63 Beautiful Traditional Kitchen Designs

Kitchen in traditional style with white and brown cabinetryWelcome to our gallery of traditional kitchen designs. Traditional kitchens feature a formal and elegant look that also combines warm and classic elements to create a design that appeals to all types of personalities. Taking its influence from American and European homes of the 19th and 20th centuries, traditional kitchens use a variety of styles for inspiration.

Traditional design styles include Early American, Victorian, Neoclassical, French, Georgian, Edwardian, Federal, Regency, Italian, and Old World. Within these designs, you can expect to see decorative cabinetry and ornate molding, detailed trim and a mix of textures and colors.

Featured in the image above is a traditional-style kitchen with a refreshing appeal as it mixes 2 different finishes for its cabinets. Some cabinets were duco varnished in aged walnut, while some were in matte white finish. The combination of finishes is refreshing and of neutral tones, an excellent match with the bold orange-painted walls of the kitchen. The countertop material of choice is marble, paired with glossy white ceramic tiles for the backsplash.

Traditional Kitchens

Kitchen with french windows, dark wood floors and white cabinetsThe ebony solid wood floors in this kitchen help emphasize the beauty of the light-colored furniture pieces used in the space. The space has an open layout, which connects the cooking space directly to the formal dining area. The walls were painted in a light oatmeal color with white moldings and a white paneled ceiling. Similarly, this has a traditional profile style, which also has a white finish and is topped with white marble for an elegant working counter. The backsplash uses light cream mosaic tiles, giving the surface a light but elegant finish. You will also see a lower counter attached to the island with a solid wood butcher’s block top. The combination of colors and finishes creates an overall bright and light feel to the space.

White kitchen with black island base and black kitchen countersThe use of a combination of black and white cabinets creates a very simple yet elegant look. This traditional style kitchen has white paneled main cabinets and a slightly distressed black paint finish for the base of the island. The countertop material used contrasts with the base – black marble was used with the white base, and white marble was used for the black base. The alternation of colors creates balance and harmony in the design.

Alpine White Granite

Paneled kitchen cabinet doors, Alpine white counters and modern pendant lightsIt is a lovely contemporary adaptation of traditional-style kitchens. This uses paneled cabinet doors placed on modular units in a white matte finish for that clean, classic look. This is combined with a gorgeous Alpine White granite countertop, which adds a bit of texture and contrast, and marble subway tiles for the backsplash. Additionally, there is also a bar counter space with 2 white barstools and a modern pendant lamp hanging above it.

Kitchen with ceiling in white finish, mahogany barstools and light cream wallsThis is a Neo-classic kitchen that was inspired by classic Roman design and motifs. It is fairly large, with light yellow cream walls and matching polished ceramic floor tiles. The solid wood cabinets are in beech wood finish, giving it a slight orange tinge, while the cream-colored Alpine White granite counters match the color of the walls. To add more variety, the barstools are in mahogany finish, adding a subtle contrasting element to the space.

Kitchen with bordeaux granite and large wolf six burner stoveReds and oranges abound in this classic kitchen design. Orange tones are found on the solid teak wood floors and the light cherry wood main kitchen cabinets with orange granite countertops, while the massive island uses redwood with light beige Bordeaux granite. The cooking area has a more rustic feel to it as it has an exposed wooden beam on its ceiling area and is in between two columns clad in stone masonry. The cooking area with its Wolf six burner stove also uses black granite and exposed terracotta bricks with a brass metal medallion accent at the center.

cabinets with round knobs, chrome faucets, flush lights and light cream ceilingThis dominantly white kitchen exhibits a divine and attractive feel with its choice of color, lighting, and space. The overhead and base cabinets are in solid white with simple panels and a round knob for the handle. The backsplash and classic island base that is supported by four pillars are also white. The countertops, walls, and ceiling add a very subtle light oatmeal color, adding a good touch of dimension and depth. The floor, on the other hand, is lined with glossy, deep mahogany laminates; adding contrast and strength to the mostly light feel of the room.

