Gold Granite Countertops (Types & Matching Colors)

See a variety of gold granite countertops including kitchen designs, how to match them with cabinets, best paint colors to use, and different types of gold granite.
Kitchen with gold granite countertopGold is the epitome of luxury and glam if you want to spruce something up into elegance, adding this color is just the standard go-to. This is the same effect that you can expect once you choose gold granite countertops for your kitchen.

Benefits of Gold Granite

If you are highly considering gold granite countertops, here are some of the advantages you can benefit from this choice:

Enhances a room’s aesthetics with the sleek and natural shine of the countertops , adding a touch of luxury to your living space.

Provides both instants glamor and an inviting warm glow, giving your bathroom or kitchen a smooth and expensive look that can transform your room into a shiny oasis.

• Boosts the energy in the room it’s installed in (usually in the kitchen or during a bathroom remodel as part of a home improvement project).

• Offers a variety of exciting and fun designs you can play matchmaker with, allowing you to explore different styles for your counter surfaces.

• Easily matches and does not compete with other elements in the room, making it a versatile and stylish choice for your bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Are you set on gold granite countertops for your kitchen? The next element to consider and match it with is your kitchen cabinets.

Types Of Gold Granite Countertops

Wraparound granite eating surface in goldMore than just the cabinets and paint colors, you also have to take into account the type to use for your countertops. While having a wide variety of types to choose from gives you enough freedom to choose, it can also be quite overwhelming to deal with.

And the only step you can take is to explore each type one at a time. Here are some of the types of gold granite that are worth considering for your countertops. 

New Venetian Gold

New Venetian gold • Colors: Gold, Yellow, and Terra-cotta

• Country of Origin: Brazil

• Pattern Variation: Medium

• Cost: $30 to $40 per square foot

The New Venetian gold granite, also known as Ouro Brazil, is popular for its deep red, brown, and gray light veins on golden and beige surfaces. It is available in tiles and slabs so you can choose the version you want to use in your home. This granite is best for backsplash and countertops. 

Besides its polished finish, its aesthetics led by the harmony of colors red and brown is very pleasing to the eye.

You can match the New Venetian Gold with metallics and other modern elements. And since the colors are incredibly eye-catchy, choosing this to update your home will definitely be a very visible added value to the interior aesthetics. 

While the normal cost of New Venetian Gold falls between $30 to $40 per square foot, it sometimes skyrockets to $50 per square foot so you need to be aware of the current pricing before purchasing anything. 

Colonial Gold

Colonial gold • Colors: Beige, Cream, Gold, and Warm White

• Country of Origin: India

• Pattern Variation: High

• Cost: $40 to $50 per square foot

Also known as Colonial Cream and Cafe Cream, the Colonial Gold granite is guaranteed to be durable in that it is able to stand strong even with regular freezing temperatures. Simple yet elegant to look at, this type has a polished finish dominated by a light beige surface with gold and grey veins and burgundy spots.

Colonial Gold has become a popular construction material, whether it is for flooring or countertops in your luxurious, remodeled kitchen or bathroom.

This is because of the granite’s balance between durability and stunning aesthetics, placing it at the top of preferred materials alongside quartz and limestone for many homeowners.

The pattern variation on the granite is high, and so expect movement and flow from the grains and specks. This will be a good addition to a minimalist home since, despite the movement, the granite is simple to look at compared to other granite options or even products made with different materials. It can also serve as an excellent backdrop for displaying family items and bath products in the kitchen.

Magma Gold

Magma gold • Colors: Black and Gold

• Country of Origin: Brazil, Nigeria

• Pattern Variation: High

• Cost: $60 to $90 per square foot

Magma Gold granite is a polished natural stone that’s popular for its unique and exquisite dark color. If you choose this particular type for your countertop, you’ll be choosing a showstopper.

The black base of the natural stone paired with the rust and golden bold veins running all over the surface makes it eye-catchy and can be an incredible focal element in your kitchen. 

