27 Gorgeous White Country Kitchens (Pictures)

Country kitchen designs are great for those who want to spend time with friends and family. They often have layouts that allow for eating within a breakfast nook or dining island. Country kitchens are warm and showcase handcrafted furniture and natural materials. We hope these country kitchen ideas give you inspiration for layouts and decor to create your own perfect space.

Country kitchen with shaker cabinets, butcher block island and black granite countertops

In the picture above, the white shaker cabinets match the range surround and the base of the butcher block kitchen island in the space. The black granite countertops of the main counters, the varnished wooden floorboards, and tan-colored walls are nice contrasts to the lightness of the white in the room. The design also uses usually unused vertical space by employing a hanging type of storage for the kitchen’s pots and pans.

Country Kitchens Designs

Modern country design kitchen with grey pendants

Country Kitchen designs often use white for its main walls and cabinets, with warm wood accents for some surfaces and cabinets. It also may use a particular stone finish for countertops and a nice, quaint tile for its backsplash.

Kitchen islands These islands come in different shapes and sizes but mostly serve as a breakfast nook. Sometimes, it is irregularly shaped to allow for more flexibility, and sometimes, it is two-tiered to allow for both dining and cooking tasks.

Butcherblock Countertops These wood countertops come in thin strips of wood running linearly over a long surface. The butcherblock wood finish gives a rustic country vibe, similar to those in older barnhouses. Modern touches such as laminate paneling or space for electrical outlets may be integrated into the design.

Accent Lights Usually hanging over the kitchen island, these lights are usually rustic in style. Other country kitchens might try something lighter in a glass body to go for a more Contemporary barn look

Handcrafted furniture Barstools for island benches usually combine dark wood and leather upholstery or black wrought iron and reclaimed wood. Either way, they provide a rustic country look mixed with old-town comfort.

Backsplash The backsplash in most kitchens uses a quaint country-style tile in small cuts. A linear border usually bounds the backsplash over the stove top and is then laid out in a diagonal fashion. The tile may also differ completely from the rest of the backsplash, serving as an accent.

Exaggerated range hood Country style kitchens often exaggerate the space above their rangehood. Designers use completely different materials for the range hood covers, such as reclaimed wood, rusted brass, or bronze.

Other kitchens are designed such that the architrave before the rangehood features paneling and color similar to the hanging cabinets but features intricate fretwork on the arched detail.

Wood floors A good contrast to the typically white paneled cabinets, wood floors in warm colors are good to use in country-style kitchens, especially because of the warmth they bring to the design. These wood floors can be laid out in planks, strips, or parquet tiles. An unvarnished natural look is best suited for rustic country kitchens.

Pot hangers A clear expression of old barnyard-style utility, these pot hangers are hung from the ceiling and are usually made of wrought iron or cast iron. Heavy pots and pans are hung here, and the setup of hanging materials can also influence the aesthetic of the layout.

Beadboard and exposed beam ceilings Sometimes, even in high-ceiling cathedral roofs, exposed beams in reclaimed wood are a great way to frame beadboard ceilings.

Besides the height of cathedral ceilings being similar to the high-roofed barn houses in the country, the natural treatment of the wood and the quaint lines and nails of the beadboard ceiling also call back to a simpler construction style. Beams can even be constructed to have a truss-like appearance.

Clerestory windows Along with high cathedral ceilings are clerestory windows, openings way above the top of the kitchen’s hanging cabinets. These horizontal windows bring in light and do away with stale, warm air.

Glass-paneled cabinets For lower-height ceilings, an imitation of these clerestory windows is the glass-paneled hanging cabinets or glass-paneled mini-cabinets above the main hanging cabinet storage units.

Usually, white mullions with a pane of glass in between serve as both storage and display, especially since a small pinlight is placed inside illuminating layers of glass shelves and acts as a sort of “window” for the country-style kitchen.

Luxury kitchen with flat panel cabinets with black soapstone countertops

This country kitchen has a base of white in its color palette – the walls, flat panel cabinets, and drawers. An array of different colors is used in the room as well.

The rich dark wood used for the floors is a nice contrast to the lightness of the walls, and the black granite countertops are stylish additions as well.

The subdued olive and yellow tones of the display cabinets are subtle hints of color that brighten up the room.

Kitchen with glass panel cabinets, and maple wood countertops

Country kitchens usually get their charm from the use of homey and warm design elements and materials. In this example, we get a taste of pristine white French panel cabinets, subtle but bold black cabinet hardware used on the drawers, and under-counter storage space.

Warm maple wood countertops are coupled with the polished-white solid surface counter for the main sink area. The sink is a farmhouse style that goes with the whole cabin feel of the area. On top of the range and kitchen island, we have brass pipes used as a hanging storage space for the pots and pans.

