hickory floors of the space.

Transitional kitchen with gray cabinets and white marble countertops with breakfast bar islandTransitional kitchens such as this one serve as a literal transition between two separate spaces, a midway area that doubles as a food-preparation space. In this example, they used gray cabinets and marble countertops patterned with an equally gray kitchen island. Bold splashes of color can be seen on the seating furniture’s red upholstery.

Transitional kitchen with gray cabinets, white counter and subway tileThe slope ceiling really lends a subtle sense of intimacy to the proportions of this transitional kitchen. The use of a triangular clerestory window couple with wide open regular windows really lends some much-appreciated light into the room. The dark gray cabinets serve as nice contrasts to the lightness of the space that can also be seen in the white counter and subway tile backsplash.

Contemporary kitchen with arctic white quartz countertops, white cabinets, gray walls and tile backsplashThis contemporary kitchen is adorned with Arctic White quartz countertops that go well with the clean modern white cabinets. The contrasting dark gray tile backsplash matches the gray walls of the space. Lastly, we see dark oak wood floorboards used in the space to essentially ground the whole design.

Contemporary kitchen with gray cabinets, white granite countertops and white oak floorsThe exposed wood plank ceiling matches the white oak floor of this space. The gray cabinets and white granite countertop, not to mention the white painted walls and the white subway tile backsplashes, are a perfect combination and really make this kitchen look sleek and stylish.

Contemporary kitchen with gray flat panel cabinets, gray backsplash tiles and white granite counterGray flat panel cabinets are used on gray backsplash tiles and a white granite counter to create a color combination that is easy on the eyes. Wide plank wooden floorboards were used to give the room some warmth. The stylish light gray center kitchen island is partnered by three Tolix bar stools and stylish pendant lights.

Contemporary kitchen with peninsula, white cabinets and gray mosaic tile backsplashThis contemporary kitchen uses its small floor area in a way that it utilizes as much storage and counter space as it can. The use of a kitchen peninsula layout adds more counter space to the room. The use of white cabinets and gray mosaic tiles as backsplash also keeps the room feeling clean and neat so as to minimize the feeling of being too cramped.

Contemporary kitchen with white cabinets, gray granite and gray tile backsplashThis contemporary kitchen has white cabinets juxtaposed to gray granite countertops. The gray tile backsplash also serves as good contrast to the whiteness of the space. This can also be seen on the kitchen island in the center of the room. Elsewhere, we have long wooden plank floor boards that give the space some color and warmth.

Contemporary kitchen with white cabinets, gray island counter, pendant lighting and gray backsplashThis contemporary kitchen uses more subdued and dark colors to create an intimate type of kitchen space. It has white cabinets and gray countertops. The island counter is equipped with a kitchen sink and has space to serve as a possible breakfast bar. The tile backsplash is also unique and serves as an accent wall for the room.

Contemporary kitchen with white island and dark gray cabinets with porcelain tile flooringThis contemporary kitchen has a white island and a dark brown polished solid surface counter top. On the wall, we have contrasting dark gray cabinets and black subway tile backsplashes to really make the wall pop. On the ground, a gray porcelain tile flooring was used. Gray and white kitchen ideas can be trendy but using dark grays may be too dark for the average kitchen. This kitchen does a great job of contrasting the dark cabinets with a bright white island and benefits from plenty of natural light.

Dark gray kitchen cabinets and gray painted walls and island with white quartz countertopLong kitchens are blessed with more than ample space for kitchen storage in the forms of base cabinets, drawers, and overhead cabinets. The dark gray material used for the cabinets contrast well with the gray painted walls and the textured strip tile backsplash. The white quartz countertop is also a good design choice, both for the main kitchen counter as well as the kitchen island.

Kitchen with arabescus white marble counter with gray streaks and white cabinetsGray and white kitchen ideas that use a mixture of the two neutral colors can have great results. As seen in the image above, excellent use of materials can make a kitchen. In this example, we have Arabescus white marble countertops and backsplashes, with beautiful white, gray and black streaks strewn all across the surface.  The polished stainless steel knobs and handles on the flat panel white cabinets and drawers are good additions to the space as well.

Kitchen with gray cabinets, white island with white subway tile backsplash and globe pendant lightsThis corner kitchen uses its two converging walls to their fullest potential by employing several storage spaces and cabinets in a stylish and subdued dark gray hue. The quarter-round kitchen island employs a gray marble countertop that goes well with its white base. The globe pendant lights are adds a nice touch of artful design to the space.

Kitchen with gray lower cabinets and white upper cabinets with white quartz countertopThis long double loaded kitchen has tons of counter space further helped by the additional counter space of the center island, beautifully covered by white quartz countertops. The lower base cabinets and drawers are a light gray color while the overhead storage units are of a white hue – a contrast that works well with the black tiles backsplash.

Luxury kitchen with calacatta carrara marble counter, gray cabinets and white backsplashThis luxury kitchen design employs beautiful Calacatta Carrara white and gray marble countertops on light gray base cabinetry units as well as matching gray overhead storage cabinets. The white backsplash made out of rectangular tiles go well with the clean aesthetic of the space. Glass bowl hanging pendant lights add some flare to the room.

