35 Beautiful Rustic Kitchens (Design Ideas)

Kitchen with custom island, santa cecelia granite and tuscany chateaux travertine floor tileThis gallery of beautiful rustic kitchens showcases the warmth of real wood cabinetry, natural stone & wood countertops, weathered exposed beams, and rich hardwood flooring. There’s nothing like the warmth and charm of a rustic kitchen design. This style looks inviting in practically any type of home, whether in the countryside or city. Below are luxury kitchens with a rustic country style to provide design ideas and inspiration for your next renovation.

The rustic kitchen in the picture above employs an exquisite use of Santa Cecelia granite on its rounded island and counter; the polished look really brings out the brightness of the room. On the floor, we have randomly tiled travertine tile flooring, whose yellow tones are mirrored by the painted walls of the room. We have subtle yet effective hints of architectural character seen in the raw, almost unfinished textures of the wooden cabinetry, stacked stone fireplace, and arched brick ceiling.

Design Ideas for Rustic Kitchens 

There are many differing opinions on how to get the genuine warmth and feel of rustic-style kitchens. From rustic wood cabinetry, painted cabinets, backsplash tile, elegant lighting, weathered beam ceiling, stone surrounds and butcher block countertops, there are many way to bring elements of this style in to your home.

Rustic Style Kitchen Island Ideas  

Kitchen with white cabinets, hardwood floors, gray island and bianco venatino marble surfaceBrown and beige tones aren’t the only ones capable of creating rustic charm – here, we have a generous use of pristine ivory white to create a welcoming and homey vibe. In this beautiful country-styled culinary space, white cabinets contrast with the faded tan of the hardwood floors and exposed beams in the ceiling, as well as the bold blue-gray of the island cabinetry. The Bianco Venatino marble surface goes with the white theme and is a beautiful choice of finish. The painted white bricks of the accent wall and range area add even more personality to the space.

Kitchen with raised panel cabinets and center dining islandThe center dining island of this warm country kitchen also serves as a functioning dining table with matching high-leg stools and tabletop decor. The raised panel cabinets and other cabinetry styles are made of the same wood as the wooden floorboards, so they really create a nice brown motif for the space. The sloping ceiling is lined with exposed wooden beams that also match the aesthetic of the room.

Kitchen with limestone counter island and custom stone oven surroundThe faux stacked stone treatment of the limestone countertop island, as well as the surround of the range and oven area really sets the tone for this room. The weathered look of the tiles is also creatively varied in look and style to make the space feel lively. The raw texture of the tan oak wood cabinetry of the space gives this area a nice helping of warmth and life.

Kitchen with custom designed island with built in sink, arched walls and exposed beam ceilingThis traditional space has a custom-made island with a conveniently built-in contemporary-style undermount sink. The attached peninsula and breakfast bar have the same gray marble stone countertop finish as the island. The somber tones of the countertop really complement the beige and browns of the marble floor tiles and cabinetry. The exposed wooden beams of the ceiling complete the rustic look.

Kitchen with dark wooden chairs, travertine tiles, and stacked stone backsplashDark interiors can also be used to create intimacy and personalized charm. In a complete 180 from the previous examples, the cabinetry was painted a dark brown – almost black – tone. The stone oven hood is a nice touch that gives this space a personality. Clay stone tile flooring has an orange tint that is matched by the faux brick treatment of the range hood as well as the colored marble island countertop.

Kitchen with azurite granite island and six light pendant lightingThe Azurite granite island has a high-end feel due to the carved wood cabinetry and counter side. The travertine floor tiles are a good match to the overall feel of the room. Different elements add to the charm of the space –  the stacked stone facade of the fireplace and walls, the rich brown cabinetry, and the wooden exposed beams and ceiling. The six-light pendant lighting is a good touch.

Rustic kitchen with dark granite breakfast bar, farmhouse sink and cabinetsThe dark granite stone countertop is not only used for the main counter area but also for the island and breakfast bar. The farmhouse sink used on the counters gives off an industrial feel and makes for a good design element that creates a rustic feel. The stone fireplace is made of natural stacked stone – the combination of stone and the wood of the floorboards and cabinetry is a timeless example of complementary materials working together to create a good interior space.

