Farmhouse Garage Doors (Types & Color Ideas)

Garage doors are often overlooked, and their installation focuses only on their basic functions. But do you know you can do more than that and consider their aesthetics, too? And one good option if you love the provincial life and want to bring it into your home you can consider farmhouse garage doors and make the most of their aesthetics. 

Garage with brick wall, lighting fixtures and wood farmhouse garage doors

Farmhouse garage doors showcase a more rugged, natural, and rustic appeal that can spruce your home differently. Explore what it means for you if you choose to have farmhouse garage doors compared to other types. [toc]  

What Is a Farmhouse Style Garage Door?

House driveway, detached garage, front porch and windows

A farmhouse garage door has its roots anchored way back in history, specifically in the Colonial era, where American architecture considers farmhouses as vital elements in its development.

The farmhouse style is characterized by its functional design and its rustic and vintage vibes. The integration of carriage houses in the architecture of farmhouses has become trendy and something that homeowners are positive about. 

Being vintage and old-school, farmhouse garage doors are made of wooden and metal combinations. If you’re looking at authentic farmhouse doors, they have the following elements you can take note of:

Wide planks and barn board wooden material

Metal and wood pairing

Vintage iron accessories: hinges, step plates, handles, and door knockers

Rugged iron accents: spear points, clavos (decorative nails), and studs

Garage door color ideas: white, neutral colors, and other dark rustic shades (You can choose a two-tone color palette)

A weathered and rugged look

Painted finishes in the desired color (But usually in natural colors)

Swings open like carriage doors 

The vital factor revolves around the rustic vibe that the garage doors deliver and an ambiance of comfort and warmth. But considering the fact that your garage’s door will serve as the front of your home, you can benefit from thinking about its aesthetics. And with farmhouse designs, this means an old-time yet rustic and nostalgic style of doors.  

Types of Farmhouse Garage Doors 

Garage with wooden doors and brick walls

With different types of farmhouse-style garage doors to consider, how will you know which one to choose? Using your instinct alone is not enough, so to help you decide, here are some factors to consider first:

• Matches the style of your home: A farmhouse garage door features a simplistic yet charmingly old-school vibe, and if that’s exactly what you’re going for with your garage and home in general, this could be a good choice. The aesthetics of your door must match or at least complement the exterior of your home. 

Choose the specific design of your farmhouse garage door, whether you prefer double doors or not, or whether you want it to be digitally controlled. 

• Materials you want your garage door to be made of: The garage door panels can come in various wood and metal types, and you would also need to decide on the hardware that comes with it both to be functional and for aesthetics.

• Inclusion of windows: You can add windows to the design of your garage door to allow more natural light to enter your home, but with traditional farmhouse doors, most go without the addition of windows. 

• Finish: Choose a specific finish that can make your door stand out, but make sure that it can complement your home’s exterior and that you take into account the climate in your location. Wooden finish and metal finish are all available. 

• Insulation: Consider a properly insulated and weather-sealed door to have better energy efficiency in the area, especially since these doors open and close repeatedly, transferring cold air every time. 

These are only a few of the basic factors to consider when choosing the ideal farmhouse door for your home. With the different types of farmhouse-style doors, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming. 

While the farmhouse style is pretty straightforward, there are many options when considering the different types of farmhouse garage doors. You can go from the minimalist barn-style or something with a more specific theme, like the relaxing vibe of a Tuscany-style farmhouse door for cars. 

Black Painted Door

House with detached carport with black door and asphalt driveway

A black barn-style door is modern and capable of giving your vehicle bay an edge look that traditional farmhouse style does not offer. This can be a good addition to your home if you have a light or neutral-colored home exterior. 

This dark, modern country look is more dramatic compared to other options because few people will choose the color black on a farmhouse-style door. On the other hand, it also easily hides away dirt, scratches, and dents on it. 

White Painted Door

House with front lawn, pitched roof, driveway and white doors in the garage

Compared to black rustic doors, its white version is more acceptable to homeowners because the style is traditionally in light and neutral colors. With white barn-type doors, you get to have a simpler and minimalist option to give your home’s exterior a cleaner look.

The downside with it is that since it’s light-colored, it also easily gets dirtied, especially since doors are exposed to outside elements that can easily affect its facade. 

Modern Farmhouse Door

House with red decorative porch element, stone cladding and wood siding

Barn door-style entryways have evolved throughout the years, though homeowners have become lenient in what can be considered rustic style. Modern farmhouse door design today can include modern glass doorways and sleek white-painted entryways as long as they are connected to the ranch, country, and carriage types of garages and homes.

Modern ranch-style vehicle bay entryways are not limited to wood and steel. Many other materials can be used to build them, including glass, aluminum, vinyl, and composite materials. The blend of different contemporary elements and artificial materials allows the birth of these modern barn-type entrances. 

If you’re looking for something unique and different, this door type is a good option. Combining neutral colors and bright hues can make a dramatic addition to your home’s aesthetics and ambiance. Of course, the color that should dominate the door should be neutral or something like white, black, or gray. 

Wood Doors

Attached garage with shingle roof and white columns

A wooden rustic door is a traditional type that showcases rustic beauty, which is what people are after with this style. More than just a timeless material, wood is renewable and provides a natural and minimalist appeal.  

Wood barn door-type entryways normally look rugged and raw, contributing to its rustic and vintage vibe. Some are made purely of wood, but they can be combined with stainless steel and aluminum.

Depending on the design you want, you can integrate more modern elements into the mix (But this can make it lean towards a modern barn-style doorway). 

The advantage of the wood barn door type lies in the benefits of choosing the said material. Whether softwood or hardwood, the material is versatile, highly flexible, and easily workable compared to other materials. Based on what type of wood you choose, you will either be required to treat it now and then or just polish it. 

The big disadvantage of wood carriage-style entryways is that they will easily get damaged and dirtied if not treated properly and regularly. This means that you might need to regularly take care of the door’s maintenance.

Double Doors

House with driveway, dormers and porch with wood door

A rustic door is also a good consideration if you want something different rather than a swinging entranceway. This style is usually found in a mansion’s facade, which is elegant and luxurious. So, if you will choose this style for your entryway then you are going for something warmer and welcoming. 

Going for a double opening can cost around $400 to $8,000, depending on the materials and quality of the materials you want and installation costs.

The standard wooden entryways can set you back around $400 to $800, while glass types of sliding doors are more expensive and can cost $900 to $3,500. And you will also need to reserve an additional $600 to $1,100 for labor. 

Farmhouse Style Door Hardware

Garage with asphalt driveway and white door

When building your barn-style entryway, you will need to consider the hardware you will use. Going for more decorative pieces is a good option since, more than just focusing on their functions, they can also add to the car portal’s aesthetics.

Some of the car portal hardware pieces you need to consider are the following:

Spear points



Pull handles 

Ring pulls

Door knockers and latches

Strap hinges

Step plates

Door Lights

Garage, driveway, windows and roof

Barn-like lights need to feel warm and rustic, so if you go for oversized lighting or wall lanterns, no one will blame you. Make sure you match the size of your lights with the size of your vehicle bay so that it won’t be too bright or too dim in the end. 

You can choose modern rustic outdoor lighting embedded with a round base plate that uses a dusk-to-dark sensor. Read more about different types of garage lights on this page.

Overhead lighting is a standard lighting fixture that you can choose for your carport, but you can also include other fixtures to make it more welcoming and aesthetically stand out.

See more related content in our article about louvered garage doors on this page.

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