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Colors That Go With Pink (Paint Matching Guide)

Here’s our ultimate guide to the best colors that go with pink and light pink and popular paint color matching choices for furniture, wallpaper, and curtains that complement pink, and adding warmth & personality to every living space.
Pink blinds and curtains in baby nursery with wood floorWhen it comes to decorating or remodeling your home, picking pink as your main interior paint color may seem like a bold choice. This color can add a pop of vibrancy to any room, even in unexpected places like the bathroom.

Despite what the status quo says, pink is actually a universal color that is well-liked and received by both men and women. But, it’s also true that pink is mostly associated with femininity and that women do in fact favor this color more compared to men. 

What Colors Go Best With Pink

  • Pink and gray
  • Pink and black
  • Pink and teal
  • Pink and red
  • Pink and blue
  • Pink and cream
  • Pink and yellow
  • Pink and brown

Pink generally adds extra charm, vividness, and vibrancy to every home’s living space. Most homeowners believe that this color creates a visually pleasing and vibrant atmosphere.

Like any other color, pink can have varying tones or shades, all of which are perfect for creating either a bold or soft look for your living space. To create contrast and elevate the overall design, you can add elements like a cozy rug or decorative objects to your pink-themed room.

Most homeowners are uncertain about picking pink as their interior paint color. Not because it looks too feminine, but because they think it’s generally hard to mix and match with other color schemes.

However, you don’t need to worry anymore because one thing is certain: pink is slowly becoming one of the go-to color choices when it comes to interior designing.

Below, we’ll walk you through some of the colors that go best with pink, and how you can incorporate each other in your space.

Bedroom interior with stylish light fixture poster frame and wooden flooring

Ask the Expert – Colors That Go with Pink

We asked interior designer Willa Roberson-Mitchell, for her favorite colors to pair with pink and here’s what she had to say:

Quite often, pink is a color associated with anything that’s symbolically feminine. In re-imagining the stereotypical vision of designing with pink, one can gain further insight into ways of pairing this versatile hue with colors that lend harmony within a variety of spaces.

I feel an exuberance of classic nostalgia when walking into a space designed in the colors Pink and Cream. The passivity of cream keeps the energy of pink in check, making this combination suitable for living and dining spaces, bedrooms as well as baths. Adding a soft touch of pink to the room enhances the overall ambiance.

I recommend pairing these hues if you’re seeking to create a space that reflects an elegant style absorbed in comfort and relaxation.

Modern bedroom with pink painted walls cream color curtains furnishingsThe colors Pink and Blue lend a simplistic approach to bedroom and nursery design. When introduced in pastels it creates a soothing and calming effect to the environment.

If you’re looking to create a bolder color statement, try introducing pale pink with navy blue and you will have created a little more decorating emphasis. I would suggest this color combination if you’re looking to create a youthful aesthetic to your design scheme.

Introducing a color combination of Pink and Black infuses a dramatic effect for a living space. Black evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication and when accented with a paler shade of pink will lessen its strength and become suitable for restful environments.

Incorporating elements like a color wheel can spark ideas for incorporating various shades of pinks into the space, creating pops of color on items such as a chair or couch.

The brighter the pink accents, the more drama the room will resonate. This color effect will be best reserved in a living room for the bold and restless! The use of pink also adds positivity and sweetness to the room’s atmosphere.

At times, I love to create spaces that reflect a little design whimsy? Yellow and Pink evokes a playful color scheme that puts all serious decorating notions aside. Yellow lends an uplifting, cheerful energy while its pink counterpart subtly plays down the action.

Due to the vivacious nature of these colors, they are best featured in living, dining rooms and baths. Decorating with these colors in pastels will create a more calming atmosphere in areas denoted for rest.

I find decorating outside the status quo is achieved when partnering Pink with Purple. The best approach to designing with this duo is to lower the use of purple to less than half of the overall color scheme, such as on a statement chair or couch.

Designing the remainder of the space in a neutral color will bring purple into balance. Pink can be introduced in bold accents to add a little spice to the overall scheme.