Kitchen wood counter island with 3 lamp nickel plated pendant

A flair of personality can undoubtedly be felt in this space. The playful colors of the countertop, country decor, and the bowls displayed all reinforce the design style.

The glass panel overhead cabinets and the use of plants and fruit to adorn the wooden counter island add charm and help contribute to the uniqueness of this room. A slight industrial feel can also be seen with the chrome lamp nickel-plated pendant lights.

Luxury kitchen with shaker cupboards, marble countertops, pendant globes, and custom oven hood

This luxury white kitchen is equipped with pristine shaker cabinets with the same shade as the rest of the walls and ceiling. The marble countertops of the counters are a stark dark color in contrast with the rest of the room.

This goes double for the dark oak floorboards and the Tolix bar stools. The room also has stylish fixtures and finishes in the form of pendant lighting, the custom range hood, and the subway tile backsplash.

Traditional kitchen with cabinets, calacatta carrara marble slab counter, farmhouse sink

Traditional and minimal, this example uses an almost strikingly bare style of design to keep the place feeling open and uncluttered.

The use of white in the subway tile backsplashes, the single-hung French windows, the matching kitchen cabinets and drawers, and even the Calacatta Carrara marble counter really make this place even brighter.

We have hints of rustic charm in the wooden range surround, the heavily-grained wooden floors, and the ceramic farmhouse sink.

Kitchen with bar peninsula, copenhagen granite counter and portable wood island

A more subdued and warm shade of ivory is used in this kitchen design. The breakfast bar peninsula is a nice space-saving workaround for such a small room.

The brown-and-white checkered tile backsplash has colors that match the Copenhagen granite counters. In the center, a movable wood island keeps the room flexible but gives some much-appreciated counter space.

Kitchen with hanging pots and pans, small breakfast bar island and wood plank flooring

White country kitchens can be combined with other colors to enhance the ambiance and feel of a space. Gold and white really go well together in contemporary designs and home design.

The butcher block counters have striking maple wood tones that go with the warmth of the wooden floorboards and the painted tan of the walls. The hanging pots and pans above the island are in storage but also serve as nice decors for the space.

Beautiful kitchen with two tone cabinetry, hidden french door refrigerator, vinyl plank floors, and bar island

A beautiful piece of modern country kitchen design – the white cabinetry really makes the space, while the hidden French door refrigerator is a less explicit way to do luxury design.

The vinyl plank floors are durable in different tones of gray, black, and beige. The breakfast bar island is in a quite sophisticated state with its wooden island base and matching leather bar stools.

Beautiful designed kitchen with yellow granite counter and island with sink

This beautiful and bright white country style kitchen uses a yellow granite counter that not only goes with the pure white motif of the cabinets, drawers, and ceiling but also matches the warm browns of the wooden floorboards.

The island has a kitchen sink and a small area that might double as a breakfast bar. The use of potted plants really gives the room some freshness as well.

Kitchen with beadboard cabinets and two level tiered island

Here, we have a more eclectic but equally as stylish example of rustic country kitchen design. The beadboard cabinets are unique and match the ashen gray palette of the sloped ceiling and walls.

The two-level breakfast bar island is made of the same wood, and the cabinets have handy storage spaces for books and magazines. The matching wrought-iron bar stools also have an endearing quality to them.

The other design elements – the subway backsplash, the stained glass window decor, and the top-of-the-line kitchen appliances – make this kitchen homey and special.

Kitchen with exposed beams, painted island with blanco tulum granite stone counters

The exposed beams of this country kitchen are made from a weathered and rustic wood that contrasts with the pure white nature of the painted walls and white cabinets.

The wood used on the floors is more polished and finished in style but carries the same warmth as the exposed beams.

The Blanco Tulum granite counters are a stylish choice for counter and are matched by the different colored tiles used as the kitchen backsplash. In the middle of it all, we have a blue-painted kitchen island that can be used as a breakfast bar.

Kitchen with long island with bar, table and knotty wood board floors

This country kitchen has a long island and a wood-counter breakfast bar attached to said long island. It has a knotty wood floor whose imperfections only add to the charm of the designed space.

The granite countertops are speckled brown and black, matching the tans and white of the cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen with off white tone cabinets, bianco antico granite and apron sink

The off-white cabinets of this country kitchen serve as complementary bases to the Bianco Antico granite that is used in this residential kitchen design.

Off to the side, we see a rustic farmhouse sink used alongside a 6-burner stove top and two high-end kitchen ovens. Porcelain counter decors are used in this space with some hints of plant life on an overhead shelf above the kitchen stove.

Kitchen with vaulted ceiling, hickory floors and siena beige granite

This is one of the more spacious examples in this list. The vaulted ceiling in this example gives more than ample headroom for this country kitchen. This space is used for various stuffed animal trophies of deer and different avian games.