The Magma Gold countertop is a masterpiece and so a wonderful additional aesthetic value to your kitchen. More than that though, it’s also durable and low maintenance (and yes, it can last for years), which are two characteristics you want your countertop to have especially when you’re into cooking or have a busy family life.

With its striking appearance and popularity, Magma Gold costs more compared to other types. Make sure that you’re prepared to pay more for its unique aesthetics and added value to your home. 

Caravelas Gold

Caravelas gold See this Caravelas gold granite countertop at Home Depot [sponsored link]

• Colors: Gold, Yellow, Brown, and Grey

• Country of Origin: Brazil

• Pattern Variation: High

• Cost: $48 to $56 per square foot

Caravelas Gold Granite, also known as Tiger Gold or Classic Gold, is a polished natural stone popular for its stunningly dramatic aesthetics. It is notable for the gold, yellow, brown, and gray swirls that seem to be playing on the slab’s surface.

The aesthetics of Caravelas Gold countertops can easily stand out, considering their inviting and welcoming vibe. This means that if you’re going for a homey and rustic vibe for your kitchen, this is the ideal stone countertop to consider. 

Using a Caravelas Gold countertop in your kitchen might be a fantastic choice but you need to pair it with the right choice of cabinets. And when it comes to this type of countertop, dark-colored cabinets are preferred. You can try out antique white, maple, and honey wood cabinets

Delicatus Granite

Delicatus gold See this Delicatus gold granite countertop at Home Depot [sponsored link]

• Colors: Gold, Grey, Tan, and Brown

• Country of Origin: Brazil

• Pattern Variation: Medium

• Cost: $20 to $50 per square foot

Delicatus Gold Granite, quarried from Brazil, has a stunning mix of colors brown, cream, black, and gold. The natural stone is dominated by the inviting golden beige color with crystals and snowflake-like specks scattered all over the surface, making it a favorite among people seeking luxurious décor.

With the granite’s elegant look, your Delicatus Gold countertop can easily match the colonial and rustic decor of your home. The intricate details and unique pieces of furniture in your space will blend harmoniously with this beautiful stone.

Golden Crystal Granite

Golden crystal granite

• Colors: Gold, Black, Red, and Grey

• Country of Origin: Brazil

• Pattern Variation: Medium

• Cost: $50 to $60 per square foot

Golden Crystal granite features an elegant mix of gold and gray granite colors with the addition of deep red veins. This particular golden granite is unique because of the movement of the vein that tends to add a glistening rust color to the stone. But it also has its gray veins that somehow add sense and normality to the granite’s aesthetics, making it ideal for various projects.

This type of gold granite is popular with homeowners because of its intense golden yellow hue. Nothing can contradict the fact that it is definitely golden. People love the results when incorporating this natural stone into their home’s décor.

If you choose Golden Crystal granite for your countertop, it will be an excellent addition to your kitchen’s interior, especially if you’re showcasing a classic or contemporary style in the area.

Besides its stunning appearance though, a golden crystal granite countertop is also durable (resistant to scratches and stains) and easy to clean, making it a convenient addition and highly functional element of your kitchen. Your furniture pieces and other design details will complement Golden Crystal granite countertops beautifully.

Kashmir Gold

Kashmir gold • Colors: Gold, Black, and Red

• Country of Origin: India

• Pattern Variation: Medium

• Cost: $50 per square foot

Kashmir Gold granite, popularly quarried from India, is a stunning natural stone showcasing the perfect mix of colors such as red, yellow, and black hues in the form of patches, dots, and veins on the surface of the granite. It features different red hues from peach to pink and then burgundy.

And all of these varied colors splattered on the sandy yellow surface like a work of art on a canvas. The granite even comes in different finishes, including honed, polished, brushed, and sandblasted, making it suitable for various projects and pieces in your space.

If you choose Kashmir gold countertops, you get an all-around natural stone that’s durable enough that they can last for many years.

At the same time, you’ll be able to enjoy the warm and luxurious vibe they add to your kitchen. And they even come at a reasonable price compared to other options, which appeals to a wide range of people seeking beautiful and functional countertops.

