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White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops

Here we share our gallery of white kitchen cabinets with granite countertops including ideas for styles & color matching with your own design.
White cabinets with white granite countertopsWhen it comes to designing our kitchens, one of the most dreaded concerns that we often encounter is deciding on the color of our countertops and kitchen cabinets. We often wonder –would they complement each other? Or would they clash? It’s a crucial choice since these two elements are the most dominant features in a kitchen.

Luckily, when it comes to white kitchen cabinets, deciding on your kitchen countertop color is not that confusing. White, in general, is considered a “fail proof “color. You have a myriad of granite countertop colors to choose from. Whether it may be black, brown, red, green or white, the decision will just rely on the visual effect and mood that you want to achieve in your space. In the same way, the style of your home will also serve as a guide in choosing which granite countertop works best with your white kitchen cabinets.

White on white will always be a reliable choice, but do not be limited to this pairing alone as the market offers hundreds of granite materials which you can explore. Below, we give you our comprehensive list of granite countertop choices that go best with white kitchen cabinets.

Granite that Goes with White Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchen with white shaker cabinets If you are looking for an ultra clean and crisp look for your home, pairing white cabinets with white granite countertops is the way to go. The best thing about this classic pair is its timelessness and versatility. White on white is a kitchen color combination guaranteed to never go out of style, also, it blends well with any accent color.

Pairing white kitchen cabinets with white granite countertops work well for both rooms with a dark wall color and those flushed with a bit of sunlight. It is highly suited for small kitchens too, as it makes it appear bigger. In addition, it can make your kitchen look a lot more airy and bright.

White granite is a flexible material which can be used to match any theme in your home. It can be used to evoke a traditional style, but at the same time it also has the ability to bring in a modern vibe in a kitchen.

Before you choose the final countertop finish for your white kitchen cabinets, determine first the overall look and theme that you want to achieve for your kitchen. Are you going for the sophisticated vibe of a traditional white on white kitchen? Or do you opt for an ultra sleek and crisp modern kitchen?  

For traditional style kitchens, it is best to go with white granite that has veining patterns that highly resemble marble. Farmhouse style kitchens, on the other hand, are best paired with white granite countertops that have a warmer tone to achieve a homey and cozy ambiance. (Tip: look for white granite that has reddish to brown colored flecks).

Modern kitchens could use countertops made of plain white granite or those that have a low pattern variation and less colored flecks and striations for a streamlined and ultra polished look.

Best White Granite for White Cabinets

  • Colonial White Granite – Colonial white granite is an ideal choice if you are designing a white-on-white kitchen. It is characterized by flecks of black and dark gray minerals that stretch across a cool off white to grayish background. This type of white granite is your best bet if you do not want the monotonous appearance of a plain white kitchen but still want to achieve a pristine overall look.

Colonial type granite

Style it goes with: Contemporary kitchens

Tip: Match this combination with white marble subway tiles if you want your kitchen to look extra elegant and classy.

  • Bianco Romano Granite – If you are looking for white granite that resembles the look of white marble, Bianco Romano granite is your best bet. It possesses the classic appeal of natural marble that has gray veins running over a white surface.

Kitchen Bianco Romano countertop

Style it goes with: Anything traditional, Classic style kitchens, Contemporary classic kitchens.

Tip : Pair this countertop with a matching Bianco Romano granite backsplash and white kitchen cabinets that have classic trims and mouldings for that timeless sophisticated flair.

  • River White Granite – River white granite has a low to medium pattern variation, characterized by a unique veining pattern. This type of granite has veins which are light to dark gray with a streak of burgundy flecks, set against a cool white background.

Granite and kitchen island counters with wood cabinets

Style it goes with: Classic style kitchens, Contemporary classic kitchens, Farmhouse style kitchens

Tip : Pair this countertop with white kitchen cabinets that have simple trims and mouldings, and stainless steel appliances.

  • Alaska White Granite – Guaranteed to stand out, Alaska White granite is characterized by a crisp white stone background accented by dramatic formations of frosted bright white minerals, streaks of pale silver, warm feldspar and flecks of translucent quartz. The interesting pattern of Alaska White granite adds visual appeal and breaks the monotony of a white on white kitchen. It also makes an excellent focal point in a kitchen.

