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    Climate Controlled Garage (Heating & Cooling Tips)

    In this climate controlled garage guide you’ll see why it’s needed, different ways to control a garage temperature, and the best way to cool garages. One thing that can be uncomfortable about garages, in general, is the lack of temperature control. It can get annoyingly hot during the summer months and it can get absolutely […] More

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    Garage Dormer Designs (Styles for Attached & Detached)

    This guide to garage dormer designs includes what they are, different types of garage dormer styles, attached & detached garages with dormers and cost. A garage is vital in many houses, offering storage space for vehicles, gardening supplies, tools, sporting goods, motorcycles, and more. Garage dormers are an excellent option for your garage and are […] More

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    Farmhouse Garage Doors (Types & Color Ideas)

    This farmhouse garage doors gallery features details about what it is, different design types, hardware used, and farmhouse garage door light fixture ideas. Garage doors are often overlooked and their installation is often only focused on their basic functions. But do you know you can do more than that and actually consider their aesthetics too? […] More

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    Backed Into Garage Door (How to Fix)

    If you’ve backed into a garage door you’ll need to know how to fix it. Here’s the types of garage door damage, insurance coverage and cost of fixing a dented garage door. Accidents happen and when they do, you can either blindly panic all throughout or have a deep breath and look at the incident […] More

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    Louvered Garage Doors (Panels & Ventilation Options)

    Here we share our louvered garage doors guide including what they are, designs, the door panels used, how it improves ventilation, and where to buy a louvered garage door. Louvered garage doors are a distinctive component of traditional exteriors, coastal homes, or contemporary farmhouses. They also go wonderfully with coastal or colonial homes. Originally, louvered […] More

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    Types of Pegboard Hooks (Tool Racks & Storage Holders)

    This guide to the different types of pegboard hooks includes methods for hanging tools & hardware, how pegboard hooks are measured, hole sizes and how much weight a pegboard can hold. When shopping for pegboard hooks, you’ll notice many types of pegboard hooks, as well as pegboard holders and pegs. These pegboard hooks come in […] More

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    Drive Through Garage Ideas

    Here we share our drive through garage ideas including what it is, benefits, cost, conversion, design plans, and different types of drive through garages.Have you ever considered having a garage with two doors – one in the front as well as one in the back, rather than side by side? Maybe it sounds unusual, but […] More

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    Porcelain Garage Floor Tiles

    Find out about porcelain garage floor tiles including what they are, benefits, potential problems, cost, best type to use, and if porcelain tiles are a good idea for garage floors. When you think about flooring options for garages, porcelain tiles aren’t exactly the first thing to come to mind. After all, porcelain tiles are a […] More

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    Types Of Carports (Pros and Cons & Design Styles)

    Here we share our types of carports guide including what it is, different designs, sizes, materials, pros & cons, cost, and how to make a carport look better. Cars, while highly beneficial and functional, tend to depreciate over time and would technically not be a good thing to invest in. This is the reason why […] More

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    Workbench Backsplash Ideas (Best Materials to Use)

    This gallery of workbench backsplash ideas shares different materials to use such as plywood, pegboard, slatwall storage panels, and aluminum diamond plate designs.  Your workbench in the garage is a favorite place where you perform household repairs, tinker with your car, clean it, and do minor maintenance work. Some items tend to roll off the […] More

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    Garage Cleaning Tips For The Overwhelmed

    Here’s our guide to garage cleaning tips for the overwhelmed including ideas on how to sort your things, garage cleanup scheduling, proper storage, and how to get started. The garage is one of the most overlooked parts of the home, where clutters reign supreme. And a jam-packed garage with mounting things and materials can turn […] More

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    Hidden Garage Doors (Concealment Ideas)

    In this guide to hidden garage doors you’ll see what it is, different designs, how to hide a garage door, openers and tracks for hidden garage doors. Home designs now often lean toward a straightforward style, which people refer to as a minimalist design. Everything inside is made invisible, from a cabinet to a garage. […] More

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