Dark wood floors really help bring out the white finish used on the cabinets. You will see that the cabinets maximized the available ceiling height, maximized all available wall space, and placed kitchen counters and overhead cabinets where there was space. It also manages to place a bar counter with enough space to accommodate 3 bar stools. Paired with the white cabinets were white ceramic tiles for the backsplash and white granite, creating a clean and light look that helps balance out the heavy look of the dark wood floors.

Kitchen with stainless steel oven and Carrara countertopsBeautiful white cabinets line the walls, along with a stainless steel oven and a beautifully patterned solid gray stone backsplash that matches the Carrara marble countertops. In contrast to the white cabinetry by the wall, the island’s base is solid gray and holds a stainless steel sink. Two pendant lights hang by solid gold chains, and an inverted bell-shaped metal frame holds a glass lying directly above it. The flooring is covered with wengue-stained wood in a matte finish.

Kitchen with high ceiling. wood-framed doors and dark ebonyThis kitchen is a bit smaller but manages to maintain a light feel as it uses off-white painted cabinets. These cabinets have panel detailing and maximize the ceiling height to create more storage space. The upper part of the overhead cabinets was converted into a display cabinet using wood-framed glass doors. The very dark, ebony wood floors bring out the white finish of the cabinets well, while the stone counters add a touch of warm color to the space.

Kitchen with big doors, sky blue colored walls with neo classical inspired cabinetsBig doors & windows definitely contribute a lot to the overall feel of any indoor environment. This space is really bright and well-lit, to add to the fact that the main cabinets are white and the walls were painted a soft sky blue color, giving it a refreshing feel. The cabinets give a modern take on Gothic cabinet detailing, combining glass with the Gothic arch mullions. The island is a contrast against the white main cabinets as it has a natural teak wood finish and a crisper, Neo-classic-inspired cabinet base.

Kitchen with wheel type chandelier, yellow toned cabinets and arched windowThis kitchen has a more old-world feel to it due to the choice of finishes. The space has a high ceiling and light gray walls, paired with cream-painted cabinets with a white Calcutta marble countertop and backsplash. The yellow tone of the cabinet paint somehow gives it an aged appearance, even more, enhanced by the use of an iron chandelier with warm white lights, emphasizing the yellow/orange tones.

Kitchen with coffered ceiling and white flat panel cabinetsThe brick divider wall adds both texture and personality to this room. This brick archway divides the food preparation area from the dining room, but the large opening allows the natural lighting from the dining area to seep through the kitchen. It has a simple traditional style – it uses light beech wood cabinets and a black granite countertop, has a rectangular island at the center with two lamps, and walls painted in a light oatmeal color.

Kitchen with white marble tops, farmhouse sink, and mint green islandAnother traditional-inspired kitchen, but with a more modern retro look. The wooden floors were painted in black, helping bring out the color of the kitchen cabinets. The main kitchen cabinets have a white paint finish, while the kitchen island favors a mint green paint, giving it a unique and sweet look. All countertops and backsplash use white marble, while metal elements are in gold or brushed bronze to complete that retro-modern look.

Kitchen with gabled ceiling. light gray walls and polished sandstone counterThough this may not be large, the high-sloping ceiling makes it look more spacious than it really is. With traditional-inspired cabinets, this cooking space has a universally appealing look that is light on the eyes and has a refreshing tropical feel. The walls were painted in a light gray color, while the cabinets were all white. The main counter uses a black solid surface, while the island uses a thick slab of polished sandstone. The island also accommodates 3 industrial-style metal bar stools with wooden seats.

Kitchen with taupe walls, beadboard ceiling and barndoor This traditional kitchen has beautiful Emperador marble countertops that look great with the cream color of the cabinetry and taupe wall paint. Beautiful pendant lights give this room a more contemporary feel, especially paired with the chevron pattern ceramic wall tiles. The wide oak plank flooring, plank ceiling, rustic sliding barn door, and farmhouse sink give this space a more country style.