Kitchen with wood beams on the ceiling, wood floors and granite barRustic kitchens are known for their raw and unfinished designs. When done clearly and deliberately, the rustic style has the potential to really define the look of a design. In this example, the thoughtful use of natural, stacked stone is a good choice that goes well with the use of upholstered, re-purposed wood for the granite breakfast bar. The generous use of wood doesn’t stop there – we see it used for the exposed structural beam system in the ceiling, the floorboards, and the cabinetry and seating furniture used in the room.

Kitchen with wood beams below balcony and large rectangular islandDesigns for home kitchens are made to be welcoming and cozy, as most personal spaces should be. In this picture, we see that the design of this rustic abode is located underneath the second-floor mezzanine area. This gives it a good sense of proportion and scale while keeping it open to the rest of the house. The wood beams used on the balcony go well with the other wooden elements, such as the floors, the sides of the granite-top island, the main counter space, and the cabinetry.

Decorating Kitchen Cabinets with Rustic Elements

Kitchen with andino white countertops, cabinets and porcelain tile floorsThis rustic design has Andino white granite countertops and backsplashes whose white and black palettes go with the grained aesthetic of the cabinetry. The porcelain tile flooring is also a good choice of finish for this particular example. The exposed beams of the space are raw logs that really give this space a nice, natural feel.

Kitchen with cupola ceiling with wrought iron chandelier and curved breakfast islandThe cupola ceiling really sets a precedent for the use of curvilinear design elements in this traditional rustic breakfast and kitchen space. The wrought iron chandelier and pendant lights have designs that employ curves, sweeps, and swirls. The central island is circular and the breakfast bar is curved. The countertop material is a beautiful granite finish – this matches the raw stacked stone of the archways in this layout design. The travertine floor tiles are a nice finishing touch to the room.

Kitchen with large decorative tree centerpiece custom island and maple floorsThe maple hardwood floors are finished with a rich and shiny gloss that really makes the room pop. In this example, we have a very creative artistic centerpiece in the form of a decorative tree trunk in the middle of the room. The custom-shaped island is designed to provide a small dining space at the end of the counter. Elsewhere in the room, we find wooden breakfast bar stools and a dining table set, wood cabinetry and shelving, and the use of view glass doors and windows to let sunlight in. The minimalist yet extremely functional pendant lights were also a good finishing touch to the design.

U shaped kitchen with cabinets, steel grey granite countertops and rough cut stone accent wallsThe U-shape layout used for kitchens is good for maximizing usable counter space in smaller floor areas. This country-style design uses steel gray granite as its countertops – this type of material works great with rich, brown cabinetry, wall sidings, and floorboards such as the ones used in this design. Additionally, another good design element is the accent wall of the space, which uses rough-cut stacked stones to complete the cabin aesthetic.

Kitchen with custom cabinetry, red onyx counters and herringbone pattern brick floorsThis beautiful layout uses rustic custom cabinetry made of varnished yet relatively raw wood. The central island even has intricately beautiful carvings on the side of its counters. The countertop itself is made out of stylish red onyx that has a shade of dark brown-red that goes with the rest of the interior. The herringbone brick floor pattern grounds the design, while above, we have exposed raw wood beams and a useful skylight.

Open concept kitchen with island range and custom cabinetsOpen layouts are good for kitchens since they make the space feel bigger and more inviting that having the cramped or stuck in a corner. As in this example, they’re usually put next to living rooms or dining rooms for easy access. The island here has a built-in range and range hood as well as a sink mounted atop the black granite countertop. The custom cabinetry is made out of finished teak wood and is made to be clean, simple, and stylish.

Kitchen with sloped teakwood beams on ceiling with solid surface countertopsThis wood kitchen has light, clean teak wood used in the sloped exposed beam ceiling, the beams themselves, the overhead and under-the-counter cabinetry of the counter, and the island counter. The actual countertop is made of plain white solid surface marble stone, with the island countertop having a built-in under-mounted circular sink. The randomly tiled porcelain floors are also a good touch and reflect a lot of light from the large view windows. A more subtle yet just as important design feature that breathes life into the space is the green subway tiles used as backsplashes.