Modern kitchen with andino white granite counters, white cabinets and gray backsplash tileThis modern kitchen employs a more welcoming curvi-linear form seen most prominently in its corner cabinets and counter. The utilized countertops are a stylish shade of gray Andino granite and the white high gloss cabinets are also a nice clean touch. The backsplash used is a gray marbled tile pattern.

Small kitchen with gray cabinet peninsula and white main cabinetsQuaint kitchen such as this one have to make use of the space as much as they so as not to let the limited floor area be a hindrance to their layout. The design cleverly employs a peninsula style kitchen layout and uses gray and white cabinets to really open up the space.

Traditional kitchen with gray cabinets and subway tile backsplash with white granite countertop and breakfast bar islandTraditional kitchens such as this one can also be modernly stylish. The gray cabinets and subway tile backsplash go together very well and are of different shades of gray to create visual contrast. The breakfast bar kitchen island with bar stools is also a clever incorporation to really keep the space flexible.

Gray and white kitchen with large island pendant lights and vaulted ceilingVaulted ceilings really keep a place feeling cozy and intimate but still has all the benefits of a high ceiling. In this kitchen, we have large pendant lights focused on the central kitchen island. The materials used on the kitchen are gray and white base cabinets and black and white solid surface countertops. The wooden flooring adds a nice touch of warmth to the room.

Luxury white cabinet kitchen with gray island, black counter and wood floorsChrome metallic colors can be seen on the different kitchen appliances, the cabinetry handles, as well as the lighting fixtures. This goes extremely well with the white, gray, and black color motif. This luxury kitchen also has a gray island with a white countertop that contrasts with the white base cabinets and black countertop of the main kitchen space.

Modern gray and white kitchen with skylightsThis modern gray and white kitchen uses clerestory windows – and a lot of them – to make sure that the space is as well lit as can be. It even opens up the wall separating the kitchen to the adjacent room so as to keep it feeling even more open. The use of white and black block colors also keeps the room feeling neat and stylish.

Modern kitchen with dark gray cabinets and white solid surface countertopsThis modern kitchen employs clean lines, cuts, and forms to achieve a minimalist look few kitchens can pull off. The materials used are equally as clean – with dark gray cabinets, white solid surface countertops, as well as polished porcelain floor tiles. The hanging globe pendant light serves as a stylish accent piece for the space.

Modern kitchen with grey cabinets, white countertops and open layoutVariations in ceiling treatment make this open concept kitchen layout unique. Pendant lights, pin lights, and even track lighting was used to enhance the space. Variations in the flooring patterns also give this design some personality. Gray cabinets, white countertops, and an open layout really make this room have a stylish ambiance.

Modern kitchen with white cabinets, dark gray countertop and backsplashThe metal white of the cabinets and the dark gray glossy countertops as well as the matching backsplash really make this modern kitchen stylishly contemporary. The color motif coupled with the stainless steel and chrome finishes of the kitchen appliances create a sleek visual ambiance.

Peel and stick gray backsplash mosaic tilesCreating looks that are stylish need not to be too much of a burden to execute. In this example, the backsplash used is a convenient peel and stick variation that looks just as good as the traditional tile backsplashes used in kitchens. Additionally, the clean paneled drawers and cabinets as well as the beautiful marble countertop make this a well-designed kitchen.

Traditional white cabinet kitchen with gray island and wood floorsSince the kitchen is mainly white, with gray walls, they opted to make the kitchen island in the same shade of gray used on the walls to tie up the whole look and to create a focal point.

Off white cabinet kitchen with gray walls, wood island and glass mosaic tile backsplashGray and white kitchen ideas that want to keep things bright can choose off white kitchen cabinets paired with gray walls. The off white cabinets of the kitchen bounce of the warm white undershelf lights of the kitchen and bring out a soft glow in the space. The gray walls, wood island, and the glass mosaic tiles used as a blacksplash make for a well-designed and homey kitchen space.

To visualize your own designs including trying our different cabinet colors and finishes there is an assortment of kitchen design software to help. This way you can see different shades of gray in your room design before committing to the hard work of painting.

liza B Foster

Monday 5th of September 2022

I have white cabinets with grey backsplash with light grey walls. Can someone give me advice on what color dining table and chairs they would use? And wood floor color ?


Wednesday 19th of August 2020

Can you tell me the island paint color and flooring in picture #25?


Thursday 20th of August 2020

That island paint color looks similar to Glidden GIBRALTAR GRAY PPG1002-6

Harold R.

Monday 9th of December 2019

May someone please recommend me a wall color to go with a grey/white Quartz countertop and Lighter Gray cabinets? (Please exclude White and Gray)

sonia lewis

Friday 2nd of August 2019

awesome kitchens..I cannot find those gray and white backsplash with the waves..Can someone please tell me where to find them..Thank you..


Thursday 27th of June 2019

In picture 21 what kind of brick or tile is that what is the color or how can I go about finding this ?