Kitchen with gun metal colored island, mosaic tiles as backsplashThis design is Transitional style. It uses traditional-inspired cabinets and combines them with more modern details/materials/finishes. Typical of transitional style spaces, the walls were painted in a light gray color, helping highlight the white main cabinets. To add variety, the island base was finished in a gunmetal gray color, combined with pine wood and a solid dark mahogany butcher’s block countertop. The mosaic tiles add interesting texture to the walls, while the iron pendant lamps add a nice antique touch to the space.

Kitchen with columns, bi-level bar and fireplaceThe use of traditional-style cabinets gives a classic touch to any modern space, giving it more dimension and depth compared to using plain-faced cabinets. This design is an excellent example of such. Placed in a modern space with an open floor plan, white-painted traditional-style cabinets were used. Satin finish black marble looks sleek and simple when paired with the white base and helps it balance the look. The backsplash is given additional texture with the gray slate stone tiles, while the solid mahogany floors effectively add a warm glow to the space.

Open floor plan with U-shaped kitchen, upholstered chairs and brick backsplashThis kitchen definitely looks elegant and classy with its use of different dark wood finishes. This is placed in a transitional style interior with an open floor plan to make it look bigger. Dark solid mahogany was the material of choice for the cabinet. This is paired with a white marble countertop and a beige granite countertop or the island. On the backsplash, marble finish beveled subway tiles were used, matching the countertop and giving it a very elegant look. The brown leather-upholstered bar stools also add to the overall elegant appeal of the space.

Kitchen with panel cabinet door, dual steel ovens and exposed trussesThis design features a more modern take on traditional-style cabinets. The paneled cabinet door and drawer faces use a simpler profile to give it a cleaner, more modern look. The main cabinets are white, while the island uses a light slate gray base, but both use white marble counters. The plain white beveled subway tiles used on the backsplash help add depth, pattern, and texture to the space, while the ebony wooden floors give the space an excellent contrast.

Kitchen with view of the grand staircase, solid mahogany cabinets and cream floorsThis is a truly traditional area with detailed carvings and classic motifs. The cabinets are all in solid dark mahogany, giving it a really nice dark red tone. For the countertop and the backsplash, a thick slab of dark olive granite was used, giving it a heavy yet elegant appeal. Despite the dark color choice for its finishes, it is all balanced as the space has good natural lighting and uses light cream on the walls and on the floors, making the space look big and bright.

Kitchen with wood counters and brick accent wallThis space blends modern architecture with traditional-inspired interior elements and furniture pieces. It is fairly small but is placed in an open layout, making it look big and lighter. The white walls and light gray floor tiles give a nice neutral background to help the entire space take center stage. The cabinets are all in white with a simple paneled profile. Instead of using natural stone or a solid surface for the countertop, it uses solid light walnut butcher’s block with a satin finish sealant and coating, making it look lighter and softer. This is mixed with retro-inspired elements like the ceramic sink and matte gold faucet.

Kitchen with dining island, oak cabinets and glass tile backsplashThis kitchen manages to maximize the available space, providing enough storage and working space. The main cabinet and the island use white paneled cabinets, while the other wall uses dark oak wood cabinets, adding a variety of finishes to the space. There were two types of countertop and backsplash materials used – for the main wall counters, a white solid surface was used, while the island uses light gray granite stone, and for the backsplash, light gray glass tiles were used with the white cabinets, while white was preferred for the oak cabinets,

Kitchen with walnut cabinets and small island with white baseThis kitchen combines white painted and walnut cabinets in an interesting way. On the left side, the full set of cabinets is in walnut finish, while on the right side, the walnut base cabinets are paired with white overhead cabinets, which use French panel doors with clear glass. The island, on the other hand, uses a white base with a brown granite counter, which is also used on both of the main counters.

Yellow walls, silver pull on cabinets with white paint finish and ceiling lights Golden hues are very much celebrated in this transitional-style cooking space. The walls were painted in a golden yellow color, while the granite used also has a golden yellow color to match. Cabinets, on the other hand, are white with silver pulls, while the L-shaped island uses maple wood finished base cabinets. The use of warm-colored lights also helps emphasize the gold used in the space.

