Beige Granite Countertops (Colors & Styles)

Welcome to our gallery, showcasing beautiful beige granite countertops. Beige granite counters have been highly sought after for years for new home construction and remodeling projects. Below you’ll find out the best ways to match beige countertops with different color cabinets.

Beautiful kitchen with typhoon bordeaux granite countertops and solid wood cabinets

In addition, you’ll see some of the most popular beige granite currently available. These pictures can help you find the colors that best suit your personal style and taste. For more information about granite countertops, check out our ultimate guide.

Beige Color Granite Ideas

Countertops are considered one of the most expensive investments you can make in your home. Aside from being one of the most dominant parts of your kitchen, a countertop is also a permanent element in your home that needs to stand the test of time.

Choosing the perfect countertop for your kitchen requires careful planning and attention to detail.  As soon as you determine the type and color of the countertop you want for your home, you can use it as a guide for the rest of your kitchen, and achieving a coherent design will be much easier.

If you are looking for a countertop material that can serve as a wise and practical investment for your home, consider granite at the top of your list.

Granite is highly popular because of its resilience and durability, making it the most favored natural stone countertop material. Its availability in a variety of colors and patterns offers endless design possibilities and visual aesthetics.

Granite surfaces with creamy white and beige

Among the broad spectrum of colors granite has, beige granite is one of the most versatile and flexible. Beige granite is similar to white granite countertops as they are both attractive and suited for almost any design style. Its neutrality gives more decoration options and flexibility as it matches well with light and dark-colored kitchen cabinetry.

Since beige granites don’t come in one solid color, the veins and flecks in their unique pattern give you streaks of color, which you can use to coordinate a palette for your kitchen.

From creamy beige to golden yellow and dark chocolate browns, this beige stone is perfect for creating both harmony and contrast for any kitchen’s overall look.

Although beige granite complements a wide variety of design styles, it is well-suited as a countertop material for Classic and Traditional kitchens. Paired with the right millwork and flooring material, it will make any kitchen stand out.

Here is our complete guide to beige granite countertops for matching ideas and the most common types in use today.

White Cabinets with Brown Granite

Kitchen with white cabinets and giallo ornamental granite

Contrast is a key element in designing kitchens. If you choose to use a dark, rich color for your countertop and an equally strong color for your cabinets, there is a high tendency for your kitchen to look overwhelming or too dark.  

On the other hand, if you choose two plain light colors for your kitchen palette, the ambiance of your space becomes dull, faded or lifeless. Contrast creates balance and harmony. To achieve contrast, light colored cabinets may be paired off with a dark colored countertop or vice versa.

White cabinets with a brown granite countertop are the perfect way to create contrast. The warmth and rich color of brown granite add depth to the subdued color of the white cabinets, making the space more inviting. This pairing is commonly applied to Classic Traditional or Contemporary Classic kitchen settings.

The picture above shows a Classic Contemporary kitchen style making use of a brown granite countertop with a medium tan base color and black and gray specks.

Set with white kitchen cabinets in an inset style and light cherry flooring, the countertop’s color breaks the monotony of the space and adds a focal point for the kitchen island.

The addition of an accent color in the overall palette is achieved by the use of red appliances, while the stainless steel appliances create a variation in textures. Combining a neutral cabinet color and a dark countertop makes the space more homey, inviting, and cozy.

Dark Cabinets with Light Beige

Kitchen with dark wood cabinets with antico cream light beige granite

A current design trend in kitchens is the combination of dark-colored kitchen cabinets. Beige granite countertops go well with Cherry,  Coffee, Espresso, Walnut, or Wengue colored cabinetry. 

The picture above shows a Contemporary style kitchen with beige granite countertops and coffee colored kitchen cabinets. The mixture of gray, white and brown veining pattern of the granite provides more options to choose from in terms of coordinating the colors for the cabinets.  

In this case, the brown veins of the granite countertop complement the colors of the cabinetry. To prevent the space from looking too dark, light ceramic tiles flooring and white ceilings are used. Contrast is added with the use of espresso colored stools.

