Kitchen Backsplash Designs (Picture Gallery)

White cabinet kitchen with gray ceramic tile backsplashThere are many types of backsplash designs that can help you achieve the exact style you desire in your cooking space.  A backsplash is simply the panel at the back of the stove or sink. It serves to protect the wall from splashes and look aesthetically pleasing.

The backsplash not only protects the wall but also promotes the style of the room and gives beauty to the atmosphere of the kitchen.

The design shown above features a gray ceramic subway tile backsplash. Ceramic subway tile is a great choice for a contemporary look and is currently popular for remodeling projects.

Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

Kitchen with brown mosaic glass backsplash This beautiful contemporary-style space features a mosaic crystal glass backsplash. The mini glass tiles resemble little subway tiles with a variety of shades of brown. Since this tile is made from 98% recycled glass tiles, it is a sustainable product that’s also easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Backsplash Styles for Kitchen Walls

There are many different styles of backsplashes to choose from:

  • Mosaic – it has the resemblance of a tiled backsplash; however, it is made out of smaller pieces of ceramic, glass, or stone tile. This can be featured in a specific image or scene looking like a puzzle. Geometric patterns that have no particular image can also be used for design.
  • Mural – is usually created using tiles that reflect a picture or image. It can be similar to the mosaic backsplash, but the mural makes use of the bigger tiles. This backsplash can be presented in various ways, like hand-paintings and photo image reproduction, which are being applied to the tiles.
  • Panels or sheets – these compose a lot of backsplashes, including plastic laminate or metal and the use of the panels. It is featured in a solid surface wall panel having a wainscot design, a thermoplastic panel resembling the embossed tin appearance, and a glass panel that can be frosted, back-lit, or textured.
  • Removable or temporary – it can be easily removed and installed, making it ideal for temporary designs.
  • Tile – is regarded as the mainstay of decoration with various styles, including ceramic, porcelain, metal, stone, and engineered stone.

Backsplash Designs and Patterns Ideal for the Kitchen

The design, tile patterns, and layouts you select for your backsplash will have a distinct effect on the feel of your cooking area. Whether you want a more modern or contemporary design or rather a traditional feel, there’s a different style to help you achieve that look.

o Laser-cut – tiles are cut using lasers for the production of amazing designs that are gathered to form like a puzzle.
o Mirror – tiny mirrored tiles combined to form one design ideal in buffet area or serving station.
o Diagonal – another way of presenting the layout with wonderful design.
o Large-pattern – it makes use of big and bold patterns.
o Subway – features a classic design for a fresher and more modern look.
o Herringbone – this pattern of arranged rectangles provides a lot of texture to the space.
o Specialty-shaped – presented in various shapes and colors for uniqueness.
o Slab – custom designed as one continuous piece of material to provide a luxurious appearance
o Custom mosaic – used for customized design.

There is a variety of kitchen design software to help you try out different tile and backsplash designs. Matching different backsplash with countertops, cabinetry and paint colors can give you a better idea of the overall feel of the space before you go forward with a project or hire a designer.

White cabinet kitchen with quartz island and marble counters and backsplashThis culinary area showcases a beautiful Carrera marble slab backsplash and matching counter. Solid slab backsplashes can provide a luxurious look and provide the space with a consistent appearance. See more types of kitchen countertops here.

Kitchen with white cabinets and adhesive mosaic backsplashThis space uses an adhesive decorative mosaic wall backsplash to bring a contemporary feel to compliment the traditional style of the white shaker cabinets.

Traditional kitchen with a custom tile mural backsplashThis design has a custom tile mural backsplash with a decorative wood cabinet to provide a luxury element to the stove area.

Kitchen with tumbled travertine tiles, steel hood and ovenThe space pictured above features a center section of tumbled travertine mosaic tiles surrounded by a darker 6″ by 6″ honed travertine wall tile.

Dark cabinet kitchens with quartz tile and white ceramic tilesThis quartz tile splashback features real stone with a warm color palette of whites, grays, and gold. This backsplash is commonly used in the living room or around fireplaces.

Kitchen with herringbone patterned tiles and cabinets in antique white finishThis space has a Carrara Bianco honed herringbone marble mosaic tile with dimensions of 1×3 inches in size.

Kitchen with swirled stainless steel backsplash with alder wood under sink cabinetsThis contemporary design offers a brushed stainless steel back wall with a random swirl pattern for a unique look.

Kitchen with two types of backsplash materials and recessed lightingThis design has two types of backsplash materials. The first is a popular bright snow-white subway tile, while the second is a more exotic stainless steel over ceramic polished mosaic backsplash over the stovetop.

Kitchen with black and white inset tiles and range cook topThis is another variation of cooking space with classic white subway tile with a contemporary addition of a black, gray, and white inset tile above the range cooktop.

Kitchen with ornate island with marble countertop and decorative pendant lightsTraditional style space with a Tuscany Alabastrino-honed travertine tile splashback. Travertine tile is an elegant design choice for traditional kitchens. However, it is a porous stone and can be prone to staining. For these reasons, careful attention and maintenance of travertine is recommended to maintain its long life and beauty.

Kitchen with medallion backsplash and rough cut stone accentThis elegant Mediterranean-style culinary space comes equipped with a mosaic tile medallion splashback surrounded by rough-cut stone. A 4-inch backsplash design made from the same granite as the countertops sits below the stacked stone tile with a decorative trim border.

Kitchen with rough quartz backsplash with rectangular glass tilesThis area has a center range backsplash of rough-cut quartz with a rectangular glass tile splashboard to the outer sides.

Kitchen with thin clay brick backsplash with white-washed finishCreated to look like real brick, this thin clay brick veneer splashback provides an old, weathered look typical of an Old English countryside style of home.

Modern kitchen with painted glass made backsplashThis modern space has an interesting aqua blue back painted glass splashboard. The tempered back painted glass style brings a stylish look to the space that definitely makes an impression.

Kitchen with square breakfast island with two chairsThis traditional cooking area showcases a tumbled slate tile backdrop with a decorative tile runner.

Kitchen with curved island and granite slab backsplashHere is a granite slab splashback that contrasts slightly with the style of the main countertops. The flooring is a large travertine tile laid in a grid pattern. See this page for more types of kitchen flooring for additional ideas.

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