Imperial Gold

Imperial gold • Colors: Gold, Yellow, White, and Gray

• Country of Origin: India

• Pattern Variation: Medium

• Cost: $40 to $50 per square foot

Imperial Gold granite features white and gray veins and dark gold flecks over the yellow and gold surfaces, adding a touch of beauty to various styles of kitchen decor.

Also known as Royal Gold and Imperial Gold Dust Granite, this type of natural stone can be worked into various sizes and finishes like sanded, polished, sandblasted, and saw cut.

The final product, a stunning countertop, may be further enhanced by complementing accessories based on personal experience and preferences.

An Imperial Gold countertop is guaranteed to be durable, whether you go for the granite slabs or the one in tiles. The granite works well as a countertop because it is resistant to stains and scratches, which it will be exposed to regularly when installed in the kitchen.

Santa Cecilia Granite

Kitchen with Santa Cecilia granite • Colors: Gold, Black, White, and Beige

• Country of Origin: Brazil

• Pattern Variation: Medium

• Cost: $45 to $55 per square foot

Also known by the names St. Cecilia Classic and Giallo Cecelia, the Santa Cecilia Gold granite is another masterpiece from Brazil that features a stunning mix of burgundy, dark gray, and gold veins on a light beige (almost white granite really) surface like a canvas. 

This light-colored granite slab can be polished, honed, or leathered. This means that while this natural stone is durable, it is workable and can be customized in the way you want your countertop to look.

Its natural aesthetics alone can easily match both classic and modern kitchen designs so this granite countertop is pretty flexible in its application. 

While the Santa Cecilia Gold may have a different look depending on the slabs, the natural stone is accentuated by the color gold, where you can match all the other elements in your kitchen, including accessories, to create a cohesive and beautiful space.

Titanium Gold

Titanium gold• Colors: Grey, Black, Gold, Cream, and White

• Country of Origin: Brazil

• Pattern Variation: Medium

Cost: $60 to $90 per square foot

Also known as Titanium Giallo granite, the Titanium Gold granite is a natural stone filled with elegant movements in colors black, cream, gold, gray, and ivory white. Available in brushed, honed, flamed, leathered, and polished finishes, this particular stone surface is perfect for homes located in freezing climates. 

If you choose a Titanium Gold countertop, you get an elegant dark slab of natural stone filled with cream and white swirls, and then gold and gray (silver) sparkles. If you want more sparkle and luster, go for a polished finish for your granite countertop, creating a visually stunning kitchen experience.

Since this material is a natural stone, you can benefit from its sturdiness and durability. It’s also low maintenance since the material is heat-resistant and scratch-proof so you won’t have to worry about these aspects while preparing your meals on this granite countertop. 

Golden Beach Granite

Golden beach • Colors: Yellow, Gold, and Brown

• Country of Origin: Brazil

• Pattern Variation: Low to Medium

• Cost: $60 to $70 per square foot

Quarried from Brazil, the Golden Beach granite is another option you can go for, and compared to other types of golden granite, this one has finer grains to showcase.

Rather than being filled with veins, this gold granite is dominated by grains. It’s also the major reason why natural stone has its golden coloring.

With a Golden Beach granite countertop, you can enjoy a frost-resistant slab. Its subtle earth tones will add a warm and welcoming vibe to your kitchen.  

Golden Thunder Granite

Golden thunder • Colors: Black, Gold, Yellow, White, and Brown

• Country of Origin: Brazil

• Pattern Variation: Medium

• Cost: $20 to $30 per square foot

Known as Thunder Wave Granite or Thunder River Granite. The Golden Thunder granite that’s quarried from Brazil is a bold option you can consider, especially with its striking gold and black granite striations that easily stand out.

This flowing pattern, despite being bold and popping in aesthetics, offers a rustic vibe to the kitchen. The surface may also include a combination of colors beige, white, brown, and red. 

