Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Vs Ceiling Mount

Here’s our comparison of a wall mount garage door opener vs ceiling mount with pros and cons and which is best for your garage.Ceiling mount garage door openerReplacing your garage door opener is a huge undertaking that also comes with a huge cost. If yours needs replacing, there are actually plenty of different models available in the market today. Two of the most popular options for you to consider are the wall mount garage door opener and the ceiling mount.

They’re both great at offering the convenience of opening and closing your garage door with nothing more than just the click of a button and they’re also both safe to use. They do, however, have differences between them that you ought to know about and consider before you make the big decision of making your purchase. [toc]

What Is A Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Vs Ceiling Mount

A ceiling mount can be commonly seen in residences all over the US. They generally work with the use of a motorized system that operates them that’s mounted on the ceiling.

There can be a number of mechanisms in place from a chain, a mechanized belt, or a screw drive mechanism. It’s equipped with a trail track that’s responsible for lifting the garage door open and close.

Ceiling mount chain drive garage door opener

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A wall mount garage door opener, which is also sometimes called either a jackshaft opener or a side mount, is found on either side of the garage door.

This type of garage door opener is commonly seen in garages that have irregularly shaped ceilings, or those with a substantial amount of height.

A wall mount opener mainly differs from the ceiling mount based on the type of mechanism it has which is a torsion bar that operates the garage door. The torsion bar system is comprised of a number of spring bars that have been mounted strategically on the inside header of the garage door opening.

There are torsion springs placed on tubes that have center brackets that hold the spring in place. Each of these bars has a drum equipped with a cable that runs to the bottom bracket of each side of the garage door. It’s a much newer system compared to the ceiling mount.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Pros and Cons

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There are several advantages and disadvantages for each type of garage door system and the wall mount garage door opener is no different. Read on below to know if such a system is ideal for your home and for your specific garage type.

Wall Mount Pros:

Allows garage ceiling storage – If you want to reserve your ceiling space for extra storage or if you just want to use it for other functions, then a wall mount garage door opener may just the be thing for you.See garage storage ideas here.

Easy to maintain – They’re very easy to maintain and since they’re generally lower in height, it also makes them extremely accessible.

No chain or belt to break – It runs across fewer malfunctions compared to a ceiling mount garage door opener. This is mainly because there isn’t a belt or chain that you would have to maintain or worry about, making its open and close function far easier to operate and maintain.

Does not need lubrication – There’s no need for you to constantly check on its lubrication because of the belt or chain’s absence.

Wall Mount Cons:

Can not lift heavy doors – The wall mount garage door opener makes the garage door move from a lower point. This means that they can’t exactly lift heavy doors. They also require a lot of headroom in order for them to operate efficiently.

Needs an electrical outlet close by – There needs to be enough space as well as an electrical outlet that’s near your garage door. If you don’t have one from the onset of your home’s construction, this can be quite a hassle and can be costly to get installed.

May need special installation – A wall switch is wired directly to the wall mount garage door opener which means that you might come across some issues in the event that that switch malfunctions or has problems with the wiring. You might come across some rewiring or reprogramming issues with it.

Ceiling Mount Garage Door Opener Pros and Cons

Ceiling mounted garage door opener roll up doorsA ceiling mount garage door opener, like its rival, also has its own share of benefits and drawbacks.

Ceiling Mount Pros:

Affordable – Ceiling mount garage door openers are known to be sturdy and fairly affordable. They cost less in terms of initial upfront cost as well as in their maintenance so if you’re trying to do a garage upgrade on a budget, they’re definitely a great option to go for.

Can lift heavy doors – They’re also known for their capacity for heavy lifting and they can open up a wider variety of garage door styles so your design options are more comprehensive.

Durable – Because of the fact that they’re operated by a belt or chain, they’re far stronger and more durable openers compared to their wall mount counterparts.

Cost less to overall – Most ceiling mount garage door openers have a lifespan of 10 years or more, making them a viable investment. This is on top of the fact that they cost less on the initial purchase and other than the periodic lubrication maintenance on the chains, they also cost less to maintain.

Ceiling Mount Cons:

Needs more space – The obvious downside to garage door openers that have been mounted on the ceiling is that they can take up a lot of space. This runs the risk of depriving you of overhead storage space.

Can limit storage capacity – Garages sometimes double up as a place to dump most of the unused stuff in, or at times are even used as a workshop of sorts. Having these types of door openers can drastically limit your capacity to do those things in your garage.

Noisier – Another downside to this door opener is that it’s much noisier than the wall mounted alternative. It might not be very ideal for a small home or for homes that have bedrooms adjacent to the garage. This can be a problem as well if you happen to have a two story home with the bedroom being directly on top of the garage.

Which Is Best A Wall Mount Or Ceiling Mount Garage Door Opener?

Wall mount garage door openerObviously, both the wall mount and the ceiling mount garage door openers have their own merits. When deciding which is best for you and for your garage, it will all be dependent on factors such as how much your budget is, how big your garage is, how it’s shaped, and the features you would like to have the most.

If you have a fairly spacious garage with high ceilings and you have the luxury to splurge for it, a wall mount garage door opener would definitely be best for you.

A wall mount is a little quieter so it doesn’t make too much noise when the garage door opens and closes, it allows you to maximize the use of your overhead space for storage and they’re easier to clean and maintain because they’re mounted low.

On the other hand, if your budget is a little tight, a ceiling mount garage door opener might be your best bet. It’s far cheaper than the wall mount type, and it works great for small garages as it doesn’t take up too much lateral space.

A ceiling mount also works well with heavy garage doors. If you don’t mind the slight inconvenience of missing out on overhead storage space and the occasional noise of the garage doors opening and closing, this should work just fine for you.

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