30 Beautiful White Kitchens (Design Ideas)

Luxury kitchen with white glass face cabinets carrara marble counter island and two chandeliers

This gallery features beautiful white kitchens in traditional, contemporary, modern and transitional design styles. Choosing a white cabinet kitchen is an great choice because they are so popular with home buyers, they’re timeless and white can be paired with practically any design style to get the look you want in your home.

White kitchens give a sense of luxury and look amazing when combined with marble, granite or quartz countertops. By creating contrasts between white cabinets and backsplash or counters a white kitchen can really stand out and make a lasting impression.

In the picture above a pair of intricate cast iron chandeliers perfectly accent the Carrara marble countertop and backsplash. Oiled bronze cabinet handles provide a rustic charm to stark white cabinets and drawers, while a warm wood flooring balances out the cool white tones of this kitchen. Studded upholstery for the bar stools also provides a contemporary craftsman’s aesthetic to match with the chandelier and oiled bronze fixtures.

White Kitchen Cabinets

There are an assortment of white kitchen cabinet styles to choose from when designing your kitchen. Here are a few of the most popular cabinet door styles available:

  • Shaker – Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular styles found today. Known for its clean lines and classic design that matches practically any decor.
  • Flat panel – These stylish cabinets have a minimalist design that works well in modern and contemporary interior designs.
  • Custom cabinets – A popular choice for those who want to add their own personal touch. Custom designed cabinets are expensive but can be a great choice for those unable to get the exact look they want.
  • Inset panel – Named for its frame that sits inside the cabinet unlike regular cabinetry that sits outside of the frame. Inset doors are beautiful and expensive due to the exact measurments and sizing needed to get a perfect fit.
  • Thermofoil – Thermofoil cabinetry is constructed from a molded medium-density fiberboard (MDF). It generally has a lower price point because it is mass produced, but is known to be a durable choice.
  • Beadboard – Created to look like traditional beadboard paneling with slats of wood, it can give your space a distinct cottage style design. Beadboard is often a popular choice for use with all white cabinets and on islands for its cheery look.
  • Raised Panel – Cabinet doors with the raised panel style are often used in traditional and transitional style kitchens. Raised panel cabinets have a raised center section and are usually paired with detailed and ornate hardware.

Luxury kitchen with white cabinetry, giallo fantasia granite counter, center island, dining island and marble floors

A large mullioned window right above the sink brings a lot of bright natural light to this design. Strip lighting concealed right above and below the inset cabinets illuminates the ceiling and speckled granite countertops, respectively. Two varying beige tones of rough tile backsplash give the white kitchen an earthy character, balanced by the lighter beige tile used for the floor. Lush green accents and mint green upholstered backrest stools bring a green element that complements the natural light and outdoor scenery from the large window.

Luxury country kitchen with white cabinets and white venatino marble countertops with island and peninsula

This gorgeous white country kitchen has speckled granite countertops for the island which provide just enough contrast to stand out from the rest of the kitchen. Lighting from the top and bottom of the hanging raised panel cabinets paired with warm beige tiled backsplash give this room an intimate glow amidst clean cupboards. In addition, adding a convenience outlet to the top part of kitchen countertops make it functional, especially for counter appliances used daily.

Traditional kitchen with angola black granite counters, curved breakfast bar island, chandelier and ocean views

With three square windows facing a view of the sea, this design gives the feel of a vintage resort home with its coffered ceilings and rich cabinet moldings. The range hood, covered with classic leaf and vine moldings, with its body sloping to the ceiling, is rendered symmetrical with a pair of hanging cabinets on either side, and complemented by the dark speckled stone countertop. The kitchen island is curved on one edge, allowing for a more relaxed set-up as a dining nook, with cream-colored upholstery on solihiya (rattan weave) backrest stools. The dainty five-pronged chandelier holds the whole look together, and is supported by smaller downlights on the ceiling coffers.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Luxury kitchen with white cabinetry, large marble topped island with vintage pendant lighting and wood floors

Dark walnut wood floors bring out the white and silver combinations going on in this kitchen. Shaker style cabinets go all the way up to meet the molding at the ceiling Two vintage silver pendants hang over the Carrara marble countertop, which can be adorned with colorful flowers or jars of sweets to provide a bright pop of color. All the appliances are in clean stainless steel, and have been flushed to create clean surfaces – the deep sink and oven with stove top are flush with the countertop, while the refrigerator and microwave are flush with the vertical cabinet panels.