Kitchen with upholstered chairs, columns and breakfast barA fairly large space uses glossy finished Mahogany cabinets in favor of a more popular matte finish. The overall environment has a warm mood due to the yellow tone of the wall paint and the wood floors. The countertop is cream-toned marble to match the light yellow walls, while the backsplash is white marble, providing a neutral transition between the counter and the walls.

Italian style kitchen with beige granite slab countersThe high Mediterranean-inspired ceiling gives this space a luxurious feel, making it look more spacious. You will see arched niche details on the walls, adding to the Mediterranean vibe of the space. Dark oak wood was used for the cabinets. This was topped with a beige granite slab for the countertop and light cream ceramic tiles for the backsplash.

Kitchen with high ceilings, windows, area rug with blindsHigh ceilings and large windows enhance the overall appeal and grandeur of this traditional kitchen. Dark cherry wood floors provide texture and a dark base, which helps bring out the color of the cabinets. These cabinets are of traditional style in a light beige color, which is a great match with the oatmeal-painted walls. One wall was used as a full storage cabinet, maximizing the available space and providing an efficient storage provision. A gorgeous hand-crafted copper oven hood highlights the high-end six-burner stainless steel stove. The countertops are a rich Calcutta Gold granite that is functional and beautiful.

Kitchen with custom wood countertops and chandeliersFloral motifs and sinewy lines are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau look. These cabinets are in an antiqued white finish and painted with dark cherry wood countertop (kitchen island) &  black granite (main counters). The antique chandeliers above the island add both elegance and sophistication to the overall design, while the marbled finish of the wallpaper used gives that matching classic touch.

Kitchen with dark green brocade wallpaper, carved ceiling and iron chandeliersThis is a design that uses dark colors and wood finishes to create a dark yet elegant look, typical of Baroque-style interiors. The floors are solid dark Mahogany with a prominent natural texture, while the walls use a dark green wallpaper with a yellow-gold brocade pattern. You will also notice the ceiling, which has various carvings and molding details, contributing to the overall authenticity of this Baroque-inspired space. All cabinets are in dark walnut paired with cream marble and light cherry butcher’s block. Iron chandeliers were also used, providing a nice warm glow to the space.

Kitchen with blue island, farmhouse sink and cabinets with steel knobsThis beautiful kitchen has a glossy white ceiling with exposed trusses. Ample lighting seeps through from the windows that surround it. The base cabinets by the wall are wide with metal handles, while the overhead cabinets on one side with glass panels have stainless steel knobs. These surround the lavender island with a Carrara marble countertop and a white sink. The flooring is covered with wooden laminates.

Kitchen with carrara marble counters light blue color islandFrench provincial-inspired cabinets were combined with modern details to create this look. The walls were painted in a dark yellow-beige color, providing a nice contrast against the white cabinets. The countertop used is light cream granite with white ceramic tile backsplash tiles. Above the island is a modern drum light in gold with pierced details. You will also see a floral wall installation on one side of the wall, giving the space a modern update using modern accessories.

Kitchen with limestone flooring and vaulted ceilingsThis layout has a more relaxed tropical feel due to the exposed slope ceiling with wood slats and trusses, as well as rattan finish furniture pieces. It has a traditional style with various finishes. The side cabinets are in white finish, while the center ones are gray, and the island is in dark Mahogany. All of these were topped with black granite to make it more uniform, while the backsplash is gray mosaic tiles all over the walls giving it a nice pattern and texture.

Large door with weathered wood frame, fireplace and Mont Blanc countertopLarge windows and doors provide this room with lots of natural light. The floors are solid walnut, while the walls are a combination of light gray and light yellow. It also has an open layout and is directly connected to the living area. The traditional style cabinets were given a modern gunmetal gray finish, while the island keeps its white base cabinet finish, a classic Mont Blanc marble countertop.

Kitchen with partial open design and round glass table with sage islandThis is another transitional-style culinary space with an open layout that connects the kitchen with the dining area. The main cabinets are white with horizontal louvers, while the island is painted in warm sage green. All counters use beige granite countertops for a more uniform look, while the wrought iron chandelier adds to its authentic traditional look.

