Country Kitchen Cabinets (Ideas & Style Guide)

Our gallery of country kitchen cabinets features a variety of cabinet door styles to help you select the one that’s perfect for your interior design. White country cabinet kitchen with wood island and wood flooring Country style kitchens are best known for the comfort and warmth that they bring to homes. Kitchens which are inspired by the countryside are very nostalgic of homelike coziness, bountiful big family meals and joyous celebrations. It reminds you of your grandmother’s kitchen, where culinary traditions are treasured or a comforting rural summer home, where you can enjoy the cheery morning sunlight passing through clear glass windows as you smell the sweet aroma of a fresh pot of coffee. Country style kitchens are centered around an inviting warmth that makes guests and family constantly feel welcomed to dine and drink, while putting them in a relaxed mood. In summary, country style kitchens remind you of what it’s like to be ‘at home”.

A country style kitchen is also meant to be lived in, rather than to be showcased as a “display kitchen. It has a distinct down to earth appeal and homespun look, which is brought about by practical design features and comforting design elements.

Country kitchens fall under the traditional  style and are characterized by being  rustic, old world yet very timeless. Its inspiration may range from the rural French countryside, to a rustic farmhouse kitchen, or an opulent  English country home. Other popular country style kitchens are Tuscan country, cottage and country garden. Each of these themes are defined by specific details and finishing touches which make their overall unique, but the foundation still remains solidly “country like” in character.

Wooden cabinetry is considered to be  the main feature for country style kitchens. Being one of the major facets of a classic country kitchen, incorporating the right kitchen cabinetry design needs proper attention to detail, finishing and color. Below we explore some of the key design features of Country  kitchen cabinets to help you decide whether their warmth and comfort is the right fit for your home. (For the complete list of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles visit our gallery page)

Country Kitchen Cabinets Design

Kitchen with distressed antique white cabinets with custom island and red oak floors As mentioned earlier, country kitchen cabinets fall under the traditional kitchen cabinet style and is characterized by a timeless appearance, natural comfort and lived in feel. This type of kitchen cabinetry gives off a warm and inviting atmosphere. Unlike modern kitchens which are characterized by a sleek surfaces and a smooth streamlined design, country kitchen cabinets are highly ornamental and rustic.

Characteristics of Country kitchen cabinets design

Here are some other characteristics of country kitchen cabinets.

Country kitchen cabinets have a homespun feel – To project the “lived in” look and comforting home like feel of country style kitchens, country style kitchen cabinets incorporate handcrafted details that are rustic and simple.

Country kitchen cabinets are organic and natural – The country kitchen style aims to bring the outdoors in through the use of natural materials for cabinetry such as solid hardwoods or repurposed / reclaimed wood.

Country kitchen cabinets have a clean look – Although ornamented, country style kitchen cabinets are dominated by simple shapes. Often misconceived as crude looking or unsophisticated, country kitchen cabinets have a very clean appeal because of the dominant use of differing shades of white in its color palette.

Country kitchen cabinets make use of simple details – Country kitchen cabinets are more ornate compared to other traditional kitchen styles when it comes to the design elements present in the space. But as for the cabinetry, the details are typically simple and placed along the central panel of the cabinet door or drawer face. For French country or English country inspired kitchen cabinet styles, detailing and decorative trims are considered to be major features – think of chunky pilasters, fine carvings and highly decorative details.

Country kitchen cabinets have a  neutral color palette with rich, bright accents – Neutral colors such as white, off white, beiges and shades of brown are abundantly used in country style kitchen cabinets. Colors that remind us of the nature are also very popular country kitchen cabinet colors. They are generally a combination of bright cool hues and warm wooden tones.

Country kitchen cabinets are timeless – Country kitchens, in general, have a long lasting character that is proven to stand up to the test of time. No matter what the current trend is for the kitchen design scene, country kitchen cabinets have remarkable staying power which offers a classic look for homes.

