Garage Makeover Ideas (Before and After Pictures)

Garage makeover before picture

This gallery focuses on garage makeover ideas to help get more organized. Shelving, storage cabinets, and hangers can help clean up clutter and can be used to store items better. In addition, insulation, and epoxy & polyurethane flooring can be added to create a more comfortable, attractive and livable area. Below, you’ll find before and after pictures that show effective ways to beautify and clean up your garage space.

One part of the house people often tend to neglect is definitely the garage. It’s a place where we place old items, furniture, equipment, and other “dirty” items, making the area look like a dump than an actual spot for parking cars. But keeping the floor plan clean and organized has benefits beyond aesthetics and will help make your life easier. So, what do we do to make our garage better?

Here are some renovation elements you can add to your garage, depending on your needs:

Storage Space – Discarded items, outdoor items, heavy equipment and the like will most probably end up in the garage. The best way to keep the area clean & organized is by dedicating storage spaces and shelves to keep things in place.

  • Cabinets – cabinets will keep the area looking clean as they keep “unsightly” items out of sight and also help protect them from weather
  • Open shelves –  For items you need easy access to, such as power tools, hardware, etc, it would be best to keep them in open shelves so you can easily find them. Using adjustable wall brackets for the shelving is ideal, as it allows you to adjust shelf heights as needed
  • Peg boards & slat wall – a great compact storage solution for smaller items; this is great for items and equipment you use often such as power tools and cleaning equipment
  •  Ceiling-mounted hooks & brackets – these are useful if you have enough ceiling room and are great for hanging and storing special equipment if you have them such as kayaks, paddles, bikes, etc.

Insulation – Wall insulation is often overlooked, especially when we don’t spend much time in the area. However, having a well-insulated garage will help keep the items and equipment stored inside in pristine condition.

Flooring – Since this is a place where heavy & hard items are stored, using appropriate flooring materials would really improve the over-all environment of the layout. Flooring made for heavy-duty use such as epoxy, polyurethane, or an appropriate coat over your concrete floor, will improve both aesthetics and utility of the garage

Improving the design style may not seem as fancy or as glamorous as the other parts of the home, but it will improve the over-all ambiance of the house. Simply adding appropriate storage in the garage already greatly improves the area.

No more tripping over random wires or equipment, no more random falling items, or hours spent on looking for the box of screws you keep in the space. For even more ways to organize, check out our garage storage ideas guide.

Garage before makeover picture

The first transformation step is to create a list of problems with the space in order to come up with effective garage makeover ideas.

Garage before makeover picture with no insulation

Problems in this garage are easily identifiable:

  • it lacks storage space as you can see a lot of items placed randomly around the area
  • bare concrete flooring – concrete is porous so it easily attracts moisture and stains
  • it lacks proper insulation which can make the area uncomfortable during hot or cold months.

Insulation for garage

Insulation was added to the wall before it was boarded up for installation of PVC slatwall. Insulation can also be added to the garage door for even more protection if desired.

Bare garage flooring before the makeover image

This garage started with a bare concrete floor that is visually unappealing.

Gray polyasparatic polyureathane coating for garage flooring after picture

For seamless flooring, the old concrete floors were replaced with a polyaspartic coating, creating a stain and scratch-resistant flooring surface. This type of floor coating is also resistant to chemicals of all sorts and cleans up well with water or regular detergent.

Bare garage wall before picture

The walls started with a bare sheet-rock wall that is both unappealing and non-functional for the homeowner.

Pvc slatwall installation after picture

To solve the lack of storage space, a PVC slat wall was installed. You can hang shelves, baskets, hooks and other equipment on this wall, making it a very flexible storage solution.

Garage remodel with slatted wall storage

The slat wall definitely offers a flexible storage solution. You will see baskets, hooks, garden tools and equipment hung on the wall, keeping them out of the way, yet easily visible and accessible.

Garage renovation with storage cabinets and finished flooring

The polyaspartic floor coating gives a unique pebbled finish to the space, and also provides a heavy-duty floor surface for the garage.

