How To Cool A Garage With No Windows

Windows are the elements of the home that allow airflow and circulation, making sure that rooms don’t get too hot and stuffy. There are some areas and rooms, though, that sometimes don’t have windows like garages (which is true to most row homes and condominiums).  And if there are no windows, you will need to get creative to cool a garage, even with the lack of something that can help the airflow. 

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Here are some ideas you can explore and consider to cool your garage.[toc]

Garage Cooling Tips

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If you don’t have the budget to make significant changes, there are some things you can do to cool it down. 

Know When To Close Or Open The Garage Door 

If direct sunlight hits your garage door, it is better to close it. This can block out the heat that can possibly add more warmth to your already heating-up area. It will be better if you also actively cool the indoor space simultaneously. 

However, if the parking structure is safely in the shade, opening the door is a better option. Allow airflow and circulation using your door if you don’t have windows to help you with it.

Wait Before You Park A Hot Car In The Garage

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Cars run hot because of the engine, and they work double-time when the day is hot. If you immediately park your car in the garage after driving a day under the hot sun, it will heat up inside.

Wait for a bit outside with the engines off, and after letting the engines rest, turn it on and park it inside. 

Do Not Use Incandescent Bulbs

Choosing the right bulb can help heat or cool your space. If you want to cool it, stay away from incandescent bulbs.

You can use many high-efficiency LED bulbs that can use less energy and so less heat. Check out more ideas about the types of garage lighting here.

Replace The Color Of Your Garage Walls, Ceiling, And Roof

A clean and organized garage interior with different stuffs on shelves, tires on floor, barbeque griller and more

Colors can affect temperature, and this goes the same way for your garage. If you have some money you can use for a minor renovation, painting in cooler colors can help cool the space. 

If you have a limited budget, you may be unable to choose the most advanced solution to cool your space. But repainting your walls won’t be that expensive.

Just make sure to go for lighter paint colors like white. Darker colors tend to absorb and retain heat so that they will actually heat up faster. The best thing about this solution, besides the fact that it’s affordable, is that it is also an easy task and can be completed within a day or even a weekend. 

Improve The Insulation Of Your Garage

Modern garage interior with sectional doors and insulator on ceiling

Another step to take to cool a garage that does not have windows is to improve its insulation. While insulation is usually associated with keeping heat inside during the winter, it also functions as a barrier that keeps the heat outdoors and allows it to have the temperature you want. 

Many garages are already insulated, but if yours is not, consider either one of the following:

• Blown-in cellulose insulation (retrofitting the walls) – for walls that are finished on the inside

• Batt insulation – if the studs in the walls are still visible

More than just energy-saving, insulation is also not an expensive project that will require you to hire a contractor for it. You can purchase a kit for less than $20 and DIY the entire project yourself. Find more about how to insulate a garage here.

Consider Installing Attic Vents

Attic vents are also an excellent solution for a room with no windows. Compared to insulation that keeps that heat outdoors and maintains the cool temperature inside, vents won’t be able to block the hot air from coming in, but they can push it out to allow the cooler air to come in.

If the space is running hot, open the wall and attic vents to let the hot air out. If it’s cold, though, and at the right temperature, you can just keep it closed. 

Adding vents will improve airflow and can be a good alternative to windows. Installing them is also an affordable project, and you won’t have to pay for recurring energy costs after that. 

Have A Garage Humidifier

Another option to consider besides insulation and vents is a humidifier. With this gadget, you will be able to change the humidity to a more comfortable level. 

Tower humidifiers for large roomSee this tower humidifier at Amazon [Sponsored link]

A room with a high temperature usually has high humidity, so it can feel stuffy when you’re inside. A humidifier can help lower the humidity and make it more comfortable for you when you’re inside. There are different types and styles of humidifiers you can choose, and they are not expensive, so you won’t have a problem with costs. 

Get A Powerful Fan Or An Air Conditioner

The most logical thing to do to cool a garage without windows is to bring in a powerful fan or cooler to help with the airflow. Normally, closed spaces with no windows will run hot if the hot air is trapped inside with no chance of it escaping and flowing.

With the addition of a fan or an air conditioner, the air will be able to bounce around the space. See the types of air conditioners here.

If you don’t have an existing cooling system that’s connected, you can set up a new one. It doesn’t have to be a complicated system similar to what you have at home since you can just get a powerful fan to improve the area’s ventilation and airflow. For more details, see our tips to climate control a garage here.

Outdoor air-conditioning outside the garage with plants surrounding it

If you want air conditioner options, here are some methods to explore:

• Garage ventilation fan (Needs to be powerful enough and not just a slow and weak-turning fan)

• Swamp cooler with ice (An affordable version of an air conditioner)

Ceiling fan (Choose an industrial-strength one rather than its residential version)

• Portable air conditioners (Simple to set up but need a pre-installed exhaust point)

• Window wall air conditioners (Works quietly but may need the help of a contractor for installation despite how fairly simple the process may be)

• Mini split air conditioners (Incredibly simple and effective but may be expensive in its complex installation)

If you have a limited budget, going for fans and the swamp cooler is the best option. If it’s not a major issue, you can go for air conditioners inside.

Windows are the elements of the home that allow airflow and circulation in the home, making sure that rooms don’t get too hot and stuffy. There are some areas and rooms though that sometimes don’t have windows in them, like garages (which is true for most row homes and condominiums).

If there are no windows, you will need to get creative to somehow cool a garage, even with the lack of something that can help the airflow. 

Visit our guide to garage cleaning tips for the overwhelmed, including ideas on how to sort your things, item cleanup, and more on this page!

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