Materials used for Country  kitchen cabinets design

Country kitchen with solid wood cabinets and two islands The use of natural surfaces and materials is another key facet of country style kitchen cabinets.

Materials for country kitchen cabinets are usually durable, sturdy and long lasting. It typically makes use of solid wood as the primary material. Pines, cherry, oak, maple and hickory are some of the popular wood species for country kitchen cabinets.

Knotty woods, such as pine, are also a classic favorite for country style kitchen cabinets. Their natural graining pattern and rich details give it a down home vibe. Maple is also another great choice for country kitchen cabinets because of its light color and bright appearance. Maple is a clear grained wood with a creamy color. Cherry is also another durable material which can be used for country style kitchen cabinets. Its deep, dark color  works for both French country and English country inspired kitchen cabinets.

Wood country kitchen with exposed beams Distressed wood or reclaimed wood can also be used for country style kitchen cabinets. Whether for cabinet doors or for open shelving units, distressed wood provides for a more rustic appeal. It can also be used as a decorative wooden hood cover for concealing range hood and exhaust pipes.

You can learn more about the species of wood used for traditional kitchen cabinets design here.

Finishes for Country kitchen cabinets design

Country style kitchen with white and brown cabinets wood floors and granite countertops The signature look of country kitchen cabinets includes natural wood in stain or painted finish. However, there are plenty of other finishes to choose from such as distressing or glazing, to name a few.

The natural color of wood is allowed to take the center stage in country kitchen cabinet style. Darker wood are usually used if you want to create a more formal vibe, while lighter woods are often used to project a more casual effect. They are either left in their natural color or enhanced with stains to show off their graining pattern more.

Another popular finish for country kitchen cabinets are paints in varying shades of white. White, off white, creamy beige painted country style kitchen cabinets can either be left in plain or distressed finish. Distressing and weathering is used for country kitchen cabinets if a more antique looking design is desired. Distressing involves the application of an antique glaze over a sanded cabinet surface to create a timeworn appearance.

Country kitchen with tile backsplash and breakfast bar For French country inspired kitchen cabinets which require a richer and more ornate appearance. Painted kitchen cabinets may be enhanced through the use of glazing. Glazing involves the application of glaze – a transparent or semi transparent liquid that acts as a top coat for a stained or painted kitchen cabinet, giving it the traditional, antique look of patina. Glazing can instantly transform country style kitchen cabinets into a time worn look. It also works well particularly for country kitchen cabinets which have a lot of decorative trims since it highlights the details by giving it a shadow like effect.

In some cases, both the stained finish and painted finish are combined to create a more appealing country kitchen cabinet design. One unique finishing treatment which works for country and farmhouse style kitchens are the mismatched cabinetry. Since true country house make use of what’s available, it does not focus on color coordinated elements The overhead cabinets, for example, may be finished with a different color form the base cabinets, or alternatively, a contrasting kitchen island is used.

Hardware styles  for Country  kitchen cabinets design (types and finishes)

Cabinet hardware such as handles and knobs are a highly important features for country style kitchen cabinets. These small details make a big impact in creating that hand spun, rustic and timeworn appeal for country kitchen cabinets.

In general, traditional inspired cabinet hardware can be used for country style kitchen cabinets. Finish country style kitchen cabinets with antique knobs and handles.

In terms of cabinet hardware finishes, go for antique brass, pewter and brushed nickel cabinet handles as they have a vintage feel. Oil rubbed bronze is another well fitting choice as it has an aged appearance and dark chocolate brown color which works well for both dark and light colored country kitchen cabinets. While, if you want a reddish tone to complement white or beige country kitchen cabinets, try old copper finish and pair it with matching faucets and fixtures. On the other hand, if you want to take the weathered look and antique vibe to a greater level, opt for Antique iron as it has imperfections and blemishes which suggest a timeworn feel, while its color can dramatically change from light to dark depending on its exposure to light.