Wide rectangular island topped with red brown stone and diagonal tiles on the floorThis styling creatively plays with varying shades and textures of brown, adding to its personality. The cabinets are textured and matte, covering most of the walls except for the walls surrounding the arch for the entrance. The countertop on the wide rectangular island is a glossy red-brown stone with a functional base that is covered with cabinets. Brown diagonal tiles in varying shades of warm brown cover the flooring. The only odd color in this space is the purple ovens with stainless steel accents.

Siena Beige granite counter
Kitchen with drum chandeliers, backsplash with inlay and grey chairsThis design has traditional white shaker cabinetry with rich wood flooring and upscale stainless steel appliances. The backsplash is an offset white square tile with a rectangular inlay. The long island and main area have countertops of Sienna Beige granite. Along with recessed lighting, there are three contemporary design circular shade lamps suspended over the island.

Kitchen with brick walls, geometric rug and undermount sinkThe open layout looks onto the living room with its beautiful stone fireplace. It features three types of wood for its cabinetry. The center island is topped with light brown granite and an undermount sink. The wood plank floors and rustic cabinetry provide a warm feel.

Kitchen with chairs with leather seating, cabinets and backsplashThis is a traditional country-style kitchen that uses natural finish oak cabinets. The natural finish of the cabinets gives it a sort of rustic appeal, which goes very well with the yellow wall color and the maple wood floors.  The island/bar counter area uses a gray finished wooden base to add a subtle variety of finishes to the space while still maintaining the overall vibe of the space.

Cabinets in antique white finish, wood plank flooring and four chairs with islandThis style plays with varying finishes, colors, and styles to achieve a classic and elegant kitchen that feels equally modern. The walls are heavily covered with a big white cabinet on the left side and overhead and base cabinets on the wider side, parallel to the island. The outer overhead cabinets are vertically longer and are covered by a glass window panel instead of solid white wood. The oven and stove lie in the middle. A beautifully blotched brown solid stone in a glossy finish clads the backsplash, the same color as the island’s countertop that lies above a solid black base that is also a good match to the four pendant lights above it. Four chairs in a wooden frame and leather upholstery are aligned to allow sitting by the island.

Kitchen with natural wood trusses, cream hood, chanderlier and staircaseThis spacious kitchen is adorned with varying shades of wood that all match to create an elegantly designed space. The exposed wooden trusses by the ceiling are thick and have a cold green tone with a matte finish. The cabinets by the outer corners and the base of the island are made of wengue-stained wood with a glossy finish, while the remaining cabinets are white and paneled, with soft mint green lines on the base cabinet. The backsplash is well-illuminated and is covered with brown marble stone of a lighter shade compared to the island’s countertop. The flooring is lined with a warm and deep mahogany laminate with a glossy finish.

Counter with faucet, oblong sink and recessed lightingVertical wood slat details on the cabinet doors give this kitchen a country look. The cabinets were painted in an antique yellow color, giving them a slight yellowish-green tinge. The countertops are in black granite, while the backsplash tiles are matte white painted bricks, giving it a more modern look.

Kitchen with mocha walls, sandstone floors, separate bar counter and stoolsA modern penthouse apartment with a classic-style design. The walls were painted in a light mocha color and paired with sandstone floors in a satin finish. This provides a neutral background for the combination of cabinets. The main cabinets are white, while the center island is in a dark wengue finish. Aside from that, there is a separate bar counter which accommodates 4 bar stools. Its counters are white, while the built-up bar counter has black slate stone cladding and uses beige granite countertops for a more uniform look. Other classic elements include the wrought iron pot rack and wooden candle holders.

Kitchen with woodlook tiles for the floors and handleless cabinets made of woodPlaced in a modern space, this food preparation area has white walls, and the light white-wash wood-look tiles give a light and refreshing ambiance. The lines are clean and clean, smooth in the mahogany paneled cabinets used, and have no visible door pulls/knobs for a cleaner look. For the countertop, gray salt & pepper was used, while the backsplash uses diagonally arranged matte ceramic tiles, which almost blend in with the off-white walls.