Kitchen with large windows, exposed rafters and cabinets with hickoryThis bright kitchen has large glass windows, clerestory windows, and view doors that lead to the patio to thank for its airy and bright ambiance. Aside from glass, almost everything in the room is made of wood – the cabinetry, the exposed rafters and beams, and even the floorboards. This mountain cabin culinary area really uses its locational context to create a space that’s unique and beautiful. Many rustic kitchens utilize wood finishes such as knotty pine, alder, and hickory to bring the outdoors inside.

Kitchen with matte laminate wood cabinets, polished marble floors and flush ceiling lightsClean and bright are the two features of this bright brown and beige culinary area. The matte faux wood laminate finish of the cabinetry is neat and just textured enough to be charmingly rustic. Expansive window views and the glass of the view doors let in a lot of light and are even more exemplified by the polished marbled floor tiles.

Rustic White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen with painted blue island, polished concrete floors and weathered wood trussesA good example of a country-style design, the painted blue island, as well as the polished concrete floors really make the room. The rustic white cabinets contrast beautifully against the wood accents and dark flooring. In addition, we have the ash gray granite island, the stacked brick archways, and the raw, weathered wood beams of the ceiling to really make this space unique and dynamic.

Kitchen with rustic butcher block countertop and travertine backsplashThe styling seen above employs a more traditional approach to design but is just as striking and effective as its more contemporary counterparts. The butcher block island gives users ample counter space while employing amazingly rustic design elements – the varnished dark oak board countertop finish and the wrought iron barn-style sink. The rest of the space uses a quaint travertine backsplash and a stacked brick accent for the walls, range surround, and columns in the room. The lantern-style pendant lighting is also a nice touch.

Kitchen with white craftsman cabinets, green drapery and speckeled tan countersThese spaces should be inviting and utilize craftsman cabinets and finishes to match a homeowner’s specific sense of style. A home’s heart is arguably the kitchen and this design really shows the spirit of the home. With its country-style aesthetic, there are different homey knick-knacks and shelf-top decors that are on display. The white wood plank sloped ceiling has exposed wooden trusses, the cabinetry complements the white and brown finishes, and the countertop is speckled tan granite. The room is chock full of personalized spirit that makes it really feel like you’re welcome in this space.

Cabinets in antique white finish, shiplap walls, dome lights and white stoolsLight and dark tones and materials can be used to contrast each other and really bring out the strengths of their opposites. This space has white cabinets and light gray Snowfall granite countertops. The legs of the island counter, its base as well as the wall trimmings are all in that same pristine shade of ivory. This all contrasts with the rich, dark varnish of the cherry wood floorboards and the wood boards used as ceilings in this space. The sleek design of the appliances, the breakfast bar swivel chairs, and the hanging chrome pendant lights are all good choices for the space.

Modern Kitchen in Rustic Design

Kitchen with slanted ceiling, corrugated side island with concrete counter Here, we have a more minimalist interpretation of rustic design. This space has an industrial-inspired corrugated steel siding to the polished concrete island counter. The choice of pendant lighting is also contemporary and industrial. Wood was used generously in the piece – it can be seen as a floor finish with the wooden teak floorboard and as a ceiling finish for the slanted ceiling of the room. The rest of the space keeps a modern and clean vibe by using white paint on the walls and non-ornamented shelving for the counter.

Kitchen with island with built in cooktop and wood plank ceilingThis more contemporary take on rustic design has a smokey gray marble countertop used on both the main counter as well as the island and breakfast bar. The wood plank finish on the ceiling matches the polished pressed wood of the floor. The island counter also has a built-in cooktop that integrates well with the aesthetic.