Matching Beige Color Granite

Cream-colored granite is a traditional favorite and is most commonly used in classic kitchen designs such as Victorian or Country. Its neutral color blends well with a variety of kitchen color palettes and design schemes. With a mixture of brown and gray veining patterns or flecks of minerals, beige countertops are best paired with light, medium to dark colored kitchen cabinetry.

Beige granite also gives a room a certain light feeling. Despite being subtle, it is also luxurious and elegant and has an “old world look,” especially when paired with dark colored kitchen cabinets such as coffee or cherry. Another benefit of using it as a countertop is that since it has a light color, it tends to show off colorful foods in their best look.

Some of the most common beige granites are Colonial Cream, Typhoon Bordeaux, Giallo Ornamental, and Giallo Santo Granite.

If you are in the mood for an Antique inspired kitchen, use any beige-colored granite countertop with white shaker cabinets and brushed metal hardware or copper cabinet handles to complement the whole look of the space.

This is an example of a key design guideline for a Classic inspired kitchen: light or white-colored cabinets, muted wall colors, and a neutral countertop.

Matching Gold Granite

Also known as yellow granite, gold granite countertops have rich tones that add warmth and brightness to any kitchen setting. It usually has a pattern of elegant veining in mixtures of red, burgundy, black, or mineral crystallizations of mica, feldspar, or quartz.

The combination of flecks of color against a golden honey colored background gives its distinctive attributes which make it the bestselling type of granite in the United States.

Gold granite countertops are typically used for Country themed or Rustic kitchens. It is best paired with mid to dark colored cabinetry such as Honey, Maple or Antique White.

Some of the most common gold granites are Madurai/Madura Gold, Kashmir Gold, Sunset Gold, Key West Gold, Sta Cecilia and New Venetia Gold Granite.

To achieve a perfect rustic concept for your kitchen renovation, try pairing off any gold granite countertop with an inset style coffee colored cabinets. Add in the right accessories to finish off the look.

Matching Granite that is Tan or Brown

Tan or Brown granite has rich earth tones varying from light tan, sienna to dark browns. It usually has streaks or speckles of black minerals which highlight a brown base color.

This type works well in creating contrast for white, cream colored or light wooden cabinets.  It also adds dimension and depth to a space, making it look warm, homey and inviting.

Just like gold, brown granite is ideal for traditional and rustic inspired kitchen settings. It can also be used for Contemporary kitchen provided that it is paired with the right type of cabinet millwork. 

Brown granite countertops combined with white cabinets are frequently used for rustic, country, or traditional designs. Although best paired with light to mid colored wooden cabinets, brown granites can still be used with dark or deep-colored cabinets to achieve more drama in a space.

For best results, make sure to use this countertop material wisely so as not to make your kitchen overwhelming or too heavy-looking.

Some of the most popular types of tan/brown granites are Baltic Brown, Veneziano, Rainforest Brown, Tropical/Autumn Brown, and Desert Brown Granite. See more types of kitchen countertops here.

Types of Beige Granite

Here are the most popular granite slabs you can use for counters.

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite

Typhoon bordeaux granite

Characteristics: Exquisite and elegant, this type of granite has a dramatic pattern of deep golden veins in a mixture of beige, cream, and gray background.

The golden veining is a result of exposure to oxidation, and those stones quarried at the upper part of the earth have more prominent gold hues.  It is also known as Golden Typhoon Bordeaux. It works as a perfect countertop for traditional and country themed kitchens.

Cost: $45 per square foot (3cm)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: High

Baltic Brown Granite

Kitchen with glass door cabinets and baltic brown granite

Characteristics: This type is dominantly dark and rich. With blends of black and brown accentuated with small gray and tan specks.

The Baltic Brown Granite is perfect for creating contrast with light wood-colored cabinets in a country setting.

Cost: $17 to $20 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Finland

Pattern Variation: Medium

Bianco Antico Granite

Kitchen with white cabinets and bianco antico granite

Characteristics:  Another type of granite that looks dramatic, the Bianco Antico granite, has a cool gray and beige background with taupe and pinkish flecks. It is also known as Royal Silk. It creates a stunning focal point for an all-white kitchen.

