Paint Colors for Textured Walls 

Here’s our paint colors for textured walls design guide including the best options for light and dark shades, ideal product, and suggested paint finishes. 
Textured wall paint color couch cushion hanging light windowsInterior walls are made from sheet rock panels, leaving a taped seam where each board meets, and the sheet rock itself has a flat surface prone to nicks and indents, leaving an unsightly finish. 

Wall textures applied with drywall compound cover the seams and imperfections and come in numerous finishes such as the standard orange peel, knockdown, and rarely used today, popcorn texture. 

Designers and homeowners today embrace newer textures to create an interesting wall surface, including comb, sand swirl, and slap brush, to name a few.

When deciding on the best paint colors for textured walls, it helps to understand how the color and type of paint affect the way the wall looks when you’re done painting.  

Best Paint Color For Textured Walls 

Red textured wall white couch modern lamp wood floorIf you have textured walls in your home and aren’t fond of them, you may want to lessen the appearance of the texture. However, if you like the effect of textured walls, it may be better to choose a paint color that highlights the surface.

Here’s a breakdown of the best paint colors for textured walls:

  • Neutrals (Beige, tan, ivory, white)
  • Browns
  • Greens
  • Yellows
  • Pinks

Below we share individual paint brand, names and color codes to help you find the shade you like best.

When choosing a dark or light paint color for textured walls, keep in mind the types of lighting fixtures you have in the room. If there are only one or two windows, there will be more textured surfaces. A room with many windows will have less textured wall space to paint.

For rooms with less natural light you may want a lighter paint color. In addition if your room has a lot of natural light and is very bright, and you may want to stay away from going too light.

Light Color Paints for Textured Walls

Green textured wall chair wood flooring hanging lightPainting different wall texture types a light color allows a room to feel larger and makes the textured surface on the walls less noticeable. 

Light paint includes neutral colors such as white and beige or earth tone colors, including muted greens, browns, yellows, and pinks. 

It’s essential to purchase high-quality paint for textured walls to be sure the surface is covered completely. Below are some samples of light paint colors for textured walls from top paint manufacturers.

Paint Brand Paint Color Name Color Number Color Sample
Behr Click on the Behr link and use the Color Number to search for the color on their website.
Neutrals PLATEAU PPU4-08 Behr Plateu (PPU4-08)
BAJA PPU7-08 Behr Baja (PPU7-08)
Greens CRICKET FIELD P370-4 Behr Cricket Field (P370-4)
GALWAY M390-3 Behr Galway (M390-3)
Browns STONEWASHED BROWN N190-2 Behr Stonewashed Brown (N190-2)
HARVEST BROWN 10D-4 Behr Harvest Brown (10D-4)
Yellows SWEET AS HONEY P290-2 Behr Sweet As Honey (P290-2)
BICYCLE YELLOW 370A-3 Behr Bicycle Yellow (370A-3)
Pinks PINK BLOSSOM 240C-1 Behr Pink Blossom (240C-1)
SOFT PINK 190A-1 Behr Soft Pink (190A-1)


Paint Brand Paint Color Name Color Number Color Sample
Benjamin Moore Click on the Benjamin Moore link and use the Color number to search for the color on their website.
Neutrals BARREN PLAIN 2111-60 Benjamin Moore Barren Plain (2111-60)
WINTER WHEAT 232 Benjamin Moore Winter Wheat (232)
Greens NEON CELERY 2031-60 Benjamin Moore Neon Celery (2031-60)
RIVERDALE GREEN 415 Benjamin Moore Riverdale Green (415)
Browns ALMOND BISQUE 269 Benjamin Moore Almond Bisque (269)
OCEAN BEACH 958 Benjamin Moore Ocean Beach (958)
Yellows LEMON SORBET 2019-60 Benjamin Moore Lemon Sorbet (2019-60)
LEMON GLOW 2025-60 Benjamin Moore Lemon Glow (2025-60)
Pinks OPAL 891 Benjamin Moore Opal (891)
VOILE PINK 2000-70 Benjamin Moore Voile Pink (2000-70)

Dark Color Paints for Textured Walls

Living room with gray textured wall couch rug coffee table lamp indoor plantDark-colored paint creates a cozy feeling in any room; however, it can make a room appear smaller. 