Kitchen with black floors, stainless steel furniture and chairs with chrome finishA more modern and contemporary take on rustic, this design uses polished black concrete floors, stainless steel furniture and appliances, and chrome finishes to really create a sleek aesthetic. The countertops have a stylish black solid surface finish that really matches the concrete floor. Clean lines and bold forms were used in this design to really give it a unique character. Exposed wooden beams, wooden cabinetry, and raw concrete walls really add more charm to the space.

Kitchen with gray graphite counters, large island and brick veneer wallsThis contemporary rustic style has hints of clean Scandinavian design mixed into it. The gray graphite counters and the brick veneer walls, not to mention the painted paneled wood cabinetry, were executed neatly and cleanly. The cherry flooring has a faded tan tone to it. At the side, we have a stacked stone archway that serves as an expression of the stacked stone facade on the exterior of the house. Overall, this design is stylish yet simple.

Kitchen with natural stone columns, random cut stone floors and spoke wheel designed columsWhat really stands out in this design is the generous use of random stone floor tiles and the stacked stone look of the accent columns at the far end of the space. The spoke wheel design of the exposed beams on the ceiling culminates with a hanging wrought iron chandelier in the middle, right above the dining table. The rounded island is topped with Colonial cream granite and is illuminated by the focus pendant lights as well as the open windows that let a lot of outside light in.

Kitchen Countertops with Rustic Styling Elements

Kitchen with custom stone surround, cherry wood board flooring and oak cabinetsThe custom stone surround of the range and stove of this piece acts as a bold accent and focal point for the space. The use of wood in different forms – the cherry wood of the floorboards, the teak island counter, and the oak cabinets – gives the space life and personality as well as a generous amount of warmth.

Kitchen with green cabinet island, white cabinetry and open shelvingThe green island is a subtle tone of olive that really goes well with the browns of the island wooden countertop, wooden floorboards, and exposed beam wooden ceiling. The white cabinetry and shelving of the surrounding walls and main counter is a good foundation for the rest of the design and really open up the room aesthetically.

Kitchen with custom bar and betularie granite type countersRustic kitchens that have influence from the Mediterranean style look warm and inviting. Its use of raw stone and dark wooden structural elements really creates a naturally rustic ambiance. The style used in this example has the space employing stacked stone sides for the range and oven surround as well as the sides of the center island. The countertop used is Betularie granite and really goes well with the beige travertine floor tiles as well as the tan paint of the walls. The exposed beams are made from the same shade of varnished wood as the cabinetry.

Kitchen with green stools with rolling kitchen island This example of a rustic country kitchen is a perfect portrait of personality put into interior design. We have the quintessential wood beam sloped ceilings, varied tones in the hardwood floors, as well as bespoke furniture pieces in the re-purposed green steel bar stools. It has a rolling type island with a built-in top-mounted sink and wood panel sidings for the walls with the shelving. Pops of green are strewn across the room, matching the greenery seen through the glass windows and clerestory windows at the far end of the room.

Rustic Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets in painted mint green finish and wood dining tableSmaller, more personal kitchens like this can still effectively pull off the rustic charm. Here, we have quaint and clean-looking mint-green cabinets that really set the overall mid-century modern aesthetic of the space. The dining table as well as the accompanying dining chair set, are all made of warm wood. The carpeted blue flooring and the tan paint on the walls really go well with the other colors in the design and create an intimate yet welcoming space.

Painted cream color decorative cabinetry, granite peninsula and red wallsColor must be used effectively. In this design, for example, a very rich and subdued yet undeniably bold shade of red is used to give personality and vibrancy to the aesthetic of the room. This is brought out even further by the rich stains of the wooden floorboards. To counteract the richness and to prevent it from being too imposing, we have the cream colors of the paneled and carved cabinetry, and sides of the counter as well as its matching peninsula. The granite used for the countertops is a speckled shade of brown that really matches everything else in the room.

Kitchen with unfinished stone masonry wall, two islands and chrome pendant ceiling lightingDark olive green paint with matching matte white paint is used on the cabinetry and countertops of this design. This color palette is clean and highly comforting. Add to that the rustic wooden floorboards and the raw unfinished stone masonry wall to the left, and you have a highly effective second-floor space that really feels comforting and welcoming.

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