Luxury kitchen with concrete counter island with breakfast bar, chandelier and white cabinetry

Having a stainless steel refrigerator with glass panel, as well as a whole section devoted to a double-mounted oven and range gives this kitchen a high-tech feel. The full-sized standing refrigerator to the left is covered up with a clean tri-panel wall, allowing for a better view of the side. A plain taupe countertop is accented by the rich, reddish wood strip flooring. Cool lighting beneath the hanging cabinets accentuate the theme, offset by an intricate candle-bulb crystal chandelier as the centerpiece.

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Beautiful traditional kitchen with calacatta vagli marble counter island, exposed wood beam ceiling and wide plank wood floors

Looking almost like a row of little Victorian houses, the cupboards in this kitchen are symmetrical, and adorned with mullioned glass panels, which allows the cabinets to look like windows, due to the warm white lighting concealed inside.

The dark wooden base of the island is scrubbed down, to give it an antique vibe amidst the Victorian moldings and tapered body of the range hood over the stove. Marble countertops and a wrought iron chandelier hanging over wooden ceiling beams complete the antique look of this kitchen. See more antique white kitchen cabinets here.

Traditional kitchen with white cabinets, honed travertine floors and wood counter island with large chandelier

Ornamental scroll-shaped brackets adorn this Neo-classical style space, further stressed by its crown moldings with intricate pattern. Besides the accent on the window caused by its classically built architrave, the stove is also a focal point because of its built-up casework and drop, pushing it forward from the rest of the cabinetry. The classical trims in this kitchen are complemented by the rough-hewn countertop, still supported by a classical-style plinth block, as well as the large-veined stone backsplash.

Beautiful Mediterranean kitchen with decorative molded cabinetry, jewel tone granite counters and chandelier

With much of its moldings painted an ornate gold and silver over a white base, this design goes for a Louis XIV-style kitchen. This luxurious, over-the-top style is achieved by very detailed cornices and plinths for the cabinetry, an intricately painted recessed ceiling, and a fretwork of gold leaves over the range hood.

The whole blue and white kitchen design is completed by the China blue granite countertops held up by scroll-shaped brackets, and is further embodied by two different chandeliers over the island and curved bar counter.

White Kitchen Designs

White cabinet country style kitchen with yellow walls and dark wide plank floors

The bright yellow checkerboard-patterned ceiling and canary yellow walls makes this house unique and pleasant. The pair of wrought iron chandeliers hanging over the island also lend quirk to the bright and bubbly feel of this kitchen set-up. It is toned-down by dark wood plank flooring, all-white cabinet panels, and black barstools. Stainless steel furniture are seamlessly flushed with the casework, allowing for a functional yet non-bulky kitchen. The teal patterned rugs again provide a complementary pop of color to the bright yellow found towards the ceiling and upper walls of the kitchen.

White cabinet kitchen with crema perla granite counters, center island and american walnut flooring

White kitchen cabinets and granite countertops offer a timeless design. The dramatic play caused by the arched coffered ceilings is neutralized by the simple white tones featured in these cabinets and drawers. The light beige slanted ceiling planks are matched by the light wood strip flooring, also placed in a slanted chevron layout. A mosaic tile accent backsplash over the stove is emphasized by placing it alongside a more subdued stone tile in natural tones. Downlights and tracklights provide a bright, functional space with much-needed light.

Beautiful transitional kitchen with white cabinets, gray granite counter, dining island and wood flooring

This beautiful transitional cabinet kitchen is both large and well appointed. Similar golden ringlet pendant lamps hang over the dining table and island, giving the two spaces unity, as well as the upholstered wooden barstools, an echo of the larger, smoother dining table chairs. The diamond-hatched backsplash tile over the stovetop is further accented by its plain white backsplash and neutral wood flooring. A beautiful picture window over the wash sink provides plenty of natural light, and provides a view of the garden, brought inside by potted plant décor.

White Marble Kitchen Countertops

White cabinet kitchen with marble countertops and marble tile backsplash with mini pendant lighting

Many beautiful designs use marble counters to complete the design. In this image marble-patterned subway tiles accentuate the backsplash, breaking up the massive volume of the  thick-grained Calacatta marble countertops. Plain white drawers with silver handles, as well as the stainless steel wash basin and appliances are warmed up by the yellowish wood strip flooring. Three egg-shaped pendant lamps hang over the island, providing a sensuous centerpiece amidst the austerity of this modern design.