Lighting is essential to overcome dark paint colors, which cover imperfections on textured walls and hide blemishes better than light paint colors. 

Proper lighting from fixtures or different types of windows can bring a dark room to life and conceal imperfections on textured walls. Below are some samples of light paint colors for textured walls from top paint manufacturers.

Paint Brand Paint Color Name Color Number Color Sample
Behr Click on the Behr link and use the Color number to search for the color on their website.
Neutrals WILD TRUFFLE HDC-NT-27B Behr Wild Truffle (HDC-NT-27B)
UNPREDICTABLE HUE MQ2-58 Behr Unpredictable Hue (MQ2-58)
Greens GREEN DYNASTY MQ4-44 Behr Green Dynasty (MQ4-44)
MOWN GRASS M370-7 Behr Mown Grass (M370-7)
Browns OUTBACK BROWN BXC-65 Behr Outback Brown (BXC-65)
CATTAIL BROWN 350D-7 Behr Cattail Brown (350D-7)
Yellows MIDSUMMER GOLD P280-7 Behr Midsummer Gold (P280-7)
EXTREME YELLOW P260-7 Behr Extreme Yellow (P260-7)
Pinks LOVEBIRDS P140-5 Behr Lovebirds (P140-5)
LINGONBERRY PUNCH M150-6 Behr Lingoberry Punch (M150-6)


Paint Brand Paint Color Name Color Number Color Sample
Benjamin Moore Click on the Benjamin Moore link and use the Color number to search for the color on their website.
Neutrals ROCKY COAST 1595 Benjamin Moore Rocky Coast (1595)
DEEP CREEK 1477 Benjamin Moore Deep Creek (1477)
Greens COURTYARD GREEN 546 Benjamin Moore Courtyard Green (546)
CAT’S EYE 2036-10 Benjamin Moore Cat's Eye (2036-10)
Browns RAISIN 1237 Benjamin Moore Raisin (1237)
URBAN LEGEND 238 Benjamin Moore Urban Legend (238)
Yellows LUMINOUS DAYS 300 Benjamin Moore Luminous Days (300)
SUNVALLEY 350 Benjamin Moore Sunvalley (350)
Pinks BELLADONNA LILY 2093-40 Benjamin Moore Belladonna Lily (2093-40)
CRANBERRY COCKTAIL 2083-20 Benjamin Moore Cranberry Cocktail (2083-20)

Best Paint For Textured Walls 

Wood flooring textured wall color couch table chair windowsPainting textured walls can be difficult if the paint you choose is too thin or watery. A watery paint will drip from the pockets on the wall due to the texture or from not filling the pockets at all, leaving a spot of whatever color you painted over. 

Be sure you purchase high-quality paint and depending on the color you’re painting over, you may need first to paint a coat of primer and then one or two coats of paint. 

If you don’t use primer, at least two coats of paint are needed or sometimes more if there is a stark contrast between the color of the existing paint and the new paint.

Better paint brands offer paint manufactured at a proper thickness, and both latex and oil-based paints are good choices. Just be sure you know what type of textured surface or paint is already on the wall. 

Painting latex or acrylic paint over oil-based will cause the new coat of paint to peel.

What Paint Finish Looks Best On Textured Walls? 

Dark textured wall paint color couch windows door indoor plantAs with the type of color, paint finishes also affect the appearance of textured walls. The best paint finish for textured walls depends on whether you prefer to bring out the texture or make it less noticeable.

Flat paint is the least reflective finish and will mask imperfections and tone down the texture.

• Eggshell has a subtle glow and will show a bit more of the texture than flat, but not by much.

• Satin paint is much like eggshell but resists damage from moisture and holds up against heavy use. Satin is a good choice for bathrooms with textured walls.

• Semi-gloss and high-gloss are very reflective and will highlight imperfections. If your walls are in good shape and you prefer the texture to be seen, semi-gloss and high-gloss will do the job.

Armed with the information you need to make the best choice, you can purchase the best color and type of paint for your textured walls.

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