Bbedroom with pink walls and brown furnitureIf you’re looking for a color palette that reflects nature, try harmonizing Pink and Brown to achieve this vision. Brown evokes a sense of earthiness and pink resonates with nature’s tranquility. Envision this color scheme in the living and dining areas. You will feel grounded in natural serenity.

Beautiful bedroom with soft pink walls and muted orange headboardYou will daringly find Pink and Orange to be pretentious and uplifting. When introduced in muted tones, this playful combination is better suited for sleeping areas. Consider integrating white or beige into your color scheme to avoid overwhelming the senses.

My favorite way of infusing the power of pink is with the colors gray, black and white. I love the feel of this aesthetic and its versatility in reflecting a chic contemporary, classic art deco and contemplative vintage theme.

Embracing the power of pink calls for a vision that will take you beyond the common view. Once you decide on the ambience, consider the variety of pink combinations from which to choose. A thoughtful approach to pairing pink will help create the ambience you set out to achieve.

Colors That Match With Pink

Here are some of the best colors that go well with pink for your home interior and decorating needs.

Pink Partnered With Black 

Cozy black and pink room interior with decorative plants Black can generate a dramatic and impactful effect on a room while giving off an elegant vibe when paired together with pink.

Black is usually associated with loneliness or grief. And like what we mentioned earlier, pink is generally a happy, vibrant color. 

So, pairing them together essentially creates a great contrasting effect in the space, which can be enhanced by incorporating pastel pink shades and patterns featuring roses, hearts, or other intricate designs.

For example, having a hot pink room or furniture may create a dominant impression. But, when you paired hot pink with black or patterned accent pieces featuring roses or hearts, the vividness of the former would eventually balance out the dark and grim tone of the latter.

Overall, the pink and black color combination helps to break the monotony of a neutral room. 

Pink Partnered With Teal

Teal and pink bedroom interior with wooden shelf and various decorationsThe combination of teal and pink is perhaps one of the most favorite color schemes for a wedding motif. However, this color combination, which may include soft pastel pink, is not only great for weddings; it’s actually a popular color scheme choice in interior design too!

Incorporating teal and pink in a room can elevate its style, depth, and aesthetic appeal, especially with complementary patterns or accent pieces featuring roses or hearts.

Hot pink, in particular, coordinates with teal exceptionally well. Together, they add more beauty and radiance in a neutral space. 

Meanwhile, the combination of cool teal and soft pink is also ideal for creating a stylish look and setting a relaxing mood in a room.

Pink Partnered With Red

Pink burgundy gold workspace interiorThe combination of red and pink is most ideal for women’s space in the house as it basically embodies femininity. Both of these colors have vivid, striking, and energetic tones that truly capture an energizing ambiance. 

This color combination is also perfect in bedrooms as it creates a majestic and luxurious atmosphere. While pink and red may not be an ideal color pairing choice for everyone, one thing’s for surethe unparalleled vitalizing effect it can bring to any room. 

You can amplify the interior decor by using accent pieces featuring girls‘ favorite patterns, such as roses or hearts.

Pink Partnered With Blue

Playful blue and pink living room interior

Blue and pink are always considered opposite colors. In general, blue is usually associated with men while pink is associated with women. Read more about our article on the best colors that go with light blue walls here.

But just like the famous saying, “opposite attracts,” matching blue with pink can actually unleash an inspiring color harmony.

In particular, vivid tones of both blue and pink can produce a strong energizing ambiance, while rich and deep hues can create a luxurious and cozy effect. 

For example, if you have a neutral-colored room, putting together a piece of blue accent furniture with pink pillows adorned with girls‘ favorite patterns like roses and hearts can remarkably enliven the space and soften the aesthetic.

What Colors Go With Light Pink 

Here we share color combinations that match with light pink shades.

Light Pink Partnered With White

Pink and white living room interior with stylish lamp and decorative plantThis might seem a pretty basic color scheme, but pairing light pink with white is undoubtedly a perfect combination that gives off a truly relaxing and inviting effect. 

It especially works excellently in making a particular space look clean and organized, and the addition of soft pastel pink accent pieces featuring patterns like roses or hearts can further enhance the room’s charm and appeal.

