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    Office And Bedroom Combination (Layout Ideas)

    Here we share our office and bedroom combination ideas including how to setup a work area, room combo tips, layout designs, and the types of layouts to consider. The pandemic propelled working at home into the forefront of many labor industries. Although it’s safe to return to the office, employers are letting some staff members […] More

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    Transitional Furniture Style (Features & Colors)

    Here we share our transitional furniture style gallery including what it is, its different features, colors & designs, which rooms to use it in, and the best transitional brands & stores. The word transitional has many meanings. However, when referring to transitional furniture style, it means bridging styles or building a bridge to connect two […] More

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    Chest Of Drawers vs Dresser (Comparison & Uses)

    In this chest of drawers vs dresser comparison guide you’ll see the differences in their design, price, their uses, and how they compare to a bureau. Choosing bedroom furniture is a very personal decision; however, there are pieces commonly associated with a bedroom, such as chaise lounges, armoires, loveseats, and a chest of drawers or […] More

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    Dining Table Dimensions (Size Guide)

    Here we share our dining table dimensions guide including standard sizes for rectangular, square, round, and oval dining tables. Dining table dimensions are important when planning the layout of your dining room and when purchasing linens, table cloths, and chairs. No host wants to welcome guests to their home for a holiday dinner and realize […] More

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    Matte Porcelain Tile (Designs & Pros and Cons)

    Discover more about matte porcelain tile including what it is, how it’s used in floors, countertops & showers, the pros and cons, different designs, and the problems with matte porcelain tiles. Matte porcelain tiles are often used for flooring because of their ability to withstand heavy traffic and moisture without breaking or becoming slippery. These […] More

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    What Is a Loveseat? (Uses, Sizes & When to Choose)

    Find out what is a loveseat including why it’s called a loveseat, its uses, sizes & seating capacity, comparison to a sofa, and when to choose a loveseat for the living room. A loveseat is sometimes referred to as a two-seater couch and is often used when a sofa wouldn’t fit in a room. It’s […] More

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    Loveseat Vs Sofa (Design Comparison Guide)

    See our loveseat vs sofa comparison guide including the design differences, dimensions, when to use each type of sofa, and what sets a sectional sofa apart from these furniture pieces. Loveseats are shorter in length than sofas and are an excellent choice for smaller rooms in your home. They maximize any space while providing seating […] More

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    15 Essential Kitchen Countertop Appliances

    This gallery of 15 essential kitchen countertop appliances featuring the important must-haves for your kitchen, along with information about their uses and how to use them. Over the years, we’ve been introduced to a number of handy products that can make life in the kitchen easier. On the other hand, too many gadgets can quickly […] More

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    Armoire Design Styles (Types, Uses & Pictures)

    This gallery of armoire design styles shares what it is, the different design types, materials, features, where to use an armoire, and comparison to a wardrobe. The word armoire brings to mind tall, ornate furniture with recognizable styles such as the rich swirls of Victorian furniture, the twisted details of Gothic and today’s clean-lined contemporary […] More

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    Tigerwood Flooring (Types & Pros and Cons)

    Find out about Tigerwood flooring including what it is, the different types, pros and cons, prices, cleaning tips, and how Tigerwood floors change colors. If you’re considering a new floor for your home, you may have come across Tigerwood flooring, a naturally striking wood. Tigerwood is a type of hardwood flooring made from the wood […] More

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    Does a Platform Bed Need A Boxspring?

    A popular question is does a platform bed need a boxspring? See the pros and cons of using a boxspring, how it’s different and type of mattress to use. When shopping for a new bed, you’ll find the market now offers more bed bases than traditional mattress and box spring sets. Various mattress foundations are […] More

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    Frameless Cabinets (Different Types & Styles)

    This gallery of frameless cabinets includes what they are, how frameless cabinets & doors are constructed, different types, and comparison to framed cabinet designs. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing home, a kitchen’s most significant design impact are the cabinets. Cabinets are typically made of wood, particleboard, or fiberboard covered with […] More

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