If Alaska White granite is unavailable with your local supplier, you can also use alternatives which have a close appearance such as Bianco Antico Granite,Juperana Delicatus Granite and Winter White Granite.

Dark wood island with granite counters and white kitchen hood

Style it goes with: Contemporary kitchens, modern kitchens

Tip : This type of white granite has a limited palette, but a good trick to use when pairing it with accessories is to use its accent colors as a guide. So you can work with a bit of gray, silver and stainless steel appliances to highlight your countertop.

If you are aiming for an ultra modern vibe, keep your countertop polished and pair it with gray floor tiles or distressed wood floors, stainless steel appliances and glossy streamlined cabinetry. Avoid using a backsplash with a busy pattern as it can clash with the natural beauty of your countertop.

Best Granite Countertop Options for White Cupboards if You Want to Contrast

Contrast makes any space more visually appealing. It adds depth, dimension and life to a rather monotonous color palette. The easiest way to achieve contrast in a kitchen which features white cabinets is to use granite countertops that belong to a different color family – whether it may be light colors or dark colors in warm tones of brown, bold blacks or playful greens, red and blues.

The beauty in working with a different color for your countertops is that aside from removing the starkness of white in the room, it gives the space a compelling focal feature.

To achieve contrast with white kitchen cabinets, you have the choice of working with a countertop that either has a dark color or light color. Each color family, creates a new effect not only to the color scheme but also to the overall mood of the space.

Here are some of the best granite countertops which you can use to achieve contrast with white kitchen cabinets:

Stylish and Cool Modern : Black Granite Tops with White Kitchen Cabinetry

  • Absolute Black Granite – Absolute Black granite is one of the easiest countertop materials to work with because of its clean and uniform look. It is characterized by a consistent texture and an almost perfect black color.Absolute Black granite has very fine grains which are set against a dense, solid black stone. It is a perfect choice if you are leaning towards the iconic combination of “black countertops and white kitchen cabinets”. Pair white kitchen cabinets with Absolute Black granite countertops if you want a contrasting effect that is simple yet very sophisticated and elegant.

Modern kitchen with black counters and hardwood flooring

Style it goes with: Modern kitchens, Contemporary kitchens

Tip : If working with this type of black granite countertops, opt for the polished variant as it has a more sleek look and is easier to maintain.

  • Black Pearl Granite – Black Pearl granite has subtle composite pattern made up of accents of gray flecks over a deep black background. An excellent choice for a contemporary black and white kitchen, Black Pearl granite has an understated pattern  that offers a timeless look.

Black pearl countertops with matching backsplash and gray wall paint

Style it goes with: Contemporary kitchens

Tip: Black Pearl granite countertops can easily dominate a space, so keep the design of your white kitchen cabinets simple and no-frills to prevent your kitchen from looking too tacky.

  • Black Diamond Granite – Black Diamond granite is an excellent alternative to Black Pearl Granite. Another perfect choice if you want to achieve contrast with white kitchen cabinets, Black Diamond granite features a dark gray background with lighter gray and white veins and fleck.

Style it goes with: Modern kitchens, Contemporary kitchens

Tip : Coordinate sleek white kitchen cabinets and Black Diamond granite countertops with a gray and white backsplash that has metallic or silver accents. For the hardware, match this combination with brushed aluminum cabinet handles to achieve an ultra modern vibe. You can also add in accents of teal blue and shiny black to add more life into your palette.

  • Black Marinace Granite – Black Marinace granite is an impeccable go-to countertop material if you are looking to add a bit of drama to your white kitchen cabinets.  Because of its extraordinary appearance, Black Marinace granite almost looks like its man made. It is best known for its complex beauty and unique pattern.This type of black granite is essentially a conglomerate of fragments of different pebble types. It is characterized by an extremely heavy black background embedded with different sizes of brownish, beige, white and gray small stones. This type of granite countertop brings in an eclectic twist and visual complexity to a classic pairing of white cabinets and black countertops.

Black Marinace Granite

Style it goes with: Contemporary kitchens, Eclectic kitchens (or a mix of interior design styles)

Tip : If you like the interesting pattern of this granite, but are looking for something with a cooler hue, explore its countertop the Green Marinace Granite.