If you want a simpler yet functional hardware which blends seamlessly with wooden kitchen cabinets, try round wooden peg knobs in natural finish and allow them to contrast with dark wood or painted country kitchen cabinets. Wrought iron and black color cabinet hardware are also another option if you want to produce a subtle contrast for white country kitchen cabinets.

When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware design, country kitchen cabinets pulls and handles usually have period style inspirations which are ornamented with engravings or intricate motifs like flowers, leaves and scallops. Unlike modern kitchen cabinet hardwares which have angular forms, the profiles of country style kitchen cabinet hardwares are more graceful. Some other choices for country style kitchen cabinet hardware are knobs, bin and cup pulls and handles with decorative plates.

As mentioned earlier, country style kitchens do not focus on highly coordinated or “matching” decor. To add more interest, drawer pulls and handles for country style kitchen cabinets may also be mismatched

Decorative Details in Country  kitchen cabinets design

Country style kitchen with beadboard panel cabinets and beadboard island with dark wood floor Country style kitchen cabinets  are not only characterized by their distinct warmth and comfort, wooden cabinetry, light and bright colors, but also through the use of simple decorative details such as wooden trims or carvings.

The design of country kitchen cabinets feature decorative moldings which are typically placed along the borders of the cabinet doors central panel, between the overhead cabinets and the ceiling or at the ends of the cabinet ends. Beadboard panels and raised panels are also common for this type of kitchen cabinet. Essentially, any design detail that is used for traditional kitchen cabinets, may be used for country style kitchen cabinets.

Depending on the design inspiration that it follows, the decorative details for country style kitchens may either be simple or more intricate. French country style kitchen cabinets, for example, may incorporate floral appliques or details which have a pastoral motif. While farmhouse style kitchen cabinets have simpler and more charming features like a plain decorative trim.

Country Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Beautiful country kitchen with off white raised panel cabinet doors and brown stained island Any traditional kitchen cabinet door design works for country style kitchens. Traditional kitchen cabinet door styles may be mixed and matched to give a kitchen a distinct “country” feel. These traditional kitchen cabinet door styles include raised panel doors, recessed panel doors, shaker style doors, beadboard panel doors and accent doors. The design that you choose will greatly depend on the inspiration that you have for your country style kitchen, whether it may be farmhouse, cottage, English country or French country.

For example, French country style kitchen cabinet doors have a highly ornate and intricate appearance. So typically, their designs are more rich and filled with details such as carvings, decorative trims and motifs. Raised panel doors or cabinet doors which have a bordered central panel that is slightly higher than the rest of the cabinet face components, are common features for country kitchen cabinets.

Alternatively, recessed panel doors, or those that have a bordered central panel that is below the rest of the cabinet door face components, can also be used. Cathedral style doors are typically used for overhead cabinets, while the base cabinets are typically dressed in a less ornate design. Mouldings and cornices can also be placed above kitchen cabinetry to give them added detail and decor.

Beautiful country style kitchen with solid wood cabinets and rounded island with granite countertops Country farmhouse style kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, have a more toned down appearance, thus the cabinet door designs are less formal and simpler. Shaker style cabinet doors are one of the iconic  trademarks of farmhouse kitchen settings. Shaker style kitchen cabinets are a five piece door that has a recessed center panel. Although it can be found in modern and contemporary settings, Shaker style kitchen cabinet doors are a favorite for farmhouse kitchens because of their laid back and simple charm. And also, they contribute a touch of contemporary vibe to a traditional space.

For country cottage kitchen’s, beadboard panel doors can be used as the main feature for the space. Beadboard panels are series of narrow wood planks that are lined up vertically and separated by little ridges called beads. This type of kitchen cabinet door design renders a rustic appeal and homelike vibe to a space.  

Accent cabinet doors are also used to break of the heaviness of a country style kitchen. Cabinet doors with clear glass inserts are often used to display precious dinnerware while giving the kitchen an overall airy feel. Leaded glass inserts and stained glass can also be used for  amore artistic flair. In some cases, cabinet doors are also treated with chicken wires to give them a more “country side” and farm like vibe.