White kitchen with portable island and carrara marble breakfast bar

The perfect combination of white and gold in this design exudes understated luxury. The bulky stainless steel stove, oven and range hood are balanced out with sleek gold elements in the form of drawer handles, wash basin faucet and three round pendant lamps over the island. The gray beams lining the lower ceiling echoes the modernist tendencies of this design, and the warm wood plank flooring is used to cozy up this luxe kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen with white cabinets, dining island with marble counters, round globe pendant lights and oak flooring

Beautiful white kitchens that add color can really enhance the attractiveness of the space. This room skirts the line between a gray and white kitchen design with main cabinets in a light greige color and bright marble countertops. The thick Carrara marble countertop for the island is softened by its paneled wooden casework body.

Quirky accent pieces such as the round “scuba diver helmet” pendant lamps, knotted gold wash basin faucet, and gold cabinet and drawer hangers are accentuated by its raised panel off white cabinetry.

Black accents such as the rounded bar stools and classic stovetop match well with the white and gold motif, giving the space an old world luxury. The open terrace beyond the dining table brings in some light and green into the otherwise opulence of the gold-white-black motif.

Contemporary kitchen with flat white cabinets, long island with calacatta vagli marble and bamboo floors

The stainless steel appliances are echoed by the all-steel backsplash and plain flushed drawers and cabinets, giving this kitchen a modern, International style feel. The main lighting centerpiece, a single chrome-finished industrial pendant lamp, provides a cool retro feel over the long marble countertop for the island.

This sleek modern white design is softened by the warm wood strip flooring, and double French doors on its side, which open up to the rear yard and provide light and greenery.

Kitchen with wrap around window views, white cabinets, marble counters and darkened hickory floors

This irregularly shaped kitchen is surrounded by large picture windows all around, right over its stone countertops, and is given a classic elegance with two small, slender lampshades. Two antique orb pendants hang over the polygonal island, which is fixed with undercounter wine bar, convenience outlets and stainless steel wash basin.

The copper range hood naturally draws the eye with its size and unique color amidst the sea of white, and further sticks out from the dark wooden floors and black upholstered bar stools.

Luxury kittchen with white cabinets, huge island with carrara marble counters, breakfast bar dining and dark hickory flooring

Two classic French doors from the outer deck open directly to the large island which features a wide marble countertop held up by classic white paneled cabinetry with plinths on the corners.

Antique wooden stools with upholstery can be stored undercounter and used as a small dining nook. Stainless steel refrigerator, wine chiller, stove top and range hood provide modern functionality and aesthetic to the classic white kitchen look.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops

Beautifully decorated traditional kitchen with white cabinets, blue pearl silver granite counters and open dining area

Complementary colors blue and orange provide bright accents in this design. Blue chairs, placemats and doors are used, while orange is subtly placed in plates and smaller pieces of décor. The island is transformed into a handy breakfast nook for four, with its wide dark stone counter and four hanging pendant lamps.

White cabinet kitchen with alpine white granite counter and backsplash open to second story balcony

Featuring an upper loft, this all-white kitchen’s vaulted ceilings render a feeling of spaciousness. Gold-plated downlights over the kitchen sink and countertop gently contrast the daylighting coming in from the mullioned windows.

Dark wood strip floors accentuate the lightness of the speckled marble countertop and backsplash, while the paneling on the drawers and cabinets are matched by the paneling work over the range hood, making it look almost like an indoor roof.

Country kitchen with white cabinets and hidden freezer fridge with breakfast bar island and white granite counters

The pale yellow walls with decorative plate rail provide a small relief of color in this old Georgian style kitchen. Speckled black and stone countertops are an excellent contrast to the solid wood floors.

Read more about these Dallas white granite countertops here. This kitchens white paneled cabinetry with heavy moldings are made lighter with thin fabric curtains, which give the kitchen a sense of lightness and greenery. The three wrought iron pendant lamps hold together the whole look with its warm lighting and intricate metalwork.

Eclectic kitchen with white cabinets and breakfast bar island with black granite counters

Modern hanging pendant lamps over the kitchen island and breakfast nook set the tone for this modernistic white kitchen. Stainless steel appliances flushed in with the casework, mounted flat screen TV, as well as white-upholstered swivel barstools further emphasize this kitchen’s chic modernity.