Cost: $25 to $30 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Venetian Gold Granite

Venetian gold granite countertop in kitchen

Characteristics:  This type of granite has a dominant golden tone with a mixture of a honey-colored, creamy beige background, light veining, and flecks of deep reds, amber,  brown, and gray. It is also known as Ouro Brazil.

Cost: $15 to $20 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Giallo Ornamental

Brazilian giallo ornamental gold

Characteristics: Also known as Giallo Santo, it has a creamy white background with pewter, brown veins and black large specks. This type of granite countertop matches well with white or any light-colored kitchen cabinetry.

Cost: $17 to $25 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Juparana Delicatus Granite

Brazilian juparana delicatus granite

Characteristics: This type of granite has a sand-like appearance with a mixture of brown, tan, and burnt sienna background accentuated with dark brown and black specks. This type matches well with white or any light-colored kitchen cabinetry.

Cost: $30 to $33 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: High

Fantasy Brown

Fantasy brown

Characteristics: Also known as Brown Fantasy, this is a light-colored granite with white, cool gray, and light brown veins and a few dark specks, characterized by a beautiful flowing pattern.

Another variant of this stone is the Fantasy Brown Leathered Granite, which has swirls and a slightly wavy pattern. A perfect countertop for dark brown cabinets.

Cost: $30 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: High

Solaris Granite

Solaris granite

Characteristics: Highly dramatic, rich, and elegant, the Solaris Granite has a distinctive one-of-a-kind pattern of black specks, dark brown, and gray minerals against a yellow and gold background. It is also known as Solarius. This type makes a stunning countertop for an “all white” kitchen.

Cost: $30 to $35 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Golden Thunder Granite

Craftsman kitchen with golden thunder granite

Characteristics: A type of granite with a dark appearance, it has a dark brown, black, and white background with hints of red and beige in a flowing pattern.

The Golden Thunder Granite has a rustic look, which is well suited for adding warmth to Country inspired homes.

Cost: $40 to $55 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Santa Cecilia Granite

Brazilian santa cecilia classic granite

Characteristics: Santa Cecilia granite is also known as Giallo Cecilia, St Cecilia, or St Cecilia Classic; this type has a beige background with burgundy, gold, and dark gray veins.

Cost: $30 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Traditional rustic kitchen with santa cecelia granite and tuscany chateaux travertine floor tile

The Santa Cecilia granite is an ideal countertop choice for Traditional Country themed kitchens. Its color complements light to medium colored wooden kitchen cabinetry and a natural stone backsplash.

Desert Brown

Desert brown

Characteristics: A homogenous type of granite with a medium grained appearance. It has yellow and brown crystals with black specks and has a consistent overall pattern. Also known as Nova Brown or Merry Brown Granite, it is suited for kitchens with light colored cabinets.

Cost: $20 to $30 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Low

Azurite Granite

Mediterranean kitchen with azurite granite countertop and mini pendant lights

Characteristics: The Azurite granite has a rich, deep pattern of dark gray, white, brown medium variation. It also has a tinge of gold and black veining which makes it unique. This type of granite countertop works well as a stand out addition to medium colored kitchen cabinets with simple millwork.

Cost: $57 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Rainforest Brown

Rainforest brown

Characteristics: This type of granite has a one-of-a-kind pattern, which is similar to flowing tree branches.  Also known as Cafe Forest, it has warm, earthy shades of brown, gray and white balanced with red and tan veins.

Since it has a rich appearance, it is ideal to be paired with a lighter cabinet color with simple details to avoid overwhelming the overall look of your space.

Cost: $30 to $40 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Medium

Key West Gold

Key west gold

Characteristics: A mixture of warm neutrals of beige, light gray, and light brown with dark veins. The Key West Gold Granite is an ideal match for light colored kitchen cabinets in a country themed setting.