  • Steel Grey Granite – Steel Grey granite has a medium composite pattern made up of a whole spectrum of shades of cool gray and warm gray. It is best known for its rugged charm, making it a perfect choice for industrial chic white kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen island with steel grey countertop made of granite

Style it goes with: Industrial kitchens, Modern kitchens, Contemporary kitchens

Tip: If you want to achieve a more grungy effect for your countertops, you can amp up Steel Gray granite’s rugged look by opting for a leathered or antique-finish.

Warm and Cozy : Brown Granite Counters with White Storage Spaces

Brown and white is another classic pair in interior design. Aside from contrast, pairing white kitchen cabinets with warm brown granite countertops can instantly make your home more welcoming and cozy. Brown granite countertops also take away the starkness of white kitchen cabinets and highlights the warmth of a space.

This pairing is commonly applied to Classic or Traditional or Contemporary Classic kitchen settings. This color palette also makes your kitchen ready for rustic features and accessories.

  • Giallo Ornamental Granite – A classic favorite for granite countertops, Giallo Ornamental granite boasts of a warm palette consisted of a medium composite pattern of flecks of stone in cream, white, black accented with hints of deep cranberry. This type of granite countertop brings in an inviting and cozy vibe when paired with white kitchen cabinets. A good alternative to Giallo Ornamental granite is Santa Cecilia granite and Giallo Veneziano granite.

Giallo ornamental countertops, white walls and wood floor panel tiles

Style it goes with: Traditional kitchens, Country style kitchens, Rustic kitchens

Tip: Opt for glass front cabinets or traditional style white cabinets to elevate the ‘homely” charm of your kitchen. Also, instead of going for ultra white, use a kitchen cabinet color that has a bit of warmth to it – try beige or cream.

  • Ivory Cream Granite – Ivory cream granite features a warm palette of cream to light brown tones. It has an interesting combination of flecks of minerals in honey gold, brown, shades of gray and a bit of black. When paired with white kitchen cabinets, Ivory Cream granite countertops add depth and dimension to the overall look of a space. It also has a warmth to it that can make any dull white kitchen more inviting.

Ivory Cream Granite

Style it goes with: Traditional kitchens, Country style kitchens, Contemporary kitchens

Tip: Ivory Cream granite is an ideal match for antique white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

  • Kashmir Gold Granite – Kashmir gold granite is characterized by a mixture of sandy yellow hues and light gray base with specks of honey gold and red. Kashmir Gold granite has a light color overall, but it has a complex pattern which stands out well when placed against white kitchen cabinets. It is available in two shades, light golden and golden and both variants look great for a kitchen with a light color palette. This type of granite countertop renders a warm yet modern look.

Kashmir gold granite in a predominantly white kitchen

Style it goes with: Traditional kitchens, Modern kitchens, Contemporary kitchens

Tip: Amp up the look of Kashmir Gold granite countertops and white kitchen cabinets with a glass tile backsplash that has bronze accents.

  • Madura Gold Granite – Madura Gold granite is another option that you can explore if you want something that has warmth. But compared to Kashmir gold granite, this type of granite is more subtle and quietly contrasts with white kitchen cabinets.

Madura Gold Granite

Style it goes with: Traditional kitchens, Contemporary kitchens

Tip: Madura Gold granite countertops and white kitchen cabinets are best complemented with bronze appliances or hardware and a light colored floor.

  • Baltic Brown Granite – Baltic Brown granite features a deep brown background with highlights of beige and gray hues. Although warm in color, this countertop material looks crisp when paired with white kitchen cabinets.

Baltic brown countertops

Style it goes with: Traditional kitchens, Country style kitchens, Contemporary kitchens

Tip: Use accessories with white accents to balance out the overall color scheme of your kitchen. Baltic brown granite countertops and white kitchen cabinets are best paired with white or stainless steel appliances, sink and hardware. Beige granite countertops such as this also coordinate well with white backsplash tiles.

Bold and Playful : Red, Green and Blue Granite Countertops with White Kitchen Shelving

The best quality that white kitchen cabinets have is that they go well with any color, and by any we mean including the more unconventional choices. Red, blue and green granite countertop colors can be explored if you are aiming for a bolder and more lively look for your kitchen. These countertop colors stand out in any kitchen style and are an ideal choice if you want your granite to be the focal point instead of your white kitchen cabinets. They can also anchor the color scheme of a space and sets the ground for accents in your kitchen.