On the other hand, black and white marble floor tiles accentuate the classic touch along with the paneled cabinets, as well as the arched picture window over the wash basin.

White cabinet kitchen with transitional design, brown color theme and light beige granite island

The transitional style kitchen is going for a brown and white color theme with a two toned rectangular island, mocha color painted walls and cabinets. The kitchen design makes good use of color by bringing in plants and keeping things light through the use of a beige granite countertop.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Floors

White country kitchen with recessed panel cabinets, black granite counters, dining island and dark hardwood floors

The two candle-bulb bell pendant lamps over the kitchen island work sinuously with the larger candle lamp chandelier over the dining table, giving the space a rustic, homegrown look. The wash basin countertop is framed perfectly by the white mullioned windows and two glass panel cupboards on either side.

This symmetry is also apparent in the décor on the plate rail over the stovetop. Black iron barstools with thin orange padding give this cozy kitchen a more hip, retro vibe.

Modern kitchen with white cabinets, dark wood floors and corian solid surface counters

Double glass-enclosed pendant lamps hang over the island, topped with white solid surface and induction cooker. Stainless steel appliances such as the large refrigerator and double hung ovens flush in smoothly with the cabinetry.

Dark wood floors further accentuate the cool, modern feel, while a painting on a bare wall is a good way to add character to a sterile setting.

Modern white kitchen with quartz counters, flat panel cabinets and open dining area

Floor to ceiling picture windows that span two floors are perfect for this kitchen, which was built to bask in the natural light coming in. A wide solid surface countertop help up a seamless casework body is embellished with a stainless steel wash basin and other interior décor such as potted plant, decorative candles and a lampshade.

The kitchen island with seating offers comfortable leather upholstered barstools further transform the functional kitchen into a space for socializing and relaxing, and the uncluttered look of the cupboards and refrigerator at the back wall lessens unnecessary design noise.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas with White Cabinets

Traditional white cabinet kitchen with white granite, subway tile backsplash, and oak engineered hardwood flooring

Patterned subway tiles on the backsplash are disrupted by a change in pattern over the stovetop, making it the focal point of the countertop set-up. Lighting was installed in small cabinets above the main hung cabinets with dainty window openings to allow a quirky way of over-cabinet display.

Calacatta marble countertops with their strong, large veins complement the fine grained warm wood floors, and provide natural materials amidst the stainless steel cooktop and range, and white painted cabinets with silver hardware.

Traditional white cabinet kitchen with white zeus quartz counter, large island and french doors

Contemporary pendant lights over the bench and dining table are paired with rounded contemporary-style dining chairs and barstools in clean white. All the other elements in this kitchen are simply adorned, from the panel cabinets to the square glossy tile backsplash, as well as the plain white countertops.

The island is given more depth, simply by painting the bottom shelves and drawers a glossy dark brown, to match the light wooden strip flooring. Additionally, the French doors beyond the dining table bring in natural light and a view of the lush green terrace.

Traditional kitchen with butcher block wood island, decorative molding and marble backsplash

Beautiful white kitchens that use decorative crown molding can bring a sense of elegance and luxury to the space. In this room strong-veined Calacatta marble backsplash and ribbon-grained dark wood custom kitchen island countertop come together in a daring combination for this almost Gothic kitchen.

The strong stone and wood elements are paired with Stainless steel stove tops, and softened with classical crown moldings in its cornices, and the architrave over the mullioned window, placed over the sink. The silver vine candelabra pendant ties the whole Gothic look together.

Contemporary kitchen with white cabinetry, wood flooring and aluminum mini pendant lights

Three petite aluminum-band pendant lamps hang over the island which doubles as a small dining nook, and features a large white stone countertop held up by a white paneled casework body.

Black upholstered wooden chairs accent the space, as well as the glossy cream subway tiles for the backsplash and stainless steel appliances, flushed into the cabinetry. Strip flooring in a white wood finish further epitomizes the cool tones of this modern design.

Traditional kitchen with marble counter island and white cabinets with glass pane windows

Subway tiles in the backsplash frame all the decor atop the marble countertops, and accents the stovetop, where the linear pattern is changed into a diagonal pattern, drawing the eye to the centerpiece stainless steel stove and range hood.

Fine grained warm wood floors, and a beautiful mullioned window over the sink with a view of the lush garden provide a natural aspect amidst white painted cabinets with silver hardware.

For more ideas visit our white kitchen designs gallery here.

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