Gray garage with slatwall hanging storage

Using hooks, you can easily transform the slat wall and add more storage. You will see this side of the wall even installed a small basketball hoop/board, and also easily keeps strollers, scooters and other equipment. Just make sure items don’t interfere with the operation of your garage door opener.

Garage cleaning project after makeover pictures

The finished product definitely looks cleaner and more organized. It also added garage storage cabinets made for heavy-duty / outdoor use. Instead of typical plywood or MDF carcass used in kitchens, the layout uses steel cabinets with textured metal cabinet doors to match the rugged appeal of the space.

Adding recessed lighting fixtures or overhead linear lights is another option that can greatly enhance the look and feel of the space. This renovation installed mini-recessed downlights that provides focused task lighting above the workspace.

Garage #2

Here is another garage with a big problem with clutter and organization. Below we’ll outline some of the ways the homeowner cleaned up this space and got better organized.

Garage declutter makeover before picture

Again, storage is the main issue with this space as it lacks appropriate cabinets and shelves to store items placed in the area. Compared to the previous example, however, it has better finishes, so it is easily fixed by taking time to declutter and remove unneeded items.

Garage transformation after picture

After installing storage cabinet units and shelving, the condition of the garage greatly improved. You now have a bigger open/work area, and it looks clean, uncluttered and very organized. Wall brackets were installed for the open shelf units with bins.

The storage cabinets are all wall hung, keeping their base away from the floor and preventing exposure to moisture. Hanging wall cabinets allow for a system for tool storage and organization to help keep things accessible when needed.

Garage with epoxy floor coating before

This garage also used bare concrete for its flooring, with visible expansion bolts. Although the finish is better than the previous example, bare concrete does not give enough protection from chemicals, stains, oils and other damages common on garage floors.

Garage with epoxy coating floor after

To keep the rugged appeal of the raw concrete floors, instead of completely changing the finish of the floor, it was simply coated with an epoxy coating. This is a great inexpensive option that would give your garage floor chemical, moisture, and stain resistance, as well as create a highly durable finish in a variety of colors to choose from.

Garage Makeover Video Before and After

Garage Cabinets

Adding garage cabinets can be an effective way to de-clutter and allow you to quickly find items such as tools, cleaning products and garden supplies. Some cabinet units come equipped with a worktop to enable you to have a handy surface for completing DIY projects from your workshop space.

Garage storage cabinets with metal doors

Similar to the steel cabinet used above, this is another great steel cabinet design. It has an all-steel carcass & textured sheet metal cabinet doors for that rugged appeal, with added mobility of wheels/casters, so you can move around the items as needed.

Get more information about these 6 piece metal storage cabinets at Wayfair.

Garage storage shelving and cabinets

This is also an excellent variation of the cabinets featured above. The overhead cabinets can be attached on the slatwall for an adjustable height, has wheeled base cabinets and two large storage cabinets for storing cleaning agents and other equipment.

It also features a wider wooden countertop for a more spacious workspace. A workbench can enhance your ability to fix things around the home that need repair or have fun with your favorite hobby. Click here to get more information about the industrial storage cabinet shown here.

If you would like to create your own layouts, there are a variety of garage design software that can help you plan your layout and try out different storage, paint colors, and finishes.

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  1. We have very similar problems to garage #1 and I want to renovate our garage with the polyaspartic floor and pvc slat wall. Does the polyaspartic coating go right over the original concrete? Did you have to acid wash the concrete first, or remove it?What part of the U.S. is garage #1 in & what level of insulation did you use? Where did you buy your flooring and pvc slat wall? Did you do the insulation and drywall yourself? And ceiling? How long did the whole project take? Great article, thank you!! J. Mathew 7/27/2019

  2. Wow, I was really impressed by the different kinds of steel cabinets you displayed in your article. The way they can really bring extra storage while being a durable garage option makes me feel like this is the best way to store all my dangerous tools materials so they’re safe from my children. If I can find a garage storage contractor in the area, I’ll definitely ask them for these kinds of cabinets.

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