Each of this color creates a different mood in your space. Blue granite when combined with white kitchen cabinets add a dramatic effect. Red granite, on the other hand, creates a lively ambiance, while green granite gives out a refreshing vibe.

Here are some bold granite countertop color choices that go well with white kitchen cabinets:

  • Granite Azul Imperial – Granite Azul Imperial is set apart from all other granite countertops because of its unique color combination and pattern. It resembles the color of the sky, a myriad of different cool shades of blue with a bit of golden accents. It is dominated by a dark blue background with highlights of yellow streaks. Dramatic blue granite when paired with white kitchen cabinets result in a calm and cool ambiance.

Granite Azul Imperial

Style it goes with: Country style kitchens (specifically French Provencal and French Country)

Tip:To complete the French Country kitchen theme, combine white kitchen cabinets and Granite Azul Imperial with white colored appliances and a distressed white floor. Keeping all accessories in the white spectrum will make your kitchen appear more clean and bright.

  • Granite Aquarella or Tycoon Blue Granite – Granite Aquarella offers a unique fusion of colors with waves of lavender, pastel greens, rose pink and blues.

Granite Aquarella

Style it goes with: Country style kitchens (specifically French Provencal and French Country)

Tip: Add contrast to Granite Aquarella countertops and white kitchen cabinets by using bronze or yellow as accent colors.

  • Blue Pearl Granite – This sensational multi-color stone creates a soothing effect when paired with crisp white kitchen cabinets. Blue Pearl Granite has an almost midnight blue background with steel blue accents and semi iridescent flecks of frost white, gray and black. Compared to Granite Aquarella, it is more subdued.

Blue pearl granite used as the countertop and pendant ceiling lights

Style it goes with: Works for all kitchen interior styles

Tip: Blue Pearl granite is a sure standout feature when paired with white kitchen cabinets and to prevent other elements in your kitchen from clashing with it, use simple backsplash and accessories in color white.

  • Uba Tuba Granite – To produce a refreshing take on contrast, you can also explore green granite countertops such as the popular Uba Tuba granite. Uba Tuba granite has a dark green base with small flecks of gold, white and light green. It is very dark in color, sometimes it is almost mistaken as black, and looks very elegant when paired with white kitchen cabinets

Uba Tuba green granite

Style it goes with: Works for all kitchen interior styles

Tip: You can work with a wide array of accent colors when using Uba Tuba granite countertops and white kitchen cabinets. Jewel tones like ruby, sapphire and emerald pop up against this dark colored countertop, while light colors and pastels can soften its look. Earth tones also work well as an accent color as they blend in harmoniously with this chic pair.

  • Rainforest Green Granite – If you are looking for something more exotic, Rainforest Green granite has the visual appeal that cannot be matched by any other granite. This exotic type of granite has a refreshing moss green and cream background with highlights of dark brown in a dynamic tree branch pattern. Because of the high movement of its pattern, Rainforest Green granite needs a complementing element that is simple and not overwhelming. White kitchen cabinets work well with this green granite because it does not overpower its compelling natural beauty.

Rainforest Green colored Granite

Style it goes with: Contemporary kitchen style

Tip: Opt for a simple backsplash since you do not want to take away the attention from this countertop. Also, keep the hardware of your white kitchen cabinets simple to prevent it from clashing with this countertop material.

  • Imperial Red Granite – Imperial Red granite is characterized by a luxurious medium red base with accents of blue and a mixture of fine to heavy beige and gray specks. This type of granite countertop adds a sense of energy to white kitchen cabinets and can instantly make a space look more lively.

Imperial red granite island, red counter chairs, and grey brick backsplash

Style it goes with: Traditional kitchen style, Country kitchens, Contemporary kitchen style

Tip: The warmth of Imperial Red granite and the serene color of white kitchen cabinets are best complemented with stainless steel appliances, accessories and hardware.

  • Red Bordeaux Granite – Red Bordeaux is a type of granite with a rich red color accentuated with a mix of brown, gray, gold and beige veins. Its warm tones can help tone down the starkness of crisp white kitchen cabinets. It is a bold choice but is not overwhelming.

Red Bordeaux Granite

Style it goes with: Contemporary kitchen style

Tip: Use the same type of stone as a backsplash material to make it the focal point of your kitchen.

As described white granite countertops on white kitchen cabinets is a classic pair. Visit our article about the types of granite colors for more ideas you can use for your home.

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