Light Pink Partnered With Yellow

Modern living room interior with decorative accents Light pink can somehow appear dull but never underestimate its ability to transform a room into a more lively and playful space when it’s paired with a vibrant yellow.

This bright and daring combination can create a sweet, exciting, and fun atmosphere, perfect for a young girl‘s bedroom or a cheerful common area.

Yellow and light pink particularly makes a room stand out. The energizing effect that yellow exudes enhances the beauty and calmness of light pink.

Light Pink Partnered With Green

Classic green and pink kitchen interiorIf you want to make your living space chic and classy, matching light pink with green may just be one of the best choices you can make.

Despite not being the most popular choice to pair with light pink, green can actually emphasize the beauty of the latter. Read more about our article on colors that go with green here.

You can either use apple, grass, or teal green with light pink. To further enhance this color scheme, try incorporating metallics such as gold or accents such as white in your overall interior design.

What Color Goes Best With Pink 

Cozy pink and gray living room interiorThe color that goes best with pink is definitely gray. As a standalone color choice, pink can already give off an energizing, cheerful, and eye-catching effect, but combining it with gray will further create a calm, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere.  

Being a neutral color, gray does not effectively create a huge impact on a living space on its own. However, pairing it with pink will surely give off a visually pleasing effect that will truly captivate anyone who sees it. 

If you have a gray room interior, you can try incorporating some decorations or accents with any shades of pink to revamp the overall ambiance of the space. Gray itself can only look bleak and dull, but matching it with pink can totally enhance the overall look and mood of a space. 

Pink Room With What Color Of Curtains 

Below we share what color curtains work best with a pink room.

Curtains With A Different Shade Of Pink

Modern bedroom with pink painted walls different pink color curtainsIncorporating pink curtains in a room with a pink interior may seem like an odd choice, but in reality, this combination works excellently. You just need to ensure that there are varying shades of pink in the space to balance out the color choices.

For example, if your wall is hot pink, you can add a light pink curtain to create an impressive monochromatic look. 

Red Curtains

Living room interior with pink walls and red curtainRed curtains actually match well with rooms that have pink interiors as they can produce a classic monochromatic effect. Essentially, it can make the room look more romantic and feminine.

Gray Curtains

Modern bedroom with pink painted walls gray color curtainsA neutral color like gray remains to be one of the safest curtain color options that you can pair with a pink interior, creating a harmonious color scheme.

It balances out the femininity and vibrancy of pink, providing a room with a more dainty look while creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere at the same time. 

What Furniture Color Goes With Pink Walls

Choosing furniture is an important part of decorating. Below we share our picks for color matching furniture with pink painted walls.


Modern bedroom pink painted walls gray color furniture and curtainsNeutral-colored furniture is one of the best options for rooms that have pink walls. Gray furniture, in particular, makes the living space appear more inviting.

You can even decorate the furniture with pink accent pillows to brighten up the overall mood of the space.


Stylish bedroom with black furniture and light pink wallsDespite being tagged as a dark, depressing color, black can also represent class and elegance. Pink is frequently associated with girls and the color pink can evoke feelings of softness, lending itself well to accent pieces that add a touch of whimsy.

Incorporating black furniture in a room with pink walls can help bring a sense of visual balance to the space. Adding pink elements, such as a couch or chair, can create a sense of positivity and sweetness in the space.


Modern monochromatic living room interior Beige is another neutral and calm color that works exceptionally well in striking the balance between warm and cool colors. It highlights the pink walls effectively, making them look more eye-catching. Envision this color scheme in the living and dining areas, with pops of pink on a chair or couch, for instance. You will feel grounded in natural serenity.

For more related content, check out our article on colors that go with purple.

Kristina Schroeder

Monday 23rd of August 2021

My husband and I recently converted our guest room into a dedicated space for our first child. We've always envisioned a room where our daughter will love as she grows up. Pairing light pink with gray elements certainly did the trick. The final result was something out of the ordinary, especially the use of gray-colored decorations. It definitely added character to the room.