The great thing about choosing Golden Thunder granite for your countertop is that they are available at an affordable price point compared to other gold granite options. So if you are worried about your limited budget when purchasing a natural stone slab for your countertop, this might be the ideal choice to chase those worries away. 

Madura Gold

Madura gold • Colors: Gold, Grey, Red, and Brown

• Country of Origin: India

• Pattern Variation: Medium

• Cost: $50 to $70 per square foot

Quarried from India, the Madura Gold Granite has a lively golden color accompanied by veining in black, white, and gray. It is an eye-catchy addition to your kitchen once you’ve decided to use it as a countertop. In fact, it might as well be the focal point in the kitchen with how its colors, pattern, and style easily stand out. 

Madura Gold countertop is a wonderful mix of durability and aesthetics. Its warm golden tones are guaranteed to add brightness to the kitchen. The countertop can also easily complement both a light-colored or dark-colored kitchen cabinet.

Matching Gold Granite With Cabinets

Kitchen with u shape and center islandOnce you’ve set your sights on gold granite countertops, you will need to match them with the cabinets that can mesh wonderfully together.

Granite is a staple material you will see in American homes and it’s for a reason. And if you want to use an elevated material in the kitchen, these stone countertops are the perfect addition you can consider. 

When you’re looking for something to match your granite countertops, going for all-natural seems like the most obvious direction to go.

Pairing your natural stone countertop with natural wood cabinets will be an elegant and luxurious choice, bringing authenticity and history to the pair. Make sure that you match the granite’s grains and colors with your cabinet’s tone and stain. 

Once you’ve solidified your decision on gold granite countertops, here are simple steps to follow when choosing the type of cabinet to match them with.

Step 1: Consider the factors to prioritize 

Budget for the project

Dimension of the countertop size

DIY needs and preference

Cabinet build and design

Step 2: Match the cabinets to your gold granite countertops

Gold granite countertops deliver sleek and elegant aesthetics and your cabinets need to offer a similar vibe to match. While you have many options to consider when choosing a cabinet, it can be limited once you’re trying to match it with golden granite types of kitchen countertops.

Here are the factors of both elements that you will need to match.

Type and quality of the material used

Preferred style and ambiance

Colors of the grains of the countertops and tones of the cabinets

Step 3: Choose the right color combination

Kitchen with gold cooking areaWhen it comes to a great color combination for countertops and cabinets, you can either go for contrasting colors or complementary colors, depending on whether you want the colors blending well together or you want them popping and standing out when together.

These cabinet colors can be considered for your gold granite countertops.

• Contrasting colors: Darker-colored cabinets (Mahogany)

• Complementary colors: Warm-colored cabinets (Maple)

Step 4: Make sure to consider other elements in the kitchen

Besides your golden granite countertops, make sure you take into account all the other elements inside the room. Check out the island if the cabinets would look nice with it. Consider the color of the walls too, as well as the style of the flooring and ceiling. 

Step 5: Make your final choice

Consider all your possible options and take into account the different factors you’ve listed to prioritize. If you’re finding it hard to make a decision, one thing you can consider to match with a gold-grain granite countertop are sustainable bamboo kitchen cabinets.

The pale and soft yellow color of these cabinets will make your golden countertops stand out more yet at the same time offer warmth and a homey feel to your kitchen. 

Paint Colors To Go With Gold Color Granite 

Curved granite surfaceWhen choosing the color of your kitchen walls they should be able to match the tones of the gold granite countertops you’ve chosen. 

When working with granite countertops and paint colors, you only have 2 options to consider. You can either use colors that can neutralize the color gold or one that can accentuate it.

Choose the former if you want to balance out the brightness of the color gold. And you can choose the latter if you want the colors to stand out and pop in the room. 