Kitchen with unique shaped island bar, skylights and glass subway tile backsplashThis modern kitchen has a unique shape and layout as it doesn’t have the standard rectangular or square shape. It also has excellent natural light due to the presence of large openings and skylights. So, despite the use of dark mahogany floors, this space still looks bright. It has a circular flow, utilizing all available wall space, and for the finish, white was the choice of color paired with black galaxy granite and marble. The backsplash tiles used are white glass subway tiles for that modern retro feel, and there’s also an overhead pot rack in gold finish. The overall planning of the space provides an efficient workflow and enough working space for food preparation.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

White overhead cabinets with panelling, diagonal tile backsplash and stove in steel finishThis elegantly classic kitchen has a paneled white overhead and a base cabinet that has small aluminum knobs. The stove’s stainless steel finish adds class to the solid brown marble countertop. LED lights under the overhead cabinets amply illuminate the diagonally lined matte square tiles in an oatmeal color that clad the backsplash. The slight differences in color and the alignment give it a really good texture.

Cherry wood kitchen kitchen with wide windows and wall pantryThis kitchen goes for a more uniform look as it uses the same wood tone for both the floors and the cabinets. The floors use gorgeous solid cherry wood, while the cabinets are all in cherry wood finish topped with black granite for the island and beige granite for the main counters. One wall is utilized for pantry storage, ref, and an oven counter, creating an efficient use of available wall space.

Kitchen with engineered wood material, solid wood trusses and L-shape kitchenThis kitchen is a definition of classic elegance. The beauty of natural wood finish is really highlighted in this space, as wood is found not only on the cabinets but also on the floors, door and window frames, and ceiling. Floors use a more modern engineered wood floor in Maple, while the ceiling uses Teak wood planks and solid wood exposed ceiling trusses. The cabinets are natural walnut with gorgeous panel and carving details, elegantly paired with a Carrara marble countertop. The L-shaped island gives it a more modern update by using glass panels on the base cabinets, as well as glass shelves, to display some china items.

Semi open kitchen space with two-level island with teal base, carpets and leather stoolsThis traditional-style cooking space is placed in a unique semi-open space. Its main cabinets are walnut, giving it a classic elegance. At the same time, its two-level island (one is a working island, and the other is a bar counter) uses teal-painted base cabinets with solid light oak countertops, giving the entire space a fun and modern update. This island not only adds a pop of color to the space but also gives it a fun, younger vibe, yet manages to maintain that traditional appeal.

Large island with eat-in dining, wrought iron design on walls and stone backsplashLight maple wood cabinets look gorgeous with the light beige-painted walls. It gives that classic elegant appeal of traditional cabinets but looks a little more laid back against the plain painted walls. Granite counters are yellow and are paired with stone backsplash tiles. The island provides space for 3 leather-upholstered bar stools, and you will also see wrought iron elements on the walls and on the accent lights.

Kitchen with stone counters and large fridge behind wooden doorsThis design is definitely based on traditional kitchens, using solid American walnut cabinet doors and natural stone counters for both the countertop and the backsplash. The solid wood doors give an elegant feel, and the modern appliances were all perfectly built into the cabinets, and even the large fridge was concealed inside the cabinets in order to create a seamless-looking cooking space.

Kitchen with dark wengue moldings, white marble slab floors and grantie surroundThe unique element of this design would probably be the finishing of its cabinets. Beechwood cabinets were stained to achieve a cherry wood finish, while its moldings were stained in a darker wengue color, emphasizing the molding details and creating an interesting pattern throughout the kitchen. All counters use beige granite to create a more uniform look.

Transirtional kitchen with dark concrete counters and white cabinetrySpace is definitely maximized in this transitional-style space. The floors are in dark mahogany, which helps bring out the white cabinets with panel details. One wall is utilized as a display cabinet, with a base dedicated to pantry storage. The island, on the other hand, has turned legs finished in a unique gold color and topped with black quartz.