Cost: $40 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Madura Gold

Madura gold

Characteristics: Also known as Madurai Gold, Golden Oak, India Gold, Juparana Valentine, or Kashmir Gold Granite.

This type has a finely grained appearance of a sandy yellow and light gray base with gold and red specks. It is usually available in 2 shades, light golden and golden.

Cost: $55 to $65 per square foot (3cm thick), $40 to $50 per square foot (2cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: High

Kashmir Gold

Kitchen with kashmir gold

Characteristics: Also known as Cashmere Gold, Kasmir Gold, Kashmere Gold, or Kashmire Gold Granite. It has a light gray , ivory gold background with red, tan, gray, and brown spots all over.

However, the slabs vary as others may look more yellowish or others more creamy beige in color. This type works well with medium to dark colored wooden kitchen cabinets. Also, its subtle and soft pattern can complement even heavily ornamented cabinets.

Cost: $50 to $75 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Medium

Ice Brown

Ice brown

Characteristics: This type has a medium to heavily-grained crystallization. With a moderate movement of pattern and a combination of ivory, taupe, pewter, and topaz background, it has occasional streaks of burnt sienna and brown. Ice Brown Granite may be used in creating contrast for light to mid-colored kitchen cabinets.

Cost: $25 to $35 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: High

Caravelas Gold

Caravelas gold

Characteristics: This type has a dramatic and high movement of warm browns and cool gray swirls against a soft beige and light brown background. Also known as Tiger Gold Granite or Classic Gold, it is suited for light-colored kitchens.

Cost: $40 to $55 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Geriba Gold

Geriba gold formica laminate

Characteristics: This is a laminate that simulates the appearance of real granite. It has a white and gray background accentuated with warm sienna, black and brown specks.

Geriba Gold Granite can be a substitute for natural stone and may also be used as a countertop material for the kitchen; however, it does not have the same resilient qualities as granite.

It is stain-resistant, impact-resistant, post-forming, and easy to maintain, but unlike the real stone, which usually lasts a lifetime if properly cared for, laminates usually have a 20 to 25 year life span.

Visually, Geriba Gold laminate can be used as a more practical and cost-effective alternative to granite, but it has its own cons in the long run. This laminate finish can complement light, mid and dark colored cabinetry.

Cost: $45 per sq ft.

Ivory Brown

Ivory brown

Characteristics: The Ivory Brown Granite has a warm and rustic feel, which makes it highly appropriate for Mediterranean-inspired kitchens.

It is characterized by a reddish background with a mixture of cream and browns with blends of peach and burgundy, accentuated with black and gray speckles.

Cost:  $37 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation:  Medium

Millenium Cream Granite 

Millenium cream stone slab

Characteristics: Also called Millenium Gold Granite, it is a cream colored granite with a tinge of tan, golden streaks, and dark brown flecks. This type has a soothing feel and is an ideal match for dark brown cabinets.

Cost: $30 to $35 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Medium

Fireworks Granite

Fireworks yellow granite

Characteristics: This type of granite is highly dramatic and rich which makes it an ideal addition for a luxurious kitchen. It is characterized by a rare marbling pattern of pewter, ivory, black, and gold. When used as a countertop, it instantly brightens up any kitchen.

Cost: $50 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: High

Gold and Silver Granite

Gold and silver granite

Characteristics: This type of granite has a rich, unique pattern that works well in adding drama to your kitchen. A multitude of black and cool gray veins and golden streaks against white characterizes it. Gold and Silver stone slabs are ideal for adding dimension and drama to an “all-white” kitchen cabinet setting.

Cost:  $50 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Low

Sunrise Yellow Granite

Sunrise yellow granite

Characteristics: A type of yellow granite with a finely-grained texture and a mixture of brown, black, and tan flecks.

It also has a warm rustic feel, which makes it highly suited as a countertop for light colored kitchen cabinets. Sunrise yellow stone slabs are a perfect match for light to medium colored kitchen cabinetry.

Cost: $25 to $30 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Medium

Visit this gallery to see more varieties of granite colors, including popular edge types and finishes.

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