Open cabinetry and shelving units can also be used for a cozy feel in the room, while allowing the homeowners to showcase antique and rustic accessories and furnishings. Decorative serving ware, dinnerware and everyday dishes are also displayed in these open shelving units.

Colors for Country kitchen cabinets design

Country kitchen with green cabinets and custom wood counter island The general color palette for country style kitchens are generally rich and bright. It is mainly composed of earth tones and colors that can be seen in nature. Country kitchen cabinet colors can range from natural light and dark wood colors and browns, to soft neutrals like white, off and white. For those who want a bit of color for their cabinets, soft and mellow colors such as pale blue, mint green, buttery yellow and other pastels may also be explored for paint. Bright yet sophisticated tones like rose, purple, and green hues are also commonly used. Basically, it brings in any color that you find in nature.

The color that country style kitchen cabinets take will greatly depend on their inspiration, as each follows a different color palette. Country farmhouse kitchen cabinets favor natural wood finishes or are typically painted in white, off white or beige.

Cherry wood cabinet kitchen with l shape design English country kitchen favor a more ornate design, thus the colors are richer and stronger. Wooden country style kitchen cabinetry with an English inspiration are geared towards deep colored woods like cherry, and is often complemented with opulent nature inspired colors like deep reds, purples and greens. See our gallery of cherry kitchen cabinets here.

Country cottage kitchens, on the other hand, have more mellow and bright colors. The kitchen cabinets are typically white or beige in color. For a more cheery and charming vibe, soft pastels like pale blues, light greens, mellow yellows and powdery lavenders can also be used. Yellow is also another popular color for country style kitchen cabinetry as it gives off a cheery and relaxed vibe to a space.

Country kitchen with long island with wood counter breakfast bar and knotty wood floors White in varying shades are also popular for country style kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets project a relaxed and casual feel, as compared to dark wooden kitchen cabinets. You can learn more about white country kitchen cabinets as we go on with this article.

Mismatched colors for the base and overhead cabinets are also prevalent in country inspired kitchens as it adds more interest to the space. Cherry and maple, for example can be combined for the center kitchen island and for the perimeter kitchen cabinets, or another option would be off white for the overhead or base kitchen cabinets and a soft muted blue for the kitchen island.  

French Country Kitchen Cabinets

French country kitchen with white cabinets yellow painted walls and wood flooring French country kitchens embody the natural character and true beauty of rural France through the use of organic elements which create a comfortable and cozy environment. It is also often coined as an “ode to countryside” living, as all of its elements are distinctively rustic and reminiscent of the outdoors. Think of rustic ceiling beams, wrought iron accessories, ornate wood carvings, wide plank floors, natural stones like terracotta  and antique brass hardware.

In general, French country kitchen cabinets are characterized by a heavy, highly intricate Old world feel.  Among the inspirations for country style kitchen cabinets, they have the most ornate detail and the most warm color palette. French country kitchen cabinets also focus on fine craftsmanship and a strong. sturdy build.

French country kitchen cabinets out premium on ornamentation.  It typically makes use of intricate wood carvings which are reflected on the cabinet door and drawer faces. The door styles are usually raised panels, recessed panels or accented by decorative trims around the center panel. For more ornate designs, carvings of different traditional motifs are used as an accent. In addition to the decorated cabinet door faces, the design of French country kitchen cabinets are also accompanied with corbels, cornices, moldings, legs and posts, for a richer and more opulent feel.

French country kitchen with antique white cabinets and glass doors Alternatively, leaded glass and wire grill door panel inserts are also commonly used for French country kitchen cabinet doors for a more open and brighter design. In addition to this, French country kitchens are also geared towards furniture-like kitchen cabinetry for a more “lived in” feel. French country kitchen cabinets usually have details which can be found in antique furniture like legs and posts for the center islands or decorative feet for the base cabinets.