The hickory wood floors match the exposed roof rafters and the carved wooden kitchen island. Sienna beige granite counters are perfect for these types of rooms, and the matching travertine wall tiles are also a nice design choice.

Kitchen with breakfast eating nook, cambridge white granite, and window seat

One can rarely go wrong with white and navy blue color combinations such as the one used in this kitchen example. The white cabinets, drawers, and dining table set are all pleasantly complemented by the blue upholstery of the chair.

Blue accent decor is also found in the glasses and teapots displayed on the overhead shelves and the blue details of the wallpaper used on the kitchen wall.

The Cambridge white granite counter matches the mosaic tile backsplash and really completes the room’s aesthetic.

Galley kitchen with subzero wolf range

Double-loaded designs such as this one maximize possible counter space and make full use of narrow areas such as this kitchen. The white cabinets adorn most of the back wall, again a good example of maximizing available space.

The farmhouse sink of the kitchen sits opposite the Subzero-Wolf kitchen range. The marble countertops are a nice combination of black and white and go with the room’s aesthetic. The wooden floorboards are also a nice dark contrast.

Kitchen with white european cabinets, travertine counter island and backsplash

The white European style cabinets used in this country kitchen design really go well with the rustic yet modern feel of the room. The ambiance is amplified even more by the glass box pendant lights hanging over the travertine counter island.

The same material is used on the backsplash of the kitchen range wall. A clever use of contrasting black, white, and brown can be seen with the white walls, dark countertops and window frames, and wooden floors, range hood cover, and kitchen island legs.

Kitchen with raised panel distressed cabinets, wood center island with book storage

White raised panel cabinets evoke a more traditionally stylish feel in kitchens. The patterned glass panels further carry this out on some of these overhead cabinets.

The wood center island of the kitchen functions as a cozy breakfast bar and has clever built-in book storage to its side. The classic white subway tiles of the main counter go well with the browns of the floorboards.

Kitchen with shaker cabinets, island with barstools and santorini white marble

White shaker cabinets, as seen in this example, are standard go-to kitchen cabinet styles due to their simplicity and clean aesthetic. The island is topped with Santorini white marble, contrasting the solid black surface of the counters.

The bar stools of the island are upholstered with brown and blue cloth that really pops out in the subdued white-and-brown tones of the room. An interesting diamond checkered pattern is applied to the wooden floorboards of the room to give the space personality further.

Kitchen design with black granite and island with overhanging counter

This country style kitchen design employs white cabinets and drawers contrasting with jet-black granite counters. The island in the middle of this design has an overhanging cantilevered countertop made of the same black granite material.

Two kitchen sinks are used in this design – one on the counter next to the windows and another smaller secondary one on the island.

Cozy kitchen with blue vintage stove and wood topped island

Many white country kitchens have islands with seating to keep friends and family nearby while preparing and cooking meals. Butcher block islands and counters are good additions when a rustic, more homey ambiance is desired in a space.

The wood of these counters adds warmth and life to the room. The sky blue vintage stove in this particular design matches the room’s white-and-brown color palette. The coziness of this kitchen is further grounded by the black ceramic tiles used as flooring.

Kitchen with dark mazama hardwood floors and cafe crema granite surfaces

Cafe Creme natural stone granite counters, such as the ones used in this stylish kitchen, evoke a brightness and style that not many materials can achieve.

The kitchen also has white-toned cabinets and sidings on the breakfast bar island. Dark Mazama hardwood floors were used to offset the brightness of the cabinetry.

Kitchen with decorative cabinetry, and skylight cupola

White country kitchens should be light and bright. Nothing brightens up a room like natural light, and with this kitchen’s skylight cupola, it gets sunlight in spades.  White decorative wood cabinetry is also used in this design, which evokes a very classy traditional feel.

The wood counter island is stylishly done, with master-crafted engravings, different tones, and visual variations in the wood. The wood parquet flooring also has a very stylish touch and goes with the faint Victorian aesthetic of this space.

Traditional kitchen with open plan, white recessed cabinetry, island with wood planking floors

This traditional cabin kitchen uses white cabinetry, heavily-grained cherry wood floor planks, and warm-white and soft lighting to give the space warmth.

The butcher block island holds the kitchen’s main oven and can be used as a breakfast bar. An open layout such as this one combines the openness of two rooms – in this case, the kitchen and the living room – to make the space bright and airy.

Kitchen with oak floors, arabescato statuary marble and black wrought iron lamps

This luxury kitchen design uses its white-color motif in creative and stylish ways. The cabinetry, appropriately painted white, is topped by Arabescato statuary marble counters that have soft gray veins on a pristine white base.

The oak wood floors are as richly varnished and stained as the matching wood bar stools for the central island. Black wrought iron lamps are hung above the island, adding a nice touch of vintage industrialism to the space.

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