Interior Garage Wall Paint Colors

Here’s our guide to interior garage wall paint colors including best paint color for garage interior, garage wall color recommendations and more.
Garage interior with white paves brown door drop ceiling Whenever you’re designing or renovating your garage, selecting what paint colors you’ll use is crucial.  The paint color you’ll apply on your garage walls will have a huge impact on its appearance. 

If you’re going to use the perfect paint color and finish for your garage, your interior appearance will be greatly enhanced.  Plus, it will give a more pleasant ambiance that truly elevates your comfort level and satisfaction.

In this article, you’ll be well-informed about making your garage interior eye-pleasing and extraordinary.  Let’s begin!

Best Paint Colors for Garage Interior

Garage with gray paint whtie door steel ceiling Why is it important to choose the best paint colors for your garage interior?  That’s because it will add more value to your house and improve the overall feel of the space. 

Choosing the best colors will truly make your space to be much more distinctive.  Plus, you can be proud to show it to your visitors and neighbors!

There are known effective ways of making your garage interior look a lot more eye-relaxing and inviting.  Painting your walls with neutral colors, painting your garage cabinets with bold colors, and painting your garage doors with vivid colors are some of the best color combinations you can try.

However, it still depends on your preferences.  But what if you haven’t got any ideas yet on how to choose the best paint colors for your garage interior?  Here are some tips.

For your garage walls, you need to use paint colors that are very easy to clean.  Since the garage is where you park your vehicles, your walls might get dirty frequently. 

Neutral colors such as beige, tan, or gray are some of the best colors you can paint on your garage walls as they are all easy to maintain and clean.  Using these colors is the best choice for your wall because if they get dirty, it won’t be obvious.

For your garage floors, it’s advisable to use speckled flooring coated with a top-grade Polyaspartic floor coating.  But when choosing speckled flooring, make sure that the colors match well with your  garage walls.

Lastly, for your garage cabinets, the top choices are beige, dark gray, soft gray, and tan.  Your garage cabinet paint colors should blend well with your wall to make it look a lot neater and eye-pleasing.

Garage Wall Paint Color Recommendations

Garage with brick accent wall and shelving When it comes to the best interior garage wall paint colors, most people prefer painting their walls a shade of white, as it gives a bright and vivid look. 

However, white isn’t always the best option.  Why? Because it easily gets dirty.  Touching your white walls while you’re fixing your car is one of the worst things that can happen as the stain will be so hard to clean.  White and other light colors can easily reveal stains.

So if white isn’t the best option, should you go for dark colors?  Well, dark colors might be advantageous in some ways as it does not easily get dirty.  Even if you accidentally touch it with your dirty hands, the stain won’t be obvious. 

But still, dark colors aren’t the best option.  Why? Dark colors, such as dark blue, black, or dark grey can make your garage appear confined and dim.  The lighting in every garage must not be dim as it might cause accidents whenever you’re parking your car or you’re fixing something.

Yes, light colors such as white, yellow, bright green, and dark colors such as dark blue, black, and dark gray aren’t good for your garage walls.  These are the most recommended colors you can apply to your garage walls:

  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Neutral Blue
  • Neutral Green
  • Gray

So if you’re thinking of painting your garage walls, always go for neutral colors.  These colors are very easy to maintain.  Stains and dirt can be easily cleaned with these neutral colors and even if they are not yet cleaned, these stains and dirt wouldn’t look that obvious. 

Neutral colors are also pleasing and refreshing to the eye.  They make your garage look brighter. Plus, they allow better flexibility in terms of design.

Nevertheless, before painting your garage walls, make sure to match the color of your paint to the colors of your garage door, floors, and cabinet. 

For example, if your garage door, floors, and cabinets are painted brown, then you can paint your garage walls with beige or tan.  Additionally, if your garage door, floor, and cabinets are painted black or dark gray, then you can make your garage walls neutral blue or gray. 

So you see, you wouldn’t just paint it; you’ll also ascertain that the neutral color you’ll choose matches your garage door, floors, and cabinet colors.

What Sheen is Best for Garage Walls?

Interior garage with teal flooring light wall The best sheens for garage walls are semi-gloss and satin finishes.  Why? These finishes are very easy to clean.  If ever your wall gets stained, wiping it off with a damp cloth can already clean it. These sheens truly provide a much cleanable and easy-to-maintain surface. 

What Color Paint Hide Flaws Best?

If you want color paint that can truly hide flaws, then go for darker colors.  But just like what I said earlier, dark colors make the garage look dim and confined. 

However, if your garage walls have numerous flaws and you want to conceal them, then you may paint them with a dark color.  But it would contradict so many factors because the most recommended paint colors for garage walls are neutral. 

Neutral colors aren’t that superior in terms of covering wall blemishes.  But, you can still paint your garage with a neutral color and hide wall imperfections as well.  How? 

Just paint your garage walls with a neutral color, then make sure to finalize it by giving it a matte sheen or flat finish.  Matte paint finishes can strongly conceal flaws. See more related content in our article about creating a minimalist garage on this page.

How Can I Make My Garage Look Bigger?

Garage with steel closets and shite tiles If you want to make your garage appear bigger, you can paint it white.  But again, this will contradict another factor.  White is difficult to clean and it can highlight stains easily. 

But if you’ve decided to use white, make sure to give it an eggshell or satin paint finish to make the paint a bit glossy, and at the same time, making it easy to clean and maintain. 

Even though you used white paint, you can still enhance it by finishing it with eggshell or satin finishes as these will help reflect the lighting in your garage, making it look bigger and more spacious.

You can visualize different interior garage wall paint colors by using a garage design software program. This will allow you to enter the square footage and layout of your space and apply different wall colors to see what you prefer best.

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