And since the French country style celebrates the joy of comfortable living and authentic cooking, culinary equipment are typically displayed as part of the kitchen cabinetry design. Pots, pans, and cooking utensils are usually hung on wrought iron racks over the center kitchen island, if not displayed along the cabinets. Open shelves are also typically incorporated in French kitchen cabinetry design for showcasing kitchen tools and fine dinnerware.

French country kitchens abundantly make use of natural materials like rough stones and solid hardwood to create that authentic atmosphere. The woods for French country kitchen cabinets often have rich colors which are left in their natural state or enhanced with wood stains. Some examples of common species of wood used in French country kitchen cabinets are oak, maple, cherry and pine.

French country kitchen with wood tone cabinets globe pendant lights and rustic wood table The color palette for French country kitchen cabinets are dominated by earth tones, specifically shades of brown which are often reflected through the use of deep and rich hardwood cabinetry in natural or stained finish. Other neutral colors which are substituted for natural wood are white off white and beiges. Complementary colors for French country kitchen cabinets are also derived from nature, which are reminiscent of the French countryside, so these are usually rich and bright. Charming shades of lavender, cool tones of olive green, cobalt blue or warm shades of golden yellow and deep reds are typically used as accents to add life to dark French country kitchen cabinetry.

The cabinet hardware for French country kitchen cabinets also reflect an antique feel. It usually has a weathered finish and is adorned with decorative hand pulls or backplates. Some  cabinet hardware finishes for French country kitchen cabinets are black, Venetian bronze, old antique, oil rubbed bronze and antique brass.

To stay true to its roots and inspirations, the elegant and authentic look of French country kitchen cabinets are typically complemented with other rustic design elements such as a honed marble or granite countertop, rich floral patterned fabrics,  highly appealing fabrics and decors that have a culinary inspiration like fruits, bread or wine in a basket.

Country Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Country farmhouse kitchen with breakfast bar island and sliding barn door Compared to French country kitchens which are usually dark, heavy and antique looking, Country Farmhouse kitchens project country comfort through a more laid back vibe and a “down home” atmosphere. In general, it has a very welcoming feel and a strong homey or home like setting. Some common elements for Country Farmhouse kitchens are wooden kitchen cabinets, light colored natural stone countertops, reclaimed wood accents, rustic wooden utensils, mason jars, plaid and gingham cloths, antique farm equipment , farm animal decors and artworks.

Country Farmhouse kitchens are less traditional looking and have a lighter feel compared to the opulence and heaviness of French Country kitchens. It is less formal and gives guests a welcoming and highly comforting feel.

Country kitchen with green cabinets wood counter and rustic portable wood island One of the main attributes of Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets is its “unpretentious design”, meaning it is straightforward and minimally decorated. It does not put premium on ornamentation, but gives priority to comfort and simple living. Some common cabinet door designs featured in Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are Shaker style doors, flat panel doors, raised panel doors and recessed panel doors.

Shaker style doors are trademarks for Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets as they conform to the simplicity and casual feel of farmhouse kitchens. Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets also focus on study construction and ensure that the natural wood components are perfectly fitted well to each other. Rich detailing and carvings featuring farmhouse scenes and pastoral settings are also added as a touch of decor to the cabinetry.

Rustic country kitchen with open shelved cabinets and bare wood breakfast bar As part of Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinetry, cooking implements are also displayed rather than stored inside the cabinets, so open and exposed shelves are often incorporated into the design. Another important design facet for Country Farmhouse kitchens is the sink. Classic or old fashioned  porcelain and stainless steel farmhouse sinks which feature a deep, wide shape are incorporated in the base cabinets. These sinks also often function as the main focal point for Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets. Another notable complementing decor are butcher blocks or wooden countertops which add to the natural coziness of the space.

Country Farmhouse kitchen also abundantly make use of natural materials like hardwoods and stone. Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are typically constructed from high quality solid wood like cherry, oak, maple, redwood, fir and pine. Pine is the most commonly used wood species for Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets because of its golden yellowish tinge and  natural knotty appearance, which makes it a perfect match for the authentic feel of farmhouse kitchens.