Kitchen with counters in wengue duco finish and curved islandThe charm of classic, traditional-style kitchens is very timeless. In this example, you will see that the cabinets are of traditional style with classical details and motifs, all in a dark wengue duco finish. For the countertop, a cream granite slab was used, combined with black brick-style mosaic backsplash tiles and white subway tiles, which adds texture and a more interesting feature. You will also notice that the hood cover of the cooking range is finished in white instead of wengue, making it stand out among the dark-colored cabinets.

Traditional White Kitchens

Kitchen with L-shaped island with grey base and shaker style cabinetsThis beautiful open-plan design features an L-shaped island topped with white marble and has a grey color cabinet for its base. The main cabinetry of the space is in white with a shaker style. A large stainless steel oven complete with an oversized stove hood is set off to the side and surrounded by cabinetry. Engineered light wood flooring, recessed lights, and elegant pendant lighting help keep things bright.

Cabinets with decorative cabinetry and detailed scrollwork on moldings and island legsTraditional designs often have decorative cabinetry with detailed scrollwork and edges. The cabinets in this photo are in light maple finish with turned legs and classic molding details, topped with an elegant emerald green granite countertop. Since the cherry wood floors are already of bold color, the walls and ceiling were kept neutral, painted in white, and exposed wood trusses in a dark walnut finish. It is fairly small but looks bigger as it has an open layout. The large island provides a bar counter space for 3 ladder-back mahogany stools.

Kitchen with green and white theme, white stools and island with vertical panelsThe use of traditional-inspired white cabinets against the sage green walls and the vintage tiles gives this layout a romantic appeal. The white really goes well with the green walls, creating a light and soft look to the space, while the black granite counters add a welcomed contrast to the space. The white-painted bar stools with rush seats add a country-inspired element, which also looks amazing with the vertical panels used on the sides of the island counter.

Kitchen with parquet flooring, slate backsplash and cabinets with red trimmingsDespite the use of traditional paneled cabinets, this design has a more rustic appeal as the cabinets are painted in white, which offsets it from the Cherry wood floors. Countertops use black granite and are paired with slate backsplash tiles to give a dark contrast against the beige walls and white cabinets.

Kitchen with green chair, wood stool and cabinets with glass doorsThis design has a more modern transitional look. It uses traditional style paneled cabinets with gray salt & pepper counters and pairs it with gray painted walls and dark stained wood floors. The presence of stainless steel elements and even the industrial-style bar stools give the space a more modern feel.

Kitchen with off-white cupboards and dark wood floor with small center islandThis is another transitional-style kitchen that draws its inspiration from traditional design. The overall design has a lighter feel thanks to its choice of finishes. The simple profiled cabinets were painted in a matte white color and paired with a gray solid surface (main counters) and light oak butcher’s block (center island). These finishes, combined with light gray walls and natural oak floors, combine to create a light and bright design.

Kitchen with wooden waterfall island and panel windowsA traditional country-style design that uses white-painted cabinets combined with a natural antique finish wood island. The white main cabinets give a refreshing modern appeal to the space and give a light and casual feel to it, while the antique finished island adds a rustic feel to the space.
Kitchen with classic chandelier and rectangular tiles placed diagonally as backsplashTraditional designs that have the right mix of modern and classic are highly sought after by homeowners. The cabinets and island in this image have sharp and straight edges, giving them a more modern feel. The overhead and base cabinets are solid white, a good contrast to the backsplash that is clad with matte gray rectangular tiles that are alternately aligned diagonally. The countertop is a deep gray glossy stone with touches of blue and white, just like the countertop of the wide island with a blue base. The floor contrasts the warm shades with a gray carpet that has yellow, orange, and red patterns.

Kitchen with modular cabinets, beige fabric chairs and dome lightsModern meets traditional with this transitional style kitchen. The architecture of the space is definitely modern with its large picture windows, off-white walls and ceiling, and wood-look floor tiles. The kitchen, on the other hand, has modular cabinets but has a traditional profile and a white paint finish, while the island uses a darker Mahogany finish. The countertop material is light cream granite, which looks good with the light beige-upholstered bar stools. The black finish hardware and fixtures, as well as the metal drop lights, help enhance the modern transitional look of the space.

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