Color Changing Paint for Walls

New paint technology has made it possible for the wall color to change without actually repainting the wall. The change may happen when the paint is exposed to heat or ultraviolet light. Mixing with other chemicals may also cause the color to change.

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If you want to paint your wall with something that changes color, you can do it with a certain product specifically made for the purpose. In the past, once you painted your wall, you were stuck with the same wall color unless you repainted your wall regularly. Changing the paint frequently can be expensive. [toc]

What Wall Paint Changes Color?

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Today, you can find paint that changes color by itself, depending on some factors. For example, you can use paints that appear white in the dark but take on different hues when there is light. See how to paint over a dark color wall here.

Colors may also change when the area is exposed to heat. Other modern paints may change their appearance when treated with some chemicals. 

Some paints react to electricity by changing their color. When exposed to an electromagnetic force, the spaces between the particles change, making the shade of the coating change. These are called electrochromic paints, and they are used by automobile makers such as Nissan.

Electrochromic applications can be used for plastic substrates or synthetic materials. Special dyes are treated with electric current, leading to their change in color. You can see this type of coating change color on airplane windows at the touch of a button.

Chroma Flair is one of the popular makers of products that change colors. This application system is used in painting cars but can also be used for walls in the home.

The shade changes to the eyes when the viewer looks at it from different vantage points. It looks different when you look at it from above or from below.  There might be other versions, such as ChromaLusion, MuktiTones, and a lot more.

Colors cannot change on their own. It is light that makes people see colors. Objects reflect the various shades on the color wheel, giving them distinct hues. Without light, objects may all look black. 

What Paint Changes Color With Light?

Painting a wall using a roller brush with chameleon paint

You might have noticed that light can affect the color of an object and your position when you look at the object. Some lights can make the hue look pale. At night, the object will look black.

When the sun is shining bright, the color becomes intense. A red flower may look redder and white whiter. Colors cannot do anything independently, such as changing into different hues. This can only be possible with light.

A paint that changes color with light is called a chameleon. As the name implies,  it changes when light hits it. This substance contains very thin flakes of different colors that interfere with UV rays to produce several colors. It is also known as the property of iridescence. As the viewer moves and changes position, the colors would look different. 

Chameleon paints use new pigment technology, and they have a metal base. It can reflect light through the magnesium and titanium that covers it. Even if it is nighttime, it can change colors as long as it is minimal light. 

Chameleon paints are used with automobiles as well as with a walls. The effect of chameleon colors is always amazing. Read more about the types of paint for metal here.

Photochromic inks and paints change their colors when exposed to light or ultraviolet rays of the sun. They also react to black light. When used indoors, they show no visible difference. Yet, when they are brought outside, they have different vibrant colors.

Expose the ink for 15 seconds under direct sunlight to make the hue more vivid. The ink becomes clear once you take it in a place without sunlight.

Wall Paint That Changes Color With Temperature

Room with concrete wall with photochromic inks wall paint, wooden floors and a plant

The color of the wall paint can also change with temperature; this type is called thermochromic paint. One example is coffee mugs coated with thermochromic coatings. 

When you pour hot coffee into the mug, you will be amazed to see the color of the mug change, or it might become transparent. 

Several categories of paint are sensitive to heat. They can come in coatings or a thin layer of material that covers the surface. Coatings are used to improve the appearance of several properties. 

The pigment is used in making paint or ink. They are made into powder and placed into the water to convert into ink, paints, and other materials that have color.

Ink may come in liquid or powder form. They are used to make markings. Graphic designers also use them in their works. Some inks can change colors under different temperatures. They are also called smart inks.

Labels have adhesive backs that can be placed on a surface. When there is a change from cold to hot temperature, it changes its look. As heat affects the molecular component of the coating, it changes colors. The surface coating exposed to heat is now absorbing heat differently.

How Much Does Thermal Paint Cost?

Room with wooden bench, striped rug and thermochromic paint on walls

Thermal paint provides stunning color to a wall as well as insulation. Buildings painted black tend to absorb more heat, making the occupants feel warm. 

With thermal painting, there is less light reflected, reducing the temperature inside the building. Because it serves as a good insulator, it costs more than regular paints. Its price is $320 or more per liter.

How Long Does Thermochromic Paint Last

Thermochromic paint can only last for four to six months. This is because of its high exposure to AUV. To prolong its life, you can use a clear coat that contains an AUV protection formula.

Thermochromic paints change colors with temperature. If you have a patchy orange car, you can pour cold water on it to change it into a stunning bright orange car.

Color-changing applications can help you have an attractive and stunning vehicle or wall. However, you must be prepared to pay the price. It is more expensive and has a short life span. This means having repainting work done in four to six months.

Others may find paints that change color amazing. It serves as an interesting sight for those who love to outshine and outdo others. You can buy this type of application sysyem online. Why not give it a try?

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