Country kitchen with white cabinets and long reclaimed barn wood counter island Reclaimed wood is also another popular material featured in Country Farmhouse kitchens. Salvaged materials bring in a time worn feel, which makes farmhouse kitchens feel more lived in. Old woods are upcycled and put into new use as accents, work counters, ceiling beams, flooring, shelving, hood covers or in some cases, as cabinet doors. Natural imperfections, cracks or blemishes of reclaimed wood are also prized for Country Farmhouse kitchens as they give the cabinets a more weathered appearance.

White farmhouse kitchen with rustic dining table The general color palette for Country Farmhouse kitchens are lighter than French country, thus the ambiance is more cheery and easy on the eyes. Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are often left unfinished in their distinct natural colors or enhanced with wood stains. While in some cases, they are also treated with a painted finish using neutrals like a bright white color, creamy beige or muted colors like cool grays, taupe or light mocha. For a more livelier feel, Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets can also be painted with bright, charming pastels like cool greens, refreshing pale blues, a mellow shade of sunny yellow or powdery lavenders.

A classic combination for wooden Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are painted crisp white walls as they stand out more when placed in a light background.

Country Kitchen with White Cabinets

White cabinet kitchen with light wood counters and vintage blue oven White cabinetry is another perfect alternative to stained or naturally finished wood country kitchen cabinets. If you like the ornate nature of country kitchens but want to deviate from the heavy feel that traditional rich wood projects, white country kitchen cabinets are the best option you can explore. Compared to dark, rich wooden country kitchen cabinets, white cabinets have a more toned down and laid back vibe.

Wooden country kitchen cabinets can sometimes be too heavy on the eyes, and can make a small space feel more cramped, but white cabinets function the other way around. They bounce off natural light better, thus creating a more illuminated, fresher and airy feel for spaces. It can also create an illusion of a bigger space which means it works well for small country kitchens.

Crisp, white kitchen cabinetry also is a good way to make country kitchens less traditional looking. It can significantly make your kitchen feel more transitional, and provides diversity when it comes to mixing and matching decor, accessories and furnishings. With white country kitchen cabinets, you can explore a lot of options for countertops, backsplash material, flooring, wall colors and cabinet hardware. A neutral backdrop also creates a flexible setting for introducing splashes of color throughout your palette.

Another major advantage of white country kitchen cabinets is that it will never go out of style. In general, white is a timeless color and proves itself to be a classic choice which can stand up to the test of time.

Rustic kitchen with raised panel cabinets dark wood island and gothic chandelier Rather than using a ultra bright shade of white for country kitchen cabinets, opt for creamier tones such as beige as brighter whites tend to fit the modern setting better. For a more old world feel, distressed or antique finish is typically used in order to make white country kitchen cabinets appear more weathered and timeworn. While to fit a more casual setting as in Country Farmhouse kitchens, plain finishes with  antique hardware are more fitting.

Contrary to popular belief that white can sometimes be boring, dull or too plain, white country kitchen cabinets provide interest and the perfect amount of balance to heaviness of traditional kitchen settings. Their beauty is often enhanced with exquisite ornamentation and finely crafted details, thus providing more visual interest to the overall look of country inspired kitchen settings. The use of rough textures and complementing natural materials can also help enhance the rustic flair that is needed for country kitchen settings.

Luxury country kitchen with decorative white wood cabinetry wood counter island and skylight cupola White kitchen cabinets also give off a strong country flair, especially when paired with the right type of millwork and details like crown moldings, glass inserts and decorative trims. To produce a more rustic inspired setting, pair white country kitchen cabinets with light natural stone counters, such as limestone. Country farmhouse kitchens, on the other hand, usually feature a classic white cabinet and butcher block or wooden countertop. White and brown are considered as a “favorite” in the farmhouse kitchen design scene because of the natural coziness that they render to a space.

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