Whether you want to neutralize or accentuate the color gold, you need to choose colors that will look good with gold. And these are the colors worth considering and specific paint colors you can explore:

• Charcoal Black/Slate Gray (Accent Colors)

Iron Ore (SW 7068)Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore (SW 7068)

Cracked Pepper (CI57)Valspar Cracked Pepper (CI57)

Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)

Railings (No.31)Farrow & Ball Railings (No.31)

After Midnight (KM4890)Kelly-Moore After Midnight (KM4890)

• Terracotta Orange (Accent Colors)

Terra Cotta Clay (M200-5)Behr Terra Cotta Clay (M200-5)

Terracotta Orange (HC 159)Sherwin-Williams Terracotta Orange (HC 159)

• Chocolate Brown (Accent Colors)

Mink (2112-10)Benjamin Moore Mink (2112-10)

Autumn Dusk (12-19)Pratt & Lamber Autumn Dusk (12-19)

Tanner’s Brown (No.255)Farrow & Ball Tanner’s Brown (No.255)

Baronial Brown (N170-7)Behr Baronial Brown (N170-7)

Spicewood BrownGlidden Premium Spicewood Brown

• Dark Tan

Caramelized (SW 9186)Sherwin-Williams Caramelized (SW 9186)

Coastal Path (AF-380)Benjamin Moore Coastal Path (AF-380)

London Stone (No.6)Farrow & Ball London Stone (No.6)

Tatami Tan (SW 6116)Sherwin-Williams Tatami Tan (SW 6116)

Golden Retriever (2165-30)Benjamin Moore Golden Retriever (2165-30)

• Purple (Accent Colors)

Purple Davenport (1003-3A)Valspar Purple Davenport (1003-3A)

Spangle (SW 6834)Sherwin-Williams Spangle (SW 6834)

Sugarplum (1394)Benjamin Moore Sugarplum (1394)

Ball Brinjal (222)Farrow & Ball Brinjal (222)

Livid Violet (4002-3C)Valspar Livid Violet (4002-3C)

• Ivory

Rich Ivory (DE5316)Dunn-Edwards Rich Ivory (DE5316)

Ivory White (925)Benjamin Moore Ivory White (925)

Ivory Lace (SW 7013)Sherwin-Williams Ivory Lace (SW 7013)

Exclusive Ivory (HDC-MD-11)Behr Exclusive Ivory (HDC-MD-11)

• Emerald Green (Accent Colors)

Forest Green (2047-10)Benjamin Moore Forest Green (2047-10)

Country Squire (SW 6475)Sherwin-Williams Country Squire (SW 6475)

Backdrop Kismet PaintBackdrop Kismet Paint

Dancing Jewel (MQR-42)Behr Dancing Jewel (MQR-42)

Palm Springs Splash (DET536)Dunn-Edwards Palm Springs Splash (DET536)

• Powder Blue (Accent Colors)

French Moire (SW 9056)Sherwin-Williams French Moire (SW 9056)

Mediterranean Sky (1662)Benjamin Moore Mediterranean Sky (1662)

Skylight (No.205)Farrow & Ball Skylight (No.205)

Blue Seafoam (2056-60)Benjamin Moore Blue Seafoam (2056-60)

Sherwin-Williams Notable Hue (SW 6521)Sherwin-Williams Notable Hue (SW 6521)

• Mustard Yellow (Accent Colors)

Cut the Mustard (SW 6384)Sherwin-Williams Cut the Mustard (SW 6384)

Goldfield (292)Benjamin Moore Goldfield (292)

India Yellow (No.66)Farrow & Ball India Yellow (No.66)

French Quarter Gold (287)Benjamin Moore French Quarter Gold (287)

C2 Paint Curry (C2-649)C2 Paint Curry (C2-649)

Oxblood Red (Accent Colors)

Greenhow Vermillion (CW-340)Benjamin Moore Greenhow Vermillion (CW-340)

Radicchio (No.96)Farrow & Ball Radicchio (No.96)

Fireweed (SW 6328)Sherwin-Williams Fireweed (SW 6328)

Glidden Salsa Diane (PPG1186-6)Glidden PPG Salsa Diane

Etruscan Red (No.56)Farrow & Ball Etruscan Red (No.56)

Are there any types of gold granite slabs that we missed? Let us know which kind you prefer for your counter area in the comments. See more related content in our article about cream granite countertops on this page.

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